Mulch pile at the community garden / submitted photo

The City of Aliquippa has been lying to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection about where they’ve been dumping their organic waste, and after being cited by the agency, stole a compost pile from a community garden rather than cleaning up the real problems.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) cited Aliquippa for failing to dump leaves, clippings, and brush into an approved mulching operation. Aliquippa had reported to the DEP that they were dumping their organic waste into a licensed facility operated by Beaver County, when they were in fact illegally dumping it in various locations throughout the city.

“As a county we serve to assist our municipalities, so our role here is to act as a liaison between our various communities and the DEP,” said Holly Nicely, Director of the Beaver County Department of Waste Management. “We have a compost site that the county maintains which is DEP approved, so municipalities can recycle their organic waste here without having to maintain a site of their own.”

Nicely said maintaining a DEP approved site helps to keep communities safe and clean, but can be a complex and expensive endeavor. “So we take a lot of pride in providing these services to municipalities in Beaver County. We are being a helping hand to the communities because the permit requirements are huge, we have to show compliance with all of these regulations on a daily basis. We are responsible to the DEP when they come and inspect us.”

Aliquippa’s misrepresentations to the DEP were revealed as part of a routine reporting process conducted by county government. “Essentially in my role as the county coordinator I have to go into the state system and report for each municipality on an annual basis. I’m required to provide the information that the municipalities provide to me. The DEP Office in Harrisburg then reviews the information and lets us know if there are any red flags.”

Nicely said that Aliquippa failed to provide the county with any information about where they were taking all of their leaves and clippings. That’s when the DEP called the City of Aliquippa.

“The DEP called Aliquippa and then called the county back and said City Manager Sam Gill was reporting all of the materials were going to the Beaver County compost site,” said Nicely.

The county told the DEP that they have no records of the city using their facilities. The DEP issued the City of Aliquippa a citation as a result.

In order to become compliant, and to become eligible for grant money from the DEP, Aliquippa was required to clean up their illegal dump sites throughout the City and take the materials to the county recycling facility or other similarly licensed location.

But instead of cleaning up the town, sources tell the Beaver Countian that officials continued their acts of deception, telling a local community garden they were the reason why the city was cited. It had been years since the city had contributed any materials to the garden’s small mulching project, most of which had already composted into soil. Officials falsely told volunteers who help to run the garden that their compost pile attracted the attention of the DEP because it was located too close to a stream. City workers then came with heavy equipment to remove the mulch, which sources say was delivered to the county recycling facility so the town could then report itself in compliance.

Several sites throughout Aliquippa where city workers were actually dumping leaves over the past two years remained untouched.

A volunteer with the community garden in Aliquippa tells the Beaver Countian that the site was heavily damaged by the city when they came in to remove their mulch piles, with several planting beds being torn up and beehives knocked over.

Beehives at the community garden / submitted photo
Beehives at the community garden / submitted photo


  1. Must all be part of that “vision for Aliquippa” that the mayor keeps talking about….the one that is a big pipe dream.

  2. It no dream aslong as you keep the ones on that pipe sucking it you can be Rock star it just takes a few tokes, and your dreams can be reality or rehab…. But get them registered to vote .

  3. Where are all the Walkers’ comments on this article?! Aliquippa is a very small version of Detroit. Look where Kwame ended up

  4. Mr. Paul I would like to invite you to my churches mission week in July.  We are having it this year from July 14th through the 18th. 
    I would love to not only show you the city that I have fallen in love with, but introduce you to the people that I love.
    I moved to this city almost ten years ago.  I spent a good portion of my life living in various places.  This is the first town I have called home.
    GOD Bless

  5. Mr. Paul. I would like to invite you to my churches mission week July 14th – 18th. I would love to show the city and people that I love. I would love to show you why I fell in love with Aliquippa <3

    • It’s very wrong to mislead citizens, state agencies and show no regard to a county organization trying to be helpful.

  6. No stories for two weeks, then 3 in a day? This happens a little to often with this site. Sheriff, Sheriff, Sheriff, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, Quip, Quip, Rinse & Repeat.

