Ambridge Voters Reject Former Officer’s Bid For Democratic Committee Seat

Ambridge Voters Reject Former Officer’s Bid For Democratic Committee Seat


A former Ambridge Borough police sergeant convicted in the 2009 beating of a prisoner has lost his bid to become a Committeeman for the Democratic Party of Beaver County.

Richard Heitzenrater failed in his attempt at becoming a Democratic Committeeman tonight after losing to Borough President Michael Mikulich (25% to 72%).

Democratic Committee people serve 4 year terms to elect the party’s Chairman and vote to endorse candidates.

Heitzenrater was sentenced by a federal judge to serve 6 months in a halfway-house, 6 months on house arrest, and 6 months of probation for Civil Rights violations and destruction of evidence to cover up a 2009 beating of a man in police custody. Ambridge Borough settled a subsequent lawsuit filed by the man for a reported $150,000.

Following his sentence, Borough Council appointed Heitzenrater to the Ambridge Civil Service Commission which oversees the hiring of police officers for the town. The United States Department of Justice denied the Ambridge Borough Police Department a grant worth $200,000 last year explicitly because of Heitzenrater’s role on the Commission.

Ambridge Borough Council voted to oust Heitzenrater from its Civil Service Commission at a public meeting held last week.

Heitzenrater had a failed run for a seat on Borough Council last year.

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  1. Respect

    To bad the guy he lost too , isnt trust worthy either. He was a union official who crossed the very picket line he voted to support , while working for the turnpike !!

    1. Nobama

      Your using that as a comparison?! A guy crossing a picket line to feed his family to a police officer sworn to PROTECT and Serve, beating the hell out of someone in HANDCUFFS then covering it up. Yep, your an IDIOT!

      1. arealregularguy

        Did someone hack into Nobama’s account? I’m actually agreeing with him!

  2. arealregularguy

    This man ran as a Republican for Council just 6 months ago, but now wanted to be on the Democratic Committee. He just wants some sort of power…..that’s all he has ever known. He always seems to feel that he is worthless, unless he has power of somebody else’s life


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