A meeting scheduled for Tuesday at the courthouse with the Pennsylvania State Police has been postponed. The cancellation of a gathering of the county’s top law enforcement officials — originally intended to include the county’s Police Chiefs — is a direct result of a sudden acceleration of county-wide investigations into corruption and organized crime being conducted by State Police, the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, and several federal agencies including the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).

Law enforcement officials had requested use of the Commissioners’ Conference Room to hold the meeting, which was scheduled after Commissioners Sandie Egley and Dan Camp separately met with State Police in recent weeks — Egley and Camp now agree in principle to phasing out the Beaver County Detective Bureau’s involvement in most of the county’s major cases.

The Beaver County District Attorney’s Office was going to be excluded from Tuesday’s gathering.

Commissioners Egley and Camp have both told the Beaver Countian they foresee the Board making significant reductions to the Detective Bureau’s budget moving forward and want to see local police departments shift toward working more closely with Pennsylvania State Police. The changes could see dramatic reductions in expenses for the county — the better part of $1 million annually — as investigative costs for major crimes such as homicide and rape would be shifted from county to state budgets.

The plan to downsize the Beaver County Detective Bureau and move toward a local-state model will put the county on a vastly different trajectory than the one envisioned by District Attorney David Lozier and Sheriff Tony Guy; both men have been seeking to increase the County’s role in local law enforcement with Guy working to see legislation passed to give his deputies full police powers county-wide — a move Commissioners fear could devastate a county budget already on the brink of financial ruin.

Local law enforcement officials tell the Beaver Countian that State Police have been speaking privately with Chiefs of Police throughout the county, working to strengthen relationships and inform them about an increase in resources being allocated to the Beaver Barracks. Tuesday’s courthouse meeting was intended as an opportunity to foster those relationships further and start formalizing closer ties between local and state agencies. Chiefs of Police have the unilateral authority to seek assistance investigating major crimes in their jurisdictions from either County Detectives or State Police — a move by Chiefs towards State Police would see an immediate decrease in the workload for County Detectives making it easier for county officials to shrink the office.

The plan puts Republican Commissioner Camp in a politically tenuous position and it remains to be seen if he will follow through. Camp has been walking a political tightrope with Sheriff Tony Guy and District Attorney David Lozier, both Republicans whom have been actively working to recruit candidates for the 2019 elections for county offices. Camp has told some politicos he fears Guy may recruit a candidate to take him on in the Republican primary for Commissioner if the politically aggressive Sheriff feels he wanders too far offshore — Guy had already been working to recruit a candidate to take on Commissioner Egley in the primary before her announcement that she will not be seeking re-election.

Although the plan remains on track for now, the county has been notified that State Police have decided to postpone their meeting at the courthouse for the time being. Sources tell the Beaver Countian that initial arrests in the ongoing county-wide corruption probe could begin in a matter of weeks — senior law enforcement officials have been eager to demonstrate to a skeptical law enforcement community and doubting public that efforts to tackle organized crime and governmental corruption are serious and will produce meaningful results for the people of Beaver County. Officials hope the first arrests will help to encourage greater cooperation from police departments in the county, along with making potential witnesses more willing to provide any information they may have that could be useful in ongoing investigations.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. The meeting was canceled because the State Police realized at the last minute there wasn’t enough jail cells available .

  2. FBI getting buses fueled up and ready to make the trip to the BIG HOUSE. County officials and associates you’re in the BIG TIME now, just like you always wanted.

  3. Camp has told some politicos he fears Guy may recruit a candidate to take him on in the Republican primary for Commissioner…..what a fucking joke that is. Don’t worry about it. You are all done. Everyone of you. It’s finished.

  4. You have put everyone in this county into financial ruins, but I’m sure all of you will still have a nice income to get you through the damage you have rained down on us. Any of you have to be out of your fucking mind to think you could win another election. If you run again, you really are dumber than all hell.

  5. i wonder how many they will let step down, retire, or resign in lieu of prosecution. let the count begin…..

    • The FEDS should terminate their commission, lock them up and rescind pensions and any kind of benefits from taxpayers.

