Commissioner Dan Camp (left), Commissioner Tony Amadio (right) / submitted file photos

Democratic Commissioner Tony Amadio and Republican Commissioner Dan Camp voted to remove Republican Commissioner Sandie Egley as Chairwoman and to open up the position of Financial Administrator occupied by Ricardo Luckow.

The motions to remove Egley as Chair and fire Ricardo Luckow were both made by Commissioner Amadio, with Camp seconding. Amadio then motioned to appoint Camp as Chair with Camp voting in favor.

Commissioner Egley asked Camp why he would side with Commissioner Amadio in having her removed as Chairwoman.

“Uhm, he called for reorganization, this is the first I’m hearing about it and I’m OK with it,” replied Camp, who declined to provide a reason when asked again by Egley.

Commissioner Egley told Camp that she had won the popular vote as a Republican, to which Amadio replied, “What Am I just a pretty face?”

“No, you’re a misogynist,” responded Egley. “Oh god,” said Amadio.

Although Egley is no longer Chairwoman, she will continue as a County Commissioner under Chairman Dan Camp, who now serves as the new head of county government. County Commissioners vote together as a Board, although the Chairman has additional functions including setting the agenda and running public meetings.

The motions by Commissioner Amadio come the same week he once again falsely told the Beaver County Times and WBVP radio that the county never really was facing massive budgetary deficits as Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow had warned.

Luckow packed up his office in the Commissioners’ unit following the vote.

“The actions Commissioner Amadio and myself took today were about reprioritizing the county’s objectives,” Republican Chairman Camp told the Beaver Countian after the meeting. “Our sole intention is to refocus county government on improving the lives of our residents. We will work on increasing economic growth, fighting the opioid epidemic and bringing those in county government back together. Beaver County has an incredibly bright future and I look forward as being Chairman of the Board to ensure that is achieved.”

Some Democratic operatives were quick to applaud the news of Luckow’s firing, including Steven Kochanowski, who worked last year on attorney Myron Sainovich’s unsuccessful campaign for Common Please Judge. “This was the right move,” tweeted Kochanowski. “You can’t say the sky is falling when it’s not even close.”

But Democratic County Controller David Rossi spoke highly of Luckow after today’s public meeting, “Since he has been with the county Ricardo Luckow has been a very detailed, thorough, honest worker for the people and he will be missed.”

Luckow worked as a contracted consultant for the County Controller’s Office before being hired as Chief County Financial Administrator in 2016. His contracted work helped to identify or verify some of the most high profile examples of waste and abuse of public funds in the county over recent years. He led the audit of the Sheriff’s Office that proved George David had been giving away free and discounted gun permits, and discovered the major deficiencies in the county’s Tax Claims Bureau and Assessment Offices. It was also Luckow who first brought it to the county’s attention that Treasurer Connie Javens and the prior Financial Administrator Vince LaValle had been unilaterally withdrawing millions of dollars from public accounts for Friendship Ridge, and who identified a massive budget shortfall that had not been previously disclosed to the public.

Commissioner Sandie Egley told the Beaver Countian she was not yet ready to comment about today’s actions by Commissioners Camp and Amadio. Commissioner Tony Amadio has not returned a call seeking comment.

Listen To Commissioners Amadio And Camp Fire Ricardo Luckow And Remove Commissioner Sandie Egley As Chair:

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.



  2. Good move, Luckow made 120k, too much money, his numbers changed every month! Hope the new person does a complete audit of his numbers!

  3. So let me get this straight, the guy that got the fewest votes in the election is now Chair? The same guy that promised to fight corruption and the status quo during his campaign, then recently stood in front of a room full of people and declared that it isn’t his job to fight corruption? THIS is the new Chairman of the Board? And his first act as Chair is to shoot the messenger who’s only offense has been to tell the truth? Yeah, that’s about right.

  4. Time to hire Sarah Huckabee Sanders for your press releases, Conehead and Sleeper. She’s the only one who could put any positive spin on this farce. The subversion here is so transparent, though, that why even try? Kill the messenger, but pay for the consequences. Sorry, Ricardo Luckow, you are a victim of the Coms’ “new math.” But don’t let Sleeper or Conehead help you with your homework. Get a job where they can still let you add and subtract and come up with answers that aren’t their imaginings.

  5. Bernie…Bernie… Are you there? Of course, you are. Is this how you had it all planned? Damn, it certainly was worth all those pizzas!

  6. Make hay while the sun shines you two sneaky, conniving bastards. You are suppose to be representing anything that’s good for the people. You scumbags haven’t done a God Damned thing for the people except waste and misspend taxpayer dollars and raise taxes. You’re all done. Everyone knows it and you know it. I hope to see you go to jail before you make the trip to hell.

  7. This would be funny if it wasn’t so damn sad. Never trust a Camp. Dan is just like Charlie. Amadio has always been both a Snake and a Dumbass . Nothing changed there. For Sandy to throw out this whole misogynist accusation is just flat out weak or dumb. He doesn’t hate all women. Just women who don’t go along with his Bullshit agenda. Ask him if he hates Connie ? I bet he loves her !

    Will millions of dollars now magically appear since they are firing the only guy who seemed to know what he was doing ?

