Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker in Harrisburg / photo via Facebook

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker has refused to meet with the Pennsylvania State Police who have been conducting a series of investigations involving the City of Aliquippa and the Aliquippa Police Department, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the matter.

Sources in Aliquippa tell the Beaver Countian that Police Chief Donald Couch and Assistant Chief Joe Perciavale have both been interviewed by the Pennsylvania State Police — as have other current and former officers within the department.

Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker has refused requests to meet with state investigators to answer any of their questions, according to sources with information about the investigation.

Dwan Walker has enjoyed a showering of positive press by the Beaver County Times since taking office and recently told his political supporters he intends to run for Beaver County Commissioner in 2019. Walker was in Harrisburg this week at the invitation of Governor Tom Wolf to attend his budget address before the Joint Session of the General Assembly, followed by a luncheon held at the Governor’s Residence.

The Beaver Countian left messages for Mayor Dwan Walker but has been unable to reach him for comment.

The Pennsylvania Statewide Investigating Grand Jury is convening next week to begin hearing testimony about alleged corruption in Beaver County, although the precise topics to be covered are not yet clear due to the secretive nature of the proceedings.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Obviously he has much to hide. I don’t expect any guilty parties will answer questions willingly…or honestly.

  2. HAHAHA…funny comments guys. Its FUN being white and making fat comments about someone who’s black. Aint it? #racists.

  3. Someone on Governor Wolf’s staff is going to get their ass chewed for allowing Walker to make the guest list. Refusing to cooperate with an investigation? That’s not someone you want to be seen with. That’s a photo op that Wolf will want to bury.

  4. Man I been layin back, but gotta come out the woodwork fer dis one.
    YOmamma Fat ain’t no race .. fool.
    An fool you the first one ta comment that he be black, comon now.

  5. This has nothing to do with color. It has everything to do with the fact that Quip Mayor needs to be exposed for what he is AND what he’s been doing. Nothing is worse than someone who is always acting like they’re preaching from the pulpit… and a man of God.. knowing the things he’s done. Next award he’ll be getting are some shiny new bracelet cuffs.

  6. DaWan! Are the rumors true about him having a twin brother who is even dumber than him? I hear Dawan is a total ass at Guardian where he works. On his first day spouting off about how to pronounce his name and that he only will answer to “Mayor” or “Dwan” not “Dawan”. What an awesome way to make a first impression.

  7. Take his fat ass in front of a grand jury and grant him immunity. If he refuses to answer under the grant of immunity they throw his fat hog ass in jail…

  8. From the BC Times crickets .. Oh Jimmy Buffet is coming …he shows up every year like the flu. I hope Dwan doesn’t show up at the concert with a bib on, misreading BUFFET. Yum Yum eat em up !

  9. How do you spell s-u-b-p-o-e-n-a? Don’t act so naive, Carl. This will take more than a resident philosopher to champion his wayward flock and explain away the obvious.

  10. Alan Gore .. I understand your point.. BUT alot of people in Quip have been literally blinded and dazzled by the Mayor’s BS. People who don’t cooperate are typically the ones who have the MOST TO HIDE. Regardless of what PSP is investigating, or WHO, as the Mayor he has a DUTY to help in any investigation related to this town. If he has nothing to hide, answering questions should NOT be a problem, regardless of what it’s about. I say you can’t answer some simple ass questions… THEN RESIGN!!

  11. Just think if there was no Aliquippa, all the pieces of shit and crooked f******* might be living near the rest of you. Rest easy the town will never be redeveloped with the cast of characters running and inhabiting it and will continue to serve as a dumping ground and containment area for BC’s garbage. So in that respect Aliquippa is a good thing and should be valued.

  12. Didn’t y’all watch Friday Night Tykes: Steel City? Quips brought a championship home!
    Are we gonna just ignore that?
    Quips gonna rise like a Feenix!

