The woman who allegedly heard Larry Hicks make threats at Friendship Ridge last week is not a nurse, but a patient at the facility — Rather than preparing to commit murder, staff say the man was having a smoke when Deputies arrived, waiting for his laundry to finish — The employee who called Sheriff David directly instead of dialing 911 is a political insider with close ties. As the county’s investigation into last week’s incident continues, some employees of Friendship Ridge have begun using harsh language, accusing the Sheriff’s Office of misleading the press and the public.

Not Adding Up

Just one day after he pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination during a hearing on private security services performed by his office, Sheriff George David was the center of a news blitz, seen on all major outlets touting himself and his Deputies as heroes. Journalists flocked to David’s office after he had them notified that he and his men had just prevented what would likely have been a tragedy involving mass casualties.

Sheriff David said that Larry Hicks entered Friendship Ridge “locked and loaded”, ready to kill the vulnerable elderly who would have been unable to flee his attack. David said he was convinced many would have died if he and his Deputies hadn’t stopped the man. “He’s making threats and I think he would have followed through on those threats, but we stopped him, myself and my men stopped him, thank god,” David told news crews. “This is a facility with elderly people and disabled people in wheelchairs. They can’t move. We averted a tragedy here today,” he was similarly quoted as saying.

But sources at Friendship Ridge tell the Beaver Countian that Larry Hicks was sitting on a bench outside of the facility when Deputies arrived. They say he was smoking a cigarette, calmly waiting for a load of his laundry to finish. It was not an abnormal chore for the man, who sources say has been living out of a Rochester home with no running utilities. “He has been doing his laundry at [Friendship Ridge], and security believes he has been sleeping on our unit that was shut down,” said one employee who spoke on condition they not be quoted by name.

One nurse at the facility said some staff members were aware that Hicks had been doing his laundry on a regular basis, but many looked the other way, feeling sorry for a man they consider harmless. Staff members say he spent hours each day visiting with his mother or other residents, watching television, or just roaming the halls.

Sheriff David told WPXI, WTAE, KDKA, and the Beaver County Times that a nurse at Friendship Ridge had heard Larry Hicks making threats. “He was on the property and he told the nurse, he was looking at the calendar, counting days, he said today’s the 17th, today’s the day people are going to die,” said David.

A report from the Sheriff’s Department identifies that nurse as Cathy McCauley. But county officials tell the Beaver Countian that Cathy McCauley isn’t a nurse, an employee of the county, or even an outside contractor. “I checked all of the county systems and confirmed that Beaver County does not have any employees named McCauley,” said Beaver County Human Resources Director Rick Darbut. “I double checked with [Friendship Ridge Human Resources Manager] Renee Wolf and she confirmed that the woman is not an employee and does not work there.”

Multiple sources have now confirmed to the Beaver Countian that McCauley is in actuality, a patient at the facility.

The press weren’t the only ones told that the patient was instead a nurse. In a sworn Affidavit of Probable Cause signed by Deputy John Joe Fratangeli, he states that he “spoke with Cathy McCauley a nurse who stated that was she was [sic] in the main hallway in front of the nurses station sitting,” when she heard Hicks make the threats.

Nurses at Friendship Ridge have said the woman has mobility problems, and there is “no way” anyone could have possibly confused her with being a staff member.

Sources confirm to the Beaver Countian that the Sheriff’s Office has subpoenaed three people from Friendship Ridge to testify at a preliminary hearing scheduled for Larry Hicks this Thursday, including Cathy McCauley, Andre West, and Mr. Sam Rosatone Jr.

Officials tell the Beaver Countian that Rosatone was the man who talked to Sheriff David about Hicks’ alleged threats, rather than calling 9-1-1.

Along with being head of security and the dietary department at Friendship Ridge, Sam Rosatone Jr. is a Midland Borough Councilman, a Democratic Committeeman, and one of Sheriff David’s personal friends. Sources close to David say the two have met regularly on Sunday mornings at “Papa Duke’s” in Center Township for breakfast, and are considered political allies by Democratic Party insiders. Rosatone serves on Midland Council along side Councilman and Sheriff’s Deputy Kevin Lupo. Both the Sheriff’s Office and Midland Borough share the same Solicitor, attorney Myron Sainovich, the man who media sources say helped orchestrate a press blitz for Sheriff David following the alleged incident at Friendship Ridge.

