Aliquippa Police Chief Donald Couch is seeking to have action taken against an officer in his department for allegedly engaging in unprofessional conduct that could have contaminated the Deltondo murder crime scene, according to documents obtained by the Beaver Countian.

The Beaver Countian has obtained a copy of a letter written by Aliquippa Police Captain Robert Sealock to Chief Couch and Assistant Chief Joe Perciavalle concerning the alleged actions of Sgt. Kenneth Watkins on the night of Rachael Deltondo’s murder. As reported yesterday by the Beaver Countian, Sgt. Kenneth Watkins was placed on a paid administrative leave following Deltondo’s death because his daughter has been identified as an “associated person” in the case.

In Captain Sealock’s letter, printed on departmental stationary and dated May 15th, he tells his chain of command that Sgt. Watkins and his daughter showed up to the crime scene the night of Rachael Deltondo’s murder and ran towards the police tape. Sealock alleges Watkins entered the crime scene despite being warned by on-duty officers not to.

“Sgt. Watkins was off-duty and showed no respect for the crime scene, this is unacceptable for a veteran officer,” wrote Sealock. The letter concluded, “As your Captain, it’s my determination that the scene could have been contaminated and Sgt. Watkins acted in an unprofessional manner.”

Chief Couch reacted to Captain Sealock’s letter in an email, saying in part that, “In addition to this complaint, during a formal interview Sergeant Watkins’ wife and daughter made insulting remarks about me to two detectives assigned to this recent homicide. These comments were made directly in front of Sergeant Watkins.”

Kenneth Watkins, his wife, and his daughter all declined public comment for this article when the Beaver Countian reached them by phone.

Captain Robert Sealock’s Letter In Full:

On May 13th, 2018 at approximately 2248 Hours, Officer D’Arrigo, K-9 Officer Brown and I, Captain Sealock responded to shots fired at Brodhead and Caler Street. Upon arrival our investigation quickly led us to a Homicide scene at [the 2100 block of] Buchanan Street. The scene was taped off and calls to Detectives were placed. The victim’s parents then exited their home and tried to enter the scene on numerous occasions. Hopewell Officers were then called to assist. This scene became chaotic at times, but officers were able to preserve the scene.

At approximately 2310 Hours, Sgt. Watkins and his daughter [juvenile’s name redacted] arrived on scene and ran towards the tape. K-9 Officer Brown and Officer D’Arrigo yelled at [Sgt. Watkins’ daughter] not to enter the Police tape. Sgt. Watkins did enter the crime scene and was told on two separate occasions to exit. Sgt. Watkins was off-duty and showed no respect for the crime scene, this is unacceptable for a veteran officer. I would not accept this from the parents of the victim on their own property and surely do not accept this from an off-duty officer.

As your Captain, it’s my determination that the scene could have been contaminated and Sgt. Watkins acted in an unprofessional manner. These actions were viewed by all emergency personnel and the public. I am requesting this situation be addressed.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • And??? It’s Aliquippa; the name of which which is derived from a native American word that means corruption.

  1. An excerpt from a prior BC article keeps returning to mind. No accusations or innuendo intended, but some of the current themes are similar:

    “The incident report by an Aliquippa patrolman describes a suspicious vehicle he was investigating that was parked in the area of the old Aliquippa Hospital at approximately 1:52 a.m on February 6, 2016. It reads in part:

    “As I approached the drivers side of the vehicle I noticed that the windows were steamed over and the engine was not running […] I again asked [Rachael] Deltondo what she was doing parked where she was with [the 17-year-old] in the car. Deltondo again stated that she was there just talking with [the teenager] and that he was once a student of hers. I asked Deltondo if she was me what would she think was going on at this time of the morning with a vehicle parked where she was parked. Deltondo replied that she understands and that she didn’t want her fiance to know that she was here parked because he would get mad. I told Deltondo that I did not know who her fiance was, at which she stated Frank. I advised Deltondo that I know a lot of Frank’s (sic) at which she then advised that her fiance was Frank Catroppa. Deltondo continued to maintain that she was called by [the teen] and that he was upset and needed someone to talk to […] Upon contact and speaking with [the teen] he advised that he was just hanging out and that he and Deltondo are friends […] Deltondo was advised that there was better places to just talk with a former student and that I would hope that I wouldn’t find her parked anywhere else in Aliquippa with former students at such a late hour just talking. Deltondo did get in her vehicle and left the area.”

