As we first reported yesterday, the Beaver Countian receive a telephone call from Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker last night in which he claimed to have filed criminal charges against us.

“I felt threatened by the Beaver Countian, so I filed charges today because I felt my life was being threatened” said Mayor Walker during the call. “I have a couple of police officers here, because I don’t know what you might do John Paul, you might do something bad to me so I got to be careful.”

A subsequent search of court dockets by the Beaver Countian, and a warrants search by law enforcement personnel, have turned up no evidence that criminal charges have yet been filed. It is unknown if Mayor Walker actually filed a police report or if there is an ongoing investigation against the Beaver Countian. A message left for Aliquippa Police Chief Andre Davis was not returned.

At no time did the Beaver Countian published threats of any kind, or anything that could even remotely be misconstrued as a threat. Our Twitter feed remains intact and unredacted, all of our postings can be viewed here.

By contrast, since last night’s phone call Mayor Walker has deleted numerous postings from both his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Controversy erupted shortly before Mayor Walker claimed he filed the charges, due to a series of exchanges he had with other users on Twitter. Multiple people were criticizing the Mayor as a result of our reporting on his alleged actions against reporter JD Prose from the Beaver County Times. Walker reportedly removed Prose from the scene of a shooting while allowing other bystanders to remain, apparently because he was upset the Times hadn’t reported on a Pirates game in which he was an honorary pitcher.

Mayor Walker responded to one of those users by writing “coward dies a 1000 deaths you are weak hiding your face you are nothing to me you are a female.”

The Beaver Countian retweeted (posted to our own account) the Mayor’s message so our followers would be notified about it.

Mayor Walker reacted to these recent criticisms by repeatedly quoting scripture on his Twitter feed and Facebook page, deleting some of his own posts, and by purportedly filing criminal charges against the Beaver Countian.

The Beaver Countian maintains archived screenshots and logs of Mayor Walker’s pages prior to when he began deleting the posts he had made.

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  1. I’ve had about a dozen people check it, some can see it some can not, so it’s something more than just me. Not sure what’s up, but I’m updating the story accordingly. Thanks.

  2. Omg…this is all so completely ridiculous. All over Facebook and Twitter. And this guy is the Mayor of a city, and you Mr. Paul, are supposed to be a proffesional. Im not placeing blame on anyone because I think this whole story is just ridiculous and not worth the read. I usually enjoy The Beaver Countian and how the storys are reported, but this was rather disappointing. Shame on us when we let the social webbing take over. I hope things can be straightened out and everyone can get back to doing their JOBS!

  3. Is he still married? I think I read that he and his wife are Divorced? This guy sounds like he skipped his meds? Battalini was nuts..But this guy is nuttier.. Is Manning his lap dog? BTW..what relevance is his appearance at a Pirate Game? To float his own Ego?

    I know this much..He been staring at some big white booties as of late…

  4. Stacey Figas> At face I agree that this has become asinine. Unfortunately, when an elected official tells me they’ve filed criminal charges as a result of my reporting or commentary, I’m left with no choice but to take the matter seriously.

    Our ability to continue reporting in the manner you have grown to respect and enjoy is reliant upon of our first amendment rights, which are now apparently being challenged.

  5. Will people please write in correct English, or at least close to it? I can’t fill in the gaps or guess at what people are trying to say. Use a dictionary. Let your kids write for you. Get an interpreter. Or perhaps switch to Mandarin Chinese. Or better yet, don’t try to write if you never learned how to in grade or high school. These train wreck sentences are really bad, and they make matters worse.

  6. Don’t sweat the small stuff, John Paul. It’s Looney Tunes stuff that you just happened to step in. All of this because of J.D. Prose, as so many times before. He’s sitting at home, worshipping some brew, and laughing at brawling readers while he Tweets, smokes a cigar, and drools over his scanner. Think of it…Prose at a crime scene?! I wouldn’t let him report on a dog fight. This mayor thing isn’t worth the exposure, but people have forced you hand through foolish comments. It will pass.

  7. Let me direct you to Jen Floyd Engle’s column from Fox News, as it appears on the main page. It consigns a death penalty to Penn State football, in the wake of the Freeh Report today. My point here lies in the main message not directed just at football administrators: those in power, at any level, must be held accountable in this society. Apply the principle to local politicians and public employees. They are not above scrutiny or reproach. If anything, they should be exemplary models and above misbehavior and irresponsible comments.

  8. I suggest taking away all welfare from anyone convicted of a crime. Take away the minimum wage and you’ll see lots more hiring. You’ll see safer streets. Of course, you’ll see a lot of empty appliance boxes and 55-gallon drums set up under bridges to handle the losers.

  9. Marg1: I remember, as a kid, secretly watching the “bums”, as they were called, under the Beaver-Monaca railroad bridge, with cardboard boxes and belongings. They would climb the hill and knock on doors, politely asking people for food, then leave. Such nostalgic Americana. They aren’t there anymore.

  10. Things are much worse now. Our tax dollars enable the poor to keep their lazy lifestyle. They have plenty of money for junk food and steaks, cigarettes, drugs, tattoos, alcohol, cable, vidoe games, etc. They get free phones…and still they complain.

    Oh, never mind. I’m even boring myself with this old song.

    Did I tell you about the deer in my front yard? I fed them in the winter. At first there was one, then two came a few days later, then six. Once, I counted 12 deer waiting for their turn at the piles of cracked corn and other deer goodies. They started fighting with each other. I started calling them Democrats. I won’t feed them this coming winter.

  11. Oh, drats, another typo. I wish there was an “edit” feature. I sure need one! Trifocals and old age make it tough to see all my errors before I hit “send.” Instead of reading what I actually type, I see what I meant to write.

  12. there you go ladies. your females and beneath his caring. enjoy and remember, your vote is your pistol. that should get chunky paranoid. you can’t get a good lawsuit if you dont refuse an illegal order and still get arrested. try a little harder JP ya gave in way to easy



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