Mr. Rosatone did not return a phone message left by the Beaver Countian seeking comment.

Now Larry Hicks has retained council, and his attorney says the whole case against his client stinks.

“I have been retained to assist Mr. Hicks in this matter,” said criminal defense attorney Gerald Benyo. “Grave concerns have been raised regarding the legality of the Sheriff’s Deputies interaction with Mr. Hicks, as well as several specific factual assertions made by Deputies in the Criminal Complaint and Affidavit of Probable Cause. I am confident that additional information favorable to Mr. Hicks will soon be forthcoming.”

Officials React

Beaver County Emergency Services Director Wes Hill met early today with all three Commissioners and the county’s law department to discuss what is being dubbed “a serious lapse in protocol” by Sheriff George David. Director Hill later met with District Attorney Anthony Berosh to discuss the situation.

“Right now my job is to make absolutely certain that all employees of this county know to call 911 if there is an emergency,” said Director Hill. Following Hill’s meetings with other officials, a “Priority Memo” signed by all three Commissioners was sent out to every employee of the county, reminding them to call 9-1-1 in an emergency. “When a situation develops requiring emergency help, the appropriate action to take is to call 9-1-1, Beaver County Emergency Services,” the memo reads, “it is imperative that 9-1-1 be first called to institute all necessary plans that are appropriate for the given emergency.”

Law Enforcement sources say District Attorney Anthony Berosh ordered County Detectives to conduct an independent investigation of last week’s incident involving Larry Hicks at Friendship Ridge. Those sources say Detectives spent much of today at the facility, interviewing potential witnesses in the case.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, the Beaver Countian has released a statement regarding an incident involving Sheriff George David and this reporter.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. What a JOKE, a patient at Friendship Ridge, most of those people are old and have Alzheimers , all the nurses felt sorry for Mr Hicks, let him wash his clothes there, so where’s the threat? Boy did some one F up, Welcome to the THREE RING CIRCUS…..


  3. I was going to comment last night, but changed my mind at the last second. I decided I’d just sit&listen for a little longer. Sam, Sam, Sam. Somehow I knew you were the caller. Sam should be fired! The sheriff should be drawn and quartered. I’m sure if one of the real Security Officers would have done something that stupid, they would have been fired on the spot. I’m ashamed to be a Democrat in Beaver County.

  4. Wait a minute where did the gun come from is it registerd or reported stolen,whos fingerprints are on it was indeed found on Mr. Hicks,he does not have a permit so that in itself is a crime. Did he show the gun to anyone while he was on the grounds,there are alot of questions that must come out at the hearing.And we all know sam from midland he is so full of shit and nothing but a political hack. This might get deep.

  5. Inside sources from the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department say Cathy McCauley is actually Notre Dame’s linebacker Manti Te’o girlfriend.

  6. Hopefully, Mr. Hicks will be able to afford a nice new house and car from his illegal arrest by a known drunk and a follower chrome dome deputy! Seem Sheriff Wacko should of plead the 5th to the news media as well.

    • Nice new car? This man physically attacked a nurse at the other place his “family member” was at. He has threatened care givers at FR. He sleeps at FR. eats at FR, does his clothes there. This jerk needs to be put away.

      • That’s bull. Police report please. Citation needed.

        Sleeping at a nursing home? Eating with your mother at a nursing home? Is laundry a crime.

        Sheriff David needs to investigate a real crime.. Like the FR sock caper of 2012.

        Can we put the real criminals away? Like the ones who file false police reports and talk to non existent nurses? The people who choose a photo op over public safety?

  7. Myron why don’t you call the TV stations now? While your at it call 60 Minutes, It’s called the BIG BLUNDER AND THE INVISABLE NURSE.

