Mayor Dwan Walker in Germany on his way to Africa

Officers with the Aliquippa Police Department are refusing to hand out new business cards issued to them because they contain Mayor Dwan Walker’s campaign slogan, according to multiple sources.

Dwan Walker has been gearing up for his reelection next year after recently announcing he intends to run for another term as Mayor before seeking higher office as a County Commissioner and then Pennsylvania Governor.

Walker’s “One Aliquippa” campaign slogan appears on the back of the new business cards issued to officers by the city. Members of the Aliquippa Police Department are refusing to hand out the cards and city officials are refusing to issue new versions without the Mayor’s campaign slogan. Pennsylvania’s Act 120, which governs the certification of police, strictly prohibits officers from engaging in political or election campaign activity. Pennsylvania law forbids public officials from using their office for political gain or using taxpayer resources for political purposes.

walkerAlong with printing his campaign slogan on officers’ business cards, Mayor Walker has also been including the “One Aliquippa – All Hands On Deck” catchphrase in taxpayer subsidized community newsletters. The official Aliquippa website features the slogan, which the Mayor is attempting to adopt as an unofficial motto for the entire city. A jobs fair sponsored by the state was publicized by the City of Aliquippa as “One Aliquippa – All Hands On Deck In Conjunction With PA Career Links Are Putting Our Youth To Work.”

Walker has also been giving out “One Aliquippa Awards” to recognize achievements by members of the community.

During the election for his first term in office, Dwan Walker included his newly created “One Aliquippa” slogan on all of his campaign literature and yard signs. Other candidates who ran with Walker promoted themselves as members of a de facto political party named “One Aliquippa” which was publicized through media interviews. Walker operates the “@OneAliquippa” Twitter account which he used to campaign for Mayor. A Facebook page established for Mayor Walker’s reelection bid is titled “One Aliquippa – Dwan B Walker for Mayor 2015 All hands on deck.”

After a series of reports about alleged misconduct by Aliquippa officials published by the Beaver Countian over the past week, Mayor Walker spent part of yesterday standing outside of the City Building waving to passersby. Walker has been unemployed since September of 2012, when he was forced out of his position at FedEx for repeatedly conducting city business while at work.

Mayor Dwan Walker has stopped replying to requests from the Beaver Countian for comment on our continuing coverage of controversies within the town.

Mayor Walker's reelection Facebook page
Mayor Walker’s reelection Facebook page


    • walker use One Aliquippa to run for office it was the headline all over now he trying to use taxpayers to brand it like pepsi or coke to help him win again not cool

  1. How bout standing on plan 12 and getting all the kids off the streets selling drugs and shooting dice on street corners harassing innocent people.

  2. Well if it is used in a campaign slogan it cannot be used on the officers business cards by law! I guess he’ll tell the thugs do as I say not as I do since he is clearly breaking the law!

  3. How about instead of concentrating or better yet dick riding the inn’s and out’s of Aliquippa so much. Report what happened today on a CV school bus. You got kids trying to attack another kid with a knife and all you are worried about is some dumb political move…

    • Why should he report on something that was already VERY HEAVILY covered on multiple other news outlets? He’d just be regurgitating already known facts and news bites. Do you think you’d see any of this in the BC Times? WPXI? Anywhere else? NO. Because all those people are worried about is losing their readership if they report on something that isn’t so popular.

    • I got an idea, let’s use your sassy asides for a comedy based on how the first time we trusted a mayor in this town turned into him selling out everyone and everything to powerful brokers for redevelopment.  How do you fit in now?

    • It does not fit into the Beaver Countian’s agenda. The Aliquippa Mayor must’ve pissed off John Paul. All of a sudden there are so many stories about Aliquippa on the Beaver Countian? I wonder what happened. The Mayor must’ve hurt John Paul’s feelings. 🙁

    • Oh let’s see, it’s a blog about corruption in Beaver County.  Maybe you can make the correlation here.  If you want news about Center, see if they have a blog.  Is the story you refer to about corruption in politics?  Didn’t think so.  No, we’re interested in the tax payers being swindled, so figure out if this site is right for you.

      • If it was about reporting corruption in Beaver County, then why hasn’t the man (JP) reported on the final determination of the missing money in the Ambridge Athletic Department when a person resigned from the school district and as the Steelers stadium announcer?