    This is just too much. More drama than the old Dallas TV show. Only in Beaver County, we don’t have a tall good looking JR Ewing as the villain . We have a short, ugly, deranged dwarf villain played by Tony. More like an evil version of Tattoo from Fantasy Island.

    • You have no idea what Egley has been dealing with for the last 2+ years. For you to come out and call it weak on her part when you know absolutely nothing about what goes on in that office is reckless.

      • Screw You Disgruntled ! Just plain old Screw You…. How about that ?

        Her running to the whole sexism accusation is about as weak of a reaction as it comes.
        This is about corruption and political backbiting, not sexism. Again, see how these guys feel about Connie. Bet it’s totally different.

      • They weren’t lower on the totem pole than Javens. They were lower on the totem pole than Egley.

        What other explanation is there for making this move? She still has the same voting power. She’s still going to fight corruption. This won’t stop her from calling them out on their bullshit. This made ZERO sense from any other standpoint. They could have voted Luckow out with or without her being chair, so that’s not it. Seriously, what did they gain from this other than knocking the uppity woman down a peg?

  8. Our sole intention is to refocus county government on improving the lives of our residents???? WTF have you been focused on up till now. Just when I think you two faced fucks can’t do anything worse to betray the people, you fucking guys take the cake. If I were you, I would be ashamed to show my face in the public. I wouldn’t even make a trip to the fucking grocery store. But I suppose you already got that figured out by sending your wives out in public. Got anything else in your trick book?

  9. Misogynist I agree 100%! This is Mrs. Eagleys payback I guess for taking a Stand on the corruption. Damn shame some men abuse the power but in my eyes it is only making up for their “shortcomings between the legs”.

  10. What next? We pay for a plaque that says ” Chairmen ” ? Put them on all the bridges? I truly do not know how you malignant fucks can face anyone in or out of that courthouse.

  11. Ladies and gentleman lets introduce the star witness to the federal and state corruption scandal. Not a smart move Daniel son now you can stay awake and hope for salvation, as for Commissioner no balls Amaidioto. If you thinking changing chairs was needed why wouldn’t of you done it over a year ago when perception of financial wheels looked loose? Camp seemed skeptical at the time, you could of been the veteran leader and did right for the people…….

    Why not? Cause he knew it was true and wanted this carnage to happen, now that Eggly is not running , next up on the chopping block the novice niave , to take the reigns and you can allow him to get mauled, while placing a hand on his ass in comfort, but assuring others of your internal destroying that your doing.

    That’s serving politics not residents and taxpayers.

    But then again Tony has been nothing but a water boy his whole life, in school as a child serving the real athletes, water boy as a politician while others handled the load.

  12. So what does this mean for the various boards/committees that the commissioners serve on? Does this move put Dan in a stronger decision-making position on one of those? Maybe he has some contributors that weren’t getting any love.

  13. Something tells me that Tiny Tony is going to get his money and deputies he always wanted now and Connie the Con is going to get her extra employees she always wanted. That fake surplus will be gone by the end of this month. Guaranteed!

  14. If Dan is smart he’ll stay away from Tony Guy. Hopefully he is next. He is the most crooked and dishonest!!!! He’ll get his

    • Make no mistake about all of this………Tiny Tony, Loser Lozier and Grubhub Gabauer all had their dirty hands in this move……..Guaranteed!

      • Your vindictive, gender slamming is not worth responding to. You lack intellectually to comment on the issue not the personal opinion of others. You are not worth my time other than you were usless as a supervisor and haven’t changed as a retiree… tell Joe Smith that… get a life and get over it

  15. That is just fucking UNBELIEVABLE!!! We as citizens of this county need to finally stand up and rid ourselves of continued incompetence and corruption that continues to plague our county government. These two ass clowns need to go! Amadio is the most incompetent commissioner in the history of commissioners and Camp is hanging on his coat tails just for political gain. He does not have the interests of this county at heart, only his own political agenda. THIS WILL NOT BE FORGOTTEN!!!

  16. Sandy please reconsider about not running for the County Commissioner office in the next County Commissioner election. I have been a resident of the county for about four years now and the only positive thing I have seen from the county courthouse has been the work you have done to try and straighten things up. It is obvious that Camp and Amadio are two peas in the pod and you cannot trust whatever they do or say.

    • I agree. This is so terribly disgusting, but also very sad. Like I have commented before – Camp only ran as a Republican so that he could take advantage of the Beaver County voters (Republican & Democrat alike) who had had enough of the Democratic corruption in the Beaver County Courthouse. WA-A-A-Y over his head, and that’s putting it mildly.

      I just hope that Sandy stays the course, and doesn’t let these two degenerates get to her. In my anger and frustration, I just have to remember that there is a higher power and the future these two degenerates is out of all of our hands.

  17. You dirty rotten, under-handed self serving dogs!!! You are despicable and it’s clear that you do not want transparency so that you can continue with your dirty deeds! Dan Camp, I’m sickened by you, you liar and back stabber! I feel sorry for your in-laws. I hope they disown you!

    • Are you kidding me?? They’re the ones Beaver County needs to thank for blessing us with Dan Camp. After all, the position was open, and what qualifications did he need that he didn’t have? Besides, he needed a good job!

      The corruption never ends. Is everybody happy now?

  18. Instead of serving a warrant at the Aliquippa City Building Maybe the Pennsylvania State Police should obtain a warrant for the Beaver County Court House. So corrupt. Can’t wait for the next election. Any one remember John Cigna on KDKA radio ? Next election vote for the gorilla!!!

