The Ambridge Area School District has issued the following statement to the Beaver Countian in response to a federal lawsuit filed by former Superintendent Cynthia Zurchin:

“This week, the Ambridge Area School District was notified that former Superintendent, Dr. Cynthia Zurchin, filed a federal civil complaint against the District and five individuals.

“Dr. Zurchin’s complaint is filled with exaggeration, mischaracterization, and inaccuracies. The District strongly denies these allegations and looks forward to its opportunity to correct the record.

“The District will have no further comment about this litigation until the matter is resolved.”


  1. Of course that would be the districts response. That district is so corrupt. So glad I left the area. This will cost the taxpayers in the end.

  2. Funny, no mention of how the district will continue to focus on providing the best educational experience possible for the students of the district….instead a quickly cobbled together “it’s her, not us” response.

    If nothing else, the current board members are probably serving their last term.

  3. It didn’t take them long to come back at this. If they had any dignity at all, they would have said nothing and let it play out in court. That was petty!

    • Sounds like a great idea but no one with any common sense would want to deal with the issues they have created over time AND the voters would have to stop electing people based on their “like-ability.”

    • Yes, Zuchin and Mealie are gone. Now the voters need to get rid of the remaining board members who were involved in this. I read the complaint, the alleged language and behavior of these individuals is so appalling. How can they still be in that board? Clean house, voters!

  4. In my opinion Cynthia Zurchin is suffering from a bad case of what ever it is that’s wrong with Donald Trump.

    • Well, in my opinion Zurchin is not the only one with the blame in this! Mealie and the board aren’t innocent.

    • Why is it when something goes wrong you libtards have to bring Trump in on it. Get a life. If you run your car out of gas you will probably blame Trump.

      • Well… no. If my car runs out of gas, it’s either a faulty guage or MY fault, and THAT proves I DO have a life and I DO know how to think for myself. In THIS case Zurchin’s erratic behavior IS similar to our current “fearless leader”, and therefore the similarities are fair game.

        But… I get it, because I am tired of hearing the rantings about “Killary” also. She is, and was, a big loser. Hopefully, she is now HISTORY, so get over THAT. He’s President and SHE’S not.

  5. Read this yesterday. If these allegations are true, and it appears she has a hell of a lot to back it up, they ought to tar and feather those putzes and run them out of town IMMEDIATELY. It was appalling AND disgusting that this would be the culture and atmosphere of the district. Low-life and small-minded. I’ve lived in FL for years, but I love my hometown. This makes me want to say I came from anywhere else. I’m sure there are good, intelligent people who care and would do a remarkable job if the politics were taken out of the equation. Get these jokers down the road and clean it up. Create transparency, so that confidence and trust can be built again. These people (again, if accurate) are using their positions as their personal toilet paper…. Put the kids welfare first. That’s the reason this even exists in the first place.

    • Unfortunately this isn’t the only school district in the county that is run by a bunch of “citizens” who are only concerned with their own agenda, which rarely puts the comprehensive education of our kids first.

      Centralized school districts are the first step to fixing this mess, but most of the school districts in Beaver County would never vote in the best interest of education. That would collide with their “athletic programs first” mentality.

      Sad, but true.

  6. Dysfunction.

    At some point, we who have been reading about problems in that town for the last few years — from wayward cops on the beat and drugs and racism, to school teachers and principals running around drunk, to the after school activities, to shady financial personal dealing, to the quarrelsome board and the dilatory superintendent — have to wonder about the dysfunction of the town as a whole.

    What the hell is going on? 50 years ago, it was a nice, thriving place. Now, people are flushing it down the shitter, as it has become a breeding place for screwy people. Who are the people hired? People who thrive on dysfunction, and who can fuck up with little regard for accountability.

    Is ANYONE in charge there?

    • That district is full of problems. What ever happened to that athletic director who was suspended about 5 yrs ago pending an investigation of the district’s finances? What did the board do about him? Not much information was given out and was “hush hush.” At the time, No one would comment about him.

  7. I don’t know of HER job performance, but there are more than a dozen texts of un-professional conduct by members of the Ambridge Area School Board, and two wrongs DON’T make it right.

    IF there is NO evidence then it could be a “he said/she said” fabrication on her part, but IF she has the text message, dated and time-stamped, stating “[Zurchin’s] just being a cunt. So she will just look worse in the end. Her days [are] numbered. And if she Fucks [with] [you] I will fuck [with] her”, it becomes a whole different story.

    IF there IS evidence, then the question arises, on whose phone were these texts sent and received? IF they were sent and received on phones provided by the Ambridge Area School District, with the billing paid by the District, then “fucking” a Superintendent via text on a school phone might bite someone in the ass.

    There are Laws that determine proper and legal use of public funded equipment. Never mind erasing “the evidence”. A criminal forensic audit of phone records may find it. Time to lawyer up. Just ask Trump’s cronies.

    • I pretty much believe everything said about the school board. Usually all school boards have the
      ( bully ability ) built into them. School boards often have a reputation of making moves behind the backs of the residents. They are also known for being the most difficult to retrieve FOIA documents.

      • This is true, not to mention very, very few if any, know one darn thing about education. Too many of the districts in our county have boards comprised of uneducated people. No disrespect meant, just stating a fact of at least one district that I know of personally and this story now depicts a second.

      • Few of these board members today run to make a difference in their districts. They run for status, perks, to hire friends and family or use it as a stepping stone for higher office. I say get rid of these 15 county districts and merge them all into county wide districts. That will stop this small town political bullshit!

    • All those texts were from M. Mealie to her teacher girlfriend. Not from school board members. And this crap was going on long before Zerchin arived.. Got to read them closer.