  8. If it wasn’t for his political friends, Sam would be unemployed. Another know it all that is as dumb as a box of hair. Friendship Ridge has enough problems…and he’s rakin in the dough. Head of Security? How? Head of Dietary? How??? Just shakin my head…

  9. I have to ask one more question if Mr.Hicks is not a resident at the ridge why was he doing his laundry there can anyone just show up and do there cloths there are you kidding me Sam if you are ” head of security” how can you let this happen was he eating three meals a day there also.

  10. Yes it was done all wrong, but let’s not forget Mr. Hicks is a threat. You people don’t know this man, you don’t have to work at Friendship Ridge, you don’t have to be scared to go to work if he gets out. These employees you talked to must not work on the floor he “lives” on.

  11. What do you georgie david lovers think of this ass now. John Fratangeli swore on an official police document that he personally interviewed this :ghost nurse”. That is jail time for civilians yet alone someone wearing a badge. Maybe some higher authority should squeeze his balls a little and get the true story. georgie uses him as a pawn and someday he’ll realize it. david fabricated this whole story just as he used to say “to get some ink”. He’s a liar and his day will come.

  12. Well george david lovers ,what do you think of this. He fabricated the arrest of the century to cover his ass by taking the (5th). He also had John Fratangeli swear to an official police document to facts that were untrue. Fratangeli should be charged with this crime as any civilian would be for making false statements to law official agengenys. Some higher power should now squeeze his balls a little and have him fess up about his beloved sheriff. John, you’re going to go down with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Why won’t I be surprised if it turns out that the gun was planted on mr. Hicks? I sure hope the media will do a follow up on our “hero” and how he saved the day from the courthouse when all of this comes out during testimony.

    As the head of security wouldn’t his failure to follow protocol be grounds for termination? I’m sure that Myron would be filing a suit for wrongful termination if that happens because we know how much Myron likes to sue the county.

  14. I was just waiting for the shoe to drop.


    My theory:
    Somebody knew he had a gun.
    They called the Sheriff. Came up with a plan to get some good PR.
    Went and arrested him.

    It’s going to be a god dam shame when Hicks owns this county from the lawsuit. A conspiracy this bad perpetrated by a bunch of simple minded half-whits? Only in Beaver County…..

    The mind of a lunatic is fascinating. It makes for good reading.

    I’m still betting that Hicks gets off. That search was bad if it can be proven no threats were made. This whole things stinks bad.

    Some of you might not believe the story. Some of you might say it’s a witch hunt. I’ll put my money on the story presented here. This website will dig to China for the answers.

    Oh, and don’t pull guns on reporters. It just makes things easier.

    Some folks say there was a conspiracy involved in Naim’s murder. I wonder if that’s true?

  15. just where does the line betwixt “protocol” and “highest law enforcement offical” meet ??..its quite an intresting question if one looks at it this way,, “Highest Ranking Law Enforcement offical” ..dont get me wrong the political witch hunts for David’s head all make Great Tabloid fodder,, and aside from the Facts, the Facts that are Askew and just plain lies we do know this much is true ,,An Armed man was at a county funded facility and the Man who (like it or not) ranks above every other sheild carrier in beaver county, Made the decisions that brought the man into custody without incident…and this was all prompted by someone who reported it to the officals, is it a Law now that we Must Call 911 ??.. if so then by the same token it seems that almost every employee at friendship ridge (including their security) are guilty for not ever callin 911 on an obviously disturbed individual who repeatedly “did their laundry” and as Security “suspected” lived in an abandoned section on the COUNTY FUNDED Premisis.. that statement in itself draws considerable doubt to ones mind about the legality of this persons ability to carry firearms.. None the less, the whole incident came and went without any injury ~ well unless you take in consideration the Ego’s and Super Ego’s of some politicans AND sheild carriers whom love to keep David in the Spotlight (to even infer that theres a Brotherhood amongst our boys in blue, is a joke in itself).. Any Kingdom divided will Fall , we have a president whos tryin to recinde all our constutional rights, we are quickly becoming the same Big Brother society that was so feared in the 40’s- 60’s back when there was some sence in the american population.. we live in a “police state” and as The Constitution gives WE the People the ability to save ourselves from a government “gone wild” our first line of defence against tyrany IS The County Sheriff,, the only person with the ability to deputise an infinite number of the general population to defend our freedom…. and with that FACT being known ,personaly im glad that David didnt see a Need to call 911 to do the job we elected him to do… to bad we all dont hold obama as accountable for the job he was elected to do

    • There is plenty of reporting to do in Beaver County. Lucky for us, John Paul writes about it. Once Deputy Dog is out of the way, JP can catch up on some of the other players, Lord knows there is enough to fill volumes.

