Ambridge Council during their April 10, 2018 meeting / photo provided courtesy Ambridge Connection

Ambridge Borough Council voted unanimously during tonight’s meeting to place Police Chief James Mann on paid administrative leave and to hire a private security firm to investigate the town’s police department. The move by Ambridge Council comes after over a dozen officers with the town’s department provided statements to the Pennsylvania State Police who are conducting an ongoing criminal investigation into Chief Mann.

Council voted to place Mann on paid leave pending their own investigation to be conducted by CSI Corporate Security and Investigations, a private investigative firm run by Lou Gentile. Gentile is a former Chairman of the Beaver County Democratic Committee and has previously served as Campaign Chairman for Sheriff George David.

“The motions that were added to the agenda this evening under items 10, 11, and 12, address matters of personnel,” said Ambridge Solicitor Richard Start during the meeting. “As such, they are confidential and privileged in nature. I notice that the media is present tonight, you are welcome. I know that your job is to report the news, and certainly this is news. I know that you will probably ask questions. I will tell you in advance as a courtesy, that at my direction I have instructed members of Council and the Mayor to not give any comment on these matters because of the very nature of them being privileged and confidential […] They would like to share with you insight, but not now […] These people donate a great deal of their time to their community and it’s a hardship for them and I’d ask you to respect that.”

Along with placing Chief Mann on leave, Council also voted unanimously to place an unnamed officer on an unpaid disciplinary suspension for 30 days. Multiple law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian the officer suspended was placed on administrative suspension last week, and that his disciplinary suspension is not related to accusations made by officers in the Ambridge Police Department against their Chief. Law enforcement sources say the patrolman has the support of his fellow officers whose bargaining unit has retained counsel to represent him in disciplinary proceedings.

News of the criminal investigation into Ambridge Police Chief James Mann by the Pennsylvania State Police was first revealed early thismorning by the Beaver Countian.

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In the interest of full disclosure: In 2014, Chief James Mann was called as a defense witness on behalf of then-Sheriff George David during his criminal trial — the Beaver Countian’s John Paul was one of the named victims of George David in the Grand Jury’s presentment against him. Then-Sheriff David was acquitted by a jury of the criminal charges filed by Pennsylvania State Police.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Yes hire a man who has worked with chief mann under the same bad officer…good idea so yes this is going to go no where

  2. First of all. Lou Gentile ? Are you kidding me ? Sound like the start of sweeping this under the carpet.

    Mann and David are good friends. So you can connect those dots pretty quickly.

    Secondly, Police should not be unionized. It’s only more of the so called “Thin Blue Line” covering for crappy conduct of their members. To get suspended from the Ambridge police force you got to be really Fucked Up. Because in Ambridge, they tolerate so much bullshit from their cops that it is unbelievable.

  3. Lou Gentile investigate– another insult to the people of Beaver County. How absurdly corrupt can this get. The people of Beaver County are going to take this shit. Unbelievable … Why not get George david and his brothers to investigate also.

  4. Hey he did a bang up job on that Athletic department and the cash right, heads rolled. Ohhh wait nothing fucking happened.

    Solicitor lmfao, they all got calls to keep him from certain developer back in the day, which i guess was better than who they wanted lyron stealobitch

    Paying lou to compromise an on going investigation hmmmm, where did we see that before ohhh the jail 15 years ago.

    What a sham, i hope psp stick one deep in all there cheeks.

    That mucus covered phony wannabe law enforcement mummet called a DA, better take some Imodium, cause the shit fits going to kick in, can’t play politics now or he’s getting charged.

    Uncle Louie lol, go run the Democratic party. Oh you did, it get you any business

  5. I don’t know why any of y’all expect anything to change, cause it never will. It’s Beaver County, and here, it’s all about who you know, or who you’ll blow.

  6. I thought this was one of the departments under FBI investigation? But that’s been going on for what, 3 years. Maybe it’s the FBI agent that was screwing the attorney at the justice department heading it up, after all he still has his job. It’s not just Beaver County that’s F’ed up it’s our entire government! Drain the swamp! Locally and nationally!

    • Tf you on about?^^ yes. The state police are still investigating and everyone knows state boys dont give a fuck about local PD

  7. Hope this continues to both the Aliquippa and Hopewell PDs. Sad that those who took an oath to protect and serve do just the opposite. Yes there are good guys, just too far and few.

  8. How can the good police do anything except shut up and accept the corruption when there superiors control that corruption. Not a good position to be in if your an honest officer of the law. Not some halfe assed criminal with a badge and a gun.

  9. With what can be considered a credible investigation underway by the PSP, why isn’t he being placed on UNpaid leave pending the outcome? If the state police don’t find anything he can be reinstated with backpay.