      • “Breaking News ” John Q , Notice from the Pennsylvania State Police Barracks , an interrogation room has been dedicated to the Beaver County Tax-Payer , Plaque an all


  6. Yesterday, I was so furious after reading about FR that I could not find the words to post a comment. I went for a walk, searched the internet for a way for an average citizen to DO SOMETHING to bring about change, found an article about all of the Pa polititians that have been arrested (and six month house arrests), and I really did not come up with much. We voice our discontent and they thumb their noses at us, and on it goes. Today’s article gives me some hope. FBI. State Police….don’t let us down. Please.

  7. In my opinion they have also created a hostile government towards the people. Our government is now similar to France 1789 when Louis XVI and Antoinette did the same thing to their people. There will be no next election for any of you. You’re treacherous abuse of office and power is no more. The best thing that could happen to the people now is for you all to just get on the buses when they pull up in front of your former kingdom. Your service has been a public atrocity. Good Bye, it’s finished.

  8. After prison, I hope you fuckers live to be 90 years old living in one room above an abandoned store front with only a can of pork and beans to eat. You deserve no better.

  9. When you leave, take your fucking plaque with you and use it to protect you from penetration in prison.

  10. Wayne Kress for Sheriff
    Gerald Benyo for DA
    Tom Leydig for Treasurer
    Sandie Egley for Commissioner

    As for you, Midget, get out of government. Take Stonewall with you. I have a feeling that things won’t be going your way anymore.

    • I hate to say this, but it’s how I feel, although I like her and her intentions, Commissioner Egley needs to go also. These three commissioners have done nothing. They collectively are not qualified for this job. They have not done any better than their predecessors. Their proven way of thinking, is sit back, glad hand at the syrup festival and, wait. Wait for issues they hope are researched and headed for a conclusion by subordinates. Wait for issues raised to cross their desk, then they act.
      The brief tenure of the two handpicked republican commissioners, by an amateur(Christiana) himself, has been too long already. At this point in time, Whispering Tony Amadio should be asked to resign over his lack of knowledge and actions during and after the Friendship Ridge catastrophe.

      • Yep, she’s been tainted now. You are judged by the company you keep. All of them done. A disgrace to government, taxpayers and their own families. Over.

  11. Today is MLK day. They are at home sitting on their fat asses getting paid for yet another holiday.
    I have a dream.

    • Stupid comment. So is every other salaried employee in America in a professional job that has off today.

      • You know like bankers, the mailman, hell, even my trash man didn’t pick up my trash today because he was off.

  12. I am going to go ahead and spend the money on Dolby Surround Sound. When the news reports and shows the daisy chain of criminals coming from the courthouse to the bus, I want to hear it in the best quality sound money can buy.

  13. All right. Calm down now. Nobody is going to get arrested, convicted, or sent to jail. That is just wishful thinking. Life will go on as usual. And you people know it. Relax.

  14. Wayne Kress needs to be sheriff and get rid of all the a** kissers in the dept beginning with I think I am the incredible hulk (jay) and his buddy Steve, along with the other brown nosers down there, watch Tony and little boy Camp cry like babies. Benyo would be a great DA, get rid of the new judges they just elected, the only reason we have so many judges and senior judges comes from Richieboy Defillippi, he really took care of the court people. why do we need so many judges and court staff, Butler and Lawrence County have around the same amount of people and they do not have that many judges and court staff. Who is the woman with short hair that walks the hallways on the 2nd floor with her coffee cup? I am sure she is making great money.

    • You really have no idea what you are talking about. No DA has the authority to get rid of Judges – or any other ELECTED official. The number of judges in a county has nothing to do with what a court administrator wants. That’s decided by the legislature.

    • Old boy, I have a question for you! Who is the deputy who comes in late, around 11 everyday, and gets paid as much as elected officials? When the deputy is at work also walks the halls?? Easy work for big paycheck!

  15. One side benefit is that it imposes a kind of quality control — let’s hope — over the Chiefs. Madgar, protector of PsychoCop in Beaver; Couch, careless guardian of state police files in the Quip; Ambridge thuggery; Ohioville work hours ripoffs, and on and on. And god only knows what the Midget would have done with a new County police force.

    Sounds good, if it works.

  16. How sad is it that it is insinuated that Guy is blackmailing officials? How did this faux Republican gain so much power? Betters? Georgie? Yes! He accepted their money. He made deals. He needs to step down or be stepped on. That is atrocious behavior and it needs to be stopped! Guy is nothing but an immoral bottom feeder willing to pull the trigger for the highest bidder. No better than Georgie, his best buddy. There is NO Republican that runs a business the way he does…big spending, big brother, more government programs. As a staunch Republican I cannot believe he was elected and people believe this crap! These claims need to be investigated!