  19. It’s my OPINION this coup d’etat by Amadio (D) and Camp (R) shows that corruption and deceit knows no political party boundaries, especially on the local level.

    Sandie Egley gets blind-sided and Camp says “Uhm, he called for reorganization, this is the first I’m hearing about it and I’m OK with it.” Sure Danny, sorry to wake you. Amadio asks “What Am I just a pretty face?” Seriously Tony, that’s the best you can come up with? Like you two assholes didn’t plan this.


  20. How can Tony and Dan sleep at night. Tony, you are nothing like your father. Can’t believe you are his son. God rest his soul.

    • If people defending them REALLY knew the Amadio’s on a personal level, they would change their tune. A truly awful bunch of backstabbing, hollier than thou political thieves. They will smile to your face while robbing you blind. How else do they live such a lavish lifestyle? Truly, what have they done for the disadvantaged? They cannot even help out extended family or friends, let alone put forth any sort of altruism for our citizens. Both Tony’s are sexist pigs and if anyone believes otherwise, then they just do not know them.

  21. Oh and ignore that man behind the curtain…who is Really behind all of this? i don’t believe for a minute those two came up with this stunt on their own.

    • It is a conumdrum…it is obvious that the commissioners don’t run the courthouse…there is a puppeteer behind them…a silver tongued devil that whispers in their ears their own agenda in a way that makes it sound perfectly plausible. To elect new commissioners who have nothing to gain and nothing to lose, who have a clear vision for the future and the intelligence required to see through people and to stay the course is not likely. What kind of person chooses to run for office? The giant ego, the naive, the pawn….no person in their right mind would want to run for a political office. If a good and true person does manage to get elected, their hands are tied by all the corruption that surrounds them. I don’t know the answer to the problem. I wish I did.

      • Unfortunately, I fear there is more than one “silver tongued devil”!

        Although I agree with your appraisal, I am choosing to have faith and hope that there are still good people out there who are willing to stand up to corruption. I believe that if the citizens of Beaver County really knew what was going on with this so-called “governing body” of county government, the story would change.

        Just like the “mainstream media”, the Beaver County Times chooses to remain totally political, and continues to either omit or slant the truth.

        What Beaver County needs is a factual, trustworthy medium for informing its citizens about what’s really going on. Any ideas?

        *”Ignorance of the people is bliss”, isn’t it Tony & Dan??

      • I agree that the citizens need to be informed. Why not stream the public meetings online real time? The cost would be minimal. People are super busy working and raising families, I understand they can’t make it to the meetings in the morning. Move the meetings to the evening. The commissioners can work one evening a week – come in two hours later the next day if you must. Neither of these requests is unreasonable. The citizens could certainly demand one or the other….or both. That’s one idea. Anyone else have an idea?

      • Right on Oz! There are some good people out there that would do well as representatives of the people (I believe Egley has tried her best with her limited experience prior to entering the swamp). However, politics are slimy and over time most fall victim to the incessant corruption that is inherent to the process. I wish I knew the answer and could provide some “magical” insight, but unfortunately our only hope is the ballot box. That is a challenge in of itself as most individuals do not have an understanding of the issues in government and are easily swayed by infomercials, distractions and gimmicks. Fight the good fight and stand tall! Appreciated your comment.

  22. Back deal doors will bite back @ election time!
    Amadio hang your head low in public, you aren’t a pretty face! Don’t flatter yourself. You are ignorant and that smug smile has to go and so do you! Pompous ass #1!
    Camp hang your head low, too! You are no better! Pompous ass #2!
    Egley be a lady and rise above their comments!
    Local government offices even state that you Commisioners DO NOT
    CARE and your actions along with your immature comments prove
    to be disrespectful! NONE OF YOU EVEN SIT CLOSE TO EACH OTHER!
    Your facial expressions show how un-fond you are of each other. Grow up! (Foul language is so unintelligent on this site and unnecessary. The f bomb is so distasteful and shows a bottom feeder character!)

    • Yes and tomorrow is National meatball AND!! National false teeth day…….
      So Tony can take out his false teeth and rub that little bald meatball head of Danny’s and discuss a variety of different ways they can continue sticking it to taxpaying public! Maybe even lil Danny can take and darn a few of them socks he never wears into a nice little head wrap so when the two are pretending to be wrestling in a bipartisan way Danny doesn’t get any rug burns on that egg shaped noggin of his! No matter though, cuz when Connie the Con enters the fracas to set the two lunk heads straight the meatball heads will roll, and false teeth be damned! Not that any of these antics could actually happen with such white collar, top notch professionals filling the halls of our esteemed County Courthouse. Well ok that is a stretch, but there would be no way mini man midget sherriff would walk by an office of such antics without hurling himself into the mix to show the 3 stooges who is boss!…..Anyway sorry to hear about such underhanded, lowdown, but very typical shenanigans Sandy!

      • I still get such a kick out of the fact that the missing socks comment I made a while back continues to pop up every so often. Thanks for keeping it alive Mungo!


    THAT IS IT!!!!!

  24. “You can’t say the sky is falling when it’s not even close.”

