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Aliquippa Police Chief Donald Couch is seeking paid administrative leave for one of his officers following this week’s murder of Rachael Elena Deltondo.

Chief Couch sent a letter to Aliquippa officials detailing his rational in asking for paid leave for Sgt. Kenneth Watkins, reading in part:

Investigative findings during the initial stages have indicated that the juvenile daughter of Aliquippa Police Sergeant Ken Watkins has been named at this time as an associated person. As such to preserve case integrity I am respectfully requesting Sergeant Watkins to be immediately be placed on paid administrative leave and remain on leave until the investigative team and myself determine his return appropriate.

Multiple sources familiar with the matter tell the Beaver Countian that Sgt. Kenneth Watkin’s daughter had been with Deltondo in the hours leading up to her death. Sources say the young woman had gone for ice cream along with Deltondo and another friend on Sunday night, and she later dropped Deltondo back off at her parent’s home in a quiet neighborhood in Aliquippa shortly before the murder.

Sources familiar with the homicide investigation say law enforcement currently believes Rachael Deltondo’s murder to be “a crime of passion.” Authorities believe that Deltondo knew her killer and do not believe it was a random act.

Back in early 2016, Sgt. Kenneth Watkins was one of two officers who responded to a call of a suspicious vehicle involving Rachael Deltondo and a teenage male — police filed no resulting criminal charges against Deltondo. Reports detailing that incident accompanied sensitive information about Deltondo from a state-run law enforcement database that was leaked out of the Aliquippa Police Department at the end of last year. The Aliquippa Police Department and the City of Aliquippa remain subjects of ongoing criminal investigations being conducted by Pennsylvania State Police.

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker could not be reached for comment about Sgt. Watkins’ administrative leave. Kenneth Watkins and his daughter both declined public comment for this report when reached by phone.


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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Praying the DelTondo Family gets justice and they catch whoever did this to Rachael. NO ONE deserves what has been done to her and her family. Rest In Peace, Rachael. Fly high beautiful girl.

    • My guess he will be dead before they catch him. Self inflicted. Then nobody can talk about what really happened. Too many people had the potential to go down over the leaked documents, amongst other goings on. I think a lot can be learned just by using the search function on this site. JP has been trying to tell us something for months. Potentially years.

  2. Something is off with Rachael’s behavior. A 32 yr old woman hanging out with all these teenagers? It’s weird. I’m not in any way saying she deserved this death. I’m just saying there is lots of digging that needs to be done and this is a job for the real police……like the PSP or the feds.

    • JP investigates more than the feds an State Police. Where does all this psp fbi investigation go.Let it go on long enough and no consequences for the murders embezzlers and officers that commit official repression. not to mention civil rights violations.

      • I think the cops and township had something to hid very so they offer her before she could talk.. that’s my opinion but like the saying is opinions are like assholes everyone has one.

    • Children are naive. No one deserves to be executed. This young lady apparently was an investigator and avenue to exposing corruption. If she happened to utilize these kids as informants without their knowledge it doesn’t mean she was engaging with them in any other manner.

  3. The dominoes start falling. This might result in the Who’s Who of Quiptown getting their dubious 15 minutes of fame. What a shame it took a life to start the process.

  4. The responsible people are busy preparing the patsy.
    There may be too much attention this time to hide the real culprits, as opposed to the cop assassin.
    JP, watch your back.

  5. You don’t get shot 12 times in the torso in a crime of passion They killed her to silence her and are trying to pin it on the student. She was shot in her hands trying to stop them. She knew how the police were paid for their silence by who and for who. Jimmy was murdered for the same reasons. And who did they jail? How many others have been killed here when everyone knew who helped who and who paid who. I hope Rachael goes down as exposing these sick Sopranos they think they are with their crooked police force helping each other hand in hand murder whoever they want whoever is in their way cmon FBI

    • that’s exactly when you get shot 12 times. If this was a professional/paid hit, 2 in the head and that’s it. Someone with feelings for the victim did this. Could be a lover, could be someone she screwed over but she def knew the person well. Guarantee it. Anger/rage was behind that gun. Pulled it 12 times.

  6. The state police and FBI have already connected the dots between the cyber school, lincoln park, tens of millions of stolen money, quip leaders and pd, sheriffs off, and property investments. The state raid on quip pd 2 months back has driven some people into an uncontrollable emotion condition, also known as passion. But will the us attorney and pa attorney general let them prosecute? check their campaign contributors. This crime has enraged people far beyond the county line. Such a great person who was doing the right thing. We all owe it to her – and our own daughters – to not let those responsible get away with it.

  7. Aliquippa.
    The most corrupt town,
    with the most corrupt police department,
    in the most corrupt county,
    in the tri-state area.

  8. Sure preserve the integrity of the investigation how can the people of Beaver County eat such bullshit with a spoon. Don’t you people get tired of the taste of shit.

  9. Aliquippa Police Department should be excluded from the investigation and the state police should take over it if it smells like fish it is fish.

    • They already spent many hours there hacking the crime scene… cover up evidence, contaminate and heck, throw some in there while their at it to try to place blame elsewhere. I’ve seen this before. Glad to see this since the BC Times helping make a cover story as well as Amy and Channel 11 news

  10. It’s terrible that a young woman had to die for the corruption to come to the surface AGAIN. Let’s hope this will be a turning point. My condolences to the family.

  11. Nothing will ever happen!! Unfortunately they are going to get away with all of this and it will continue. DA and quips mayor need to be investigated because they are clearly involved in some wrongdoing.

    • I fear that this is the most accurate comment here.

      I have zero confidence in our township, county, state and federal gov’t to fully investigate and prosecute anything that involves the gov’t.

      I have been waiting to be proven wrong and it has not happened yet. After all of these years.

  12. You idiots reeeaallly think the quip police dpt is corrupt and has something to do with this girl πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ my god lifes hard but damn its gotta be even harder when youre as stupid as you idiot keyboard warriors πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    • Quip police dpt corrupt? Of course not. It’s as clean and pure as the driven snow. Pay no attention to the fact that that this poor girl was out that night with a cop’s daughter. Ignore the fact that he showed up just in time to contaminate the crime scene. Disregard the fact that she was cooperating with the State Police in their investigation of this collection of choir boys. Brush off the fact that some vindictive prick within the ranks went out of their way to illegally send out information about this girl to her employer and members of the media.
      Quip PD corrupt? Perish the thought!

    • Why would anyone think the Aliquippa PD is corrupt or involved?
      PD is under investigation by the PA state police.
      Victim was cooperating with that investigation.
      Someone within Quip PD went out of their way to illegally send a police report to the victim’s employer and news media.
      Girl was with an officer’s daughter right before shooting.
      Same officer showed up immediately after her murder and contaminated the crime scene.
      Quip police department corrupt? Perish the thought, I’m sure they’re as clean and pure as the driven snow.
      Countiansucks, how long have you been a Quip officer? I can’t imagine anyone else not asking these questions. You call out “keyboard warriors” fair enough, but I don’t see your name anywhere on your post.

      • First reply to this moron was under moderation for quite awhile. I assumed it wasn’t going to appear.

    • Countian: You are brilliant. You must be the Alighetto Chief. You are the one that is a dumb ass. 99% of the commenters know the police are corrupt. What’s your story?

  13. she was shot at the end of her driveway near the road therefore her friends car wasn’t far away. how did she not hear the gunfire and if she did why wasn’t she the one who made the call to the police? It stated when they received the call they were told gunfire was heard on a different street so therefor this girl didn’t call it in. . . .



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