Andrew Bullock / photo Aliquippa Police
Andrew Bullock / photo Aliquippa Police
Andrew Bullock / photo Aliquippa Police

The man accused of attacking and raping an 85 year old Catholic nun outside of St. Titus Parish in Aliquippa last week will stand trial.

Magisterial District Judge Joseph L. Schafer held a dozen charges over for court, including rape and aggravated assault, following a preliminary hearing held today for Andrew Clarence Bullock, age 18 of Orchard Street.

The nun, who the Beaver Countian is not identifying because she is the victim of an alleged sexual assault, took the stand to testify against the man accused of attacking her.

The woman told police that she was on her way to 11:30am Mass when the assault took place. She said she was putting papers into a recycling bin outside of the church when a man asked her if she needed help, before punching her in the face. He allegedly then began choking her and forced her to the ground.

The elderly nun was not able to identify her attacker in a photo lineup, but police say Andrew Bullock’s clothing matched a description she provided, and bootprints left in the snow matched the boots he was wearing. Police also say Bullock admitted to attacking the woman during questioning.

Andrew Bullock was returned to the Beaver County Jail, where he has been unable to post $50,000 bail.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Popovich. Bullock is being represented by the Beaver County Public Defender’s Office.

A trial date has not yet been scheduled in the case.

“This particular story has caught people’s attention because it was not only an 85 year old woman, but it was also a Catholic Nun,” said Catholic Bishop David Zubik during an interview with the Beaver Countian on Monday. “Maybe this particular story, as tragic as it is when anybody is assaulted, should make us all take a look and say are we becoming way too comfortable and complacent with the stories of violence that we hear all the time. It needs to get our attention so we can really try to do something personally.”


  1. “Man Accused”… he is not a man! He is a boy, a naive, pathetic, young boy. He needs guidance and structor… I hope he gets the actual help he needs… yes this is a horrid crime, and he should pay the consequences… but he needs to be taught why this is wrong and why no person should action in that kind of nature. My thoughts go out to his family and most of all the nun… I can only imagine how they feel…

    • How sad it is, that you consider this piece of shit “a naïve, pathetic, young boy”.

      He knew what he did was wrong, yet chose to do it anyways. He doesn’t need guidance and structure, because that should have been provided for him for the last 18 YEARS.
      Now, he’ll get all the structure he can handle and more.
      Even worse, your thoughts go out to HIS FAMILY first, and then the victim? Wow, I truly hope nothing this horrible ever happens to you or your family. If it did, I’m sure you’d be changing your tune.

      • Nikki, you completely misinterpreted what Michelle said. First point: At 18, most people are naive and still a little pathetic. We can only assume that this kid did not receive any guidance and structure for his first 18 years, but who do you want to blame: his family or the school system that raised him? Lets face it, if his family didn’t really give a damn, the school was the last line of defense for society and that is more pathetic than the kid (especially if we are speaking of the ASD). Michelle mentioned the kids family first, but she said that her thought go out “most of all to the nun”, so she did prioritize the victim.
        It is pathetic that the kid will finally get the structure that you speak of in prison. Hopefully, he will understand what was wrong with what he did, but somehow i seriously doubt that he will ever understand. How will we ever know that he is truly rehabilitated? Sadly, we can never be sure.

      • Raven, you are starting to show your real colors and it is now clear to me you did not serve. I suggest you read a little Jefferson. “Freedom of Speech is designed to protect the speech we do not like” . Speech we like needs no protection. Voltaire “I disagree with everything you say but I will fight to the death for your right to say it. You want to take away someone else’s right to do what you are doing. Go sign up and you will learn about our freedoms. Spike

  2. There is no help for people of this mental nature. Any attorney that takes this case and helps him plead insanity or any other BS defense, deserves a place beside him in hell. Anyone that says not to jump to assumptions, “you don’t know him so don’t judge him,'” should be hung as well.

  3. What a surprise, Myron isn’t representing this one. I thought there was an unwritten rule that every piece of human trash had to be represented by Myron.

