Aliquippa City Building / frame grab from video by Bill Waddell

The newly appointed acting Police Chief of Aliquippa is recusing his department from investigating the murder of Rachael DelTondo. Rachael’s mother, Lisa, is praising the move.

Acting Chief Robert Sealock said in a statement to the Beaver Countian that he will be ordering Aliquippa’s detectives off of the case.

“My first official directive as acting Chief of the Aliquippa Police Department will be recusing the Aliquippa Police Department and its officers from the Rachael DelTondo murder investigation,” said Sealock. “Moving forward I will make myself available and provide information and assistance to any and all agencies in the proactive investigation of this troubling and senseless crime. I have full confidence that the investigating agencies will unravel this crime and will prevail in bringing the guilty culprit or culprits to justice.”

Lisa DelTondo has been calling for the Aliquippa Police Department to be removed from the investigation of her daughter’s murder since the day after it occurred.

“This is a good step forward,” Lisa told the Beaver Countian. “I hope this makes a difference. Today is one month since my daughter was murdered and we have nothing. It is disgusting and it is sad. I am glad that Aliquippa is now off of the case, they never should have been on it.”

Lisa DelTondo told the Beaver Countian she is grateful to acting Chief Sealock for respecting her wishes and doing what she believes is the right thing.

District Attorney David Lozier has faced intense criticism for not bringing in an outside agency to investigate the murder of Rachael DelTondo, due to several apparent conflicts the Aliquippa Police Department has in the case.

Aliquippa Police had leaked sensitive law enforcement records about DelTondo to an unauthorized member of the public prior to her death; one of the last people to see the woman alive was the daughter of Aliquippa Police Sergeant Kenneth Watkins — who himself has been accused of making unauthorized entry into the DelTondo crime scene while off-duty.

Sealock plans to use his department’s limited resources on other public safety priorities in the town.

“The Aliquippa Police will be focusing our resources on other investigations and looking out for the safety and welfare of our citizens,” said Sealock. “Our efforts will be concentrated on moving forward and continuing to be active within the City of Aliquippa. As Chief, I will be requesting the assistance of the community in reporting crime, as well as promoting transparency and trust in the police within the community.”

On Thursday of last week, then-acting Police Chief Joe Perciavalle had similarly pledged to recuse the Aliquippa Police Department from the DelTondo investigation, but he was arrested by Beaver County Detectives before he was able to take formal action.

Acting Chief Sealock has meetings scheduled with the Pennsylvania State Police and plans to ask for their help.

“I will not hesitate to seek the assistance of any local, state, or federal agency that can assist in solving crimes and bettering of the City of Aliquippa,” Sealock concluded.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • To the IDIOT that gave the ”about damn time” post a thumbs down, youz is from quip ain’t ya? Never go nowheres out of tawn nethers do yaz… Beaver valley mall is the best and you ain’t goin’ to no Robinsons Township unless youz packs a lunch… Total idiots in this county and you all get what you deserve. Sadly the rest of us have to suffer for it.

  1. This is wonderful! Let’s hope and pray they can get this case closed and get the killer or killers off the street. Lozier is a complete idiot,he needs to go

  2. There will be a “new” chief by Friday, and the APD will be back on the case. Sealock will go on workmans comp, and the next corrupt asshole will take over and rescind this order.

    • Five-O Each time Robbie was on workers comp, he was off for a legitimate purpose. I hope he will do a good job, give him a chance. At least that thief couch is gone, hopefully for good. I hope all of his double dipping is done, and he pays for his thefts and indescretions he has done to the taxpayers of Aliquippa. And Dewan and Myron were told what Couch was doing and done in the past and the allowed it to continue. Fire Myron and Dewan do the honorable act and step down. RICO, RICO, RICO…

  3. Ummm…… Why “will” you be doing this instead of saying that you’ve already done it? It’s a murder investigation; one doesn’t need to schedule a meeting as if you were calling to schedule a haircut. You pick up the phone and call the PSP and ask them to meet you NOW before some other cluster fuck comes along with the investigation.

    Hasn’t anyone explained to you that actions speak louder than words? The only things this announcement has accomplished are to give the Aliquippa PD notice that they only have a few days to royally screw up any evidence and it gave Stonewall a deadline to cook up some reason to have you arrested and put in the cell with Uncle Perc.

    At least give the directive to your detectives to recuse themselves effective NOW and then worry about who is going to take over. “Will be directing” and “have directed” are not the same thing.