    • @avi: It is difficult enough to deal with corruption in the county on an irregular, although consistent, basis. When it occurs on schedule, we will all be in some really serious trouble. If you want predictable, scheduled corruption and subsequent reporting on it, avi, perhaps you can post a heads up here before the next governmental problem, and we can all pitch in to prevent it. 

      • It’s safe to assume that you’re one of the suckers that actually pay for “The Dead Horseian”.

        Excuse me for thinking that there is more going on in Beaver county then the Sheriff & Aliquippia.

        For somebody with a lot to say, you buy a lot of the shit that’s feed to you. Makes me wonder if you think before you speak, or if you just like to push your opinion without using any logic.

        My point, J.P. only does stories that fill his vendetta . 

  7. It is wrong Clara! But there are those that are afraid to walk the streets of this town, because of ghost stories told by others. There are those that are afraid to interact with those that live in this town. The only way to show someone the love that is in this town, is to invite them into this town. To experience the love, laughter and life that exists here. I have never been afraid to walk the streets of this town. I lived here for a short time when I was 26 and I was not afraid then. I at 43 am not afraid to walk the streets. I am not afraid to walk by myself or with another. If he is filled with that much trepidation…I will walk with him. He holds fear and hate close to his heart. The only way to remove that is to show that Aliquippa is GODS HOLY GROUND! <3

    • I’ve lived in Quip, right on Franklin Ave. Aliquippa is FAR from ” gods holy ground”. IF there is a god, he’s turned a blind eye to that blight of a town decades ago.

  8. My God Ms Whitaker, what god forsaken places have you lived in that were so you moved to Quip and fell in love? You must live in Dimattia or that little section of Plan 12 that’s still decent.

  9. What’s the problem?! That whole town is a toxic dump! Tear the whole shit-hole down already and be done with it!DEE-WON and the crew be lying?! NOOOOOOOOOOO! Can’t be! Not DEE-WON! Say it isn’t so! He must have learned that little trick from Nobama!

  10. If Aliquippa is “Gods Holy Ground “, elderly, innocent, servants of God wouldn’t be attacked in broad daylight. How soon you forget that poor nun was brutally attacked on church property, on the main street, in broad daylight. Ms Whitaker, crooks are the majority and have been for 20yrs. Bless you and your positive attitude, just don’t be so blind to what is around you.

  11. Every town has it’s downfalls. Not a single town in beaver county is like Mayberry. Clean up your own back yard before you start judging others. There’s drugs in every town, Blackhawk, Hopewell, and yes the almighty Center Township.

  12. So the city breaks the law, and people want JP to come to church when he reports on the case. What a bunch of goddamn rubes.
    The town went to hell when the working residents got the hell out. For fucks sake, even the Mayor is unemployed, and proud of it.

  13. Concerned resident, Blackhawk isn’t a town, it’s a school district. Ironically, every town has a church . But only in Quip do people of the cloth get assaulted and churches broken into. I agree, crimes and drugs are everywhere. Nobody is exempt. And it’s def not a racial issue, because Beaver Falls is nowhere near as bad as Quip. Neither is Midland or Ambridge. Aliquippa is in a league of its own for some reason. And somebody needs to fix it quickly. Politicians, white and black, have set that place back 20 yrs.

  14. If a municipality lies to the county and the DEP, then it stands to reason that they are not being as truthful and transparent about other matters.  Something isn’t right when city officials, voted into office, attack volunteerism to establish relief from a blighted area and provide food to those in need.  A largely christian volunteer group has been working on that garden for four years.  If you examine this issue, Sam Gill either new he was lying about the violation, or he didn’t know he was lying.  The former implying he is willing to lie to cover up incompetence, the latter that he is incompetent.  Either way you slice it, it still doesn’t seem that people are getting the point.  They got caught in a lie, and then lied again and sacrificed their fellow christian volunteers.