  16. I wonder how much of the article is really true?? Honestly they stated Andre West was an aide!! LMAO, He is a Licensed Social Worker, who is well known in the mental health community!! I have known Andre for years and even worked with him!! The Beaver Countian is just as much as an embarrassment to the community as the whole Friendship Ridge Ordeal.

    • We strive for accuracy in all that we write, and correct errors if we should make them.

      I listed Mr. Andre West as an “aide” based on a brief description provided to me by a county official. If that description downplays his education, experience, or title I apologize, but otherwise do not feel it impacts on the pertinent facts related to why he was mentioned in this story; namely that he was subpoenaed to testify in a preliminary hearing.

      I otherwise stand by my reporting in this article.

  17. Either frat is one dumb cop,and believed McCauley when she told him she was a nurse, and he couldnt figure it out by her condition or Frat is lying on the criminal complaint. What do you think?

  18. What fratangelli didn’t write a criminal report correctly? I didn’t know he still worked there I thought he got in trouble for drinking on duty at a after San Rocco side security detail in uniform and let a civilian drive a county car cause he was to drunk, now I see he didn’t and got a promotion wtf, Nice job sheriff its Lucky to beloved loved its lucky, wink wink

  19. In my opinion everyone is overlooking the fact that this is the second time he has had a gun on the property. Regardless of who called who and who reported it. The main issue is getting put on the backburner. As far as him staying there and doing his laundry, does that mean staff can if concessions are given? Why should concessions be given if it is now the new homeless shelter. Hazard pay should be provided. Third time is a charm. Apparently someone needs to get hurt before anything is done. This is all in my opinion so you can take it however you want

  20. go get them buddy i agree with your opinion // look at the issue not the secondary one /// ALL PERSONAL . RESIDENT, OUTSIDERS & EMPLOYEES KNOW THAT YOU CAN NOT BRING ANY WEAPONS ONTO THE PROPERTY OF FRIENDSHIP RIDGE . THIS MAN HAD 4 ITEMS. Let me think ( who called 911 )

    • A county owned property can’t make policy that prohibits the lawful carry of firearms outside of state law. Period.

    • because HIS laundry was also found in with hers.
      He’s a lunatic. Employees should not be afraid to be at work because of one asshole.

  21. The purpose of a PA LTCF issued under 6109 is to provide an exemption to the prohibition of carrying concealed on or abouts one’s person, or in a vehicle, under 6106. It also allows you to carry any type of firearm(long guns and handguns) during a state of emergency. The license also provides for the privilege of carrying openly or concealed on the streets in a City of the First Class(Philly).

    Off-limits places in PA and what makes them off-limits:
    1. Court Facilities – PA Title 18, Chapter 9, Subsection 913
    2a.*Grounds and buildings of Elementary and Secondary schools(K-12 grades), whether the school is private or public. There is an affirmative defense for “other lawful purposes” however there is no case law determining on what that includes. To be safe, its wiser to assume it does not include our carrying “rights”. – PA Title 18, Chapter 9, Subsection 912
    2b. Within 1000ft of a school unless you have a license/permit issued by the state in which the school is located – US Title 18, Part I, Chapter 44, Subsection 922(q)
    3. Casinos – by regulation Title 58, Part VII, Chapter 465, Subsection 465a.13
    4. Certain Department of State buildings – by regulation
    5. ****Places off-limits by Federal Law or regulation, IE: military installations(exceptions for hunting at some bases), Federal Government buildings, after the security check point in airports,etc.
    6. Any private property where a landowner, tenant or person so authorized to maintain property has asked you to leave because you are carrying, or where the property owner or tenant has placed signs or placards denoting that guns are forbidden – Title 18, Chapter 35, Subsection 3503
    7. Detention facilities, correctional institutes, or mental hospitals – Title 18, Chapter 51, Subsection 5122

    Is FR within 1000 feet of a school? Not sure.
    Is there a mental hospital? I do believe that is what LTSR is, which is in the FR building.