    Credit ratings dropping? Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development report finding that Beaver County’s budget is spiraling out of control? What’s it going to take for reality to set in? An actual, physical object making contact with ground? At this point, they just sound delusional.

  25. “Uhm, he called for reorganization, this is the first I’m hearing about it and I’m OK with it,” replied Camp, who declined to provide a reason when asked again by Egley.

    Wow, what an eloquent response from the new Commission Chairman. It will probably come out later that Amadio gave Camp a fidget spinner and, with that, he was all in!

    I won’t believe an announcement from the Courthouse that the sun comes up in the East until there is an independent , comprehensive audit done by the Attorney General’s office and a Grand Jury takes a look at the operations in the Courthouse.

    What an absolute shit fest of ineptitude, political ass-kissing and self serving agendas.

    • And I might add, just one of many “eloquent” responses or statements made by our new, illustrious, and hardworking “chairman”??? Stay tuned Beaver County.

  26. Name calling was not the right response by Egley. It shows political, or just plain business immaturity. Getting blindsided on the other hand is wrong, conehead and sleeper are most certainly finished.

  27. Remember to get out and vote come election time.
    Congratulations Dan on going to the “dark side”

  28. Sandy Egley has lived here all her life. You lost sight of what type of people you are dealing with. Now they will try to slander you mercilessly. You showed some decency. For that alone You are not one of them. Low life criminal cowards. No code of conduct at all. Not gangsters not racketeers. A real gangster wouldn’t have anything to do with such scum. If they were on fire on the side of the road they wouldnt deserve to be pissed on.

  29. We all, including myself, need to keep attending these meetings. Saturate that courthouse with support for Sandie and this publication’s work aimed at the Courthouse.

    All of this WHY…because Sandie came in clean. She has no (personal or political) agenda and no alliances. She ONLY wanted to help this county. A novice politician can and will make mistakes and I accept that, only if that decision was made in the best interest of the constituent. Dan Camp is a weak follower. He road the coattails of his name into a big persons game with no idea what to do….. HE IS WEAK AND FRANKLY EMBARRASSING!!!!!!!!!!ECT

    (sniff)(sniff) “do I have to answer mommy”, said the child….
    And just like the Aliquippa school board should have.. YES YOU DO ASSHOLE!!!!

    YOU DON’T PRETEND TO NOT KNOW THIS MOTION IS BEING PRESENTED, SECOND THIS MOTION, THEN REFUSE TO EXPLAIN YOURSELF (and I wish I could make these captions bigger)……….. WHEN THIS IS A MEMBER OF YOUR OWN PARTY, AND YOUR RUNNING MATE. This wasn’t a coup d’état aimed at protecting us, this was you protecting you and your extremely short political career.

    Now I’m being ridiculous in the interest of satire because Sandie will be ok and win the day. I truly want to see if I can use the Jedi mind trick and have you rub that “ET sick in the Creek” head for luck… because that is the ONLY chance you have to be reelected.

    Please, friends and family of both these two commissioners, I implore you to direct them towards these comments. This was a game changing decision for both of them.

  30. Sandy is a good woman and commissioner! Camp scammed Beaver County during his campaign and ran a joint campaign with sandy and now has completely turned his back on her because she is working against the grain and fighting corruption! Beaver County please vote and put people in place that aren’t like those other two clowns

  31. So people upset by the fact that a man that was paid 120,000 dollars and made a huge financial miscalculation was let go. But are not outrage by that the fact for the first time in 17.5 years your taxes were raised. Therefore the taxpayers of this county have to pay for this miscalculation. People want to talk about all the bad things in Beaver County we are on the cusp of a manufacturing and economic Renaissance in the valley a better and brighter Beaver County is coming. That is what I am thankful for and what I am looking forward to

    • Steve, you are a democratic mouthpiece for the same old rotten shit. WTF is a democratic “operative”. Old school Neanderthal yearning for the good old days of corruption, kickbacks, jobs for Friends and Family Inc. Forget it asshole you are all on record now for the educated to remember next election cycle. Better get your turnpike job before Wolffie gets sent packin too. A new day and a new generation aren’t buying your pitiful liberal welfare scam or “free shit”. Get back under that primordial soup you crawled up from.

  32. Financial administrator, one who can count 1 for the county and 2 for me. One for the County and 3 forme, so on so forth.

  33. Amadio and Camp will have a replacement for Luckow who will tell the public everything is fine, no matter what.
    That is the qualification for the next Financial person- who is most assuredly already picked and knows his lines:
    Everything is fine in Beaver County gov’t, there is no corruption and there is plenty of money. Wink wink

    We will find out at the next election how many people still believe all the BS.

  34. I wonder what Danny boy and two foot Tony are trying to hide or cover up by removing Sandy from the chair. They are not going to stop her from speaking out and helping to expose wrong doing. I’m sure the real reason richardo was fired is because a relative, or good old chum needs a $120k a year job. Or they owe a political favor to someone. That’s why this county is so screwed up. You have idiots like that who have the power to make such important decisions.

  35. What these two fuck wads did was just nothing but downright dirty dealin. Election day can’t come soon enough. MY GOD MAN! Don’t you have any sense of shame? Just who in the hell do you think you are? You fucking Sneaky Petes are a disgrace to the human race! Did your Momma tell you to do this Camp?

  36. I would just like to point out that when asked about his actions in the updated audio, Commissioner Camp states that he is not obligated to provide justification for his actions.

