Former County Financial Administrator Vince LaValle (left) with Commissioner Tony Amadio / file photo by John Paul

Beaver County Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio went on the radio last week where he told the station’s listeners that the county never really was facing a projected $17.5 million budgetary deficit when the new Republican Board of Commissioners took control of government in 2016 — Amadio instead claimed the county ended its fiscal years 2015 and 2016 with surpluses. In actuality, the county had outstanding checks in excess of any cash available in 2015 by close to $6 million, causing a deficit in available funds that had to be carried over to the following year.

WBVP published Commissioner Amadio’s remarks as part of an article posted to its website, titled, “Beaver County Commissioner Tony Amadio Not Buying Ricardo Luckow’s Nine-Million-Dollar ‘Scare Tactics’.” His latest assertions came during an interview by the station about next year’s budget which is currently being crafted by Commissioners. Amadio has been critical of public statements made by Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow (a Certified Public Accountant) that initial budgetary projections show the county is facing a projected $9 million budget deficit for 2018, based on preliminary budgets turned in by department heads and elected row officials.

“First of all, do you remember the $17.5 million deficit? That wasn’t true,” said Amadio, referring to projected budgetary deficits for 2016 that had been widely reported online by the Beaver Countian and in the newspaper through coverage by the Beaver County Times. “If you go to page 124 in our CAFR report, which is the final audit, it shows a $3.1 million surplus, not a deficit, that was ending 2015. So, and they kept always saying, adding it on and on and on. In 2016 we had a $7.1 million surplus. How could there possibly be a deficit?”

Commissioner Amadio’s statements to the public misconstrued numbers in the county’s financial reports in trying to justify his budgetary claims, pointing to numbers that contain restricted funds unavailable for general budgetary purposes. Amadio has been repeatedly corrected by other county officials about the facts of the county’s actual financial situation.

During the county public work session held last Wednesday in the courthouse, the Beaver Countian’s John Paul challenged Amadio on his statements that the county had not been facing budget deficits: “Your statement, with all do respect sir, is simply false. What the CAFR report says [for 2015], is we had $3 million in the bank, but we had written checks to the tune of $9 million to cover [a tax anticipation loan], that the bank lucky for us didn’t cash, because if they’d cashed them they would have bounced to the tune of $6 million.”

Beaver County had written checks at the end of 2015 to pay off tax anticipation loans taken throughout the year (as required), despite there not being enough money in the county’s account to cover them. The bank did not cash those checks until the county had secured new tax anticipation loans in 2016 and the necessary funds became available. The resulting carry-over of about $6 million in deficits came contrary to the 2016 budget, crafted by then-Financial Administrator Vince LaValle, which showed the county would start the year with about $6 million in its account; a negative swing to the budget of roughly $12 million. Other shortcomings in the 2016 budget were estimated at about $5 million on top of that, including overstated revenues and expenses that had not been accounted for, amounting to a total projected budgetary deficit for 2016 of approximately $17 million.

The new Republican-majority Board of Commissioners reopened the budget when they first took office in 2016 as a result of warnings issued to them by the County Controller’s Office, slashing expenses, diverting payment of subsidies to future years, and generating one-time revenue streams (such as the refinancing of bonds) to prevent the county from realizing a financial catastrophe.

In April of 2016, Standard & Poor’s (S&P) downgraded the county’s credit rating due to the “persistent deficits.”

“At this point if you still don’t believe that the county was facing a huge deficit, please call me and I’ll send you an application to the Flat Earth Society,” said then-County Chief of Staff Joe Weidner in an article about the CAFR report published by the Beaver Countian in June of 2016.

The Beaver Countian asked Commissioner Amadio about why he made the statement to WBVP’s listeners: “My question to you sir, with all due respect, is did you go on the radio to intentionally lie to the mostly elderly people who were listening, or are you still after all of this time that legitimately confused about the county’s budget?”

Amadio did not directly address his assertions about deficits, instead saying that no audit ever found “anything was fraudulent,” apparently alluding to remarks made by Commissioner Sandie Egley earlier in the week.

“I was on the radio because I got a call to be on the radio, and based on what is in the CAFR is what I reported,” responded Commissioner Amadio. “This CAFR as well as the last ten CAFRs prior to this has been examined and audited and nowhere did it say anywhere did it say anything was fraudulent, and that is all that I’m going to say.”

The Beaver Countian continued to press Amadio on his statements about what the CAFR was actually saying.

“Did you actually read up to page 124 sir or were you going off of information [former County Financial Administrator] Vince LaValle gave you,” asked John Paul?

