Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian file photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian file photo
Sheriff George David // Beaver Countian file photo

Here’s the latest roundup from our confidential journalistic sources about happenings in and around the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office:

– A new high-profile prosecutor has been assigned by the Attorney General’s Office to forward the case against Deputy Lieutenant Thomas Ochs. Senior Deputy Attorney General William Caye has officially entered his appearance on behalf of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prosecute charges of unsworn falsification to authorities, false swearing in an official proceeding, obstruction of governmental functions, and hindering apprehension and prosecution by providing false information to law enforcement officers.

Deputy Lieutenant Ochs is charged with lying to the Pennsylvania State Police on multiple occasions to hinder the prosecution of Beaver County Sheriff George David.

Caye’s appointment to the case follows the resignation of Senior Deputy Attorney General Laurel Brandstetter who resigned from the office to take a position in the private sector.

Law enforcement sources tell the Beaver Countian that William Caye is well respected within the Attorney General’s Office, and say the veteran prosecutor may take charge of several other ongoing corruption investigations in Beaver County.

– The Beaver Countian has now been able to verify two more elected row officers who attended Sheriff David’s “Not Guilty Bash” last month. Beaver County Clerk Of Courts Judy Enslen and Recorder of Deeds Janice Beal originally slipped past our confidential sources who only spotted Jury Commissioner Shelley Blythe at the time.

Multiple sources have since independently confirmed to this publication that both Enslen and Beal made appearances at the event.

Clerk of Courts Judy Enslen became the subject of controversy during court proceedings in George David’s case after regional news outlets missed court hearings and filings because they weren’t being properly docketed. Several employees for Enslen’s office routinely sat behind Sheriff David during the proceedings to show their support.

Enslen denied that her office was intentionally withholding docket entries to save the Sheriff from bad press; Beaver County Times Reporter Kristen Doerschner found herself no longer welcome in the office after reporting about the glaring omissions.

– Sheriff’s Office Clerk Jackie Springston is attempting to make a move out of the department. Springston tested to bid into an open position in the County Assessment Office.

Jackie Springston recently convinced George David to hire her fiancĂ©’s son as a county deputy after publicly denying she had been involved in the filing of grievances against the Sheriff. David didn’t know at the time that Springston had previously provided a statement to the Pennsylvania State Police confirming he had referred to women in his office by derogatory names.

Sources inside of the courthouse say Springston’s working environment has since “become tense.”

– Sheriff George David has filed paperwork with the Beaver County Bureau of Elections to officially open his re-election campaign committee. David’s Committee does not list a Chairman, but does name a Committee Treasurer: Nadine Sainovich. Nadine is the wife of embattled attorney Myron Sainovich, who is the Solicitor for the Sheriff’s Office.

– Although he recently agreed to a consent agreement to avoid further contempt of court hearings against him, sources in the Sheriff’s Office say George David hasn’t given up on wanting to do private security work for corporations. Multiple sources tell the Beaver Countian that Sheriff David will once again push to have legislation passed that would explicitly allow Sheriff’s Deputies to perform private security work, and other legislation that would give Sheriffs full investigative and arrest powers.

Democratic Sheriff George David convinced Republican State Representative Jim Marshall to circulate a co-sponsorship memorandum in Harrisburg last year to expand the authorities of Sheriffs and Deputies in the state. Mashall’s proposed legislation died after failing to garner enough support to introduce a bill.

David had previously hired Representative Marshall’s brother-in-law as a deputy.

This time, sources tell the Beaver Countian that David has expressed his desire to get the Pennsylvania Sheriffs Association’s help in applying enough political pressure to get legislation up for a vote.


    • “What about John Joe?” Who cares ? Leave the guy alone, he’s a good Father always playing outside with his kids. He’s obviously a productive, tax paying citizen! Unlike many Beaver County leeches. Give the guy a break! Keep younz guyz hard on for the Sheriff but come on! It is really getting old.

    • OhBrother sorry tony b too busy helping Beaver County Times write about shit from 50 years ago and chasing ice cold beer cases to worry about anything happening now!!!!!! dont gotta worry about pissing people off if every one involved in the case is already dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      mugo jerry just cuz john joe too stupid to know how to put on a rubber dont mean he should get a pass on fucking people over

  1. Just don’t vote for him. Better yet, make sure you get out and vote— FOR the other candidate of your choice.

  2. I will NOT vote for Judy Enslen or Janice Beal, I always do but I won’t now, as far as Shely Blythe I WOULDN’T VOTE FOR HER never did and never will. Carol Forucci all the way yes.

    • @OLD HAGS..You really can’t hold it against Judy and Janice for making an appearance at Georgies “Not Guilty Bash”…Come on, it’s politics, we all know how that works! The two of them, along with Carol Fiorucci run a pretty good office and they are very rarely controversial. Shelly Blythe on the other hand is one of Georgies blonde bimbos, as she is seen in his office daily, and we, the taxpayers pay her salary for socializing in the halls and sitting in the Sheriffs office when she should be doing her own job, whatever the hell that is!!! Carol, Judy and Janice will get my vote, but Shelly Blythe certainly won’t.!

  3. I blame the voters of Beaver County who consistently vote these idiots back into office. I understand most run unopposed, but better to write in a name than give these people another term. Most have been in the courthouse sine George Washington was President, surly, arrogant people. Give the entire courthouse a good clean sweep.

  4. Georgie will win another term by a landslide. Judy and Jan will also win big. You a-holes can whine all you like, but you’re in the minority and insignificant. Also, none of you d-bags know how things really work.

  5. Why didn’t Judy Enslen docket the hearing notices? Did she think she was doing the public a favor? and then to blame it on the reporter from the times is crazy,she didn’t do her job and oh I’m so tired of hearing it’s politics. If the DEVIL invited them to a party they would probably go to GET A VOTE.. well you lost mine. That office belongs to the public not you, we the tax payers pay your salary.

    • Enslen flat up does not know her job or know the laws which govern this state and makes up her own as she goes along in my opinion.I would vote for Minnie Mouse first.

  6. Judy Enslen or Janice Beal. I mean look at these two, you could not catch a fish with these two. So let me get this right, John Joe plays with his kids and that makes him a good guy. Jackie. Look at that face

  7. Get a life ! I’m sure there is a lot of other crap that this writer could publish ! Move on to something else ! Getting old !

  8. Not surprised at all with Janice Jeschke Beall. Ever meet her brother Jimmy? This dude parades around car cruises in a jean jacket with fur in 90 degree weather. Ya old Jimmy ran for council in Economy with no success years ago. Came to a council meeting screaming about some flyer about a bomb – guy is a whacko. Scared some old lady so bad at the meeting she shit her pants and had to go home. Hey Jimmy – hear their playing your favorite song at the next car cruise; ” You dropped a bomb on me, baby
    You dropped a bomb on me”. Heeee,,,,heee, Hey Jan good luck in your election this year!

  9. It doesn’t matter if John Fratangeli is a good father, pays his taxes and walks around like John Wayne. He’s guilty ! If this CRIME he is accused of occured anywhere that Sheriff ASSHOLE or the do nothing D.A. have no input, he would have been fired on the spot. Yet, David promotes this half pint cop wanna-be. I guess that having his nose up Davids ass really paid off. Now, I’ll bet Davids ass is tightening again. I know, lets have another “VICTORY PARTY” again. Mr. D.A., the statute of limitations is runnimg out on the little rat, what are you waiting for ?

    • Cuz-I never lied to a law enforcement agency. He was afraid to be a real cop in Quip so he went with his little sheriff to be a messenger “BOY” where he wouldn’t be subject to harm !



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