    Lou is going to do an independent investigation, eh? Yeah, right, and I’m the pope.

    I’m comfortable that the PSP investigation is “independent enough” to make Lou’s involvement inappropriate. Did they request bids for this “service” or will taxpayers be taking his fees up the ass? In my opinion, the only reason they hired Lou was so that he can root out the snitches and report back to Georgie, Jimmy and the rest of the “organization.”

    • In my opinion, and just guessing: The “internal” investigation is a diversion. Smoke and mirrors to get their buddies off the hook. Restrict the files, protect the perps, invoke lawyer/client privilege, buy time until the thing thing blows over. Whatever it is, the PSP can do what is required. If they are allowed. Right, Stonewall? I shall infer that a potential federal case of violation of civil rights is involved. If not, something very personal was going down. Time for the Council to look into how Beaver Council invoked insurance coverage and payments for Psycho Cop.

  10. We shall never have transparency in local government, but this open move shows that we shall have even more transparency in the local version of the Cosa Nostra. Same people, same relationships, same organization of wise guys running the show behind the scenes. On the flip side, though, Gentile’s CSI was a simply brilliant move, Ambridge. You knocked this fire down before it even got started. I am sure that this trick play will be part of everyone’s playbook in the new season of the Professional Corruption League.

  11. Rick Start😂😂😂😂 Isn he that same solicitor running Harmony Twp? The Feds and State Police need to turn their eyes on this guy. He’s tight with Jimmy Mann and has been covering for dirty politicians for many years… I’m sure we’ll see a lot more of this man when additional ongoing investigations unfold…..Time to grab the popcorn……

  12. To their credit (Maybe?), the Chief has been placed on paid leave. This is in contrast to Beaver Chief/Manager Madgar, the town Council and Mayor Hamilton who stonewalled the Wijnen-Riems “traffic stop” case from beginning to end. To this day, there has been no admission of guilt or an apology to the public. It cost the town and insurance carrier dearly, about $250,000 in payments to protect the cop. And it could happen again. So, although the Abridge move might be suspect, combined with the CSI involvement, it is at least a plus in their favor.

  13. Why is the fox going to guard the chicken coop? Gentile was as noted head of the Demoncrat party and has no other outstanding reason to handle this matter without bias. It is a foolish move to conduct and have the taxpayers foot the bills for a diversion. Let the PSP do their job and keep your corrupt snouts out of the way. Another frivolous waste of taxpayers money without ramifications to the politicians involved. We can no longer blindly place our faith in a justice system that it totally corrupt and in dire need of overhaul. Combine the damn police forces and fire departments and quit wasting taxpayer dollars. Weed out the bad eggs and we can provide better quality training to the “good” cops. PS, hey Stonewall, where the f-ck have you been in the last two years? You sure aren’t minding the store. Corruption all around you and you don’t see shit. YOU are a big part of the problem. Inept, corrupt and just a plain dumbass. Way over your head brother.

  14. Well no sense in commenting since JP is apparently deleting the hurtful stuff. Don’t talk about the blue wall or like Mungo’s comment on the previous Mann article will simply be deleted! Thanks JP…and to knowthefacts…..oh lookie there …looks like Ambridge council figured there might just be something to a dozen officers

  15. One wonders are other counties, Westmoreland, Butler, Lawrence, as dysfunctional as Beaver County, but it appears to be a set pattern, look at Harrisburg, Washington where career politicians go to become millionaires.

  16. The corruption never ends. I really wonder if anything will ever be done to any of them. It’s never even a slap on the wrist. They will find a way to sweep this under the rug like they do everything else.

  17. At least Ambridge did something! Then we have Quip. Free Lunch Mayor Dwan shut down putting King popo and his Det Minion on leave long time ago. He refused to meet with Psp. He’s a joke. Still suckin up photo ops tho for his so called next election. Interesting ole Deewan covering popo ass. He must have some heavy duty payoffs he needs to hide

  18. Beaver County is a cesspool of incompetence and corruption. Ambridge Council is a group of after-the-fact, knee-jerk blowhards. I don’t know anything about Gentile but the investigation is unnecessary given the State Police are already on it. The money being shelled out for the shill (Gentile) is a waste but then, are you surprised?

  19. If this was a normal person the news media would b all over this we would know what he did. he would b tried and convicted b 4 his first court hearing.come on John Paul.find out what he did 4 us

  20. The state police will investigate this but they wont even read the 3 different reports made by Jimmy Mann the night the Ambridge police almost murdered my brother using ex sheriff joe david whilst simultaniously dropping 2 felony charges against davids daughter for her help in getting me arrested on a rescinded bench warrant for the summary non violent act of filming jimmy mann getting a blowjob in ace hardware parking lot. . . . I cant wait til a beaver county cop rapes someone yall love.



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