    • Their lies, were the easiest way to attack the opposition against the fracking being done in Aliquippa, against the will of the people, fact is the biggest opponent against the fracking, the one asking all the right questions at the town meetings regarding the fracking in very close proximity to our community, just so happened to be directly involved with the community garden. They wanted to discredit a man and this was an a easy way of doing it, or so they thought. They blamed this man for compost contaminating a stream, just so he would shut up and feel defeated at the town meetings against the true environmental polluters. The oil and gas industry, I truely hope all of this comes out and they could put a stop to this. Why should my children suffer, when our infrastructure eventually collapses, and we cant even find clean water to drink, just so they can profit from are misery, people need to stop kidding themselves. They will rape our resources and leave us with a far worse wasteland than many people see Aliquippa as. This proud Aliquippian, can tell you that there are many GOOD people in this town, People who truely do want to see it come back from the ashes. The people here have to stop looking the other way and hold their elected officials accountable for their actions. I wanted to believe that the mayor was going to do the right thing, but if he won’t, i’m sure someone else can step up, and give the people the means to truely change this town for the better. I still see it happening if we could get people like Betters to get the hell out and give us our town back! Theres always a scumbag behind every crooked politician. Sorry it had to be said, All of it. Goodbye for now.

  15. I dont know what you all are seeing , but sure isnt the same as me . I worked at the hospital and when it close I took a night turn job doing home health in Linmar. I have seen drug deals go on in front of the house , fights in the street and guns being shot. None of this is normal where Im from. If this is what you call being shown love , then I hate to see what you call something bad. I have seen so much in this town it makes me question why I keep coming to work every night.

  16. Walker hires his buddy Sam to run the city, he couldnt run a lemonade stand let alone be a city manager. When the feds or  AG get in there and start snooping around the books im sure Mark L is going to have some company ! Just the begining !

  17. Walker is: a liar, a phony, a homewrecker, a racist, and a thief.  Memo to Dwan – Ethnic whites built Aliquippa, welfare blacks demolished it.

    • Steel mills built aliquippa.  Italian,Greek, Polish, etc.  All of these races are not the European white ethnic race you speak of.  Also I am a black man in aliquippa.  I own my home, have a masters degree, a job that’s probably better than yours, and married to a black woman with the same credentials, we have two children with straight A’s consistently.  No welfare here.  Quit the stereotypes.  Politics are politics, leave the personal attacks out of it.  You sound ignorant

      • @Quip Pride: Yes, African-Americans were a part of the Pittsburgh and local steel industries, Aliquippa included, as well as the eastern/central European immigrants, and, the local workers born here. This inclusion was represented in sculptor Luiz Jimenez’ “Hunky – Steel Worker”
        , an African-American in steel worker dress, which went on display at the 1990 Three Rivers Art Festival, and was later attacked and threatened with destruction and floating in the river. It was therefore shipped off to rest in on a college campus. The sculptor meant it as a tribute, but it struck a nerve of misinterpretation. The question here is, “What have the ancestral guardians of the steel towns done to continue that which was gained?” I suggest, not much. If anything, places like Aliquippa are in a sorry state, because the current custodians don’t have the ability to do so. They have dropped the ball. It isn’t racial, per se. It is the loss of the work ethic — getting up in the morning to do a job and support oneself and one’s family. But the eastern/central Europeans don’t get completely off the hook. Some of their current relatives continue the “Hunkey mentality” in local governments — town councils and the courthouse — making a farce of local politics and perpetuating a history of corruption. So, they have dropped the ball too. So many “successes” of both of these groups have contributed so much positive to our society. It is a shame that we have to deal with the clinging residue, a residue that will take three or four more generations to flush out of the system. 

      • In the interest of full disclosure, I am a regrettable direct descendant of the “noble” British citizens who contributed to laying waste to and ravaging the Native Americans and their county, and attacked, raped, beat, abused, killed and took into slavery hapless Africans who wanted no part of this place. So, we all have our crosses to bear, a fitting theme for this weekend.

      • Race is a joke anyway.  Might as well go by eye color.  And I agree, let’s keep it above that.

  18. Quip Pride: you are the exception, NOT the rule. I would bet the other brothers call you an Uncle Tom behind your back.