    • Perhaps the human trash section of Myron’s list is full? I think its great the corrupt and dishonest gravitate to Myron because it seems he pretty much looses every case he does. I think Myron prefers human trash that is employed by the government as he is sure to get paid. I can’t even imagine how much it cost the taxpayers for my case as everyone was getting paid except me. He is crazy not to appeal as he gets paid the same win or lose. Spike

  4. He already admitted to this heinous crime. Just get a rope, a tree and make a Christmas Tree ornament out of him. Case closed.

  5. I think they just grabbed him and he’s shook footprints in the snow that’s some bullshit and he confessed please something ain’t right about this story broad day nobody seen nothin if he did he should burn but the raggady ass police got a way of makin every thing fall into place

    • If anybody had seen something they would be a wuss and keep their mouth shut due to the no snitching rule so which is it, you can’t have it both ways?

    • Because the nun’s jaw broke all by itself, and she was able to describe the clothes he was wearing? Stupidest comment on I’ve ever read on this board.

    • Nigga please, the kid was placed at the crime scene with evidence. The only questions now are: what do we do with him, and whose fault is it?

      • Plus, they had to use the boots and clothes to ID him…she couldnt place the face, because “they all look alike”.

      • @educatedthug: These racist remarks are absolutely shocking BY ANY STANDARD. This is not free speech. It is exploitative abuse of free speech. It is profane, ignorant, lowbrow, intentional hate mongering, and it has no place here or anywhere. You are sick. Get help, or in the least, leave.

      • @uneducatedtwit:
        There is a time and place for satire, be it harsh or not, and this is NOT it.

      • Racially loaded, profanity-laced mock slander is not satire. It’s raw, slang street talk used by some people to have their brand of shock and awe chatty fun. And that is about as far as communicating with it goes. It has its place, but not here in a public forum.

        Learn from Nikki P. She is able to switch language gears among different contents and with different purposes. You make the content fit your mood and twisted purpose and vocabulary and attention-seeking wise cracks.

        I “get” the street talk, but I won’t use it. Let it decay in the Urban Dictionary.

    • Raven, Learn from Nikki P how to switch language gears???? What, from rude uninformed and profane to rude and uninformed and profane? So you think it is appropriate for someone to sometimes use the kind of language she does? Please explain this further. Spike

      • I’ll explain it.

        Different situations call for different vernacular.

        You wouldn’t use slang terms to someone who was using proper English.

        How hard is that to understand? Did I simplify it enough for you? Was it “not profane” enough for you? I know I wasn’t rude, so you can’t accuse me of that, either.

    • Your name is Raven I thought it was Nikki?? This is your 17th post since you said I wasn’t worth responding to and you would no longer do it. Raven can speak for himself. Raven, I was speaking of Nikki’s constant profanity and the fact you don’t use it yourself. Do you approve of anyone else using it? You stuck up for her so lets hear it all. Spike

      • I chose to answer for Raven, since it was my speech that was being discussed. If you have a problem with me (Nikki), you can and will address it with me. Any questions, Dennis?

    • No but it is our duty to figure out who God will judge and who is a worthless sack of whatever with a vowel at the end of whatever his worthless last name is. Like you. Low Life.

      • Well, thanks for informing us us what Gods judgement will be. Now we can just all bypass the formality of God and ask you. Spike

      • Dennis, buzzkill never said WHAT Gods judgement would be, just that it was our duty to figure out WHO God would judge.

        It’s all about reading comprehension.

      • @educatedthug: This is a new low. This conversation topic has kicked up the sediment in the morality cesspool, but this kind of comment ranks among the top floaters in the ignorance toilet.

      • @Raven: See my first comment…It has more down votes, so apparently IT is the larger floater. HA!
        Plus, that is the way we thugs speak to each other. It is only racist if YOU say it.

    • Oh, so you went to school with the prosecutor? Because you graced his life with your tangential presence, you are implying that he will be successful in having the boy executed? Or are you just an idiot?