Multiple sources within the Democratic party have repeatedly told the Beaver Countian that Amadio continues to discuss county finances with LaValle, a close personal friend of Amadio who was forced out of his position in the county by Republican Commissioners Dan Camp and Sandie Egley at the beginning of 2016.

Commissioner Amadio gave a rambling response: “I did not go… this is the CAFR re… you really know what you’re… you, you just assume a lot of things when you write in your article, like exactly what’s going to happen here, what can happen, what’s going to happen, and quite frankly I’m a little beside myself with some of the repo.. I have never seen this government this bad before, I really haven’t […] You know what, every time something happens, the Egley action team goes into effect, the next thing you know they divert away and cast aspersions on other people and I’m tired of it. So you go ahead and continue to write whatever you want. I don’t care anymore. I have been in government 34 years and never has my integrity ever been questioned, 34 years. Ok? I’m done.”

Commissioner Amadio then looked over to Commissioner Sandie Egley, saying, “Keep smiling, go ahead.”

Tensions between County Commissioners have been high since Commissioner Camp and Amadio issued a joint statement about the budget back on September 15th — Commissioner Egley responded with critical remarks of her own about Camp and Amadio during an interview with the Beaver Countian that was published last Tuesday.

From Page 4 Of The Audited CAFR Report For 2015:

The County’s government, on the other hand, faced one of its most challenging financial outcomes […] The sale of Friendship Ridge in 2014 provided funds that were applied to the General Fund’s 2015 operating budget, evidenced by the originally budgeted $6.9 million deficit […] Reality proved to be more disconcerting than budgeted, with an actual net decrease in fund balance amounting to roughly $9 million. The end of the year was particularly challenging, leaving County officials with little choice but to repay Huntington National Bank $9.5 million plus interest for the outstanding balance of Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes issued during 2015. As seen on the Balance Sheet […] the General Fund had checks outstanding in excess of any cash available by close to $6 million (“bank overdrafts”).

Listen In Full To The Beaver Countian Challenge Commissioner Tony Amadio About His Statements

Correction: During the Beaver Countian’s questioning of Amadio, it named Price Waterhouse Coopers as one of the firms that had reviewed the county’s finances, when the firm was in fact Standard & Poor’s (S&P), which downgraded the county’s credit rating due to deficits.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. What are you attempting to accomplish besides trying to make a good man look bad? When you started this site you actually did meaninful reporting. Now you just constantly beat a dead horse. Disgusting.

    • Are YOU delusional? Sometime good people can do the wrong thing! Are you perfect?? John Paul is only asking the questions that we as taxpayers would probably ask ourselves. I’m glad he is keeping a light on them! What’s done in darkness will eventually be brought to light.

    • He wants him to admit he passed a fraudulent budget OR that he’s not smart enough to understand the budget.

    • I’m calling BS on this comment too. Amadio being a “good man” or not have zero relevance here. This is about an elected, taxpayer-paid, government official either flat-out lying about the county budget, or who can’t understand the county budget. Either way, it’s troubling. Frankly, I’m happy that somebody is asking these questions.

      I don’t know Tony Amadio personally, so he might be a “good guy”, but that doesn’t give him the right to purposely confuse the taxpayers of our county. He is hired to by US and paid by US, and therefore he is required to answer the questions.

    • Yes Janet Beaver County is a disgrace ever since the two republicans and especially Madame Chair Egley came on board. She wasn’t elected to do investigations or be a detective. But since she no government and very little education beyond high school, no experience or qualifications, can’t govern, this is what we get!! Disgusting!

      • OK, but that doesn’t mean she should ignore the wrongs that were commited prior to her election. I expected the same from Camp, but he’s obviously connected to the old guard corrupt politicians of his family’s generation.

      • Was she expected to come in and go with the status quo and let the machine do what they’ve always done? She’s keeping her promise to taxpayers and trying to right the dirt the status quo has been doing for years.

  2. “I’ve been in government 34 years, and never has my integrity ever been questioned. 34 years.”
    I can see are three possible explanations :
    1. Amadio is a person of great integrity, but is incredibly lazy, not very bright, or both.
    2. Amadio is correct, and the natural laws that govern simple mathematics are now wrong.
    3. This is a statement on the lack of actual reporting on local government. Until now.

    My money is on 3, but I’d place a small wager on 1, as a hedge.

  3. To understand a man like Tony Amadio, you have to know what his background is. A lifelong Democrat party hack who spent 30 years or so in the public school teachers’ union being mis-educated about the role of government in our lives and how to seek and gain power.

    • I recall he actually had the audacity and disrespect to sit behind another’s man’s desk without permission; in this case it was the VP of the US. Classic example of his perceived entitlement.