      • Hi Overtaxed. I did re-read the complaint closer, and with all due respect, I stand by my statement. I’m sorry if I didn’t make it clear, so I’ll try again.

        As the article and Complaint state, “the text messages between February and March 2015…illustrate collusion between board members and Mealie to create a hostile work environment for Dr. Zurchin”.

        YES, THESE TEXT MESSAGES WERE SENT BY MEALIE TO THE TEACHER, BUT the CONTENT leads one to believe OTHER Board members were contacted (by text?) at various times concerning this “collusion”. Any interaction is unknown at this time.

        MY POINT WAS, AND IS ..IF.., ANY text messages and/or others SENT and/or RECEIVED on SCHOOL phones, paid for by the School District with taxpayer money, “colluding” to “fuck” the Superintendent, then someone may be in trouble. IF it was “collusion” ON SCHOOL phones, using THAT kind of language, they could be collected and audited for several types of legal violations. School Board members CAN NOT do that on SCHOOL phones. IF it was done on private phones, that’s another issue,

  8. Many years ago, Freedom had a similar reputation. Then, a principal named Bob Cercone took charge and started knocking heads and paddling the butts of smartalec junior high school kids and demanding quality from the staff. He went on to get things on track again. That kind of bootstrap mentality seems to be missing in Ambridge. When a district is known for dysfunction, dysfunctional people flock there, hoping to hide their bizarre lives among the more obvious fools.

    • Cercone was an ACE in the hole for us. Freedom never had problems like these. Mr. Whal, old time superintendent, Mr. Gongloff, his predecessor, then Cercone. Cercone was all about the student, staff, and public. There were never school board scandals like these. Although with the internet, social media, and instant news, things could have been different. I was pretty much an insider and knew what was going on in the district for many years.

      • True. Freedom never had these problems. Cercone was a leader by example, and he influenced a great many people.

  9. This school board should all be removed! I have not heard of anyone talking about the kids of this district and the affects of what this is doing to them, they all read is what is coming out about things just like everyone else on social media and by seeing what is going on, to them it may seem OK to talk and display this type of action toward other people that do not agree with them! So in a few years you will know the kids from the Ambridge area schools by the way they talk to and about people because they learned it from the school that taught them how to act and to react on issue that do not agree with them! SAD, BUT YOU NEED THE PEOPLE THAT EDUCATE THEM TO GROW UP THEMSELVES AND LEARN HOW TO BE MORE PROFESSIONAL, THEN TO TEACH THEM HOW TO TALK ABOUT PEOPLE LIKE THE TRASH THAT IS COMING FROM THIS SCHOOL BOARD’S CHOICE OF WORD’S ABOUT PEOPLE!! IT’S ALL ABOUT THE THE KIDS FIRST, NOT YOUR POWER AND EGO AND WHO KNOWS WHO AND WHAT SOMEONE CAN DO TO SOMEONE IF IT’S NOT THEIR WAY! WAKE UP AMBRIDGE THIS IS YOUR CHILDREN’S FUTURE? TALK ABOUT A DYSFUNCTIONAL GROUP OF PEOPLE THAT CONTROL YOUR KIDS LIFE ABOUT THING’S THAT CAN HAPPEN AND HOW TO DEAL WITH THAT, THESE ARE NOT THE PEOPLE YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO LEARN FROM!!!!!

  10. I think at this point the State needs to come in and investigate this hole thing from a to z, and find out what the hell is going on about this board, you do not hire someone and then turn around and talk trash about the person you hired because they don’t like her or his ways of doing thing’s! Did they not investigate and look at her last work performance? It just keeps costing the tax payer’s of that community money that the district does not have because of the decision of the board members makes over and over again! The Ambridge school district needs to vote people in that are qualified to make decision’s that will not cost the tax payer’s money every time they vote? The kids should be the number one thing they should be thinking of when they do vote on something and whats best for the district and not their own person issue on who has power or who knows who! THE PEOPLE OF THIS DISTRICT SHOULD BE HORRIFIED FROM WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE DOING TO THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND THE KIDS OF THIS SCHOOL THAT THEY READ LIKE EVERYONE ELSE WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!!

  11. So, Ambridge School District property owner school taxes will now be spent on attorney’s to defend elected school board members and the District. Instead of providing a quality educational system to the students of the District. If you voted for these people, only you can change it.

  12. Ambridge = White Aliquippa

    For all the criticism that Aliquippa gets in the valley, Ambridge can match them , mess for mess.


    • I read where Ambridge is in top ten list of most dangerous places in PA according to FBI statistics. It certainly can match ALIQUIPPA!

  13. The age old problem with school board members and city council members is they present their platform and promises to get elected. After being elected, they ignore what the people want that elected them. They represent the people, their duty is to act on what the majority of what the voters want, right or wrong. Not what the personal preference of the member.

  14. I do not live in Aliquippa, but unfortunately share their zip code. It’s only a certain segment of their population that is responsible for the crime that one associates with Aliquippa, Ambridge, Beaver Falls. I see the sudden change in the Plan 12 area when I drive to St. George’s for their pierogi sale. Drive to the DiMattia Plan and your in another world. Watch which group causes problems at this evening’s fireworks display in Pittsburgh. The media is fully aware of the crime situation, but does not want to offend that segment of society.

  15. Anyone who thinks this is all a lie is not thinking at all. Who would file a federal lawsuit and go through all of this based on a lie. No lawyer would take the case in the first place. I’m sure family and friends will support all of those named in the suit. Pray for the students in the district. They are the losers in all of this.

  16. Don’t forget the Ambridge teachers will strike again for a raise this next school year so add them into the fray. All for me and funk the kids.



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