Officers with the Aliquippa Police Department are being read their rights and questioned by their own Chief about whether they have been providing information to the Beaver Countian, according to multiple sources.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that officers are being read their “Garrity Rights” and then interrogated by Aliquippa Police Chief Donald Couch about any communications they may have had with the Beaver Countian. It is an effort spearheaded by Mayor Dwan Walker who is demanding to know the identities of confidential journalistic sources.

Investigative reporting by the Beaver Countian has been revealing alleged misconduct on the part of public officials within Aliquippa. The United State Supreme Court has held that public employees, such as police officers, have a Constitutional right to speak to the press about matters of public concern (Pickering v. Board of Education, 391 U.S. 563).

Questioning a police officer while under Garrity about matters which could not legally lead to disciplinary action could expose the City of Aliquippa to civil liabilities. Attempts to harass, intimidate, or retaliate against an officer who exposed potential corruption could constitute a crime under certain circumstances.

The Beaver Countian secures all of its source material using military grade encryption, digitally houses its encrypted files in remote jurisdictions, and deploys sophisticated data scrubbers to thwart modern forensics techniques. This publication maintains elaborate methods of securing active communications with its most vulnerable confidential journalistic sources, and ensures those sources maintain plausible deniability. This reporter will refuse to answer any questions related to confidential journalistic sources or unpublished source material in accordance with protections provided by 42 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5942.

The Beaver Countian stands by all of its confidential sources and is currently in discussions with First Amendment attorneys about the actions of Mayor Dwan Walker, Chief Donald Couch, and the City of Aliquippa.

The Solicitor for the City of Aliquippa is Myron Sainovich, whose firm also serves as an approved attorney for the Beaver Valley Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4. Aliquippa Officers fall under their own James M. Naim Memorial FOP Lodge #26. Sainovich was previously fired by a union representing the Pennsylvania State Police.

A non-law enforcement source for the Beaver Countian has come out publicly alleging he was called at midnight and threatened by Mayor Walker for communicating with this publication. Walker has previously made similar threats against this reporter, allegedly threatened Beaver County Times Reporter JD Prose in the past, and has allegedly threatened a union representative who was filing a grievance on behalf of another officer.

Aliquippa Police Chief Donald Couch did not return a detailed message left with his secretary seeking comment. Mayor Dwan Walker did not respond to a request for comment sent to his cellphone.

Any individual who has information about potential misconduct by governmental officials in the City of Aliquippa, or any other municipality in Beaver County, may contact the Beaver Countian using our simple PGP Encrypted interface.

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    • Our DA is too busy covering up for John Joe and the sheriff, and telling the detectives to look the other way when crimes are being committed. I wouldn’t look to him for anything.

  2. Apparently Dwan doesn’t understand that when one is elected to be the mayor it doesn’t entitle you to act like an emperor.

  3. Is only a matter of time and MYDonDwan show will cost that city big time.

    Insurance companies better drop the city while they can….

  4. It’s such a shame that the overworked underpaid police in quip gotta deal with that nonsense. If the Mayor would have kept his word to the people of Aliquippa he wouldn’t have to interrogate his officers. He has lied to so many people during his time in office his own people don’t even trust him. He has set black politics back 50 years with all his lies, bullying, and under the table horseshit. When he took office I really thought Aliquippa had a chance to come out of the dark ages. What a shame that crime and uneducated young people are your majority. Just take a look at Franklin Avenue and the Hill. You see the same crackheads, welfare vets, and drunks. Fuck what color the next Mayor is, get someone who wants to build the City back up to help the people, and not to fuel future ambitions.

  5. Stay unified and stay strong Aliquippa Police. You will weather this. Isn’t there an election coming up soon? For all you union haters, this is exactly the reason why unions are still needed and necessary in 2014.

  6. My God! What have you people in Aliquippa done? You have elected a person to the top position in your city who obviously does not care about your city, or its people. He has put the very people who you really need to depend on (The Police Dept.)  in a position to where they really don’t care anymore.  Again, what in Gods name have you people done to yourselves? 

  7. It’s mayor Walker’s TEAM ALIQUIPPA he is worried about.  He is the COACH of Aliquippa.  The police are his PLAYERS.  He is handling this situation like a coach who’s job is in peril/serious question for next season.  He is interrogating the players on his team to see who is with him and who is against him.  He’s trying to find out who is drilling the holes in his boat to sink his ship.  Bullying his team…That is easy to see.
    I think that the Mayor should speak up 1 time with a message to the Peoples of Aliquippa on this site.  We (the readers) need to hear from the mayor to hear his side of things.  Just a 1 time message from the mayor to inform us of the things he has done and things that are being done currently for the betterment of Aliquippa…and mayor, don’t reply to any of the readers comments to your post after you post your 1 time commentary.  I think it would do wonders to the readers who just see the negative about you on here from other posters and the stories here at this blog site. IT COULD CHANGE A VOTE OR TWO YOUR WAY seeing the positive from you… What do you have to lose?  

