Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker in Harrisburg / photo via Facebook

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker is urging the people of his community to speak up if they have any information concerning the murder of Rachael Deltondo. Mayor Walker’s call for citizens to assist police stands in sharp contrast to his own behavior in February, when sources say he refused requests by Pennsylvania State Police to speak with them about issues involving the City — including his own police department’s leak of records from sensitive law enforcement databases about Rachael Deltondo to an unauthorized individual in the community.

“I am sending my deepest condolences to her family and friends RWG [Rest With God] RACHEL DELTONDO,” posted Mayor Walker to his Facebook page yesterday. “PLEASE IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING.”

Along with his social media posts, Mayor Walker also appeared on television news last night in a much-hyped interview with WPXI’s Michele Newell. Walker spoke highly of Deltondo during the brief excerpt of his interview that actually aired, “Mrs. Deltondo was a bright light. She didn’t bother anyone. She didn’t hurt anyone.”

Deltondo’s homicide is still under investigation. Sources tell the Beaver Countian that law enforcement currently believes her murder was “a crime of passion.”

As the Beaver Countian first reported last December, the Pennsylvania State Police opened a criminal investigation into the Aliquippa Police Department after records about Rachel Deltondo were leaked by Aliquippa police from a sensitive state-run law enforcement database to an unauthorized individual. The records contained information including the woman’s driver’s license number and photograph, social security number, date of birth, an image of her signature, phone number and home address, along with demographic information.

Pennsylvania State Police have interviewed multiple officers in the Aliquippa Police Department as part of that probe, but one interview State Police have been unable to conduct is with Mayor Dwan Walker, who sources say refused to meet with state investigators when they called him earlier this year. Sources with knowledge of the Pennsylvania State Police’s investigation into the Aliquippa Police Department and the City of Aliquippa say it remains active and ongoing.

Mayor Dwan Walker never returned messages left by the Beaver Countian in February seeking comment. Walker could not be reached for comment at the time of this report.

Screen capture of Mayor Dwan Walker’s post to Facebook

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. The pressure is on Mr Mayor….all you want hidden will be out and exposed no matter who you have in your pocket.

  2. Job 34:22 “There is no darkness or deep shadow where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves.”

    I’m not a person who quotes scripture, but mayor Walker claims to be Godly, so I thought I would try to convey this message in terms of scripture. In reality, he is not Godly, so I’ll say this in a way that mayor Walker and all of these animals can relate to: You fucked now.

  3. Dwan, please stop pretending to be so holy. Even as big and sloppy as you are we can see through you. Phonies like you are a dime a dozen

  4. The BCT article about the murder used nine (9) paragraphs to detail the Feb 2016 incident, but they have yet to mention the cover-up and leak under mayor Walker’s purview even once. The BCT is already in criminal defense mode trying to paint an unflattering picture of the victim. The BCT is, once again, performing journalistic fellatio. BCT, you should be ashamed.

  5. I’m convinced that there is a link between lack of coverage of corruption and the BC Times. They are to Beaver County what the New York Times is to malicious coverage. There is not one ethical journalistic bone in any of their bodies. Shut them down! Then we won’t get all the happy days are here again shit from the county. BTW, Scott Toady what new entertainment do we have?

    • Well, rumor and innuendo certainly have a comfortable home on here. How many times have I read “this guy is going down!” , “the jail cell is ready for________________”, “EVERYBODY knows about….!” etc., etc. and how many times have we seen charges filed , let alone conviction and punishment? And that’s from the state, the feds, not just the in-bred goings on in Beaver. This will be a murder case, not just a he saw/she said from the courthouse lunchroom. Let’s see what comes from this because we’ve seen it played out before, haven’t we?

  6. Am I missing something here? Wouldn’t this DelTondo woman be part of the corruption, along with her friends in the police dept? How many “mandatory reporters” knew about her clandestine meeting with the juvenile and kept it under wraps because they knew she’d lose her job?