  4. I have been in government 34 years and never has my integrity ever been questioned, 34 years. Ok? I’m done.”

    The first part of that statement is another lie. The last part ” I’m done” is true, yes you are most certainly done.

    Is the CAFR a falsified government document? They got no business being on the fucking radio anyway. They should be at the courthouse pretending to work!

  5. Wow! If we are lucky Amadio might just quit!
    He is used to everyone just believing the lies.
    Trying to answer questions is SO hard!
    He will just blame Egley for his fukups, cry and say it’s all bad politics, poor me.

    Asshole, we know what you are doing

  6. This is great!
    “You know what, every time something happens, the Egley action team goes into effect, the next thing you know they divert away and cast dispersion on other people and I’m tired of it. So you go ahead and continue to write whatever you want. I don’t care anymore. I have been in government 34 years and never has my integrity ever been questioned, 34 years. Ok? I’m done.”

    Who’s trying to divert who here? Who’s casting dispersion here?
    He’s been in government for 34 years and probably been cooking the books for as long. It’s finally catching up isn’t it Amadio? Better hurry up and collect that pension….

  7. Tony pointing the finger to many places starting to come back to haunt him, he plays little social studies teacher and smiles. Now where seeing the real TONY get exposed, he would of been fine if he threw LaValle under bus for not knowing how to formulate a budget and friendship ridge is answer would be easy also THEY paid outside firm to handle it if something is wrong the County will go after money. Instead he lied covered up avoided being charged because poor investigation by DA office on a complex situation. Which would of open in Joe spaniks words “pandora box” and the under ground of deals. Yes Tony welcome to the show you can’t duck everything.

  8. Tony, face it, you have been little more than a party hack for 30 plus years and now someone is actually exposing you for the intellectual midget that you are. Time to retire Tony. Don’t go away mad, just go away…

  9. So , what is the bottom line here? Are we ever going to see those brass “No Smoking ” signs at the courthouse or not?

  10. I don’t even want to think about what these people were doing with our money before the 2015 election. There is FINALLY some accountability being pressed, and Amadio is falling apart under that pressure. I think it’s time to go back and reopen the budgets for the previous ten years to see what kind of convenient accounting was done on those.

    For DECADES, the “good ol’ boys” network has owned the Beaver County Courthouse. I’m very happy that we now have a commissioner in Sandie Egley who is willing to be transparent and challenge the accepted norms. Anyone who can’t see the facts here simply doesn’t want to, the numbers don’t lie.

  11. How do I go about running for commissioner? I have no policial background, but 30 years in business management and financial/accounting. I am a republican, but very willing to work with Democratics, as long as they are honest and trustworthy! Which is lacking in Beaver County. I believe Sandi and myself could start turning around BC for the better. As long as people understand,40 years of bad management takes a while to fix, but transparency along the way will help people see the progress made!

    • You should run, you sound like you have more qualifications than the two new republicans. Wasn’t Camp a truck driver? Wasn’t Egley a clerk or secretary at an engineering firm? I’d forget Egley, she’ll be gone in two years, taxpayers have had enough of her! run alone!!

    • You are way over qualified and perhaps much too sincere for that position. What you need are a host of marginally talented family members, golf buddies and ass-lickers and hanger-on’s to support you.

      99.99% of Beaver County Courthouse Officials

    • I admire your sentiments. The real question is, when the political machine comes knocking and expects you to fall in line with them, their agenda, and do business with their network, will you roll over or will you stand strong? It’s not all about experience and knowledge. It’s about backbone. Many claim to have it. Very few actually do.

  12. Is it too much to ask for simple accountability and PROFESSIONALISM these days? Is that too much to ask of our elected officials? This is ludicrous right? The finger pointing and the infighting…it’s absolute LUNACY! Are they toddlers? Do they need a time out in the corner? Do they need their butts smacked to get them going in the right direction???

  13. First of all, implying that the teacher’s union could be the reason this assclown is the way he is, is bullshit. Sounds like something Betsy Devos would say.

    “…the Egley action team goes into effect…”. I like the sound of that. Yep. Stick a fork in him, he IS done.


  14. And along with always being open and ready for the public being served, should one not understand how to read a budget and all aspects of it and understand how to determine actuality? It’s very disheartening when incompetence is the excuse used…

  15. Sleeper has finally hit the last rung of “The Peter Principle.” And typically, is the last one to know it. As a social studies teacher, he likely read Lawrence J. Peters’ book when it came out. Go back and read it again, Sleeper. Cut your losses and just get out before the orderlies come a looking and you can save whatever legacy you want to leave behind you.