    • You most certainly are obligated to answer to the tax payers, Dirty Dan!!! I want answers but I doubt the truth ever flows thru your lips. Rotten!!!

    • Q: Dan, what is your reaction to the day’s events?

      Dan: uhhhhh, ummmmm, errrrr, How do I feel about this???? Uh, Tony? Do you want to take this one?

  37. I’ve wondered when the two pricks would pull this particular stunt. Conehead is simply too stupid to realize how he’s being set up by Sleeper. On the plus side, now that they are going to manage the county as if we have money in the bank (and forgetting that they deferred last years pension contribution until this year) they are making the attorney general’s job that much easier.

    When the time comes to arrest and try the conspirators involved in the county racketeering these two bozos more than likely improved their odds of being part of that “in crowd” to roughly 100%. Now that they are best buddies maybe they can be cellies in state prison….Dan, you can even be the cell chairman.

  38. This was the most underhanded vote to take place to date. One thing for sure Camp is no republican nor a moral man nor one that knows the proper way to do things. It is quite apparent that Amadio influenced camp in not only this decision but also other decisions that he has made as a commissioner. Voting to second a vote for yourself is definitely wrong. He should have at least abstained from this vote. If he couldn’t even do that, what bad decisions will he and Tony come up with again. I am one who will not vote for him and things like what Tony’s has done and will do, I will not only not vote for him but I will not vote for any Democrat running for any office. If they are they only candidate I will not check that box. This was not tough politics, this was underhanded as this appears that it was not on the agenda. I hate to use this word but both of you are skum in my book.

    • Is that legal? Can he second vote in which he monetarily profits?

      Being Chair comes with an increase in salary. How does he get to vote to give himself a raise and title change?

      Attorneys? Anyone?

      • I am not an expert when ot comes to the County Code but it appears a violatiion of the Sunshine act occurred by Dan and Tony failing to place the “reorganization” they discussed before the meeting on the public agenda so the public would have an opportunity to appear at the meeting and comment. That my have been a summary criminal offense subject to up to a $1000 fine and the action may be invalid – not to say that the correct, open and honest procedure could be performed with the same possible voting result at the next meeting. Contrary to what Camp campaigned on, transparency is not in his vocabulary or mind.

        Firing Sandie was a political move. Firing Ricardo without stating publically why was unjistified, dishonest and self-serving by Camp and Amadio and ignores the financial facts to promulgate the political financial fiction Amadio and Camp want voters to beliebe in the next election cycle. The confirmed fact is simply the county income had been stagnant for years and has been out paced by increased expenses that remain unchecked. One time financial gimics do not in reality make a solid budget that will increase credit ratings to save the county money on bonds. Not paying the obligations to the pension plan this year to balance the budget does not make the county 2.1 million “richer” at the end of the year – it only means a bill not paid in 2018 will need to be paid in the next budget – where there are no increased revenues to cover the check that needs to be written.

  39. I understand the uproar but what does being the chair get you. The chance to run the meetings? There are still 3 votes, it doesn’t mean the chairs vote is more powerful.

  40. That was painful to listen to. That poor woman was completely and totally blindsided! You two dirtbags will get yours on Election Day.

  41. Those two are not smart enough to hatch such a plot. Who is really behind this plot and pulling the puppets strings…as been stated with such a surplus watch how many newly created positions will be filled..and sad fact to remember Beaver County voters vote straight ticket AND a name factor, so these 2 puppets probably will be reelected.

  42. Really Egley is a good P.R. Commissioner but I think her talent is wasted in Beaver County. I think she should stay home and make pan cakes

    • Shut up Amadio! Sandie is right, you are a misogynist. You think women have their place and it’s certainly not front and center. It’s home cooking and cleaning.


  43. Wow! Just when you think things were getting cleaned up in the courthouse those two pricks rear their ugly heads. Sandy was the first good thing to happen to the county in a long time but of course the Beaver County corruption still runs the show. Remember these two asshats come time to vote.


  45. Yes, Wise Owl. I agree. I have my suspicions, but I’ll wait to guess until I am fairly sure. This is a power play that was hatched with someone else.

    • The list of potentials would be limited to two or three, in my opinion. And I think some recent articles about Camp’s cronies and Sandie’s actions provide clues. A big issue revolves around Luckow — the guy was competent, apolitical, clean and got nailed as collateral damage. This, as the FR issue, is a money issue, in my opinion, and we are seeing continuing maneuvering from that travesty.

    • If Sandie Egley wants to continue her attempts to expose corruption and show that this is more than a “reorganization”, she could go on record in the Beaver Countian and tell the public what REALLY happened in this coup. This is serious business, actually subversion, and the public should know who is doing what to their government.