    • Wow, 15001 rules this county sounds like Al Bundy !!! What the hell does Friday Night Tykes have to do with this article. The Pheonix is sunk, it was brought down by Anthony, Ralph, Stoner, Dawan, The fat rat in white, his captain buddy. The best mayors were Britza and young Jimmy Mansueti, and the town went downhill when Bill Alston died, Bill is rolling in his grave now. KARMA baby, to that fat rat in white what you did to Angelo and Eric, I hope it haunts you every day. There is so much waste of tax dollars, DCED really needs to recheck the city. And I know there are some puckered buttocks down there. Double dipping taking from the taxpayers. The mayor trying to fight a water department employee, and the mayor trying to fight a police officer on Meadow St. Also Mr. Mayor you told a sergeant at a fire scene that a certain person would never be chief ! and rumor has it he paid you alot of money for his current position ? Also is a officer is being investigated should not he be removed from the schedule ? Well go ride off into the sunset on that stolen quad.

  13. Lock em all up, beaver county deserves better. Get rid of all the shady crooks from county to township

    • Coming from someone whose race came and took a country illegally then went and took someone else’s people

    • This has nothing to do with race but if course there’s always one person who has to try and make it like that. Smh

    • Wwwwoooowwwww, didn’t think there was gonna be a way for the race card to be brought into this, but guess I was wrong.

    • Hahahahaha Phillip noone ever mentioned that a particular race needed removed from the crookedness in beaver county. He said get rid of all the shady crooks in BC never did anyone bring up race but you Soo would you like to now admit that you are racist

    • Phillip Moore Jr. , I wasn’t going to reply…….but I must do my part to eradicate ignorance. First, it is illogical and bases to apply modern “moral” war standards to 100s of years ago. Also, that’s how shit was done in the day, if ya got ur ass kicked, the kicker took ur stuff. Let’s talk about the tribes that were slaughtering other tribes and taking their land/territory….same thing my man. Now, to the alleged racism of my sentiments – I could care less what color anyone is. Treat me decently and I will do the same. I have biracial grandchildren who I love to pieces. Now, by the definition of racism, your comment exudes racists thoughts/ideas. I’m sorry for what ever happened in your life for you to feel an entire race can be summed up into a neat little box. You are missing out on many of great opportunities in life if you really feel that way. I hope you find the peace you seek cuz carrying that hatred around will make ur life miserable.

      I want all of the crooked politicians in beaver county locked up, my #1 on the list is mrs Javens It sickening she was just re-elected by the folks of BC as her crookedness was public before the election

      Peace out

    • Phillip Moore Jr. this isn’t about race man. All the cops, police chiefs that are really gonna get in trouble, are white. That being said, I don’t blame him for not answering the questions. He’s black and all the others are white, they will try to throw the mayor under the bus if they can, for sure!! So the outcome could involve race, but this post doesn’t.

  14. Shame on you Mayor! You are eating out of the pockets of the Aliquippa Drug Dealers…..You and our not so great Police force. That’s why nothing in this town will ever get better. I live in this town and believe me I know and see every day how our PD babies these drug dealers…..I and all my wonderful elderly neighbors have the privilege of living next door to one of the worst ever! So yes I know 1st hand what is happening here. If 1 can move into my neighborhood……whats living in the rest of this town! Everyone wants to end drug addiction but its impossible when the PD are part of the corruption!

    • Teri Pate.. it’s not the officers.. it’s PD Management (Chief PoPo and his Det. Minion) and City Management (da Mayor and his Minion). What do ya expect dealers have Chief PoPo on speed dial. Hell reg patrol doesn’t pay shit. Drive by the PD and you see the same guys workin their asses off doubles. Then you have Chief and Det knocking down $80 & $90G and they’re barely there. Quip needs a major ass clean out. Get rid of the Twin Brothers Grimm, Cover their Ass Minion Gill, Chief PoPo and Minion Detective. Use that shitload of saved salary & hire enough patrols for once.

    • You should be so ashamed of yourself for accusing a man of eating out of the pockets of drug dealers — you are mean & worthless — all of you who lobby against this man – you wait until someone post something about him & then jump on the bandwagon with your negativity. If you live by a drug dealer & nothing was being done why didn’t you call the state police 👮‍♀️ on them to get something done ✅. No you only complain when it’s not convenient for you your messy

      • why didn’t you call the state police on your own kids? The Dawkins have a real good name in aliquippa. Almost all of them are in federal prison. I blame that on the terrible parenting you provided. You got some balls to say that lol.. Then you went and let Sean tell on other people he was selling drugs with.. your a clown!!