  16. The beaver county debt problem is simple! You have a handful of working people taking care of the millions not working! Cut there free money and put there lazy asses to work!!

  17. I heard Amadio say to Egley” Go ahead, keep smiling.” Why would she be smiling when a fellow commissioner is answering a question? Smiling? Is she enjoying all the chaos we now have since she got elected? How juvenile!! I find that troubling and a very unusual response!!! Her behavior for a government official is inappropriate and unacceptable. Grow up, Egley!

  18. It is hard for me to understand why honest politicians would want to screw around for what they get paid to look over their shoulder the rest of their lives. or get setup for a big downfall.

  19. Intergrity never questioned? As soon as you were elected so many years ago you suddenly forgot all of your typical non-political family and friends. It’s always been about ego, money, making yourself feel bigger. If it wasn’t, those friendships would have never been forgotten. Your behavior with others has to serve a higher political agenda or it isn’t worth it. It is very sad and transparent. Those people you swore to advocate for are suffering due to your over taxation. How can you sleep at night knowing that you are taking the majority of social security income from those 60+? Former friends? This County is too small to have such a terrible tax structure. Too bad you will never be able to see beyond your own nose.

  20. He continues to discuss county finances with LaValle, and probably is receiving banking instructions from the Treasurer.

  21. I would love to see/hear John Paul interview none other that GQ model, Christiana. Possibly under the impression that we are interested in his senate run, and what he plans on doing when he loses.

  22. This rambling bunch of uneducated bullshit should tell you everything you need to know about Tony Amadio. He is dumber than a box of rocks, and he don’t know shit about budgets, money, CAFRS, social studies, unions, teaching, real life, or anything about anything for that matter.

    “I did not go… this is the CAFR re… you really know what you’re… you, you just assume a lot of things when you write in your article, like exactly what’s going to happen here, what can happen, what’s going to happen, and quite frankly I’m a little beside myself with some of the repo.. I have never seen this government this bad before, I really haven’t […] You know what, every time something happens, the Egley action team goes into effect, the next thing you know they divert away and cast aspersions on other people and I’m tired of it. So you go ahead and continue to write whatever you want. I don’t care anymore. I have been in government 34 years and never has my integrity ever been questioned, 34 years. Ok? I’m done.”

  23. Did anyone on here have Tony for a teacher? Was he worth a damn as a teacher? Seriously? 30 years a teacher, and that is the rambling response you came up with? Teachers have to think quick and answer all types of question fast on their feet every day. This is embarrassing as hell to the profession. This tells me a lot about Tony as a teacher too.

  24. If you accept Amadio statements and assume that he is truthful that his perception is that there never has been a deficit or that there is no problem in the coming year with a budget deficit. If you believe that and he does not see what has happened and what educated, certified, financial experts then someone really needs to request a mental competency evaluation on his ability to continue and make financial decisions for the county.

    If you do not accept his statements as truthful and that his perceptions are not an accurate assessment of reality, then he lies and is covering for himself and others, many others who have lined their pockets with county taxpayer and government grants with their dirty deeds not done cheap. He is unraveling and what is known today is only the beginning of what is to come when all that has gone on in his 34 years becomes public knowledge.

  25. Sorry missed a few things. Semi colon were the first sentence ends and after what educated, certified, financial experts there should be see,

  26. I think I am going to run! I can promise total transparency. Taking the first six months to review staffing and budget, Remember it’s reviewing 40 years of BS! When BC has more employees then counties twice as big, there is a huge PROBLEM! And a bunch of lazy people that don’t want to work! These lazy people employees get top pay for the Beaver County area, the best benefits package and only are good at bitching and wanting more! Yes, I would be hated. But it is time for Citizens of BC to stop complaining, and step up, run for office and make some changes! We need a new sheriff in town (Kress), a new treasurer (any honest person could do better, and at least two new commissioner and a few honest judges! I believe I will vote for just about anyone that is not already in office right now! Warning…if you are a hard-working, honest, trustworthy employees coming up for re-election, you best call JP and convenience the people of Beaver County to vote for you, if not you will be in the unemployment line.

    • Just what we need- a politician who thinks it’s a a good idea to announce his candidacy anonymously in a comment section of a website. Actually, come to think of it, with that sort of sense you will fit right in as a commissioner. Good luck!