  8. I’m takin bets how long it’ll be before he goes all cray cray over all this mess that he and his friends caused. 

  9. Ten ways to clean up BCSO

    1. Fire Tibolet, Ogrizavich, Lupo, and Chapes. Tibolet is a whore who cheats on his wife every chance he gets. Ogrizovich is a racist who is scared to admit he hates black people. Lupo is a control freak who cries like a bitch with a wife who has a bigger dick than he does. Chapes has used the office as her own little whore house.
    2.Make all deputies have their 120. Too many security guards playing fake cop

    3.Put a treadmill downstairs. Too many deputies are built like Paul Blart (females included)

    4. Fire that incompetent Thomas Oaks. He hasn’t made an arrest since Tibolet was faithful to his wife, and that’s a long time.

    5. Give Dave Hunter a signed document stating he is black.

    6. Give Brown, Pipkin, Constanza, and Sallis memo that steroids are illegal. Drugs have no business in law enforcement.

    7. Let John Paul go through inventory, travel, and gas logs. Ouch!!

    8. Don’t let Ogrizovich, Tibolet, David, and Oshe burn any more crosses in people’s yards anymore. It ruins the grass.

    9. Make sure the next Sheriff is at least under 70 years old when he starts his term.

    10. Make Donna Knopp next Sheriff

    • Just a side note-Ogrizovich is a steroid junkie too, and is also a homophobe, and Georgie IS under 70 years of age believe it or not. AND, depending on the lie of the day from Ogrizovich, Georgie’s his (pick one) uncle, grandfather, God Father, etc., etc., …..

      • U forgot Clark needs his mouth washed out with Lifeboy and that fat gut Sgt with the aggression problem needs real help from a professional

  10. Ok. I always wondered why he was such a grumpy asshole. I always thought steroids make you look like u work out. He is built like a skinny kid who took roids but never got big. He is what u call a trailer park body builder. No chest, big gut, no arms, no legs, but a big ass mouth. Lol

  11. JP, I have a quick question. Are the identies of those that post in your comments as protected as those who you are getting your information directly from? I believe that if you say their identity is protect the same as your confidential sources you would get more officers/deputies giving their take on whats going on. So what say you on this JP!

    • We generally do not have information on the actual identities of people who comment, and usually only have email addresses and/or IP addresses, unless of course users comment publicly via their Facebook accounts etc. 

      The laws which govern these comments are different than the ones which govern confidential journalistic sources, and the courts haven’t well established if a person could be considered a journalistic source without having any direct interaction or communication with a journalist.

      If subpoenaed to turn over information about a commenter, we would generally contest such a subpoena. I say generally because there are situations where I could imagine complying with a subpoena without contesting it, or perhaps volunteering information to authorities even without a subpoena; such as if someone published a bomb threat, posted a comment threatening physical violence against a person, etc.

      Obviously comments that are of a legitimate whistleblower nature I take very seriously, and would vigorously resist anyone who attempted to ascertain their author’s identity. Citizens of the United States have a Constitutional right to anonymous speech which is something I would also vigorously defend.

      That being said, our ability to successfully contest subpoenas for information about commenters is less clear in some situations than our ability to refuse to provide information about a confidential source pursuant to 42 Pa. Cons. Stat. § 5942, also known as the Pennsylvania Journalist Shield Law, which is an absolute protection provided by statute.

      Of course, if an individual who posted a comment about public corruption first took simple proactive measures to protect their own identity, then whatever legal battle someone tried to start with us would become far less relevant:

      • Yes JP, do the right thing. DO NOT give any info on your commentators. They too are sticking there neck out to give some info that is not know to the general public on public employees. The person who is asking, I believe, is a sue happy parent of one of the people mentioned on this site. So, as they suggest, DO THE RIGHT THING!

      • I believe my dedication to protecting whistleblowers to the best of my ability has been well established at this point, and will continue moving forward.


      • @Cheryl: I’m curious….where did he publicize your identity? I haven’t seen any names in the articles, unless they were relevant to the story. If anything, to me, it just looks like you outed yourself….

    • Cheryl, I did not exposed you as a whistleblower, you exposed yourself.

      You gave at least two on the record interviews to the Beaver County Times and went on KDKA television to talk about several different issues related to Albert Torrence (including HUD and Head Start) and identified yourself in all of them by name.

      You’ve also published comments on this site before, under the same account that you’re using now, in which you identified yourself publicly.

      It’s true you may not have said you were the Financial Administrator of Aliquippa, but after your name was published the fact you are an appointed official becomes relevant when you start speaking out again publicly.