  15. This is crap. More ego on the part of this blog than anything else. All ‘the case’ they make is that the Mayor hasn’t said anything, especially to them, about a police force being investigated. The investigation is underway. Let it continue until it’s done and made its conclusions. In th meantime, gossip mongering doesn’t help anyone, save those seeking more readers for their blogs.

    • Carl (Karl) Always fightin’ for the” Little Man. ” Karl you need to take a second look, he’s damn near as big as your EGO. Reread your post on this BLOG, trying to discredit the BC. Where are YOUR facts as to what is the ‘case.’

      • Selective Service Viet Nam Era Carl Wrote : For my part, I told my draft board I had no intention of going to jail or Canada, but if it came done to it, I’d organize inside the Army for the troops to rise up against the war. As a veteran of Mississippi marches and SDS antiwat organizing, they decided they didn’t want me.
        Selective Service oped with a bias of Selective Memory. It is so nice to write an autobiography as opposed to have a fact checked biography. Karl , stick with the BC Times.

    • This publication has been invaluable to the voters of beaver county. Most of what it covers will not be found in the times. JPs reporting has never been challenged in a court of law, nor have I ever seen a retraction. If you can provide proof otherwise, please do so.

    • Refusing to be interviewed is not a crime. All you haters posting on here fail to note that there are no accusations here, let alone charges. Maybe you should be locked up ?

      • cps.. you’re right. Refusing to be interviewed as an individual isn’t a crime. BUT as the MAYOR of Quip… he has a duty to aid in any investigation regardless of what it’s about! If he was as “transparent” as he always says he is, then why not answer a few questions. If he doesn’t answer, a TON of Quip Residents need to go to next council meeting and Demand he RESIGN!! Take his brother with him while he’s at it.

    • Ummm excuse me Mr Davidson……refusing to answer questions is a bit more than “not saying anything”…..Oh I’m sorry he was busy having lunch at the governers house. He should come have lunch at my house and see what I have to live next door to…..he should have to call the police and watch them not respond to whats happening around here. Ego….Gossip… sir! This is REAL and nothing is being done in this town to help those of us who have to watch it everyday.

    • Nothing will change till the bigger hand puts a stop to all this shit
      I hope that they will find shit they never thought they would find out about the leaders of this city

      • didn’t you just go to jail for drugs? oh yea you were all buddy buddy with the mayor working out together that one summer.

  16. I guess I don’t understand. By not meeting with the state police this outlet writes he’s “refusing?” There’s no mention at all of what he’s being investigated for or if he’s EVEN being investigated. Just that he didn’t talk to the cops. And folks are fired up about this? This was written to incite those who blindly post ridiculousness such as “lock him up.” I’m not saying he’s clean of anything, but I’m certainly not saying he’s a criminal, because the article provides zero incite either way. All we really know based on this is that he hasn’t talked to the cops. Wtf? People are crazy. Media outlets taking advantage of stupidity and lack of rational thought, and of course the stupidity and lack of rational thought, are what’s wrong with this country.

    • If the police want the Mayor’s help investigating crime in his town and he won’t talk to them people have a right to be told!

  17. Hey Dawan Maybe if you took that Sheriffs Dept. dick out of your ass you would loose that funny look on your fat face.

  18. Not surprised. Aliquippa hit the toilet and started the downward spiral many years ago. It’s such a hot corrupt mess that it will never get better unless every aspect of its operation as a city is 100% overhauled. Hopefully now that higher authorities are involved and people are coming forward, it will happen so people can live there in peace.

  19. Hasn’t and won’t are complete different.
    Just because I haven’t run for higher office, doesn’t mean I won’t.

  20. ANYone who refuses to meet with the State Police, I deem guilty of something they are afraid will be found out. If he thinks I would vote for him if he refuses to meet with the State Police, he better think again.

      • Don’t you know Sam Cocks is one of the biggest racists in Beaver County?! Blacks are racists by definition.

    • Refusing to be interviewed and answer questions. Hmmmm… can’t run from them forever Dwan. Whatever you’re trying to hide will be exposed sooner or later.

    • Always the phrase. I think in this instance he could be purple, white, green or brown. They want to talk to the man.