      • I am a “she”. I did not announce my run, I said I might. As in my earlier comment, I am not a politician. And honestly don’t even know how to begin, I am however intelligent enough to figure it out. And the more I think about it, and with my background I would serve the county better as Treasurer. My whole point was and is, people need to stop bitching and step up. People that are honest and trustworthy. I never see anyone who wants to run for office in BC, understandingly, it’s scary to take a position that you already know, before walking in the door that most of your co-workers will stab you in the back to keep everything status quo. There would only be two ways to come out of this. And I don’t even need to explain that one. After I research the process, and discuss with my family, if I decide to move forward I will then contact the media and let everyone know. Until then I will not put my name out there until my family and friends agree. You know as well as I do, running for office in BC can involve media comments about them, true and not so much. I would not care if people just “gossip” about me on social media, but I do care about my family. Plus, there’s not much in my background that anyone would find exciting enough to write about.

  27. From now on Tony can’t say he’s been in government for 34 years and his integrity has never been questioned… because it’s being questioned now. It may have taken 34 years to happen and even though he likes to live in the past it’s time for him to start living in the present.

    As far as his comment about the Egley action team it’s obvious he just has a case of penis envy.

    • Sounds to me that Tony saying out loud that Sandie Action Team is working against him, is what made her smile. I would smile too if I filed papers stating Askar worked for BC at the same time as he worked for Comprehensive to a review board. Then I attended Wayne Kress fundraiser. AND Tony recorded himself lying to the public about the budget. YEAH, I’D SMILE TOO…

      Sandie’s Action Team!!! Full speed ahead Chairwoman Egley!

      Btw: thank you JP. You are an amazing investigative reporter! It can’t be easy sorting through all this to make heads or tails of it..

  28. This piece illuminates a characteristic of many of the people who get into local politics with little or no prior experience or training in their respective fields. From none to unrelated. From no training or experience, to a car salesman, an ambulance chaser, a state cop lie detector operator, a disk jockey, a teacher, a truck dispatcher. These are not professionals. They are post-high school hacks, with on-the-job training and seat-of-the-pants experiences.

    And then it catches up to them.

    Fortunately, there are people in their audiences who are well educated, bright, experienced and have the ability to see through the bullshit and expose it to the public. They are our saviors.

    • On the other hand, the local newspaper opens up its Sunday edition with a rock band cover by the entertainment guy. Scott Tady has taken over the front page. “What, me worry?”

    • On the other hand, look at the backgrounds of three possible candidates who are hopefully waiting in the wings.

      From Beaver Countian articles:

      Tom Leydig — “A graduate of Washington & Jefferson College with a degree in Economics”

      Gerald Benyo — “Since 2004 I have had almost 1,600 criminal cases where I was the lead attorney […] Out of the 49,900 attorneys in Pennsylvania, I am one of the 260 that is death penalty qualified. I have had criminal jury trials in Beaver County every year since records were being kept in 2004.”

      Wayne Kress — “A veteran of the United States Air Force where he served as a security Police Officer, and a retired Pennsylvania State Police Trooper, Kress spent considerable time examining the Sheriff’s Office before he ever made the decision to run.”

      Sandie Egley — Read her LinkedIn professional profile and be prepared to be impressed. Wonder why she is such an intelligent and informed Commissioner?!

  29. Amadio’s frustration and anger are apparent from the audio clip. But he has to realize that he continues to bring this on himself. He is the one that said on the radio that the $17M deficit was a lie and that the county was actually in good financial shape. No one forced him to say these things. He did this to himself. Personally, I’m glad that he is too stupid to let it die, it’s a constant reminder to everyone how inept he really is. I hope he’s still bringing it up by the time the next election cycle comes around.

  30. TONY & DAN: What possible reason or excuse could you possibly use to EXCLUDE the taxpayers participating in the budget hearings and allowing the taxpayers being raped to question the pompous asses that are seeking bigger budgets? Might they be exposed for the liars that they are? or incompetent managers?

  31. It’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. Hey Tony, let me give you some advice when you are dealing with JP. Never bring a butter knife to a gun fight because you will lose every time. You are a mental midget and he is not.

  32. What about the tax “deadbeats” what if any, is being done to collect those taxes. I see the infamous Demolition crew working on Brodhead Road, I believe they owe half million in back taxes. Must be wonderful to continue receiving county/commercial contracts with no worries about paying taxes and more importantly to have friends in the courthouse who could not be bothered with a trivial half million dollars.

    • The county deserves to know the reason why the demo company is permitted to ignore its county tax debt, and still get the county contracts. This seems to be egregious negligence; and certainly not in the county’s best interest. Who is saying don’t go after them?

      • More than likely Connie ‘the Grinch that stole Beaver County” is behind it. she has the power to force collection… It must be nice!

  33. Don’ t forget Little Dan Camp. He just teamed up with the 34yr seasoned politician Tony against Sandie.



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