    • I totally agree with Quincy. I now live in West Virginia and I’ll be darned if I pay for timesonlineg subscription so it would be nice if the beaver countian would post news stories other than aliquippa, courthouse, and beaver falls. Please report good stuff as well. If you want to become more then just a conspiraracy paper I would make news about the good in beaver county. Become an all around news source and you could put beaver county times out of business. Be smart and use it to your advantage. But there is more news then just politics. We don’t want to hear about politics and murder everyday.

      • So, if you’re unhappy with the quality or content, you can do something about it, besides bitch and whine. 1. Go start your own blog, similar to this, and then perhaps you might see what kind of effort and energy it takes to accomplish such an endeavor, or 2. Why come back to a page that you don’t like? Someone holding a gun your head? 

      • Do not assume that you know what is best for everybody else Miss WV. I see a growing website that tries to report the truth to local residents who are in desperate need of it at the moment. As for the topic. I do not think it is ethical to use our tax money to campaign for re election through our police force.

  4. Don’t they list the mayor’s name and number on the website, or is this guy calling you all to stupid to know where to find it? I have never heard of the police handing out the mayor’s business card….ever! It’s Obama’s maxi-me!

  5. This flag waving ass clown has illegally accepted thousands of dollars of freebees.  I know first hand that pols seeing his support are expected to ante up cash, plane tickets, jewelry, etc.  His recent conversion into a ghetto street corner preacher is all part of an elaborate cover-up.  Memo to Dee-Wan:  I was interviewed recently by the A.G.’s office about your extortion racket. 

      • Darn!!!  I was hoping the next breaking story was going to be the Popeye’s he was bringing to the community of Aliquippa grand opening!  I guess that’s not happening?

  6. If it is illegal for the police to hand out their business cards with the mayor’s campaign slogan on them, and the mayor knows this, yet still had these police cards printed, and is forcing the police to hand these cards out, then a law has been broken. Where are you Tony B?

  7. When did political opinions equate to hate?  The comments you people leave are nothing but hate.  What is your real issue with Aliquippa or Mayor Walker.  The people there don’t look or act like you?  The Mayor doesn’t look or act like you?  John Paul does nothing but report on Aliquippa.  He is feeding the agenda of those who oppose the Aliquippa mayor, with an election year coming soon.  Every hate filled article he writes, posts, and you read, gets the reaction he is looking for.  Fuel for your hate.  Then again, I guess you all need someone to tell you what to think because you can’t do so independently.  This site used to contain decent information.  Now all its used for is personal vendettas.   

      • Everything I said, and all you caught was vandettas? At least you don’t deny the hate you spew.  Isn’t it obvious when every article written is about one city and one person.  This site is called the “beavercountian”.  Beaver county is more than Aliquippa.  Again-what else is there besides a vendetta? 

    • I think you missed the stories about Ohioville, Sheriff David, Friendship Ridge, Baden, illegal campaign funding, gas leases… it’s a long list of topics covered on this site that are obviously not being talked about elsewhere.  I don’t see the hate in the articles.  But you must like the corruption if it is friendly towards you?  To say JP only reports on Aliquippa is not accurate.

      • I didn’t miss any stories.  It may have been an exageration.  However, over this last week that is all they can report on.  Why continue to demoralize a city that can use all the help they can get.  I don’t know how you missed the hate.  Re-read all the comments and then tell me there is no hate.  What proof is there of corruption?  Who are these sources?  What agenda are these sources trying to serve?  Who benefits from such negative information?  When there is proof other than word of mouth and hear say your beloved JP publishes, I’ll listen.  For people to read, beleive, and verbally attack a man and an entire city based on an article is absurd and irresponisble. 

    • I agree! There are bigger issues that the Beaver Countian has ignored – the Beaver Countian does selective reporting. 

      • I think JP does a fairly good job overall but you people make this comical.  This is a negative tabloid geared toward the facts which is great, but the stories are always about the courthouse or Aliquippa.  OR family members of court house workers.  Why the story on the Javens guy shooting up the house???   Now that was kind of out of line if you ask me.  Or should I dare to say…MAYBE A VENDETTA against the Javens lady in the courthouse???  Anyhow, I’d like to see A FEW positive stories sprinkled in to this web site.  Its always negative news reported…like a gossip column.  Then again, that’s why I like it!!!!  PS- Why was Tom King let go at Parks and Rec Department?  How about the Ambridge AD money incident from about a year or two ago.  Inquiring minds would like to know the TRUTH!  So there you go folks, JP doesn’t walk on water with reporting all topics as to being “in the know” on this site.