  21. Maybe his lawyer advised against it. It doesn’t say he had to and doesn’t mean guilt or innocence. Time will reveal.

  22. This racism discussion is very unfortunate. It does not figure into why/how Walker is “uncooperative” with the investigators. I am sure the details are on the back burner waiting for the governments next action. Then, cue John Paul to report it.

    That said, any attempt to find him online results in seeing his own prolific, daily, presentations of being deeply aligned with the Black community, it’s leaders present and past, being the first Black mayor in the Quip, and posting religious pictures and quotes ad nauseum. It is a garish egotistical display of his public persona, but it is not racially motivated. It’s an ego without bounds.

    So, he wants to be left alone to continue being the larger-than-life Pied Piper of the Quip, in as many venues as he can stuff into each day.

    The problem is that some bad stuff has happened in the Quip that he has no plausible deniability for not knowing, and that will taint his puffed up image, and maybe even bring him down.

    It’s OK to strive to be a god, but occasionally you have to deal with reality.

  23. I’m not sure whatcisxgong on here or why Mayor Walker is refusing to speak to the police. I’m certain it will all come out. Let’s not start pulling the race card again.

  24. This mayor crippled the police department with his haphazard appointments. Dig into how the assistant chief got his position. He shouldn’t even be an officer but this so called mayor promoted him to asset chief. Isn’t he the one that was recently investigated by the state police? We haven’t heard the outcome of that, are there any arrests or was it swept under. Beginning to think the state police are shady too?????

  25. I know this man personally, he is not a crook. He’s a good man trying to do right by The people, unlike our president, now he’s a crook.

    • Not yet. But he will be if he is trying to cover up misdeeds or illegalities or has actually participated in them, no matter how noble his intentions were.

      • Whether he did anything illegal or not, I think you will find, Raven, that there is a group of people who will blind themselves to any wrongdoings and scream for his release (if incarcerated) if he is found to have committed a crime or crimes.

      • Raven. Dwan is a hood rat slinging dope on the corner. It is not a race thing, it’s a criminal thing. He was hoping he was going to come out clean on the other side by being mayor. He like Tony Guy are pawns in the game. Not the players pushing the pieces around. They both know it.

    • Caleb Thompson I’m just sitting here reading some of these comments and they are quite troubling some of these folks have a true shoot first and ask questions later mentality. It’s amazing how the media can shape ppls minds.

      • Jomar your right it is troubling how the media can influence peoples minds.The Beaver County Times pro. Sheriffs Dept. and corrupt political agenda are a prime example of how destructive and dishonest propaganda can be.

    • Caleb.. if you’re referring to the Mayor… then you really don’t know HIM very well. You know the guy he wants everyone to think he is

  26. The PA. State Police probably wanted to ask the Mayor what was on the menu at the Governor’s luncheon and did he get enough to eat.

  27. For all you “Still Dwan Believers”.. go read some of the other articles on this site about your pal. Some people might have the “hang’em high attitude”. Guess it never occurred to anyone that some people in Quip have seen thru his phoney bs, and know what the heck the REAL DEAL is.

    Here’s a tip for JP for your next Quip article.. my neighbor tells me past couple council meetings that Twin Bro Grimm Donald (Finance Officer of Quip ) says Quip owes Valley Waste like $360,000. That’s a TON of jingle on old 3 yr contract. Sure some people don’t pay their garbage bill.. but somehow I doubt its $120G worth per year times 3 years. Rumor has it there’s way more to this story! Bust out da Right To Knows!

  28. Have you ever flushed a toilet and there’s a chunk of turd that just comes back up into the bowl and it takes a few more flushes to make it finally go down? (And don’t roll your eyes because you know damn well that it’s happened to you.)

    The mayor reminds me a lot of the turd chunk…a hanger-oner that serves no purpose and just keeps popping up intending to annoy..

    • All yes, everyone knows whats going on ! Too bad some of the people on here do not know about your drug dealing family ! I know all about you circle of family and friends. Ouch, ouch !!! Go cry to Dwan ! Were not some of your family and friends picked up on the last federal sweep years ago ? YES, so go get a BIC razor and shave your beard…..RICO. RICO. RICO.