  46. Now Luckow’s firing is a move I can agree is correct. The next correct move, in my opinion, is to get rid of Rossi. I have written about this before several times and I will state my opinions again. Rossi and Luckow, more importantly Rossi, in their positions during the Friendship Ridge debacle, were absolutely RESPONSIBLE for lack of oversight of the sale. Rossi also became the “whistleblower” once Egley and Camp were elected to hide his incompetence. Rossi’s attempts to cover up his past performance under the regime of the Dems by selective finger-pointing at the Treasurer and carefully guarded assistance in placing Luckow in the Financial Administrator’s position protected him to some degree until now. But you see, the COUNTY PAID COMPREHENSIVE ANYWAY AND DROPPED THEIR FRIVOLOUS LAWSUIT, the county used forensic auditors who were tucked in someone’s back pocket and could spit out the jaundiced rhetoric sold to the present commissioners by Rossi and Luckow to justify incorrectly suing Comprehensive, and then of course, the awful blame game against CTJ. There’s more, lots more and people will believe what they want to believe but the EDUCATED, EXPERIENCED person has seen through all of the BS the whole time. Most of the people who comment here have spent a lot of time and effort being indignant and angry at the wrong people.

  47. I think it is justified to ask who would benefit from Egley’s removal from Chairperson. Sleeper, Conehead, maybe to scratch an itch and present some bullshit reorganization excuse. But perhaps a look into a former BC article, and others with a similar topic, would shed some light on that. Nope, no accusations here, just a look into who might have reason to not be in her fan club.

    • there are three commissioners. Camp, Amadio and Askar.

      Camp really fooled us by his campaign speech about cleaning up the courthouse. What a dirty politician he turned out to be.

      I hear there’s a woman who wants to run for commissioner in the next election. I suggest you call Sandie. I bet she would talk with Regardless of party. Sandie supports Kress and other D’s so get her take on the real deal. She doesn’t sugar coat anything.

      • He turned out to be a typical Camp, they are all dirty politicians. Haven’t met a Camp yet that wasn’t.

  48. Quality Queen- don’t just wave off commenters as being, indignant and angry at the wrong people. I never did believe that CTJ was one sitting on a Swiss Bank account. She is a thief of time and without hesitation, will wrongfully use her office for personal gain.
    I believe they all … including two foot tall Tony, Camp etc. answer to a higher power… Could it be a judge, one who has most of his friends and relatives working in the courthouse. I remain hopeful, following the pending investigations, there will be change. Cut the head off the snake.

    • Walk – the majority of the people who commented on FR WERE WRONG about CTJ, end of subject. She isn’t a thief, she’s just an elderly woman who won a popularity contest by the voters and found she could take advantage of her position to benefit family so it’s right in line with how “things are done here in Beaver County.” Incompetent, ignorant or self-serving might be accurate descriptors of her ability but I don’t think that she purposely took money for her own benefit or to defraud Beaver County. My opinion has never changed.

      No one said she was sitting on a SWISS bank account but they certainly wanted a pound of flesh from her and never pointed to the real issue in the CONTROLLER’s office. (I’ll see if anyone knows what Shakespeare play the “pound of flesh” is taken from…you can Google it). I wouldn’t know any of the folks in BC government to see them in person. Forget about the investigations because as you saw from all of the rhetoric surrounding the FR debacle, the reality will differ from what you think or hope for. Now, there is something that the people who care about the government should pay attention to, coming up and that is what the commissioners will do to replace Luckow. I saw where there is talk of hiring an accounting firm and very quickly, I might add. This is problematic for a couple of reasons. Regardless of all of the chest pounding by Amadio, floating bond issues and refinancing are not smart. It’s a Wimpy-burger approach to a problem with managing the county’s finances. So the hiring of an accounting firm to take over the Financial Administrator’s position is likely to result in a political move to give some “favored” company a “sweet deal.” It’s tax season, the CPAs are busier than a one armed paper hanger and hiring a savvy firm who understands government accounting and budgets is a tall order that needs to be taken seriously. I’ll be watching, so should all of you!

      • quality queen after reading your first paragraph, I honestly believe you should not be drinking at 3:57pm. I have done it, so I won’t judge, but you made my point, and it is quite clear you also believe ctj is a thief. Just because you feel “that’s the way the world goes round” is no excuse.
        These two commissioners, with no back up plan, none, and in your words It’s tax season, the CPAs are busier than a one armed paper hanger, decided to oust Ricardo Luckow, offering no reason for the public to digest. It proves their incompetence. I do feel someone else wrote this script for these two buffoons to follow. It’s coming …

  49. Snake(s) in the grass! Keep fighting for the rest of your term, Sandie! I wonder what the professionals at Shell think of these knuckleheads. They’ve got billions on the line and have to deal with a couple 2 bit (that’s 25 cents Dan) trough dwellers.

  50. You know, I’ve seen some pretty underhanded shit in my day, but these two fucks take the cake, pan, icing, and the candles!! You two fucks are DONE in politics in Beaver County!
    The only thing is, these two assholes got two years to really fuck things up, and THEY WILL!
    There is definitely someone behind the curtain pulling the strings, because these two dumb fucks don’t even know how to tie their own shoes! Fucking Assholes!

  51. Commisioners taking 2 years to make a decision! Procrastination is not what voters need and NO PUBLIC PEOPLE CAN’T GET INTO YOUR OFFICES you avoid them. Not a good way to be re elected! Too busy going to events that taxpayers pay your way!
    CAMP, AMADIO-IT IS PART OF YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! Court = crimes= hearings! You are to oversee every stinking department!

    You’re supposed to watch your P’s & Q’s in public.

    Amadio…I’ve watched you roll your eyes @ NAACP events, you were wanting to leave, you laughed @ the people signing and when females were speaking! CAMP is “too good” to attend!