    • if that really does happen and they oust another chief for whatever reason (that they havent addressed earlier WHEN it happened) we need to take this to the streets and get the cable news networks on this – hold signs of Rachael, Sjavante, Jimmy, and whoever soul im missing that has never found justice in this city and demand help.

  4. I’m very happy to hear this but I must make one comment. You can NOT just take yourself “off” the case and wait for someone else to pick it up. Evidence has to follow a chain of possession and if that chain is broken by no one being in documented possession of it at ALL times, then that evidence may not be used in the case. I hope this all follows the chain of evidence so that there is ZERO chance of any of it getting thrown out of court.

    • You mean like that time APD Sergeant Ken Watkins was allowed to run all throughout the fresh crime scene full of evidence?

      That was keeping good custody of it then, huh?

      • Shouldn’t he have been ARRESTED ON THE SPOT? anyone else would have been. Then look at the timeline of when he and his daughter and the APD showed up… If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK.

    • I was going to comment on the same thing…All he said was that Quiptown Keystone Cops are going to be pulled from the case, so that they can get back in the business of protecting the drug dealers. So potentially no one will pick this investigation up….well maybe John Paul and Mr. Benyo, Esq….lol. Aren’t there any well known Private Investigators that would love a “Pro Bono” case like this, for the exposure alone. After their mourning time I hope the DelTondo’s drive this car wreck.

  5. That sound you hear is Aliquippa’s multiple “Sherlock Holmes” impersonators trying to dig up some skeletons.

    • Not sure if you’re referring to the APD or the more “out there” conspiracy theorists posting here. Please clarify so I know whether I like it or not ?

    • He has been busy helping with the cover up. Getting rid of evidence and throwing false evidence in with the rest of them…

  6. All I can say is from the night Deltondo and Watkins daughter were caught necking with two high school boys that Ms Watkins went to school with, officer Watkins name is everywhere. He’s deeply involved and has had plenty of time to cover his tracks including contaminating the CRIME scene. These firings are mere distractions/deflectors.

    • Watkins daughter was in the car with the minor Jeter and Deltondo and another minor with the steamed up windows??? Why hasn’t anyone else mentioned this? How do you know?

      • I thought that was suspicious too. I know if i had previously found an adult in a car with a child as an officer of the law (and i believed it to be true) why would i allow my underage child to go riding around alone with the accused. Ya just the start of harassment of a soon to be murder victim. In my opinion

    • You are really mad at them aren’t you?Were you employed by the company that was involved in the wedding dress fiscaso? You keep saying Lisa, get Marty. She isn’t mentioned in this article or others you say Lisa,get Marty.

      • No, this sick fuck is much more directly related to the murder somehow. Someone trying to crush whatever will to live remains in this broken family and is now laughing in the face of a vanquished adversary. Someone Rachael was going to destroy, but now can’t.

    • You may dislike the family but what you’re doing is beyond cruel. Those people are most likely destroyed inside and no good comes from hurting them anymore than they are. Just stop that and leave them alone. Whatever grudge you have with them is non-important, doesn’t even matter anymore, they’re hurt more than any payback you could have in store for them.

  7. During last year budget negotiations – DA Lozier wanted to speak in private with the County Commissioners – because he wanted to ADD detectives to his staff. Sandy Egley advised Lozier that the PSP could take over a lot of his detectives duties – and would use the PSP crime lab. This would save the county a lot of money. This pissed off Lozier – so no wonder why – he is so reluctant to call in the PSP.

    • Exactly. He wants a huge detective team, a swat team, a mega drug task force. This isn’t NYC. The county can’t support that. He’s too soft on crime, playing catch and release with all the drug crimes, anyway. So what’s the point in arresting all these people you just let go?

  8. This is great news, I hope this give the family at least a little peace of mind by removing the APD from this case, now let’s see how the great County DA handles this? Am sure they will be up all night seeing how to put Sealock in a blackmail hold over that move? Watch your back Chief Sealock sounds like you just step on someone’s toes! The great and powerful Lozier will be a little pissed off, it’s makes him look like a idiot, sorry he already does in the eyes of this County? Thank you for that step and doing what’s right for the family of DelTondo and finally giving that family a LITTLE peace of mind!!!!

    • Also I have a feeling Lozier is trying to prove to the County commissioners that he can do it all and needs more money to solve this, again to him it’s politics as usual isin his interest and not the family?
      But by now am sure he’s has things so screwed up this my never be solve!!!!
      I feel for this family that this is nothing but politics and money! YOU ALL COME TO YOUR OWN conclusion people of Beaver County????? 😪

  9. I believe that it’s time for the AG’s office to take a hard look at this investigation , and the DA’s office ….

  10. Thing’s that I have seen that happens in this County and County government, nothing does not surprise me! It’s Business as usual! People needs to wake up or nothing is going to change!