  29. Quip really isn’t a dump. There are so many wonderful people that live here from all walks of life. People think Quip is a dump cus the almighty “Times” prints more negative than positive things about Quip. Same shit that happens in Quip happens in Center, Hopewell, Beaver, and any other place you can think of. The Times selectively prints the bad only when it happens in Quip.

    Yvonne Jackson.. I think you’re going to be highly disappointed.

  30. You know, some of you people fuckin amaze me. Does anybody know for sure if any crime or wrongdoing was committed???? No. Do any of you believe he could be innocent?? Obviously not. Oh one lady made a great suggestion let’s tear down Aliquippa. Yeah that’s a great idea for someone who probably only passed through and not actually grew up in. I bet no one has a problem with her saying that though huh??? Of course not. Fuck the ppl that live there no one cares. The mayor is corrupt, a bunch of drug dealers, and addicts yeah who needs Aliquippa. Well I do it’s the place I was born and raised in. And if you don’t have any facts about this situation don’t speak on it cause you might look like a dumbass in the end

  31. Yall are truly ignorant and oblivious about the facts of this situation…but continue to be great, and uninformed about Aliquippa!!! I’m sure none of u negative nancys have attendeda city meeting

  32. I hope they investigate Hopwell zoning officer John Bates . He badgers people not connected but let’s his allies do whatever they want , he looks the other way. What does he do all day since he has code sys doing inspections? Maybe we need to have a gathering of people who feel Bates is a big problem.

  33. I grew up in Aliquippa, and I am proud to have grown up there. Unfortunately Aliquippa is like most small towns. Regardless of race the only color that is noticed is green. The people with money or political pull run the show. The other people are stuck with what they get, usually nothing. Allusions is no better or worse than other towns everywhere. I do agree that the Beaver County Times loves to paint Aliquippa as a crap hole, they have done it since I was a teen. The majority of people in Aliquippa are good honest people, just trying to live. But Aliquippa is like the other towns in Beaver County, strangled by money and politics.

  34. I’m sure there’s a reason for this, but the article doesn’t even mention that he out right refused, or what he’s refusing to answer. maybe we shouldn’t be jumping to conclusions, considering he hasn’t done anything wrong.

  35. When your success surpasses what your peers expect of you then you become a target – some of you are so quick to judge- this man hasn’t been charged with anything he just refuses to be question which is the fifth amendment he has the right to do that grow up quit jumping on bandwagons trying to hurt people you better be careful Karma comes in all kinds of ways – dress well

  36. When you have nothing to substantiate Dwan’s godly powers you ALWAYS DROP THE RACECARD. What has he done to clean up the piles of debris off Rt. 51 that have been there for over a year? Get a march together with the unemployed standing on just about every street corner all day and march your fat ass over and manually pick it up if you really care. It’s all about him and trying to get a good job and stop being a leech. Show me what results he has accomplished? Either that then give more contracts to UNIS Demolition. How dumb can you be? They never finish anything they are contracted to do. yet they get head of the line privileges when the big bucks come rolling in from federal/state pork.

  37. Spoke to Chief one day about a dealer that lives next to my mom. The front of his house is like the drive through at Wendy’s. Asked him what could be done to help my elderly mother. He basically told me nothing and to put up security camera!!

  38. Fuck everyone on here that has so much shit to say about Quip half of you White Fuckers on here just mad yall lost your children to fucking Dope most of the comments on here are from Trashy Hopewell my mistake Dopewell Ass Junkies the other people on here commenting just upset that we the TRUE ALIQUIPPIANS ARE THE HEARTBEAT OF BEAVER COUNTY! Y’ALL HATE CAUSE SO MUCH TALENT COMES FROM THIS SO CALLED TOWN.NONE OF YOU GUYS WANTED BEFORE BUT NOW FOR SOME REASON ITS THE NAME YALL WANT THAT YALL TOOK OUR DOWNTOWN FROM US TO MOVE IT TO DOPEWELL CTFU! NOW WE’RE THE TRASH WE ALWAYS WERE TREATED THAT WAY BY THE COUNTY OF BEAVER IN ALL WAYS LOOKED UPON AS OUTCAST 🖕🖕🖕F. O.H DUMB ASS BISHES



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