    How about looking into your department of fines. Names are listed
    twice showing people owe $ money to the county when their fines
    have been paid off. Ooops! Human error! It can happen but not as much
    as it has it that department! You people are oblivious to record keeping!

    How about tax payers paying for your employees all using cell phones
    at work! They get paid to work not text & be on facebook! Way to manage $ that is taxpayers! Pathetic! Really no way to be productive!

    Harassment is defined as an offensive, unwanted comment or photo.

    BTW: Men in most departments do make comments to women. Men “think” they “still got it” when they don’t… Save it for your wife, gf or whoever you think wants you! You men sag after 30 on your bodies and we women are to nice to say you have “saggy junk after 30.” Us women
    talk & laugh when you make sure that “check us out”! Scums!

  52. Tony Amadio and Dan Camp- You must be proud that you useful idiots are doing the dirty work to continue corruption and protection racket for Friends & Family Inc. Two piss ants ganging up on the legimately elected chairwoman elected by the taxpayers of this county. Big men! So gutless and cowardly that you had to meet in tHe dank corners of your pitiful comrades and plot this coup. Do you realize that the entire county knows what scumbags you are. You will not get away with this. Only fitting that you pulled this sophomoric shit on National Women’s Day on someone who busts her ass for transparency and honesty to the taxpayers. You two and your useless cronies still believe that women belong in the kitchen waiting on the “big guy” to come home and keeping the youngsters quiet. Meanwhile I guarantee that your wives wear the pants because you two pussies have not a set of balls between you. Next you will prevent dissent and harsh questioning by scaring taxpayers from speaking at meetings. Hop you have the Midget there to throw the elderly out. Your families must be soooo proud of your badasses! Sadly they probably are since who else would associate with you but shit birds of a feather. You two are going to get your comeuppance soon. I hope you enjoy the same cell for RICO violations. Which one of you is going to be the bitch. I hope bubba has a “warm (Vaseline) welcome ready for you!

  53. I propose that the taxpayers unite to form a team to organize committees to vet new candidates for next election cycle. Goal is to vote OUT every incumbent without exception. We can take donations for billboards and advertising reminding the taxpayers who these corrupt bastards are and how they lied about their intent when they campaigned. We’ll replay their videos from pathetic so called republican dinner. Stonewall Loser, Midget Tony Guy, Jumbo Gabauer are just the beginning of the soon to be unemployed. Democrats are not exempt. Out with the Queen, the rest of the row officers including Rossi and his illiterate pal Will “cow” Calhoun. They never spoke up about illegal activities, improper financial .transactions or the corruption they witnessed. At anytime m
    They could have contacted the PSP or the FBI. Instead they abdicated their responsibilities to the taxpayers but only covered their own asses,

    • Great idea Equalizer13 with regards to advertising , billboards/flyers / posters, as i said before i am in for $300.00 when the idea was suggested an i still stand behind it, , if 90% of the commentators on this site were to donate $5.00 to this campaign for advertising i believe we could get it done an make a change. perhaps J.P could set up a go-fund me page , or address where donations can be sent, and if there aren’t enough funds to pay for the advertising , the funds donated could be used to help the Beaver Countian’s reporting an efforts to inform the People . win -win
      I work with a Gentleman who lives in Aliquippa , i was talking to him about the State Police investigation there in Aliquippa , an the corruption at the Court House , said he never heard of either , i directed him to the Beaver Countian . next day he came in with a deer in the headlights look , claimed he spread the info to family an friends about the Beaver Countian an the investigation .
      If word of mouth is helping, imagine what a Billboard /flyers could do to reach the uninformed .

  54. Beaver County Republican Party should be involved in straightening the bullshit out that was caused by Dan “Conehead” Camp. Otherwise you are as corrupt as your Democratic counterparts. We can only assume that they are okay with what went down and that someone else is pulling the strings behind the scenes. Little Jimmy Boy? Shame on you all!

  55. WAAAAAAAHHHH! You should all hear yourselves. Do you simple conspiracy theorists honestly believe there is all of the graft and corruption that Ugley promises to expose? What has she exposed? She has probably worn a path in the passing lane of 376 between the Beaver exit and the state police barracks and nothing has come from it. I hate to disappoint but maybe, just maybe, the corruption that all of you morons pontificate about doesn’t really exist in the courthouse. In fact, let me be the first to tell you angry, misguided, low tax-paying conspiracy theorists that the things you complain about go on in every courthouse in America. It’s called politics, and you can’t change it. Do you honestly believe that the Attorney General’s Office, FBI and State Police simply turn a blind eye to all of the pervasive corruption happening right under their noses. Let me answer that for you fucktards . . the answer is no. If you really gave a shit about moving your county forward you should be celebrating her dismissal as “Chairwoman”. She is universally despised by everyone in government circles because no one can work with her. She is not a revolutionary, but rather a whining, petty, pain in the ass who can’t work with others. Maybe, just maybe, the other commissioners decided that they actually want to move forward on SOMETHING, and in order for anyone to come to the table they needed to push her fat, stupid ass aside. Sorry but that’s just what it is. Sorry to disappoint.