  11. I wonder if its too little too late? I don’t know as much about homicide investigations as a number of other posters here, but my concern is more of one that acting chief Sealock is doing this as a show, knowing that the time it took for Chief Couch to be relieved, and then acting chief Perciavalle’s appointment and subsequent debacle to transpire, any evidence and or trails are now tainted and corrupted to where they can’t be used. Its easy now to say you are washing your hands of this matter and turning the case over to the state police, so that if/when it goes unsolved, you can say “We had nothing to do with it, this was all someone else responsibility to solve.”

  12. Joshua Kessler , go back and read the article, Lisa is mentioned more than once. ” A wedding dress fiasco”, what are you talking about? KARMA

  13. A corrupt, dysfunctional police department. A figurehead Mayor. An incompetent, showboating DA. A criminal underground running the place. A RICO investigation that will likely take some key brand name people down. A former punk Sheriff cheerleading wisdom from the sidelines. Staged meetings. Cops breaking the law. The State Police stonewalled. An expert defense attorney illegally subverted by the DA. Cell and office raids. Legal rights violated. National attention. And more… WTF?

    And a young woman caught up in it all lies dead.

    Yep. It’s a true SNAFU.

    From a murder to a cold case in only one month? Say it ain’t so, Quip cops. But at least now we know all the nasty rumors were true. And, that anyone who even drives through that place is in danger.

    A short six years ago, the news was just about a punk cop turned punk Sheriff having hissyfits. Now, the whole can of worms is being served up for dinner.

    Well, revenge is a dish best served cold (case) isn’t it?

    Bon appetit!

  14. Whether Sealock is a “good” cop is not the issue anymore. Per Raven the major problem is the total lack of respect for the APD. We have only seen the tip of the corrupt empire running amok under DEEWANN and his handlers. No amount of posturing is going to change that for a long, long time. Many spoke in quiet circles about the corruption and ineptitude of the APD but now it is out in the open. No amount of PR or bullshit stories are going to change that. Sadly, I doubt that the majority of people believe Sealock either. Tainted evidence, botched investigation and scandal after scandal involving the APD and the piss poor performance of the wannabe super sleuth dicks and Stonewall have completely hindered this case. Ineptitude, inexperience, hubris and the blue wall of silence are doing more damage than the local mob handlers. Saddest thing is that Stonewall will go out on his pike rather than turn this case over for the sake of the community and the family, to begin the healing process. He’s not smart enough to do this alone, his handlers must have his balls in a vise grip. If he still has any. Put service before self Stonewall. Give up and let real investigators step in. You have already earned a lasting legacy and sealed your fate. Any dignity and class left at all? As for your gumshoes, how the hell do any of you sleep at night working with this bum? Obviously you are sadly lacking in ethics, morality and ability also. Maybe you all are better suited to writing parking tickets in Mayberry with Barney!

  15. Do tell are any of them related to the original Keystone Cops??? This is outrageous how can you not have a suspect in custody by now. Surely there are video cameras in neighbors houses that captured the entire thing. Oh sorry APD didn’t think to look there. And Lozier where did you get your criminal law degree??? Watching the ID channel’s or Criminal Minds? It appears a number of your quotes come directly from the TV shows. Step down you have no clue what you are doing. Beaver County should have voted for Benyo an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney who knows the law. Again the corrupt ones ie: Bowtie boy…managed to throw that off track. I new it was a bad idea to vote for a DA in training. He’s been trained by the very people who are corrupt. What a mess. My prayers go out to the families and friends of Rachael and to the entire community of Beaver County for having such messed up Law enforcement Agencies. Keystone indeed.

    • They should have gathered every form of video within a 2 mile radius of the scene and studied that video one hour before and one hour after at the very least. They should have posted a car in front of DelTondo residence to record tag numbers of cars driving past because someone involved in this has driven past there. They always come back. That’s a fact. Too late now because everyone busy playing fuck around instead of getting the job done.

  16. This case is going to end up staying with the Beaver County Detectives exclusively. No reason to get too hopeful, people. As much as we all want justice, no agency is going to be in any hurry to try to unravel the clusterfuck that has already been created. Sorry to rain on your parade.

  17. The APD is not a separate organization, to be believed or not, as nothing else there stands alone either. From the Neanderthal texting a swinging babe photo with his knuckles, to the top of the Courthouse nepotism and bullshit hierarchy, it is a seamless corruption thread — one that regroups each Sunday at St. Titus Church and crowds into the confessionals each Friday to schmooze the priest with offerings and apologies to be forgiven.