    Who was the cop that wrote the report?

    • A comment from the previous article by a commenter might or might not be true, but it bears repeating:

      Air Rick Dec 8, 2017 at 10:16 pm

      It was because she is best friends with the officer on scenes daughter, who is also 17. What does Frank have to cover up for? Embarrassment that he almost married a pedophile liar?

      Can anyone verify truth of the comment?

      • After reading your comment it makes me wonder was she set up with the 17 year old to keep quiet back then? Not quiet enough apparently. She lost her life.

      • children are naive ergo would be great informants about what their parents do in all of this its amazing that even now this minor hasnt been named

      • Nothing for nothing but whatever happened to big Jo Jo Catroppa the guy arrested in Monaca for sales of narcotics crack and narcotic pills. If it was any of us our asses would be sitting in prison. Theres a difference between someone with a drug problem and some piece of garbage that feeds of off peoples misery.

    • This cop is doing the SAME THING TO MY SON on behalf of his daughter. Tampering with witnesses and threatening them as well as false police reports. Trying to ruin my son for a personal vendetta. His inappropriate actions are costing us dearly. The “victim” even stated at prelim on record that he lied.

      • Your about the 500th one this happened to in Beaver County. They slander libel. And character assassination is par for the course. Got to stop these maniacs. We need well trained officers with training and education not a bunch of inbreds who have married there cousins. And hey uncle tony my halfe wit son wants to be a Aliquippa policeman.

    • The article said that the officer that wrote that statement, that his daughter was best friends with the victim. Wouldn’t that be these two that tried to contaminate the scene?

  2. When JP’s first article ran, someone asked the question “who was she having ice cream with? Did the last name start with “wat” and made a remark questioning the integrity of a police officer with the same last name. Now we know this cop’s daughter is an “associated person” in the case. Could that person have been correct and they were together that night? Even if she didn’t knowingly conspire, could she have mentioned where she was going, and who she was going to be with?

    If I were involved in a crime, and had to account for why I left behind evidence, what better way than to have a lot of law enforcement witnesses, to have it documented in reprimand letter would be even better!

    • Post Script: I just read the previous article, this cop’s daughter was the person she was with. Ms. Watkins, if you by chance read this, you might want to ponder a few questions:
      Did I mention where I was going?
      Did I mention I was picking up Rachel?
      When I got home, was my dad there, or did he arrive a few minutes after me?
      Is there anything that doesn’t add up, with how my dad acted towards Rachel?
      If things don’t seem quite right and you need someone to talk to, for your own safety, I highly recommend the State Police.

    • That was me. I was not present but I have first hand knowledge of EXACTLY how Watkins abuses his position and OH BOY WAS I SPOT ON. There are court proceedings to back up my words btw.

  3. I would be interested in the timeline of the events immediately following the phone call, presumably to 911. How long was it until Aliquippa police were on the scene? How long until Lozier was notified? How long until the coroner was notified? When did the PSP arrive on the scene? When did county detectives arrive? When did Watkins and his daughter show up? When was mayor Walker notified?

    Lozier sent only one cell phone to be examined? That seems woefully inadequate to me, especially knowing (and he did) that Aliquippa police are under investigation.

  4. Sorry all you conspiracy theorists but in my opinion, this girl couldn’t possibly have so much dirt on the cops that she would be killed over it. How would someone like her have that kind of information? She didn’t work in law enforcement so how could she be privy to information that would make it dangerous for her? I’m just not sold on the idea that cops were involved. Besides, it was her information that was kept hidden for so long. Would she want to get back at the police for doing her a favor by covering it up? I think a better question would be to ask who is it that she associated with.

  5. Uh, here we go. Something to keep the amateur sleuths and conspiracy theorists busy this summer. Another Beaver County “Silkwood”.

    Don’t be shocked if it’s just another “My Man!” or “My Woman!” crime of lust and somebody who shouldn’t be owning a gun got the ol’ AR-15 out.