    • Yes, I did say county owned. 2. It’s not a school. 5. It’s not a federal facility. 6. No Guns allowed signs carry no penalty in PA. They ask you to leave and you leave. This is not Ohio. You are free to ignore them if you wish. 7. FR is not a mental hospital. Is it licensed as a mental hospital?

      For a good example of how not to make up your own gun laws check out what happened in the arrest of John Noble at the Obama rally 4 years ago by the BC Sheriff’s office.


  22. Agree with Kandie… No one knows this mans psychological status. A lot of people with mental issues, can appear sane and harmless, then turn around and be the complete opposite. Really, why the need for a gun, ammo, and knife to be brought into a nursing home? Especially when he had had issues with weapons and threats in the past. so if a nurse heard the threat, it’s true, but if a patient did, then it’s false?

  23. For all of you defending the sheriff; saying the end justified the means and that a person making threats was stopped, let me ask you this. Does that also not hold true for the sheriff? He has waved his gun around, threatened people with it and made other threats to people. All documented and most witnessed by others. Should he not also be stopped, arrested and have his guns taken away? This has to stop. The DA, the state police, the attorney general, someone has to stop this man now. Before something happens. It cannot wait another couple of months while the new attorney general settles in.

  24. Fedup: Totally correct. And what happens if this Sheriff melts down? Serious questions about governance in this county will have to be addressed and solved. The warning signs have been there for months. There is no excuse to delay intervention any longer.

  25. The magnitude of Sheriff David’s mental illness amazes me. What amazes me more is that he actually gets people to play into these mental illness games. The level of corruption in that county government runs deep as hell.

  26. SD AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, if you were’nt such cowards and balless you would say it to my face. COWARDS!!!!!!

  27. You hide behind your screen names. Do think maybe i already know? Dont worry im going to let the whole Beaver County law enforcement community know who you are and what an embarrassment you are to law enforcement. COWARDS!

    • You’re involved with Midland’s government, are the head of dietary needs at Friendship Ridge, and the head of security for Friendship Ridge, and can’t write for shit. Nice.

  28. SpeakTheTruthToo: When lay people recognize mental illness, consensual validation is usually sufficient to suggest that a real problem exists, independent of community reactions. Something is awry. From a professional view, based upon first-hand behavioral reports, it is apparent that the Sheriff is likely an imminent danger to himself and/or others. Let this matter ride for much longer, and the public itself will share the blame for inaction. An involuntary committal here would be totally justified, if only for the mandated 72 hours, to allow doctors and the court time to sort things out.

  29. fratangeli – Would you consider yourself an embarrassment for getting involved in this whole mess?

    Was that search really legal?

  30. Mvee come to the courthouse tomarrow ill tell you what ya wanna know. Quit hiding behind your screen name. And yes it was a legal. JP can report what ever he wants. He’s out to hurt the sheriff. Now he is messing with the whole department (except the cowards in our office giving him false information). He never asked me what happened!

    • Your job is responding to man with a gun calls? Your not a cop anymore. Are there any outstanding warrants you can work on?

      And gee, Thanks for the offer. Perhaps you could sit me down in a locked office? You know, the office where nobodysawnothin’anditdidnothappen? Thanks but no thanks. I’ll read every detail right here tomorrow.

      And why would I believe you anyways?

      Also, you might want to tone it down. You are making yourself out to be a loon. I’ll cut you some slack, you don’t have many good role models in your chain of command…..

    • Great grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. If I was judge, I’d throw this case out based on your piss poor ability to write.

  31. Also. I DID MY JOB! those who know me, know im no rookie at this. I worked for aliquippa for 11 years.

  32. John Jo calm down bro,do not let the the public get to you you know did everything right,just stay calm you will get through this.

  33. Deputy Fratangeli, you have the sheriffs protection, the rest of us do not. I do not want to be picked on by co workers or get pulled over by you guys. Seriously, I thought you were a nice guy, and now I see that you are just another puppet for the sheriff. Were those terroristic threats I just read from your rant? I was hoping you were one of the nice guys.