      Aliquippa is currently working to split away from the County’s HUD program and is trying to receive direct grants from the organization instead.

      Your role as Financial Administrator of Aliquippa is relevant to that conversation.

      • You exposed me -I never gave my name so you are showing your integrity as a “journalist.” You will protect people who comment UNLESS you do not like what they say. Then you will use your incredible investigative skills to find out who they are. And you do know about the bigger corruption going on in Beaver County but are afraid to write about  it. Thanks

  12. Get over the sheriff office thing! This story is about under paid police officer getting bullied and you have plenty of chances to comment on the sheriffs office since georgie just cant stop doing stupid things.

  13. Give Andre credit for being smart enough to get the hell out of there before the  AG hits town , Couch cannot be that stupid !

  14. Some good comments going on, and I think about everythings been covered so far in this thread! My comment is straight to you Mr Paul. I absolutely must commend the job you’re doing on this. You sir are exactly what this County, State, and Country needs if we are ever going to reclaim what use to be the Greatest Nation on this planet. Integrity, responsibility, accountability. These are not attributes that many of our current leaders possess, and that absolutely needs to change. And you sir, in my opinion are a true credit to real journalism. Honestly I wish I had information that could be helpful, but unfortunately I don’t. So I guess I’m just saying keep up the good work, and stay safe! 🙂

  15. @ I care about quip wtf do you really know you forgot the two biggest problems

    Former white shirt that left dog in car so he could fuck his cousin wife in Conway, then caught chasing five other times, then caught by district attorney office in middle of a sting on hookers in beaver falls fucking in sheriff car a county employee hmmm and goes on and off steroids on regular he looks like he weighs a 170 lbs now heard he had to get off them cause viagra wasn’t working…

    Then you got the midget that drank on duty well outside duty trying to pick up pussy caught in video, got so hammered he had civilian drive sheriff car home and had to puke outside of cat on highway only to have PSP ROLL on scene, drunk with fire arm in uniform and sheriff doesn’t fire him guys lucky wasn’t the only one getting lucky, wink wink, then he premeditated arrest and nit once three times lied in report falsifying documentation ,, Yet to be charged…

    Dont let that two face bankrupt wannabe ghetto cowboy slip through cracks playing both sides telling circle what they want to hear but telling his posse he goes judge removes him so he can take over and already have commitments for rank to his boys most from outside the department, yeah he is the answer he couldn’t balance his own check book let alone run that department and the staff.

    Just thoughts 10~9 bitch

  16. Oh before I forget what about the other white shirt that collects KKK items and shows people he a member, and when wife was leaving he threaten suicide yeah he’s real fucking stable….

  17. Damn. Thought I knew. Guess somebody told me wrong. What a bunch of winners down in the basement of courthouse

  18. JP, are those that comment on here as protected or will you turn information over on them if it is requested to further an investigation. I know you read this please comment!!

  19. Well, I guess they are going to fast track any decisions to benefit their benefactors now.  It appears this administration is backed by the same folks that backed the previous one.  Whether that is true or not, I cannot say, but it seems the mayor has been used as a pawn in a game and he is lashing out at all the wrong people.  It would serve his best interest to find out exactly who his enemies are, instead of pissing off the people that know a lot more about it than he does.

  20. Myron Sainovich is not the solicitor for Beaver Valley Lodge #4. Pittsburgh Attorney Eric Stoltenberg has been Lodge Solicitor for at least the past 15 years.

  21. You do need her, she probably owns a house and PAYS TAXES  unlike all the welfare vets in the high rise , valley dump terrace, and the circle !

    • Aliquippa has a lot more to offer than the people you speak of.  There is a whole city full of law abiding, tax paying citizens.  Its so easy for people outside of Aliquippa to just stereotype and lump everyone in together.  I’ve lived in Aliquippa my whole life and have never been on welfare.  I know people who are for the right reasons and the wrong.  Thats a federal system, not ran by Aliquippa, so lets point the welfare finger somewhere else.  However, the fact of the matter is, there are far less people collect welfare benefits than those that don’t. 

  22. Why is it that Aliquippa is sweating because JP starts to investigate what is going on in the city?  Whats there to hide? PS Mary needs to stay there are already to many vacants homes in quip !

    • JP can investigate and report whatever he likes.  That is his right as a citizen in this country.  I doubt anyone in Aliquippa is sweating.  Why would they be?  He is investigating political corruption, although I disagree that there is any foul play in the city building, it is his right.  Is the entire city of Aliquippa on the council or in some sort of city political position?  Again, I doubt Aliquippa is sweating.  I think most people who are on this site defending Alqiuippa are doing so from closed minded people like yourself.  People who condemn a whole city of people based on the actions of the few.  I’ve been all over the world, and some of the greatest people I’ve ever met are from Aliquippa PA. 

