Attorney Myron Sainovich (center) / photo by John Paul

Aliquippa Councilman Matthew Mottes is accusing City Solicitor Myron Sainovich of misleading the news media about recent events involving the police chief.

Councilman Mottes gave an interview to the Beaver Countian last night where he talked about the ongoing criminal investigations by Pennsylvania State Police into the Aliquippa police department and its chief. Solicitor Sainovich gave an interview to KDKA today in which he says Aliquippa City Council is not aware of any illegal activities by Chief Couch.

“There are no allegations that he has done anything illegal,” Sainovich told KDKA’s Brenda Waters. “If we believed that he would have been suspended without pay.”

Sainovich’s statement to the press infuriated Councilman Mottes, who insists the only reason Chief Couch was suspended with pay is because that is what attorney Sainovich advised.

“Council members are fully aware of a criminal investigation being conducted into the City and the police department, including Police Chief Donald Couch,” Councilman Mottes told the Beaver Countian today. “Myron Sainovich is aware of ongoing criminal investigations into the Aliquippa police department including Chief Couch.”

Mottes alleges that Sainovich is intentionally misleading the news media — and in turn the public — about realities in the City of Aliquippa. Mottes said that attorney Sainovich was present when discussions were held by City officials about alleged illegal activities involving the police chief.

Attorney Myron Sainovich told the Beaver Countian it was not his intention to mislead anyone.

“There were some things that came forward from certain sources that said there were problems with the timesheets,” acknowledged Sainovich. “There were discussions about timesheets and about whether there were any discrepancies, but I don’t have anything.”

Attorney Sainovich said although he is aware of allegations of wrongdoing involving Chief Couch, no charges have been filed against him and he has no specific evidence to substantiate those claims.

“Until such time as a charge is levied, as far as I know, we are all still innocent until proven guilty,” said Sainovich. “I do not have any definitive facts that Mr. Couch had conducted himself in any criminal matter, or that anyone else in the City has conducted themselves in a criminal manner, nor do I know exactly what the target of the investigation is.”

Confidential sources for the Beaver Countian have said they were interviewed by Pennsylvania State Police about Chief Couch involving allegations other than issues with timesheets.

“I do know that Mr. Mottes has had more contact with Pennsylvania State Police than anyone else,” said Sainovich. “There could be something there that he knows that the entire body is not completely aware of yet. So I don’t want to contradict Mr. Mottes (…) As of last night, the reason for the suspension as far as the motion and the vote was he was being relieved of his duties and placed on administrative leave due to personnel matters (…) I don’t want anybody to think that there’s anybody deliberately trying to mislead someone.”

“Now he’s trying to backpedal,” responded Councilman Mottes, who told the Beaver Countian he does not intend to allow today’s events involving Solicitor Sainovich to go unanswered.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Those bastards need to burn. Corruption needs to go away before the city and people can prosper. I have a feeling this shit runs deep, like very deep…

  2. Guess he didn’t learn anything from Former Chief Lutton, or maybe he did, that you can get away with it for centuries and not go to jail, pay only a portion back and still keep your job and pension with another twp! Being Brighton Twp!

  3. OMG why oh why has that man crawled out of the woodwork? Could not keep my dinner down when I saw him on the news. Same faces…same bullshit coming out of their mouths. I don’t know how they live with themselves…the whole bunch of them.

  4. Go get em Matt! I knew Myron was lying when I saw him on the news. No ties to the DelTondo case? I highly doubt that! If so, then why are the Aliquippa police now off the case? Answer that one, Myron.. 😏

    • Right. Couch and Watkins – but sure that’s just the start. All guilty in the Deltondo murder and we all know which pulled the trigger and ran like the piss ant he is with some help from… (we all know who he used – how sick can a male get – not man because they have no clue what that word means) – so now, Couch, Watkins, Mann sitting around together on tax payer dollars. What kind of crap is that. Last I checked you do something wrong or even accused / you go to JAIL. AND WHY ARE ALL THE NEWS STATIONS FAILING TO REMEMBER WATKINS IS ON PAID ADMINISTRATIVE LEAVE?

      • And let’s face another FACT boys and girls. It is next to impossible to file a complaint against any officer. So that being said, whatever Watkins, Couch and Mann are being set aside for must be pretty serious, so should they not be let go pending an investigation instead of pampered on paid leave? I’m sorry, but something stinks.

    • If we “all know” who pulled the trigger and ran and “we all know” who he got help from, why hasn’t there been an arrest? Please stop that “we all know” crap because we do NOT all know. We can form our own opinions but we do not “all know”.

    • Myron told Brenda Waters that there are no allegations Couch has done anything wrong, or something close to that ! BUULSHIT, he is aware of the allegations against Couch, and so is Dewan Walker, they were told of all of the double dipping Couch has done through the years, and they ignored it ! Yes that is true, they did not listen and ignored it.

  5. Why is he even their solicitor? Doesn’t he come with a lot of shady baggage? What’s his purpose to mislead? Not good.

  6. Sainovich, David, Mann, Guy, Betters, Christiana, Couch, Fratangeli, Gentile, etc, etc……..I can go on forever. They’re all friends and all connected!! Wake up BC!!

  7. Deliberately mislead the public oh never its all one big misunderstanding. Tell that to all the family and friends of those whose dead bodies showed up in Aliquippa . And they didn’t die of old age. And what about all the innocent people abused even having there vehicles illegally planted with tracking and listening devices. To what end just look at the Aliquippa police and the Beaver county Sheriffs Dept. Take real good look . And you have your answers.

