Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

Ambridge District Judge Andrew Hladio has been suspended from the bench for 90 days effective immediately, county officials tell the Beaver Countian. Hladio’s suspension comes as the result of an order issued by the Court of Judicial Discipline.

The Judicial Conduct Board of Pennsylvania filed a 51 page complaint against District Judge Hladio back in December, alleging violation of rules governing standards of conduct for District Judges and the Pennsylvania Constitution by repeatedly making inappropriate advances towards clerks in the court system; Hladio allegedly continued those unwanted advances even after being rebuffed by the women and reprimanded by court administrators and higher ranking judges. The Board also alleges Judge Hladio exhibited improper demeanor toward a Central Court clerk, lawyers, litigants, and police officers, and repeatedly failed to uphold and properly apply the law.

Judge Hladio’s suspension comes with full pay and benefits for the duration of the 90 days — the suspension is in response to an emergency petition to have the judge removed from the bench pending further hearings in the case against him. Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that the Judicial Conduct Board is continuing their investigation.

Court records show Judge Andrew Hladio is being represented by attorney Heidi Eakin (wife of former PA Supreme Court Justice Michael Eakin). The Judicial Conduct Board is being represented by staff attorney Elizabeth Flaherty.


  1. wouldn’t it be awesome if we all had jobs where we could behave irresponsibly, act recklessly, and get suspended WITH PAY for 90 days. #governmentemployees

  2. This is a fine example of of why Mungo is such a huge fan of all taxpaying citizens educating themselves on and practicing jury nullification! Judges who sit and rule on cases that directly affect the lives of so many while acting like immature adolescents and unprofessional hacks have no business wielding such power! Many people come on here with many different opinions regarding law enforcement…officers specifically, but those opinions mean nothing if it’s all being jeopardized by Hladio and other inept magistrates and judges who hand down nefarious sentences in their farcical arenas! So in closing Mr Hladio Mungo will say to you please understand that you get NO legacy….No hand me down ethical and moral guide stones that may help some aspiring junior legal persons. You sir can simply ride off in the sunset on your little rascal scooter and dodge potholes on Duss ave. You will not get any younger and you will not get a second chance at this. Which seems only fair in the taxpayers eyes seeing how there is no guarantee that you ever gave others the same fair shake. When and if the legal system finds you guilty of not properly upholding the law as you were undoubtedly sworn to do, you will not only lose any and all professional statute that you were feebly clinging to, but any and all personal stature as well. If found guilty your penalty should be to personally handwrite each and every person who you ever presided over and beg forgiveness. Then and only then pen an op ed apology and admit that you will then be forever more…….OBSOLETE.

  3. dont you fuckin love how generous they are with taxpayers money?
    anyone else would have probably been arrested and definitely would have lost their job.
    what a bunch of worthless criminal assholes we have running this county
    i seriously dont know how these lowlifes can sleep at night

  4. On the surface the suspension with pay looks suspect. However, I’m guessing it was a smart move in the process of getting rid of him for good. By paying him they prevent him from filling a motion to show cause due to his inability to earn a living as a handicapped individual. By the time the 90 days is up they will have moved forward with permanently removing him without pay. I do understand how it looks, but I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt here that there is something they need more time with to fire him. I guess we’ll know within 90 days.

  5. The worst part of this entire incident is that he was the best candidate for the position…..Go back and look at the people who were running against him.

  6. All this sexual harassment in Beaver County. Go down to the local bars. You can get sumpin’, sumpin’ just by sharing the dish of pretzels on the counter. And those skanks will think you are a real gentleman. HAHAHAHA


  7. This may be unpopular but the way I see it is that he has only been accused of wrong doing. It has not been PROVEN yet that he actually did what he is accused of. Hladio is entitled to his day in court just like everyone else. What happens if it was proven he is innocent and lost 90 days wages/benefits? It would probably cost taxpayers even more to litigate as he sues everyone. This was as he is being investigated he is no longer able to continue any misappropriate behavior, (society is protected), and if he is found innocent he did not loose anything and would have nothing to sue for.
    Either way just the accusation alone will damage his reputation enough that it will be difficult to win in his next election.

    • @windchasing……Agreed! Every taxpaying citizen has a right to their day in court, and nothing has been proven thus far, but the judicial conduct board filed 51 pages that apparently contain allegations made not only by a few ladies who might have a bone to pick with the randy little gentleman, but also allegations of wrongdoing with police officers, lawyers, and litigants. This in Mungo’s opinion was more than enough to allow people who may have been in front of or have family who have been in front of this judge to sort of chew the fat regarding this judges unprofessional behavior.Not to mention the violations of the Constitution.

      • Mungo, I do not disagree that it looks bad for Hladio. 51 pages of allegations is never a good thing. However, Connie’s lawyer filed papers making allegations against the BC6. That doesn’t make it true. Yes it certainly looks bad for Hladio but it looked worse for OJ and he walked.
        I am not defending Hladio. I have never met the man and wouldn’t know him from Adam. I have no idea if he is guilty or innocent. My point was more about suspension WITH pay in order to protect society but to also cover their own butts just in case.
        My advice …. Don’t hold your breath. I have no faith when it comes to the Justice system and even less when it comes to judging one of their own.

  8. Nothing happened to Dean Michael and Tony Guy for what Dean did. They should both be gone and never allowed to be in law enforcement ever again!! Put jay in as sheriff! That’s justice!!!!

  9. WTF? Where can I get a job that pays me to be a total DICK? I would screw up weekly so I could get time off with pay. Absolutely no possibility of abuse here.

  10. Don’t just be upset that he will be off for 90 days with pay….know that his pay will be around $22,072.50 for those 3 months, or $7,357.50 a month, plus benefits. To not work………..(based on 2016 wages)

  11. Best thing about being 2017 is that you can see that all people are human and have foibles. A diversity of people in positions and abusing it just like the white males liberals are so comfortable in blaming for anything and everything. END STEREOTYPES it’s prejudice.

  12. For those who think the charges are trumped up or unfair, or that he is innocent until proven guilty, read the 51 page complaint by the Judicial Conduct Bosrd of Pennsylvania. This is a long-standing matter, and reading about it will make some people want to throw up. One doesn’t have to be legally guilty to be a scumbag.

  13. Once again, doing further research on this left me with unanswered questions. Why was this allowed to go on for so long? His inappropriate behavior began in 2010. In 2012 Judge Mcbride, District Cort Admin and Deputy Court Admin met with Hladio and told him he was in violation and to stop. Yet it continued for 4 more years? Why wasn’t it stopped immediately after Hladio refused to follow Mcbride’s “guidance”? People were continued to be harassed, justice was continued to not be served, and nobody did a thing. What a disgrace. Typical of BC, but still disgraceful.



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