    • Don’t ever forget – George David ENDORSED this “mini me” and the people STILL voted him in.
      You just cannot fix stupid.

  17. I think you are all overstating this State Police, AG and FBI involvement. It’s obvious that they are here to figure out the Who/What/Where/Why and how to approve that plaque last week. LOL

  18. I love how the commissioners are going to get rid of the detectives. They couldn’t get rid of the sheriffs overstuffed department. Plus the contract calls for so many detectives to be on the force. They’ll never win that over the Union. Union contracts are online

    • And THAT is why unions have NO BUSINESS in government! That is TAX PAYER monies that pay them, not corporate monies.
      ALL unions need to be banned from ALL government, from your local all the way up to federal.

      • You do realize that the tax payers pay EVERYONE who works in the governments salary, right, not just the union employees? You also know that any employee who is even at the lowest level of supervisor and above are contractually NON union right? On top of that, you must also have figured out by now that when you pay a person a higher wage, like those negotiated by unions, you also get more in taxes than those you pay less to, right?

    • All forms of government have union employees. Let’s work on something we can change instead of spending time on things we can’t. You will NEVER get rid of unions in government. I was with a union in the Fed Govt. The State Police have one of the most lucrative union contracts. Taxpayers pay for retirees full healthcare as well as their pension.


  20. I would love to run for Treasurer, but only if the crooked criminals is locked up. I am not a politician, but am qualified to run that department. But if all the criminals are gone maybe new honest, hardworking, committed to our County can take over. “Make Beaver County Great Again” not the “Shit Hole it is”

    I would like to make real change! There is a problem when employees at the court house has a bigger, better benefits package the their boss, the taxpayers. Without ever proving themselves. I am sure the average BCian does not make $50 to $90, pays a few bucks for family health insurance a month and only has to show up for 8 years, do nothing and then retire! I would fight to change that. Then BC needs to reduce staff over all, we do not need more employees then Allegheny County, nor more Judges then Counties the same size us. And definitely not more sheriff’s then Counties that has tripled the residents, and that should only be transporting prisoners (which I am sure will be in that position son LMAO). This is just amazing to me!

    I guess I would become the next Sandy, or dead. But these are just a few thanks that needs to change!

    And I for one, want to thank Sandy, I am sure she is currently working in a very hostile environment, and even fears going home at night. Girl, don’t trust anyone and be safe.

    • You do realize that Allegheny county has 7000 employee not even accounting for self funded (no tax money taken) entities such as the Allegheny county airport authority wich alone has almost the number of employees as beaver county right?

  21. The only win win in this scenario will be the lawyers as we all are aware everyone that will be nabbed will plead Not Guilty and where in Beaver County will they pick an unbiased jury. I am sure those selected will be asked if they have read or are familiar with the journalism entitled Beaver Countian. If selected, I will say what’s that, I am too old to know computer stuff, I get all my news from the Beaver County Times. Gee, I was selected. But was I truthful..will have to live with that.

  22. When the day comes, I REALLY hope that it’s a federal agency that makes the busts. More to the point, I hope the charges against each defendent will include federal racketeering. The “deals” made in the federal courthouse in exchange for guilty pleas are nothing like what they’d get from the state attorney general’s office. For comparison sake, a state court deal is similar to a day at Kennywood whereas a federal court deal is similar to a day in hell, in barefeet with a buttplug the size of a basketball inserted. Federal prosecution is the only way that this entire thing doesn’t just look like window dressing where nothing will change but it makes it looks like someone did something.

  23. Commissioner Camp, your tenure will be ending when your term is up. There’s nothing that you can do at this point to be reelected because you’ve proven yourself to be a little weasel who can’t be trusted. On top of that, for the past two years each and every time that you have opened your mouth you’ve demonstated that you lack a general sense of curiosity stemming from what appears to be a lower than average IQ. There is no decision you can make today, tomorrow, or eight weeks from next Tuesday which will help to ensure another four years for you; you’re a one term commissioner. Period.

    Commissioner Egley, please make getting a home rule charter referendum on the ballot one of your highest priorities before leaving office. We will never be able to eliminate the row office “officials” who have no ambition in life other than collecting a paycheck compliments of the taxpayers with no accountability for their responsibilities. They should be hired and fired as needed rather than being immune to any consequence from their ineptitude.

