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Investigators with the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office have found apparent discrepancies in a complaint filed by the Democratic Committee against the Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough, sources familiar with the investigation tell the Beaver Countian.

The Economy Borough Democratic Committee and the Beaver County Democratic Committee filed a formal complaint against the Bipartisan Committee for a Better Economy Borough last September, alleging criminal violations of Pennsylvania’s election laws. The Democratic Committees alleged that the Bipartisan group grossly underreported its donations and expenditures in campaign finance reports filed with the county.

After the Bipartisan Committee subsequently declined to provide copies of receipts requested by the Beaver County Bureau of Elections, the complaint was forwarded to District Attorney Anthony Berosh who then referred the case to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office.

Now sources tell the Beaver Countian that the Attorney General’s Office may be preparing to shutter their investigation into the matter, determining there are significant inaccuracies in the most serious allegations lodged against the Bipartisan Committee.

The Democratic Committees alleged that on two occasions the Bipartisan Committee sent political mailers to 5,602 residents of Economy Borough at a cost of $2,128.76 in one instance and $1,848.66 in another. But sources say AG Investigators have found that the group only sent out 1,600 mailers at less than half the costs alleged in the complaint.

Sources say the Attorney General’s Office has requested more information from Mayor David Poling, Chairman of the Economy Borough Democratic Committee, to substantiate the allegations made against the Bipartisan Committee. Those sources say if the Democratic Committees are unable to provide any additional evidence to bolster their claims the investigation will likely be terminated.

Richard Lapinski, Treasurer of the Bipartisan Committee For A Better Economy Borough, has maintained that his group committed no wrongdoings in the election.


  1. You can’t just make up unsubstantiated allegations because you THINK something is fishy. Dumb…real dumb.

  2. That’s okay Quality Queen the adventure into unsubstantiated allegations continues in Economy this time to the tune of $20,000 tax payers dollars while they do forensic audits and forensic computer searches.  Too bad we can’t have a recall election that wasn’t tainted by these false allegations.  The Mayor and his RINO (republican in name only) minions have all lost credibility and perhaps we should all look into them a little closer !

  3. Take it one step at a time. As they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. I would look at it like this. If the 20k spent proves that there is no issue, then that is so much better in silencing those who think otherwise. Look, people love dirt because it makes for great gossip. But gossip is deadly and bad behavior only feeds it. It looks like a lot of people are guilty of poor behavior and bad decisions. 

  4. Big deal

    Cut your losses agree with the attorney General KRISTAK , WHO GOT HIS ASS HANDED to him by Jimmy Ross prosecuting Sean ramaley, but anyways cut losses agree with him if it is half of your claims its still illegal,,, and they didn’t file correctly and broke the law, you Rob a bank and they say it was 100k but they caught you at four with 75k you still did a crime fuck it and some fat ass women going to be in trouble,

  5. Hey how is this a story

    Sources say………….. the drunks and lipo needed women ticket loss…..

    And looks like Polings numbers where estimated high…… ahhhhh who cares they sure the hell got no clue on what real campaign cost are? Just assumption… good job to the attorney General office way to crack this nut… you proved a crime took place just not as big as it was brought to you…..ohhhh who put it on your lap beaver county district attorney felt it should be looked at four criminal charge…..ummmmm he was right just not as much as the certain people thought… Okay charge the group with 100 dollar fine for not claiming and move on……but speaking of district attorney has KRASTEK and his crack staff figured out what happen to centre county district attorney yet, is he dead, disappeared? Last we know he told you guys about SANDUSKY but you wanted to investigate VEON INSTEAD ….. put 20 guys on him and 1 at that time on penn state geeez hindsight how many kids got raped while that can got kicked down the street maybe the centre county DA knew something???????
    Anyways good job you lost ramaley but CORBETT got elected right, red ring circle at Duquesne lives on

  6. Can’t say John Paul isn’t equal and fair

    But who cares I agree a crime took place buy Group of democrats and republicans charge them and move on

  7. Incoherent rambling about unrelated issues is also just plain dumb. Nothing in this article says there was a crime…yet. Poling has to produce some further objective evidence before any decision is made. I think that is how the law works…innocent until proven guilty. As far as I am concerned, small  town politics has it’s roots in corruption. Look at Harmony Township. WTF were those elected officials doing for years? No audits for years, no oversight of the person who handled the moneyYikes!

  8. The boro website has not been updated as of mid-December.  The new council and administration are not identified, nor are the minutes available. What gives?

    • marsha moore our boro manager with 20 yrs doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and also needs to be fired that’s what gives

      • Why would the Boro manager be responsible for it, and not the Boro Secretary? I’m asking a legitimate question, not trying to be a smart ass or anything…

  9. This town could be nice if the simple fucks didn’t fight everyday

    But instead they fight nobody wants to move in what why school district is a joke

    That God Wal-Mart it’s coming

  10. Why won’t the AG request invoices from the printers?  How about their big campaign signs ?  What about their election day poll handouts?  How about their potato chip bag clips? Any reasonable man can figure that these costs add up quickly.  Who is the bi-partisan group tied to that they are getting a easy off?  The AG has the power to get this information…why won’t they?  Have you asked these questions JP?

  11. Isn’t it going to be funny when they do this audit, if it turns out that it may be Mayor Poling dialing the #900 adult line !

  12. I once heard someone say lookout for the people making accusations because it’s usually what they are doing or would like to do.  Word around Economy Borough is the new secretary is going to be a Poling cronnie.  I hear Ms. N—o (name withheld) was not even interviewed by the borough manager that she would be working directly with.  Hold onto your butt Randy because it will soon be out the door too ! What is even more sad is the Mayor hasn’t paid property tax for 2012 Councilman Morrone hasn’t paid property tax for 2012 and as soon as I get information from the court house may have information on another one.  And these people are making decision for Economy Borough residents ?

  13. Hey Dave, are you humble enough to pass out an apology like you do reports of Bullshit?  It’s the “Christian” thing to do you know?  Bearing false witness and all …  Shall we hold our breath?  Or should we just wait for another tax increase to follow yet another of your bully tactics?  You remember those don’t you?  You were famous for them in high school.  Oh, my bad, I forgot  … you’re a christian NOW. That’s what you said going door to door ….  25 k and counting 



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