  6. maybe if we would have givin his family more support ie: food stamps, cash assistance, free utilities, and a bigger rent-free house, maybe he wouldn’t have done this. I BLAME THE SYSTEM. Damn white people don’t give us enough. My great-great-great second cousin was a close friend to a guy who was a slave, SO i need compensated……

  7. Quincy Walker has a point, this crime (raping a nun outside of the church) makes my stomach turn, Any sentence would be too light. However, let’s talk about the priest raping young innonence boys (sodomy) right IN the church. They are moved to another location and nothing is done. Your thoughts? My thoughts are let’s castrate them also. Let’s put them in general population to be raped too. Let’s apply all of the comments above to them. Some one of high authority, operating under the guise of being a man of God, stealing the virginity of boys who will never be same and may even go one to commit crimes just like this one. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  8. Carl Davidson: Some of the baser comments here are good examples of why I oppose referring to the motives of their writers in political terms. They don’t rise to that level. They don’t show that kind of directed intelligence or purpose.

  9. I find it…. Odd that the ONLY evidence they have right now contains fickle items of clothing that not only one person could have ownership of…. A boot and similar clothing??? You mean you didn’t see him at all and he choked you??? Idk… Story sounds quite odd and unrealistic to me. When your attacked there are just some things you don’t forget…… My opinion tho.

  10. Tarharih, apparently you didn’t get to this part in the article.

    ” Police also say Bullock admitted to attacking the woman during questioning.”

    An admission is a shut and closed case, the DA and Judge and jury will put this sick fuck away for a long, long time. You can bet on that. He’s going to be made an example of justice in the county.

    Just my opinion also though.

  11. Don’t approach a bull from the front a horse from behind and a fool from any direction. Raven writes eloquently and would have you believe he is the moral compass of this blog however I have read his comments regarding an overweight senior citizen that were certainly meant to be hurtful. As for Nikki, she goes into a foul mouthed tirade EVERY single time somebody voices an opinion contrary to hers. Steer clear of a fool.

    • Well said about them both. Raven fooled me for a while but anyone that has the need to constantly speak without culture gives themselves away instantly. Spike

    • I’ve not launched into any “foul mouthed tirade” against anyone in this article, and the only time that I will do so is when I am personally targeted (sorta like what you’re doing now). I don’t care if you like me, or hate me, but just like you, I am entitled to my opinion.
      I actually like debating with people who have an opinion that is opposite to mine. I will also show that person respect, as long as the same courtesy is extended to me. But when ignorance prevails in the conversation, I will drop the respect, and speak how I wish.
      Ok man, I vaguely remember having a conversation or two with you, must not have been worth much, due to the fact that I don’t remember it, and Dennis, well, I’m not wasting my breath. You’re just not worth it.

      • You show someone else respect??? You can’t even respect yourself with the language you use. Debating? You mean when you debated with me and didn’t know what was taught in HS government classes “you don’t need a license to practice law” and “Housing is a gun free zone”? Its interesting you think debating includes calling people names? I guess its not worth debating with me when you don’t even know basic law as you just look bad. Spike

    • @Ok man & Dennis McKee: “Wow! Tough crowd here tonight. Really tough crowd.” — Rodney Dangerfield

      J.D. Prose, John Paul and Sheriff David walk into a bar.
      The bartender says, “What is this, some kind of a joke?”

  12. And STILL no suggestions of what should be done about the PRIESTS who rape young boys INSIDE the church???????????????????? The Priests who do EXACTLY what Matt Snead said in his comment regularly to their own parishoners.

    • Because this article isn’t about priests raping young boys inside the church. Maybe someone will bite when that article shows up on here?

    • Easy one. If they are convicted of doing such they should be treated like anyone else that commits the same crime. Spike

  13. I have no idea why you think Ghandi’s quote pertains to your behavior. And I am not a believer in an eye for an eye. Are you taking all your meds? Sometimes this happens when you just take half of them. Spike

    • Actually, you DID just prove that you believe in “the eye for an eye” with your statement above, and I quote, “If they are convicted of doing such they should be treated like anyone else that commits the same crime.”

      So, please explain how this makes you “not a believer in an eye for an eye”….

      (Also, I wouldn’t know anything about which meds you’re talking about, because I don’t see UFO’s and Bigfoot. I’d have to assume that they have different medications for people like that.)