  34. Thats not a good excuse. Just like the rest of the criminals. “Im afraid of the sheriff’s”. Your just a coward. You see who i am. Who are you?

  35. Sounds like your mouth and your muscles are getting bigger with every drink. WTF seems like your loosing it JUST LIKE the SHERIFF. Of course you would stand by your man after all he took you out of Aliquippa before you got fired

  36. John. The Preliminary Hearing for tomorrow is continued until Tuesday. There was a death in my family and Mr. Hicks agreed to stay in jail for a few more days so I could represent him. Deputy Tibolet confirmed u would be available on Tuesday.

    There is no benefit to u or the Sheriff’s Department in arguing with anonymous individuals about this matter. The facts and evidence will be presented to the Court and a decision will be made by the District Magistrate Justice to either dismiss all some or none of the criminal charges. I do not have any doubt u will be truthful and do your job as h have done in cases I have had with u in the past.

    • Aw rats. Tuesday. I was looking forward to this.

      Why don’t you let him talk himself into getting your client off easier? He must have 15 beers into him to be rambling on this this.

    • someone needs to get all information that has been documented and turned into the offices at FR about my psycho. For the safety of residents and employees, he should not be allowed back on the property. He’s homeless, sleeps, eats and does his laundry at the facility. It’s bad enough tax payers are paying what we have to pay now, but now we have to pay for a bum as well?

  37. There are back stabbers in all departments. I was brought to be loyal to all brothers. I wont stoop to the lower level that most are now a days. I believe in brother hood And i will not change

    • Yeah John, there are back stabbers in all depts. Remember the night after the San Rocco party at the M.P.I club when on duty you were so drunk that your partner risked his own job to cover for you. He personally drove his marked car with you in it and had a civilian drive your car to your home. You ratted your partner out and got a promotion while your partner got a 60 day suspension. What were you saying about back stabbert ?

  38. @ John jo I mean corporal frattattalltail

    You would need a step ladder to fight a midget

    No rookie?11 in the Q?

    Yeah back stabbing All to advance your self

    Your nit there cause you where on way to fired, for your shit not politics that you blame more like the politics you play

    Then got Georgie to give you job after curling iron gate,whew you fucked that up too then momma got Georgie to listen to your shit that they where going to get you for supporting him, no its was your mouth but Georgie made you Lucky wink wink too,

    And you basically fucked that up but the mortgage industry collapsed its just my income take care of me I only drank on illegal duty smacking asses, with Joe D,I will spin it to him and fuck him over nobody will know about puking out the passenger door of sheriff car with a civilian driving it opps somebody came on scene that camera isn’t on I wonder?

    When a detective has heart attack that I work with let’s cheer for his death

    Who is the Daddy of the little kid you know that black waitress some years ago hmmmmm

    Daddy its not fair that big brother makes more at the plant you have him what are you going to do to make it even ,

    Hey can’t afford my toys Harley got to go, if someone was smart they would leave your dum ass,, dung ding dong bitch

  39. Another coward who got his facts wrong. Im not going to sit around a argue with a bunch of cowards. You got something to say say it to me in person. You know who i am you no where im at. COWARD!

    • Deputy- don’t bother with the anonymous people spewing venom on here. Don’t you know they all walk on water? Truth and justice will prevail.

  40. Double J, you say 11 years in Aliquippa that’s another story

    But you roll to a scene with hitting 856 flipping a freq for back up, securing safety of yourself or others , how about rolling with Sgt.tibilot mister sell his brothers out to save his ass just like you did, any ways he got no street CREDb you put him at risk anything to serve the man, how many Gunn calls possible shooters did tibolet ever go to, your 11 doesn’t need to protect yourself, partner, patients school children, lesson 101 the radio saves others and yourself

    But when it was orchestrated plant guest no risk, good luck with that nurse witness HA HA HA HA HA GUESS YOU DON’T NEED BACK UP OR A DETECTIVES TO WRITE YOUR REPORTS