    JPs other article makes her seem heroic. Imagine if that was a male teacher meeting with an underage girl at 2am and Aliquippa police covered that up.

    The beaver countian seems to have it backwards no? Unless there’s no rule of law at all in Aliquippa…

    • you pretty much nailed it, surprised JP even let your post through. JP does his own covering up in the comment section

  7. Crime of passion?
    Uh oh.
    Gonna pin it on the ex fiance or the student.
    That might be easier than you think.

    • makes the most sense, hitmen dont fire a dozen times and they don’t miss. Firing like that indicates emotions behind it. We know she ran around on her fiancee…

  8. I left Beaver Co. 15 years ago. Every day it looks like it was the best move I could have done. XSgt. Baker Hopewell Police.

    • This coming from a card carrying Corruption Inc. member.
      Don’t worry, we all where just as glad as you when your corrupt ass left the area.

      • Klaw….ahhhh…..did Ser. Baker yell at you and make you piss your pants you little punk!!!! Lol…
        Its sad that the community cant come together when a tragedy like this happens. My condolences to the famiky. Im terribly sorry for your loss

  9. How can the Aliquippa Police be investing this crime when the State Police is currently investing THEM for corruption about a leak involving this lady, who is now dead? Good Lord..Lozier! Stop with your working hand in hand kumbaya bullshit.

  10. He is nothing but a grand-stander. Poor Aliquippa (My hometown ), is so corrupt. Please sweep it clean.

  11. Outsider looking in here, seems to me like this mayor has been trouble from the start…now this, just sayin.

      • What else does he have to grandstand? Can’t even keep a job. Bloodsucker leaching off the taxpayers for personal glory. Put a fork in his big ass, he’s done!

      • Loves his city? Ha that must be a joke if he loved his city he would have talked to state police to help put a murderer behind bars and would be ou5 helping stop the violence and the drugs and he apparently doesn’t drive thru downtown aliquippa very often huh? If he did he would be disgusted about the abandoned buildings that plague “his” city he’s a joke along with every official and law enforcement employee in the county maybe he’s in on it all I’m sure he is

  12. How do you expect the community to be honest and help when you aren’t being honest to your community? Smh…

  13. All of you have a lot to say just because he does not want to speak out but for once why don’t you guys speak out it is your families it is your friend your confidants — quit expecting someone to do something that you would not do yourself grow up I have sat here and watched people bash the city the mayor the residence now you’re talking bad about this lady that lost her life if one would open up Pandora’s box and look into the past of the people that are speaking negativity what would we find – learn to be a person of understanding
    I am going to let you all have this conversation but be careful when you speak of me I speak back I tell my business and yours

    • Maybe the people of Aliquippa should refuse to accept a worthless fool for mayor and insane corruption. They don’t have to accept the failures they are given

    • Tell me in what way would make this mayor worthless because he did not speak out if you are going to critique what is so bad with him then you have to critique the good things he has done

    • Hey to name afew Georgie David his wonderfull brothers Tiny Tony Guy and lets not forget the guy that thinks he hids in the background good old deputy George Yacicch. True law enforcement integrity. CRIMINALS All.

    • You are obviously an obtuse idiot. Murders robberies organized crack dealing all in the open. A 90 year old can buy crack anytime in Aliquippa. Do you think all this just happened out of thin air.

    • No…. citizens want him to be a responsible Mayor. He has a duty to be! Since he cant he needs to step down.. and take his 3 cover ups with him.

    • It’s called leading by example. A foreign concept by the residents of Aliquippa. Who cares? How’s the football and basketball teams gonna do this year? Most important thing in a dead town with NO future. Bulldoze the entire downtown from hillside to hillside. Junak’s moved part of junkyard right across from Mayor D-wans’ office. If I’m an investor that really makes me want to invest in a shithole town. Open your eyes and look around at the garbage strewn about, abandoned buildings and unkempt properties.