    • JP is trying to distract from the real corruption at the courthouse that he has NOT reported on. JP does not listen to real whistleblowers that have witnessed corruption. He is protecting his buddy. For now

      • Agreed.  There is definitely a lot going on at the courthouse that we aren’t hearing about. All we ever really get, as far as courthouse news goes, is stories about the next family member that has been hired.  There is a definite stink down there and we haven’t even begun to find the source of the smell. 

      • Then why don’t you and GoodDiversion enlighten us on the corruption! You have all our attention. Well?!

  23. Hopewell02 is there not anyone in Hopewell on welfare? WRONG I don’t think so. I could almost bet your parents or grandparents made there living in Aliquippa. I could be almost positive that the majority of people who live in scottwood are on welfare. How about the dirty trailer park on Kane road. How about all the heroin in the high School and how they pass pain pills around in the cafeteria like its candy. I could almost bet there is more heroin in Hopewell than Aliquippa. There are a lot of nice areas in Aliquippa. You are just focusing on the bad parts. For someone from Hopewell sounds like you know all the bad areas very well hmmmm. Stop making an ass out of your self because you sound like a big one. Just to let you know I am very proud to be from QUIP

  24. Hopewell02 I also forgot about the teacher who tried to have sex with a 16 year old. Did you ever hear that in Aliquippa. Let me answer that for you NO. should I keep going or are you going to shut your dumb big mouth

    • Hey layla! You’re most likely NOT to get shot in Hopewell though. Just sayin. It’s also possible that quip crimes like you listed just don’t get reported. You have heard their motto ” snitches get stiches”? I used to do loss prevention and you would be suprised how many Superior Ave. Addresses that came across the desk. Again just sayin:-)

  25. Where were the 2 boys from that happened at Wendys where someone was murdered.HOPEWELL. Hopewell is not lily white. Aliquippa is not as bad as people like you make it out to be. Oh and what was the senseless shooting over. HERION. enough said.

    • I hate to break the news to you, but there is heroin in EVERY TOWN in Beaver County, there isn’t one town that is “lily white”, as you put it. Every town has it’s good points and it’s bad points, that’s just how it is, and how it’s gonna be. All you can really do is try to help those who can be helped, and make improvements where they can be made….

  26. Hopewell has its share of problems,  YOU brought up shootings and herion , and the texting teacher from Hopewell, i  guess you forgot about the POS that  ( attacked ) a nun in the church parking lot during the day, may God bless you too

    • How about Damontae Williams, 19, of Aliquippa who shot a Monaca Policeman behind the Monaca Co-Go’s….

  27. Hopewell02… Don’t be so quick to judge people on where they live… There are several people who live in scottswood who are NOT on welfare. I am one of those people & have lived here for 10 years. I work 2 jobs. & earn a great living, I am a single mother of 2 children, a lot of people don’t have the means to upkeep a home or family who can do work on the property for them. I pay as much rent at scottswood than I would for a mortgage over 700 a month & I know SEVERAL others who pay over 700/month to live here as well.

  28. Don’t use the phrase God bless you when it is so obvious that you are nothing more than a raciest Don’t say your not either because every post you write about Quip is an underlying racist comment. Yes I did bring up The problems in Hopewell to show you Aliquippa is not the only community that has crime or run down areas. I lived in Aliquippa all my life and live in a very nice home and work 40 to 50 hours a week. Not on welfare and never was. Yes some people do take advantage of the system but not just people in Aliquippa. So my suggestion to you is to stay out of Aliquippa and I guess you will be safe. Get your gas in Hopewell and your pizza and your groceries and drink only in the bars in Hopewell and you won’t have any thing to worry about you you are a joke. I would never forget about the nun that was raped . I said many prayers for her. Now God bless you and I could say that without being a phony. God hates ugly. Have a nice day!!!!

  29. Are u people seriously arguing about who’s town is better? Aliquippa vs. Hopewell. What Are you, fucking 8? Get a fucking hobby. CHRIST!!! 

  30. Evol I will get a life when you get a bar of soap to clean out your dirty nasty filthy mouth. Defending my town and making people see crime is everywhere not just Aliquippa hardly makes me act like I am 8 but your mouth shows me your age.

  31. In re : Aliq roads ,just who is responsible for this mess?,The hill in front of the high school is almost not driveable along with the hill by Egers office which was just done 2 weeks ago and we will not even mention the road in the industrial park or the drains needing cleaned on that road to the  Cement plant  which needs major work because I am not sure even a sled dog could travel that,Yes time for a big change folks and ps the zoning officer needs a kick along with the water dept who hires rude nasty people to do installs and the company used is are not even from b/c and what about these water bills for there defective equiptment.



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