  41. Double J, you say 11 years in Aliquippa that’s another story

    But you roll to a scene with hitting 856 flipping a freq for back up, securing safety of yourself or others , how about rolling with Sgt.tibilot mister sell his brothers out to save his ass just like you did, any ways he got no street CREDb you put him at risk anything to serve the man, how many Gunn calls possible shooters did tibolet ever go to, your 11 doesn’t need to protect yourself, partner, patients school children, lesson 101 the radio saves others and yourself

    But when it was orchestrated plant guest no risk, good luck with that nurse witness HA HA HA HA HA GUESS YOU DON’T NEED BACK UP OR A DETECTIVES TO WRITE YOUR REPORTS

  42. He’s absolutely right John….there are only about 30 COUNTIAN groupies on this site in a county of 170,000…..Believe me it’s never going to hold any credibility because the more people read the more they are going to realize that it’s tenure will be very brief….people are starting to realize it…I talk to 300 people a week and when I mention it they laugh and dismiss it for what it is…..nonsense….aimed at the chief and anyone else that’s caused him a grievance…. As far as Chief Lutton …it’s causing arguments…. A biased journalist with chip…he keeps it anonymous because otherwise no one would post because they are cowards…..look at the BC Times….letter to the editor you have to leave your name…that’s why there are 5 posts and day…if it was anonymous they would have a section all for that…but the BC times has Class….they don’t creep around the court house eaves dropping on conversations….There reporters don’t have to move out of the county…. This website has a shelf life believe me… Just like the rest of his websites….he wants to do this for no other reason than to try to be the one who finally said….I HELPED GET RID OF GEORGE DAVID” He doesn’t care about anyone on this website…he’s not doing this for you or me or anyone posting….PEOPLE HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU OR BEAVER COUNTY…only about himself and his significant other who also in his mind was wronged by a police dept…THAT’S IT….So John Thank you do your time and sacrifice my man

  43. John seriously people people see this shit for what it is…. JP has given Beaver County’s finest Miscreants a voice…

  44. Thanks quippian. I spoke my peace. If any cowards want to talk they know how to find me. But i doubt that will happen. They have no gutts.

  45. @quippian try timesonline to see how much blogging goes on. many, many people read this site, some choose to blog. Why would anyone read the Times after George David and your solicitor shut down JD Prose. Oh yeah theyre not bias

  46. It was a quite apprehension of a nutcase with a loaded gun, extra mag and knife brother….no one was hurt…mvee let me ask you an honest question….if your not a criminal which we will never know because my next request I already know you won’t answer…. Give everyone your name…you seemed, at one point, honestly like a true concerned citizen…until you started acting like a douche bag with the insults…. And the funny thing….when it comes out that the Frienship Ridge was handled properly all you same people will come on here crying that the judge and the lawyers are corrupt and this county is a joke…BLAH BLAH BLAH….MOVE OUT…..there is so much land of earth to live…. Believe me I have lived all over the us in the service….and it’s all the same everywhere…. Nothing is different….the politics…the cowboys…it’s all the same everywhere you live …. See nothing in beaver county is directly effecting my life…I’m happy…I feel safe… Because I know if I need the police and the Sheriffs they will be there…. if someone breaks into my house where my wife and children sleep ill blow their fucking heads off because of our second amendment rights … I pay my taxes and know their being used properly because where I live now the roads are fixed….were my business is located its a beautiful well kept area… My kids go to a safe school and ride a safe school bus…. beaver county is working just as it should be for me and the majority of tax payers except for you handful of groupies on this sight…. My man…John Paul moved out of here….GO WITH HIM AND THE REST OF YOU WHO DON’T LIKE IT HERE…GO..YOU’LL SEE ITS EXACTLY THE SAME

    • I am not a criminal.
      Never been arrested.
      Never been to Jail.
      3 speeding tickets in 25 years.

      Never pleaded the fifth.
      Never railroaded somebody.
      Never pulled a gun on a reporter.
      Never had a grand jury called on me.
      Never bought a bus.
      Never shot myself in the foot.

      My name? My name is Jasper T. Jowls.