    • and for you to say something like this? What’s the point that’s my dad. Remember he’s a person too. These accusations are false so move along

      • Criminal disgusting bullshit he may be your dad but police corruption is a crime. And the inbred so called officers of the law in good old Aliquippa are a bunch of cloisters criminals. Who from outside Aliquippa or friends of friends in Aliquippa ever get hired on the Aliquippa police force. NAME ONE

      • Don’t know your age, if you are under 18, I would understand”stop picking on my daddy”. But over 18, you need to grow up, I had to grow up too and a admit blatant acts of falsehood going on around me, and wait for this, it was a family member I had to admit was “NO GOOD”. And I moved on, turned out great for me. I am actually happy and so is my immediate family, because I had the courage to standed up to a parent. It doesn’t matter, family, friend or for. If they are bad news, move one. Suggestion…RUN!

    • Girl, something fishy is going on, whether your father is a part of it or not – im just saying, i dont blame him for not wanting to discuss anything in regards to the situation. I am not accusing him of being a part of whatever crooked ass shit is going on.

  14. I would expect EVERYONE to speak up! I have been witness to things & have spoken up, even testified in court about the situation. It is the right thing to do. If you don’t speak up, you’re just as guilty as the person committing the crime.

  15. ? There is nothing reported regarding friend who dropped her off. Did she see any of this or did she drive off. So sad for this family prayers for all.

  16. I’m so lost, are people mad that the incident was leaked or that it was hidden in the first place? And what does any of this have to do with the mayor? I get that a victim’s past must be investigated to help find her killer but why does it always have to be all over the news? Let the family mourn

      • Samantha.. my deepest sympathies to you and your family. You’re right no one deserves this! No family should have to go thru this

  17. How do ppl expect any one person to cooperate when this crime is the result of cooperation… WAKE UP PPL..Disillusionment is the biggest issue here

  18. “Lozier said he could not identify a potential motive without a suspect. However, he said a previous police investigation into DelTondo was unrelated to her death.” In the latest update on the BCT.

    Tell us, Lozier, how you can say the previous investigation is unrelated to her death when you don’t have a suspect or a motive? You very casually but categorically cleared everyone involved with the Feb 2016 incident? That’s beyond troubling.

  19. I don’t see nothing I don’t know nothing hell I’m just like a zombie just tell me what you want me to do. Dawoon the zombie. Oh yeah that red hat man ant you embarrassed.

  20. There are people expressing how corrupt Aliquippa police department is…
    Well, if you know something that they are doing that is so corrupt you are just as guilty for not bring it to the attention of FBI agents. So you are part of the problem …the solution to the problem is take your evidence to back up what you are running your mouth about and try to remedy the problems. You are just as guilty …
    Regardless of the situation….there was a young lady killed. If it was a mob hit as someone said. They would not of shot 12 times. Come on…a mob hit is one shot …
    Help remedy the problem …if you dont your are just as guilty …

    • Concern.. you’re assuming people haven’t come forward and that is definitely Not the case. Many peoples asses are hanging out in the wind and have been for quite a while. That’s exactly why people are so pist off that the mayor refuses to stand up and do his part.

  21. Walker is trying to cover his own butt now. He’s making himself look more and more incompetent and less and less innocent.

  22. @Concern… NO im not saying psp and fbi are corrupt. I have no idea where you came up with that. Investigations in corruption take a ton of time. My point was and still is that many people have come forward and answered whatever was asked of them.. all but the mayor! And that was before this young woman’s tragic death. If he can’t stand with his community then get the hell out of the way.

  23. Remember, a person who knows God and intentionally sins is worse than a person who has never known God and committed murder.

  24. Coincidence? Mayor Walkers fb page with the post asking folks to say something seems to have disappeared. He was asked about his hypocrisy in a comment to that post. He has deleted an entire page to avoid explaining why he hasn’t cooperated with investigators.



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