      • Actually, my reading comprehension was a bit off when I wrote this. When I replied, I was actually combining WiseOne’s and Speakthetruthtoo’s statements together, and misread it as “if a priest was convicted of committing that crime, then the same should be done to them”

        But on everything else, I stand the same. I can call myself out when I am wrong, and I just did.
        (but not on the meds part, on that, nope. I still back that 100%)

      • Well Nikki, I have produced in writing publicly from the Veterans Hospital I have no mental illness and no personality disorders so I wouldn’t be taking any meds now would I? When we be seeing your record? All you ever do is talk and complain. It seems my belief in UFO’s is in the majority of the US public and the same as 4 US presidents that actually claim to have seen them. Not to mention astronauts, airline pilots and thousands in the military just to name a few. Over 1 million sitings a year worlde wide. I personally saw one in Okinawa along with hundreds of others and saw our fighters launched from Kadena Air base to chase them. As to my recently obtained belief in Bigfoot I indicated where and when the Mitochondrial DNA came up that proves their existence. The sequence is on the internet with one base pair different than humans when chimps are 234 base pairs difference. If they don’t exist please explain what could cause this primate sequencing so you can educate me. You don’t have to worry about talking over my head as I understand Nuclear and Mitochondrial DNA pretty well. You believe in getting “inked” up so all you friends can play Parcheesi on your backside without a board. Have you checked this behavior out in your DSM? Spike

  14. Nikki You didn’t hit any nerve you just as usual can’t back up what you say. You tied to say that people that believe in UFO’s and Bigfoot are not rational. So I told you why I believed what I did and backed it up. If you think people like me are not rational make your argument to us all and explain how the DNA evidence is flawed that so many of us base our opinion on or is this like your “you need a license to practice law (taught in high school government classes) and Housing is a gun free zone” One of the best moves you ever made in your life is avoiding an IQ test against me as even with a 50 point spot I would make you look like you were 234 base pairs short. Instead of avoiding my questions with ‘I hit ba nerve” why don’t you answer them? I will tell you why!!! You can’t answer them. lol Spike

  15. Nikki, Raven made the statement not you and I would think anyone that would say something as stupid as my military records were faked when they have been public for 40 years could speak for himself. He can’t tell us why he supports the tirades of filth that come from you when he doesn’t use that language? Well Nikki you can’t answer that as that is his opinion not yours. It sure looks like he is some coward “draft dodger” and if he needs you to speak for him at least we know the coward part is true. Whats the matter Raven, mummy Nikki doesn’t allow you to speak? Don’t worry Raven men fought so you can speak but we can’t help it if you pee yourself. You can do this Raven, don’t be scared your shadow won’t hurt you. Perhaps you might even have the courage to tell everyone who you are then. Then you challenge the right to free speech because you don’t like it when you did zero to earn any of our precious rights. You ride on the backs of those who earned these rights by giving their lives and you are afraid to tell us who you are? I got right up sued the Sheriff made my personal history medical and others public and you criticize me when you are afraid to give your name? You and other cowards like you are why this all goes on. You are just like Nikki useless, you whine, complain make intellectual arguments trying to impress people and do absolutely nothing. Spike

  16. Your comments are personal, wrong and bizarre, Dennis McKee, bordering on delusional. And I resent them.

    Fuck you.

      • WTF Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m the only one on this web site that has ever made their medical history public to back up what they say. You are afraid to even give your name. And btw wtf please tell us what you have ever done besides complain and hide like some little sissy? I love Arnold’s definition. “Girly men” . LOL Spike

    • Raven, Whats delusional? That you do nothing but complain? What have you done? You don’t hide behind a screen name? You didn’t accuse me of faking my military record when it has been public for 40 years? Spike

      • Dennis there is no reason to make my medical history public because I am NOT fucking nuts!
        Also, I am working to expose corruption and I will let you know when they finally get the snake. It will be good. It’s been a long battle. Many people have been harmed by one public official.

  17. I don’t agree with all that Nikki P. says or the sometimes profane language she uses to say it, only with her being able to change the language she uses and “switching gears” as the subject and content are changed. Some other people here can’t, and it leads to rigid thinking and predictable comments. I use profanity myself when I think it’s justified. It carries emotive weight.