    • Don’t confuse the comments for the articles — a huge mistake. And if you are alleging a vendetta, please tell why you think the articles are retaliative in nature. It’s not a vendetta to “go where the action is” and report on it. These kinds of comments are understandable, even if you don’t like them, and they add background details to the articles that John Paul cannot print, to keep the information objective. If you think about it, JP can’t be subjective and personal. It would undermine his credibility. He researches each article exhaustively before publishing it, a necessity in Investigative journalism, and it works. 

      • Don’t confuse what the original poster said.  He/She was talking about the comments not the article itself.  Everyone is entitled to an opinion.  If the gossip JP publishes is what someone choses to believe, so be it.  The things people say on here about Aliquippa and other human beings is just ridiculous.  To judge a whole city of people based on what people read and hear is irresponisble.  With articles of this nature you get one side of the story. 

      • I believe John Paul perceives a connection between Aliquippa and the Sheriff and Myron. John Paul fails to report on other County corruption. 

      • Raven said it perfectly…don’t confuse the comments with the articles….I don’t even think some of these commenters read the article…they just see the headline and head right to the comments!

  8. Next time your standing outside the city building waving, take a look at the sidewalks and the trees that are blooming on the shithole you call Franklin Ave. That was done by the previous mayor and his city manager, the same one when you were running you bad mouthed for doing nothing. All the roads were paved 5 years ago also, even his alley, but at least they did something ! Its called getting a grant !

    • Are you suggesting that they “apply” for a grant? I think your confused. This is the hand out crowd, they don’t “apply” for anything, they expect it to be handed to them.
      Lastly in order to “apply” for something one must be able to read and wright, scratch out the current administration in that department.

  9. Cracker SILENCE!!!  You deserve SILENCE!!!!
    “write”  (use it in a sentence)I will write on the paper with my pen.
    “right”  (use it in a sentence)Please make a right hand turn with your car.
    “Wright” (use it in a sentence)The airplane was first invented by the Wright brothers.

  10. I’m no fan of the former mayor but I agree he got shit done. Roads were paved streets were swept and new sidewalks and trees were out in even if there aren’t many businesses downtown. Has the new mayor done anything besides become the new mayor?

  11. He went to africa……….duh ti learn how to be better mayor….

    He threw out first pitch at pirate game and had buses go to watch it and had sam gill call every media outlet to cover it

    He went ti nation convention to hold flag up…….

    He hired a lawyer that was fired from the same city twenty years ago for lying and misrepresentation while billing….

    Hmmm I’m sure I’m missing a few free dinners to…..

    That’s about it…. as for accomplishments

  12. Aliquippa is a shithole…end of story. Staying to fix up a rental house there that is probably better off burnt to the ground. 20-30 cars a day pull up at the bar, go in for 5 min…come out empty handed…they usually just drive away but some just can’t wait to start snorting their shit right in the car…you’re not invisible! Fights in the street 4-5 nights a week…elementary age kids standing on the corner yelling profanity…it won’t change because the peolple don’t want to change…they want to do drugs and get free money…it’s not opinion , or stereotyping….it what’s in your face all day long ( except when I’m at WORK). Black and white….all trash

  13. Ranessa what makes you say that? All streets were maintained and paved buildings were torn down, streets were clean. This mayor is too busy promoting himself instead of taking care of the city.

    • When she said the former mayor did nothing for “US”, She meant the black community. More got done in the black communities than any where else in that ghetto, under the former mayor. She just didn’t pay attention.

  14. I totally agree with Quincy. I now live in West Virginia and I’ll be darned if I pay for timesonlineg subscription so it would be nice if the beaver countian would post news stories other than aliquippa, courthouse, and beaver falls. Please report good stuff as well. If you want to become more then just a conspiraracy paper I would make news about the good in beaver county. Become an all around news source and you could put beaver county times out of business. Be smart and use it to your advantage. But there is more news then just politics. We don’t want to hear about politics and murder everyday. 

  15. The guy seems to suffer from delusionary thoughts. He needs to seek help immediately. GOVERNOR? REALLY? what an asshole

  16. All day and all night there are 50-100 teens and adults all over the streets of meadow and Irwin. They don’t move they are literally on the streets and all over corners drinking, shooting dice and selling drugs. Beaver countian needs to do a story on this it is truly amazing how crazy it is.



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