    • Let’s review the facts:
      Victim was cooperating with the State Police with an investigation into the Aliquippa PD
      Someone within the Aliquippa PD ILLEGALLY released a police report to her employer and the press.
      Moments before her death she was with the daughter of an Aliquippa police officer.
      Shortly after he death the same Aliquippa officer showed up and contaminated the crime scene.
      Let’s review conjecture and rumors:
      Her former fiancee’s relationship with the Aliquippa PD. It’s been alleged to have been close.
      Her former fiancee’s brother’s relationship with the Aliquippa PD. It’s been reported that he’s been arrested on felony drug charges. It’s also been alleged he too had a close relationship with the Aliquippa police department.

      Occam’s razor is the problem-solving principle that, when presented with competing hypothetical answers to a problem, one should select the answer that makes the fewest assumptions. Following this principle the evidence only leads to one place.

    • Uncle WahWah, she was pretty well known around town. She used to work at the MPI and was always out and about with “important people”. She probably had dirt on a lot of people. And sadly, she’s gone.

      • My money is with you onlyinghetto. She knew ALL the players in the drug train going thru the MPI Club, INCLUDING the cops who had to be on the take. EVERYBODY in that shithole town knows about the MPI Club drug train. INCLUDING ALL THE COPS! Quip, Dopewell, PSP, Center, Monaca, County Sheriff, Deputy Sheriffs, (right Joey and John-Joe?!), County Dicks, and the list goes on.
        Crime of passion my ass!

      • @alighetto.. exactly what I’ve been saying since it happened. Doesn’t take much for someone from quip to know what’s goin on! All those people love to brag and got too greedy!

    • probably is a lover. 12 shots. You gotta be pretty pissed off at a person to take the time to pull the trigger 12 times. Definitely someone she knows. Kind of sounds like whoever dropped her off may have served her up. They didn’t hear 12 shots?

  6. These grieving parents NEED the truth!!! They will never get it with this shit going on….State police or higher are the only ones that should be involved!!! With all the corruption reported just think how much more is going to be discovered. Anyone that had the guts to bring it to light….please BE-CAREFUL!!!

  7. I wonder if officer Watkins just happened to log a few hours at the gun range earlier that day. That would SURELY explain any traces of powder burns.

  8. Disband the Alighetto PD once and for all. Totally corrupt and useless criminal enforcers for the mob. Stonewall Lost should be sidelined by the PA AG. He couldn’t count his balls twice and get the same number. Woefully inept and his band of “super sleuth dicks” couldn’t find a body in the weeds. How the f-ck do you think they will solve this? This entire episode is a disgrace to LEO’s who are not corrupt. Rogue Alighetto PD, failure to secure crime scene and a multitude of errors and violations of law. Someone needs their balls whacked for this. Starting with locals and right up to Stonewall Lost.

  9. Conveniently the crime scene is contaminated….didn’t see that coming! 😒What’s next you pin the murder on an innocent kid and ruin his life because who cares he’s black and from aliquippa and he’s worthless in your eyes like you did jb in Officer Naims case? Wrong! The feds need to come clean up all the rats 🐀 in quip aka pd 👮🏻‍♂️ This has nothing to do with it being aliquippa and omg another murder no this is a hush hush and needs to STOP! You took an Italian princess and slaughtered her on her mother’s driveway on mother’s day! This is sick! This has to stop! Once and for all! Anyone who knew Rachel knew who she was at heart! Girl was harmless and now your going to make it look like she was what?! Some pedifile or a drug addict or what now? She didn’t deserve this! Like seriously a crime of passion ha! Hell no you mean your quip pd and your FAKE ASS ITALIAN WANNA BE MOBSTERS killed her! Look at the timeline seriously doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure this out. While the dumb ass da and his incompetent quip pd are behind doors thinking who their going to pin this on and informing the community no need to be scared bc the killer is on the loose but it seems to be an isolated crime of passion really?!? Lol yea isolated bc the suspects are already at the police department. They work there! How is this police department still up and running! And when they sweep quip please don’t forget to go sweep up Edgel too with his crooked ass!

  10. And I bet it was the “officer” that she probably had dirt on. This shit makes me sick. Praying for the family while they are mourning..

  11. Uncle wah wah: No, this isn’t Dick Tracy’s Crime Stoppers. But my guess is that the investigators are reading these articles and comments closely for leads. And the perp(s) might be getting an idea of how “well” the crime was committed. Go back to the very first linked articles about these people, and you might make a few guesses too, like the rest of us.

  12. This wasn’t a random drive by shooting. whoever pulled the trigger was practiced and a very skilled shooter. That would eliminate just about every mutt in the Quip who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn with a handful of sand.