    • Raven Profanity carries emotive weight?? Sure does, are you a rapper by any chance? C4 carries emotive weight as well should we use that too? If you need emotive weight to make a point perhaps you should become more rational and let your argument stand on the facts and the truth and not the emotion of others. Now I have heard it all. Its OK to use bad language because it carries emotive weight? I cannot use your bad behavior as an excuse for my own so I won’t use it even if it has emotive weight. LOL Spike

  18. Dennis and Nikki, your comments now have nothing to do with the sister and the attack. She has been forgotten in your selfish, childish need to always have the last word. I am steeling myself for the barrage of retorts from you both, lol.

    • I agree. Once again their apparent love for one another is monopolizing the discussion in irrelevant and off topic ways.

      From now on, both are still welcome to make relevant comments about the story at hand, but any comments by either directed toward the other will not be seeing the light of day.

      It pains me to be forced to moderate in any fashion. Cripe.

      • JP if it pains you to restrict speech Jefferson can help. He wrote much about this and Requists Supreme Court decision is also there to direct this. Spike

    • Marsha, I did make a comment about this despicable act. If he is found guilty he needs to be punished to the fullest extent of the law and this should happen to anyone that does it irrespective of who the victim is. Spike

      • Yes Dennis and you made 18,000 other comments that have no relevance here. My exaggeration is for emotive weight.

  19. Well Marsha, I earned my right to speak and say everything I choose even if it is your opinion it is not relevant. Please tell us what unit you served in to earn our rights all the relative things you have said and done. Or are you just a talker too? Spike

  20. Marsha, You comments about being childish and selfish are nothing more than an opinion from an uninformed person who does nothing. Me getting the final word in during court proceedings against the Sheriff won us all a significant victory for gun rights. That is more relevant than anything you have ever done. BTW No appeal by the Sheriff so the decision stands. I don’t remember seeing your name on anything relevant in court or anything else so you don’t get any word in let alone the last word. I have not ever troubled myself with others disagreeing, or complaining about how things were I have done something. Housing Authority got a senior citizen raped so I’m not complaining I’m doing something. I would be more than happy to move aside and let you do it. And I will continue doing something as complaining might have an emotive effect but it is worthless as a method of correction or change. JP didn’t run around complaining what was wrong he did something I wasn’t smart enough to think of. A lot needs done in this world, perhaps you should try doing something as nothing is more irrelevant than an opinion. Spike

  21. WTF, The difference between you and I is I have proven I have nothing wrong with me and you have said there is nothing wrong with you. Nixon said “I am not a crook” and Clinton said “I did not have sex with that woman”. Lets see if I have this correct you claim to be doing something but you are afraid to give your name??? Right WTF. That’s a good one. You can expose someone and hold them accountable but hide from them and everyone else while you do it. I directly confronted the Sheriff and his attorney in a public court room and everyone knew who I was. So, what you are doing is going to be good? Everyone knows who I am, and what I did. Well, tell us just what it is you are doing so we can see if you succeed. You can do that and still hide like a sissy coward. Better still I have a lot of things that need addressed and a raped woman caused by the Housing Authority is just one of them. You want to be a doer and not a talker I will give you that case and you could show us all what you can do. You have someone already convicted and the victim of the rapist and the Housing Authority is a grandmother. She could be your grandmother or mine. Easy to win but a lot of work. I have more things than I could do in a hundred years so how about some help from some of the complainers? It could help you focus on something productive instead of what I do. But its flattering people can be so interested in little old me. I pay it no mind. Spike

  22. Well WTF??? You mean we finally have someone on this web site that actually does something besides whine and complain. But you can’t even tell us who you are exposing so we can enjoy it with you? ? Everyone got to see me take Myron for a ride. Just knowing you are on the job makes me feel all warm and fuzzy given your unbridled commitment to the public good. If you were here I would just give you a big hug, but no time for that. I got 2 calls today can I direct them to you as I am flooded? Spike

  23. It’s just seems so odd that all of you angry white folks are using the same term(hang) been to prison and he will die a thousand deaths there but!!!! Dnt get it twisted ur priest do this everyday with preferably your sons ENRI!



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