  56. Big Tony and little Tony strike again, we need Donatella back and Spanik, keep your head up Sandie, who cares about Lucklow

  57. I have been reading these comments and I am simply frightened by the hatred, personal insults and negative commentary regarding our local elected officials and county employees. Most of you are just simply ignorant and filling your keyboard with hatred while these decent public servants who get paid very little money worked with state officials to assure the construction of a 6 billion dollar Gas plant by giving a 2 billion dollar tax credit to the owner of the facility and bringing aprox. 150 jobs to our area. Shame on all of you!

    As sure as I get up in the AM to work my low wage no benefit job I will get next to my junk vehicle on my knees and take a deep breath of heavily laden benzene air and give thanks to our local leaders for their economic wisdom and experience. Some would argue that most of the employees would not even live in the county but that’s ok because they will have jobs. In addition to their selfless sacrifice it is my understanding that all of the steel to build it is coming from China. As I struggle to pay more taxes to subsidize this give away I find comfort in the knowledge that the Chinese people will prosper as a result of this excellent economic decision.

    Again, your all ignorant and selfish! Stop thinking about yourself and find comfort in other people being on the receiving end!

    International worker friend

  58. Tattletale:

    “We can evade reality, but we cannot evade the consequences of evading reality.” —Ayn Rand

    Perhaps one quote that she actually got right.

    I have not read a more despicable self-serving example of moral decay than yours since Ayn Rand pushed her Objectivism down the throats of obsequious ignoramuses and pretended that it meant something other than egotistical exploitation of the unread masses.

    Jesus Christ… Can you really be so short-sighted as to say that the obviously flawed status quo is as it must be, and that it is futile and undesirable for people to try and change things for the better?

    The Courthouse corruption is objectively real, the elected officials intentionally exploit it for personal gain, and the public has been taken to the cleaners by people who literally do not give a shit about others.

    So, rail on in superficial moral disdain at the complaining commenters, but you could not be more wrong if that had been your distorted purpose from the beginning.

    • You hit the nail on the head with this quote, and I agree that although Rand didn’t get much right, she was “right on” with this one.

      I’m still reeling from reading Tattletale’s post…..I can’t believe that any tax-paying American citizen could actually say “what we’re complaining about happens in every courthouse, and it’s just politics, and we can’t change it.” What a hopeless ideology.

    • And what, in her glorious tenure, has Sandie Egley done for BC? Besides raise my taxes and run her mouth incessantly? Not a damn thing. All the departments she is responsible for are still a mess. County finances are still a confused mess. THESE ARE HER RESPONSIBILITIES AS COMMISSIONER, THIS IS WHAT WE PAY HER FOR!!! Instead she decides to be a real life Mcgruff the crime dog and sniff out corruption and crime. And what have YOU Mr. Raven done for Beaver County besides run your mouth and mansplain to anyone who disagrees with you? Not a damn thing. I at least take solace in knowing that only a handful of nitwits ever give any credence your grandstanding. PS- Raven, I dare you to not comment on a BCountian article.

  59. @ quality queen since you mentioned it, you reminded me of old narcotic endused with horrendous debt to income ratio woman that blames everyone else for there front 40 failure. While maintaining they’re half gallon of cover and concealer.
    ( ohhh sorry rambled)

    What ever happened to the slander and defamation lawsuit in economy BORO?

    Seems so quaint and quiet in the boro with new woman leadership as mayor and fresh newbie as council president.

    Maybe we can get finally a good candidate from economy to run for Commissioner.

  60. 10=9 – Not sure what level of education you have but I am sure that your “command” of the English language is questionable even at the 4th grade level. Front 40 failure? Slander and defamation lawsuit? Not sure who you think you are talking to but I know it’s not me. I am not involved in politics nor have I ever been involved and never will be. Now run along and find another target worthy of your idiocy.

  61. This county has had a long and storied history of inept, party hack leadership at the local and state level for just about forever. Name ONE political figure that stood out as an exceptional person with vision and integrity that represented Beaver County past it’s in-bred borders. And it’s not as simple as replacing the Democrats with the Republicans, They have hardly distinguished themselves in the last 10 -15 years that they have risen into these positions, either.
    All we’ve heard for the last 5 years is the game changer is coming, The county needs to get ready, blah, blah, blah. We have NO leadership in place to guide us into that new era. None. These three goofs, who replaced two other goofs, that replaces a couple goofs before them… what an ongoing joke it is.
    Until we get some real leadership, from inside or, even better, outside the county and stop running the county through shitholes like Aliquippa, Ambridge and Midland, this is what we are going to see for another couple of generations in Beaver County.

  62. They are puppets and are really concerned as to what Damaging information Egley has on them. These two need to be gone!

  63. first you’re hearing about it? made up your mind pretty quickly and nonchalantly. and do you have to have a reason? oh idk, probably. considering you’re deciding on behalf of the county and not just yourself. you’re not deciding on what you’re ordering at a restaurant here. but wait, now all of a sudden you have a reason? “combative leadership” and “constant state of toxic confusion” you couldn’t say that to her face? nothing about this i can begin to respect.

  64. Any man that can say plain faced that politics are more important than family needs to re-examine his existence. Time to step down boys.

  65. Tiny Tony’s ” reorganization plan? ” Are his plans to roll this out one step at a time, one meeting at a time? Will taxpayers ever get a preview, or reasons for such abrupt changes, and HIS PLANS for the county moving forward ?

  66. Wonder who paid Danny boy to act like he actually has a set? Seriously folks, pay real close attention to the money…



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