  19. Ms. Marcink you stated that where you are from that this is not normal? Your profile states that you currently live in Pittsburgh, which had 91 homicides in 2013, drug arrests are in the hundreds. Or are you referring to your hometown of Monaca? If you put in the search engine number of arrests in Monaca, Pa….the arrests are endless. There is no such thing as a town that does not have a some sort of criminal element. If it’s such a horrible place to work, have you called the police department and asked for an escort in and out of Linmar? Yes it’s not always the nicest of places. We lost one of our officers while on duty there. But you are painting with a very broad brush. The vast majority of the people in Linmar get up in the morning, get their kids off to school and then go to work. They go to church on Sunday and live the word the rest of the week. You have portrayed them all as thugs, when there are just a few that are living lives that are unacceptable to the citizens of this town. If you feel that un-safe I will meet you there at night and walk you to the door of your job. I will then meet you in the morning to walk you back to your car. Communicyle, firefighters/officers from Aliquippa, churches and other groups go into that neighborhood all year long to have events that out reach to the community. I can pretty much guarantee that if you look for ugly….you will find it no matter what gorgeous sun filled sky you stand under. There are churches from all over this country that come into this town every year. They work in every type of weather condition and they come back year after year. The police and firefighters of this town fight for it every day. Not only while they are on the clock but off as well. They raise thousands of dollars every year for the children of this town. Trust me I can go on and on. You have every right to say what you see. But you are only seeing a very small portion of the amazing people of this town. Just like Mr Paul….I am opening and inviting you to any number of events that go on in this town. You will be hard pressed to find more churches, organizations and individuals that give of themselves at times to the point of exhaustion. And they keep coming back over and over again. Some even move here. I am sorry that you feel fear. I am sorry that there are a few that feel that they have the right to install fear in others. But DO NOT judge this city, it’s leaders, it’s people by the acts of a few. There are thousands of people that are good, GOD fearing people that are proud to Aliquippa home. I am one of those!

    • This lady needs way more tin-foil! What little bubble do you live in?! Did you not see the article about your low-level mayor (thug) threating someone? This is the SECOND time that we know about. You need to get your head out of the sand, and the sooner the better, for all involved! Your town has the most corrupt police dept, and the most corrupt government in the county, bar none! YOU might be able to walk anywhere in that ghetto of a town, but I can guarantee you that a Caucasian person cannot, period! 

    • This is an action against a church based organization.  So basically, I have to ask you, if you love the lord so much that you will absolve the lies of those advising your virtuous mayor and his esteemed colleagues to lie and cover their wrong doing instead of governing in an honest way, what else are you willing to turn a blind eye to?  No one is without sin, but if you are suggesting what I think, you are saying you will blindly follow anyone who claims they are holy without any contrite nature or observance of law as far as governance is concerned.  I would suggest not being so gullible over this god and governance issue.  Maybe figure out who is attacking who, and why?  Instead of just throwing out our lords name in vain for the same characters running your town that you love so much.

  20. DeeWan, do ya think the white whores you’re banging think your fat, ugly black ass is attractive? I have some bad news for you…

    • What is your name and where do you live?  If you can so boldly speak about another human in that manner, you can look at me and judge me in my face.  I’ll come by and give you that chance.  Quit spitting your hate and other racist garbage from behind a computer screen.  Name calling is childish and has no place in politics

  21. So who’s going to loose their job over this? Who ordered the road crew to “steal” the mulch from Uncommon Grounds garden to satisfy a DEP report. Who, exactly lied to the DEP? Sam Gill? Mayor Walker? Are there charges being filed for theft? Probably not considering who they stole from. Just exactly where does the buck, not $$, stop in the Walker administration?
    Sometimes, just sometimes it’s not so much what happen, as how it is handled or not.
    Would someone please get a set of crayons out and explain to these political hacks what Moral Turpitude is.
    Hey Dawyon, next time you go to Harrisburg, take a picture, it WILL last longer than what your political career is going to.

    • Aliquippa just got on the radar of the DEP, no way is this the first time.  Nor will it be the last.  Remember the Unis mess up on Maratta road?  They do. Who wants that property and why is more the question?

  22. Did you investigate the price it costs to dump at the Beaver County Compost site, and if so, why aren’t those costs reported in this article, and it doesn’t seem like its a county owned site; who profits?



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