  18. Raven: Spot on as usual. It always reverts to the same old shit and the same old Friends and Family Inc. I’m sure they’re looking for new capos and soldiers to replace those who may be incarcerated for a while. That while watching the Gotti series and dreaming big. Thank God for the church of absolution for any and all criminal activity. Just pay the man.

    • Over the years I have heard from different people that most of the decisions in Aliquippa are made in a certain club or San Rocco with delegates being from a macaroni company and a sausage company along with a few local officials. Now since Popeyes isn’t planting a flag there maybe they can work on getting a Uncle Pervs Chicken and Ribs joint and that should earn him a seat at the conference table.

  19. The reality that we need to face is that no law enforcement agency has a pervasive hunger for justice that a person may have. They are institutions, not individuals. Agencies have no soul. The PSP, the FBI, any agency that you hope is going to come in and ‘take over’ this investigation, they all measure success on convictions. The chances of achieving a clean conviction at this point are slim to none. There is no one coming to the rescue because there is nothing in it for them. The Beaver County Detectives will own this investigation and it will go in whatever direction Lozier decides to go. The damage done is irreversible. I’m sorry to for the DelTondo family and I am genuinely hopeful that I am wrong about this. But I don’t think I am.

    • Sorry, Disgruntled, but, in my opinion, one cannot consider the APD a “law enforcement agency”, for clearly, it is not. There is no equivalence among the law enforcement agencies in Beaver County. The APD is a tool, nothing more, and it has been since a former punk cop was slap-jacking heads for fun. And an “institution’? Nope, more like a coterie of misguided old high school friends, family and hangers-on, answering to a higher power, and that’s not the law.

      • I share your sentiments. But I don’t have much hope that anyone, person or agency, is going to come in on a white horse and save the day. Lozier and the Beaver County Detectives own this for better or worse until the bitter end.

  20. Well, is anyone even available in the department to do investigations? That thin blue line is drawn with a fine point these days in Quip Town.

  21. What is Sealock going to do about the Watkins dysfunctional family? Did he not order Sgt Watkins off the scene? if so, then why is Watkins still getting paid for doing nothing? Start with cleaning out your own shithouse “Acting” Chief. Watkins should be suspended without pay pending further investigation. How can a town in receivership possibly be able to afford all these losers on leave with pay? What took so long for the FB issue to arise? Why did family share with their child and then return another crude image? WTF is the matter with these people and why is Sgt Watkins even walking the streets? “Acting Chief”, you better get a big ass broom and a bigger boat for all the shit you have to get rid of. Take some sick leave and leave the cleanup to John Joe and his ace “Fingers” David.

    • Easy, big fella. The acting chief will probably look to settle things down and get some stability in the department before he starts “cleaning house”. Maybe spend some time trying to mesh the schedules with the still available staff.

    • so we have 3 cops on leave with pay. on leave because 1 tampering 2 job performance 3 a charge and theyre all paid and on vaca . this is a co ver up

  22. San Rocco and the patron Saint of Patrica won’t be around till August. Better call and emergency meeting at the club and get every ones story straight. Call it a spaghetti sauce tasting pre-qualifier.

    • John Q: Pay to play and even St Titus will call in all the saints that money can buy to save your souls. What a bunch of manipulated and pitiful people. YOU CANNOT PETITION THE LORD WITH PRAYER! (OR CASH). No credit cards or checks please. We prefer no paper trail. Let’s review the fall of Rome again. Corruption, false adulatory and pagan worship of false idols. That and they continually sacrifice the dumb asses for the “gifted ones”. Glory Deo to the “idols”. Like Beaver County, the most evil will prevail because of the apathy and indifference of the sheeple. On Sunday you turn a blind eye to the scum and vermin among you. God will not be so forgiving. No matter how many shekels you put in the basket. That’s man’s law, not God’s. Get your heads out of your asses and get on board with a cleansing of this cesspool in this county. You may meet God sooner than you think.

  23. Your singing this chiefs praises??? Wtf, all he did was turn it over to county who should’ve been involved from the beginning. You don’t think Lozier is playing puppeteer with them??? Nothing has changed with this move. It’s total bullshit. Rotten bastards better fear their judgement day. Disgusting

    • Funny. BC detective T. Patrick lives right by – none other than WATKINS…
      and does anyone know which APO lives in the Catroppa building on Angelo St – right at the end of Deltondod street?

  24. That would be the other thieving detective Tappler. Couch n Poodik took him right under their wing and taught him “the ropes”.



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