    Commissioner Amadio, never mind; there’s no point telling you anything because you know nothing by your own admission – no matter what the topic happens to be.

      • I couldn’t keep my eyes open in those old school english classes so it has never been my strength. My knuckles still hurt from getting whacked by the nuns back then. Sandie did one hell of a GREAT JOB. She was and is the only one in county govt that took the issue of corruption in the county as a serious issue and actually did something about it. Many others didn’t want to talk about it or had a blind eye to what was going on right under their nose. In most matters, it appears as though it was the stacks of your money that was resting on the bridge of their nose that kept them blinded by the light.

        Kudos to JP for being the one and only news source in the county or elsewhere, who kept his eyes wide open and reported the truth that was not through the rose colored glasses and shady accounting visor that other media sources must use.

        Boy, lots of words, periods, commas and paragraphs. I sure hope I got them right this time. Wouldn’t want to get another ticket.

  24. One good thing that might result from this “outside” action is that it circumvents the historic stonewalling of the DA’s Office. Even Berosh avoided going after George David, after John Paul handed him the case on a silver platter. That took the PSP. So, for internal affairs at the Courthouse, there is almost no way to get action against their own. The stonewalling is built on nepotism and friends, and likely will be in the future (if Benyo is not elected). Hope for some arrests now, because this is one of few chances we shall have.

    • Tady seems to be their lead journalist ( as if writing about Justin Timberlake’s concert or a baby sloth was journalism)
      Almost everytime you log on to their site his articles come up.
      This is the best they got?

  25. That’s about as good as the Times gets. After we clean out the BC Outhouse we should boycott the Times and run them out of town on a rail for turning a blind eye and ignoring corruption.

  26. Our only hope for this corrupt cesspool is that the FEDs and the AG Kick some ass good. I wanna see a lot of handcuffs and new faces in politics minus the baggage.

  27. What a wonderful belated xmas gift it would be for us to see them march ole Connie the Con out the front of the Courthouse after a guilty verdict, and drive her straight over to Friendship Ridge to heŗ awaiting room there. There she would begin her life sentence in one of there very overpacked 16×16 foot rooms that already house 4 elderly …..in a room that clearly should not have more than 2 patients, and put her bed right in the center of the existing 4 beds! Mungo knows this would be cruel and unusual for the 4 existing patients, but as a bonus the Con can be dressed up just like Ethel Merman and sing and dance from her bed as entertainment . And just like her job performance previosly this new gig would also suck ass and the residents could be given old fruit and veggies to pelt her with upon completion! Look at it this way she could always get that big nappie hairdo fixed up from time to time with her connections! If only dreams came true!!!

  28. Send them all to state prison, take all of their state and county pensions away, let them know what it is like to live on a fixed income, like so many of us. We need Hladio to tell the truth about all of the liars in the court system who set him up. Like I said the other day, get rid of all the judges and their staff, one judge, his secretary, his law clerk and his tipstaff would save the county approx. $350,000 plus benefits, times that by 7 plus the senior judges who already collect social security plus their pensions, make approx $600 per day. plus get rid of some in the treasurers office, I was in there the other day and no other people were in there and had to wait to get my dogs license, 3 were talking to each other, one was on the phone and one was reading the paper. I think they should get rid of the county detectives, that would save a ton of money probably close to a million a year with salary and benefits. cut a lot of the fat out of these offices and maybe our taxes will go down

    • Why is it you can’t understand that a judge is not an employee? You CANNOT fire a judge. You can sit at your keyboard and type “get rid of all the judges” from now until the end of time and it won’t happen. If you did your homework, you would know that all Court of Common Pleas judges in Pa. are paid by the Commonwealth, not paid by the respective counties in which they sit. You know what, Old Boy? Facts matter.

  29. I am so glad Sarah is on here, what a very intelligent person, I know the judges are Court of Common pleas, i was just making a statement about all of the money wasted on them and their staff. I say bring Myron back in the mix,

    • Bring Myron back? You can’t be serious. Ask the City of Aliquippa about the quality of his representation when he was the solicitor for the city and represented a strip club owner in a zoning matter – at the same time. Did you like his sound legal advice when he told the county it could privatize the BC Jail? It cost the County $1m to settle the breach of contract suit with the vendor.

      Sure, bring back Myron the Magnificent. It will just speed up the fiscal crash and burn.



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