  47. JD PROSE IS A DOUCHE BAG…. HE BURNED HIS BRIDGE WITH HIS BULLSHIT POST ABOUT GUN CONTROL CALLING ANYONE SUPPORTING GUNS AND THE NRA MORONS…FUCK HIM….85 percent of people in this area are hard working successful gun owners and hunters….they provided the area a service…and since the BC times is classy and they will not let you post insults and inappropriate content people couldn’t voice their opinions….

  48. Ahh once again quipiian has reared his ugly head to reveal his identity, you my friend are not very smart, oh but you think you are so much like the untreatable cancer eats away at ones mind and souls

    Tatah my friend , you know about the proverbial tit of the taxpayer now too ehh

  49. @ John Joe

    Shut the fuck up…. Get your step stool from the bathroom if you brushed your teeth, put it by the bed jump off of it to get your little lying ass to bed

    You need 10 hours of good sleep, to be fresh to lie, sell your legitimate brothers down the river, hit your knees to earn that half of a stripe on your sleeve of your osh kosh begosh uniform. Say nite nite may lucky look over you and the nightmares of moans and box springs clanking not keep you from a good night sleep.

  50. Ah it’s ok I have enough friends I can afford to lose a few… address is in the phone book….how long did it take you to think, write, spell check and proof read that …some big words

  51. I don’t care bro… makes no difference….it just contributes to the inevitable demise of this site…. 30 of the same faceless cowards talking shit…. In due time

  52. Actually mvee…I do believe your a chic….referencing a chuck e cheese character ….”I don’t have to why should I” ….let me guess heavy set mother of three…husband/ boyfriend prior troubles with the law…..damn I’m so good I scare myself sometimes

  53. Can human resources spot check drug test on anyone? Cause a few have left but I know few pill popping, needle injection, ski slope riders that are still in house , why don’t Georgie do that?? Hire about administer a pbt test in the morning in a few

  54. Listen….do what you do I made my waves….had my fun and said my peace…. And I know one thing….none of you are going to do shit about any of this except bitch and moan as well as find someone new to argue with lol…have fun with that

  55. Everyone in Beaver County bitches about judges and lawyers letting criminals off too easy all the time. At this point, I’m convinced the reason is because of the piss poor ability of your police in the county to write. If you cannot write a decent police report, the DA has nothing to build a case from. The ability to write coherently and correctly is essential for a DA to get a conviction.

  56. Well- yes- the Grand Jury- however it doesn’t hurt to have back up, as in a petition calling for his removal.

  57. Wow, a lot of pissing into the wind on here. But the bottom line is Sheriff David has problems, like taking the Fifth. Only crooks take the fifth. Also, Deputy Fratangeli when we meet again I will come up to you and let you know who I am. Only you will know of course until you start telling everyone, but you will be surprised.

  58. John Joe, keep up he good work, you did a good job. You got a call, made an arrest, probably saved lives. You responded to a call on county property, that you are responsible for. The hell with all of the people who hate Georgie, and who want to bash you and other officers. Remember all the haters and bashers could not do the work of a deputy or police officer.

  59. MyJustice72- CORRECTION! The Beaver Co. Sherriff does not hold the “highest badge” in the County…that would go to the Lt. Or Sgt. at PSP Beaver Barracks, OIC – officer in charge. Also, all local badge carriers have more “arresting power” than does the sherrif…and most of them probably have more training also. This was hollywood scripted to make Goergie look good. Period. Smells like poo, looks like poo, it probably is poo.

    • You’re right! Omar does not hold the highest badge in the county, maybe you mean the Sheriff?

  60. So tomorrow is the hearing who wants to bet DA agrees to plea bargain most of charges cause a deputy screwed up and nothing will be done. This is why the sheriff will continue his illegal antics. Stand up for once be brave do the right thing or don’t we know how to do this anymore in Beaver County???

  61. I LOVE to say it…I am right! The Sherrif and his deputies are “peace officers” according to our DA so therefore he IS NOT the highest ranking police in the county…by that definition he is about 900th considering all of the town clowns we have around here…PSP should just take over the whole county (after getting more Troopers)- we would all be safer- their training academy is one of the best in the country and they are an accredited law enforcement agency- the only one that meets that criteria here in Beavertucky…I know Findlay Twp in Allegheny is accredited…



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