  8. I commend Mr. Mottes for caring and more importantly for acting. I would offer the following to be candidates for his next motions:
    1) Terminate the current solicitor on the grounds that he’s Myron (’nuff said).
    2) Renegotiate the collective bargaining agreement to include the following two changes: 1- suspend disability insurance coverage for any member who is placed on any form of suspension. It’s amazing how many manage to become permanently disabled while sitting at home all day rotating their asses on their thumb. 2- disallow the chief (current and all future) to be a member of the union…the fact that he is permitted to be demonstrates how the connected peeps get swearheart deals in Quiptown.

    Gee…with Jimmy Mann and Don Couch both collecting a paycheck for staying home….just imagine the trouble they can cook up together.

    WTF is the deal with “timesheets” in this county. Every municipality should buy a friggin timeclock and punch cards…..punch in, punch out, all captured by a surveillance camera focused on the timeclock…. It’s such a simple method of tracking working hours that even Chairboy Camp could operate one (after he completes an intensive 3 week workshop that was developed for the intellectually challenged on how to punch in and punch out).

  9. The way I see it is the Fed’s are going to have to draw a line in the sand so to speak as to who and how many guilty bastards they ultimately take down, because at this rate the whole damn County will be operating as a skeleton crew if they were to pursue these putrid ilk to their very roots! Please Federal Govt’ people who may be reading this……..These people are not very bright. They have been handed down this ability to carry on with the illegal things they do from their folks and family. Whether it’s falsifying time cards , aiding in the street drug racket, misappropriting large sums of money i.e Friendship Ridge or even God forbid having a hand in the Naim murder or the tragic DelTondo murder these local yocals have watched too much Soprano’s and have evaded any real oversight for far too long! Please! Please make that line in the sand ever encompassing and put an end to this local corruption once and for all…..Thank you!

    • i agree and the criminal public is going to take advantage of this chaos with possibly more lives/businesses violated/lost

  10. I think Don Couch and Ken Watkins are going to be the fall guys in the murder of that young girl. Hopefully the truth will come out. Myron is just doing his job, like everyone else does for a living. What is supposed to say? I wouldn’t want to be in anyone of these guys’s shoes, first off being a police officer in Beaver County doesn’t pay crap and they take a lot of crap off of people. Maybe it will be for the best that they lose their jobs and go on to a normal life

    • Only sensible comment on this board so far. Everyone else is off their nut. Apparently I live in a town filled with conspiracy theorists and self-appointed legal experts.

    • Lol. I assure you they will be taking the fall for exactly what they did. Jeter was the fall guy but thanks to the public and JP and social media that didn’t happen. Nice try.

  11. I do not know Matt Mottes, but I believe he is a son of the Mottes family I knew well in Monaca. I do know that John Mottes was Chief of Police there, and I went to school with several of the Mottes girls., and I can say that their family valued integrity highly. My knowledge and acquaintance with them leads me to think Councilman Mottes is both honest and earnest in his efforts to improve Aliquippa’s Government and make it a better place to live. I certainly hope he succeeds.

  12. Why paid leave for all these suspects? If they are found guilty of anything they get to keep the money and benefits. Suspend without pay pending outcome of investigation. What a sweetheart deal for useless garbage collecting for nothing. Losers at work but now winners in the Alighetto/Beaver County lottery. Free shit? Hell no, the taxpayers will get screwed again. And Sainovich, how many times has he been linked to shady shit? Open your eyes people. You are being raped by the corrupt forces of this county. Build a big ass gallows in front of the court house and let’s get this over with. Storm the courthouse (Bastille). Sharpen the guillotine!

  13. Myron Sainovich is quick to point out to KDKA’s Brenda Waters that this suspension was not related to the murder investigation. Maybe, maybe not. But in the larger picture the Grand Jury investigation casts a wide net. One need not commit the crime to have influenced it. Does the Grand Jury or the State Police investigate fudged time cards? Nope, not likely. The Grand Jury investigation might seem to be more in line with a RICO purpose. Did so and so pull the trigger? Maybe not. Did so and so create an atmosphere or environment that allowed it to be possible. Maybe.

    From Wiki: “The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as the RICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for extended criminal penalties and a civil cause of action for acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. The RICO Act focuses specifically on racketeering and allows the leaders of a syndicate to be tried for the crimes they ordered others to do or assisted them in doing, closing a perceived loophole that allowed a person who instructed someone else to, for example, murder, to be exempt from the trial because they did not actually commit the crime personally.”

    Is the RICO act in the background here? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out.

  14. If this fat fuck Couch is found guilty of stealing time, when do we get our tax money back, I will be the first in line to file a lawsuit !

  15. Joe Perciavalle is a good man and a good police officer, he is just getting caught up in a bad joke. Matthew Mottes is also a good man trying to do the right thing. My dad which was also a police officer gave me some life advice that I’d like to pass on to these good men. Don’t trust politicians and lawyers.

    • Matt mottes is the most wannabe mafia politician if there ever was one. Sits in the mpi club thinking hes john Gotti or something.

    • Good policemen do not take porno and distribute the video to his friends and family. Don’t be so quick to group your father with a pervert act of another individual because they are of the same profession.

  16. Lest we forget… This is Aliquippa, situated in hoopie-heaven Beaver County. It’s not New Jersey. This isn’t “The Sopranos.” It’s real life and people really are being murdered with no justice so the unconscionable actions of a select few can keep lining crooked pockets while the rest of us get up every day and earn HONEST livings like decent human beings. Folks really need to get over themselves around here. People can’t even teach their little ones to (as Mr. Rogers said) “find a helper” in times of trouble, as the “helpers” around here are doing everything but what they’ve sworn to do.

    If only we hadn’t just settled into a new home in this area…



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