    • My money is on the kid she was in the car with. I never read whether the shooter was on foot or in a car. Did I miss it somewhere?

  13. I don’t understand why Watkins wasn’t arrested for being in a crime scene he had no business being in. The title and content of this article should read “Aliquippa Police Officer Watkins Fired For Contaminating DelTondo Crime Scene”

  14. I heard the kid has a solid alibi… is anyone starting to wonder what Watkins and this girls relationship really was? Just a family friend or more??? Also I saw Lozier commented to a media source that her murder may or may not have had something to do with the search warrant issued on the Aliquippa municipal building back in March. Why would you even comment that, they must know something. This whole story just keeps getting more bizarre the more details that come out

    • I’m now wondering about Watkins and his daughter. Funny how seconds after she was dropped off by his daughter she was killed then Watkins and his daughter are there in minutes, only to contaminate the crime scene? This poor girl died for what? So very tragic.

  15. Lozier went from an ambulance chasing shoestring lawyer to an incompetent District Attorney that talks out of his ass.

  16. The state police began their criminal investigation into the Aliquippa Police Dept on Dec 12th and Rachael DelTondo was murdered on April 13th. In a time span of 5 months – shouldn’t the state police been able to identify the individual or individuals who breached the databases? There had to be only a select few who had access to the databases – and there had to be “electronic fingerprints”. Had someone been arrested for the data breach – maybe the murder may not have happened.

    Another point – how can someone be SO STUPID to gain access to the databases and send reports pulled from the databases to so many people – AND NOT EXPECT TO GET CAUGHT!!!

    • One of the media outlets reported that the officer responsible for the leak was disciplined and that the leak was unintentional… so they know where and who the leak came from.

  17. How could the leak be “unintentional” when so many databases were breached and the information sent to so many people – using a fake email address???

    • Because it’s obvious Frankie Catroppa and his little MPI MOB’s power runs thicker than blood in Beaver County. Just look at the pictures taken at his golf outings on his Coast2Coast Facebook page. In the pictures you will see members of PSP, multiple BC sheriff deputies, members of Aliquippa PD, local lawyers, even Beaver County commissioners. It’s not rocket science. He appears to have everyone wrapped around his fat little sausage fingers… Which is the exact reason why NO local agency, including PSP, should be investigating this homicide; in my opinion. The Feds should be brought in before someone inncoent is pinned or someone else gets killed.

      • The feds will not come to Beaver County to investigate a murder… period… won’t happen unless other “circumstances” are involved. So you’re stuck with what you got.

      • If there is corruption in the local or state PD the feds will definitely get involved. Because the only way to clean up a corrupt PD is with out side LEO with nothing to lose. Someone (good clean LEO maybe, if there is one left in the PD) contacts the FBI and spills his guts. Then asks for assistance.

  18. We all know how our DA handled the Treasurer’s situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if his final report states no murder was committed.

    • She wasn’t shot she was struck by lighting. Gabauer says so oh yea tony David just tell me what you want on the toe tag. If not lighting I can come up with something else. you can depend on me…….

  19. We are all going to see the headline, “Rachael Deltondo committed suicide – just like Georgie David’s wife”

  20. All those criminally inbred Aliquippa scum should be expunged from Beaver County and that includes there criminal friends outside of Aliquippa. Don’t have to live in Aliquippa to be Aliquippa murderers. Aliquippa scum and there Sheriffs Deputies. And give a bunch of uneducated untrained Sheriffs Deputies full police powers. Not a one of them could pass a psych test unless its given by good old dr. Eddie Currie Hi how are you deputy your good to go out in the community with a badge and a gun. And maybe you will have full police powers. Lot of fresh meat out there. Beaver County Nazis in blue hey maybe if you people really try Swastika arm bands in the future.

  21. maybe with all the happenings to do with Aliquippa police, mayor and council, the people of Aliquippa need to remember back 32 years ago. Faces have changed but the corruption hasn’t. I can give instance of the police officers not doing their jobs properly and the mayor was there and did nothing bur get in my face and some unkind words. The mayor has not enough knowledge on running a Police department especially one in such disarray. People need new leadership and it is not the people in positions now. If the federal government and state government would do their job they would find that thousands of dollars was misappropriated or missing, that’s part of why the city is still under bankruptcy



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