An 85 year old nun from the Sisters of St. Joseph in Baden was released from the hospital today, after police say she was brutally assaulted and raped in Aliquippa.

The woman, whose name the Beaver Countian is not releasing because she is the victim of an alleged sexual assault, had underwent surgery at Allegheny General Hospital to repair a broken jaw.

Police say Andrew Clarence Bullock, age 18 of Orchard Street, attacked the nun at around 11:30am on Friday in a parking lot outside of St. Titus Parish in Aliquippa. The woman told police that she was putting papers into a recycling bin when a man came up from behind her, asking if she needed help. She told the man that she didn’t need assistance, and started walking away when he allegedly exposed himself and began forcing her down to the ground, choking and punching the woman.

Court records show that Andrew Bullock is facing 10 charges including rape and aggravated assault. Aliquippa Police say Bullock’s clothing matched a description provided by the victim, and footprints left in the snow matched the boots he was wearing. Officers also say the man confessed to attacking the nun during questioning.

Andrew Clarence Bullock remains in the Beaver County Jail after failing to post $50,000 bail. A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Thursday.


  1. Thank God..she’s home with the sisters.He beat her, choked her and broke her jaw, they will heal, but the nightmare she endured will probably never go away….How does a woman age 85 protect there selves or any woman for that matter, it could of been any woman that morning going to church, SAD REALLY SAD. ….WHY? People are in an outrage and that’s good that means people still care, so pray for her, pray for a miracle that her mind heals like her broken body. A kind 85 year old NUN who gave her life to God and people in need. May God grant her peace, and our hearts go out to her………….

  2. God bless her dear soul, i kno the Lord tells us to forgive, but the human nature in me hopes the attacker receives true justice in gen pop at the BCJ.

    • Twenty bucks says he’s not in gen pop, he’s in administrative segregation, due to the severity of his crime, and his supposed background of “mental illness”.
      He SHOULD BE in gen pop.

      • So you’re an advocate of men raping men in prison? Does that make you an abettor to rape?

      • Oh Carl, how I was hoping that I would get to spar with you….

        Where in my comment, did you see that I said that he deserved to be raped? Please, point it out. I DARE YOU. Guess what, you can’t, BECAUSE IT’S NOT THERE.
        All I stated was that he should be in gen pop. Your twisted and sick mind obviously read that as I was an advocate of inmate on inmate violence and rape.

        Sadly, all your comment says about you, is that you are a piss poor troll, and an attempted (and failed) shit stirrer. Those who enjoy stirring shit, should be licking the spoon.
        I’ve sparred with better men than you, and handed them their asses. I’ll give you this one pass, but it won’t happen again.
        DO NOT mistake my kindness for weakness. I do feel badly for people like you, with borderline mentally deficient IQ’s. Go elsewhere, practice your severely sub-par trolling skills, then get back to me.
        In other words, FUCK THE FUCK OFF.

      • Why else would you want him in ‘Gen Pop’? It’s usually desirable over segregation. I can’t imagine your wanting to go easier on him. So be honest, what was your real motive to demand such a thing? If not the prospect of him being raped, then what?

      • @Carl….this may be a little difficult for you to understand, so I’ll try to use as few big words as possible.

        In segregation, he is locked down 23 out of 24 hours a day, and with NO human interaction.

        In gen pop, he gets to interact with people. An 18 year old kid, like him, wouldn’t stay quiet about what he did for very long. Eventually, just like they all do, he would start talking and bragging about what he did.
        Fast forward a bit, and its time for his trial. Ever hear of a jailhouse snitch?

        Are you catching on yet? It would be in the prosecution’s best interests to NOT have him in segregation.
        There’s your answer. Now, seek life elsewhere, you piss poor excuse for a troll.

      • The man has already confessed,Nikki. There’s no need for a jailhouse snitch. In brief, I don’t believe your intent was to ease his conditions so he would loosen up to ‘friendly’ fellow prisoners. But I could be wrong. Stranger notions have arisen around this case. If so, my apologies to you, although I think it best that the prisoner be kept where he can do no harm, or have harm done to him. That’s what the law requires.

      • And that is where you are wrong again, Carl. This prisoner is not a danger to himself, or if he is, it hasn’t been reported as such.
        Also, big deal if he’s confessed already. He can just as easily recant his confession, claiming undue pressure and coercion by the police. If he is in with other inmates, chances are, he’ll talk to them. That makes recanting his confession all that much harder, especially if there are others who have heard him talking about it.
        Just because someone confesses, doesn’t mean that it’s smooth sailing through the courts.

  3. thanks for the update. the other county newspaper has decided to sweep this story under the rug. i could only imagine the outrage if the nun would’ve shot and killed travon. opps, i mean andrew.

      • the point i’m trying to make is the BCT had the story posted for one day and no follow up on the condition of the poor nun. the reason is because it’s a liberal rag trying to sweep a brutal crime commited by a minority under the rug. that’s the world simple minded socialist like yourself want to live in carl. don’t get into a pissing match with me. you’ll lose.if you don’t like peoples comment on here, go read your union newsletter.

      • I have plenty of friends, Nikki. That’s not my concern. But sometimes you have to stand for justice over revenge, even if you’re a minority of one.

  4. 85 years old! Count ’em, judge. 85 years! A nun! Beaten and raped. NO plea bargain here. No continuances. No excuses for a misspent youth. No socioeconomic BS. No made-up mental disorder. No copping a bad family upbringing. No drug-induced impairment of thinking story. Get this guy off the streets for a long time to come. It’s badder than bad, wronger than wrong.

    • So you’re an advocate of doing away with due process? In all cases? Do you really want to live in a police state?

      • I’m pretty sure that once you have confessed you lose your due process rights so I don’t see how Raven is advocating doing away with due process.

      • @Speakthetruth: All Carl is, is a failed troll. He’s attempting to make a name for himself by picking fights with whomever he can. Pay him no mind.
        @Carl: You are just sad. On so many counts, just pathetic. I truly believe, that the only way that you would understand the severity of the situation, is if something of that magnitude happened to you, or to someone you cared dearly about. NOT THAT I WOULD EVER WISH THAT PAIN AND SUFFERING ON ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, but seriously, KNOCK YOUR SHIT THE FUCK OFF ALREADY.

      • Confession doesn’t do away with your ‘due process’ rights (14th Amendment), it only waives part of your 5th Amendment rights (against self-incrimination). He still has a right to a fair trial, and legal treatment afterwards. I’m sure he’ll get his due, and justly so. No need for the gory macho lynch mob bluster we’re hearing here.

  5. a person this sick doesnt even deserve to live…scum of the earth! my heart aches for this poor woman…hoping she is able to heal from this and receive as much peace as possible from his conviction

  6. this world is so full of evil people, gee besides her being a nun she was 85yrs. old. there has to be a special place in hell for people like him,but we know that she has already forgiven him!

  7. They should give this person (I use this term lightly) the true punishment he deserves. She was a Nun, she gave herself to God, he stole her chastity. I think the courts should ask her what punishment she thinks he deserve. Someone should shove a glass tube in his urethra and then smash it with a hammer and then no medical treatment after.

    • Being someone of the church and who had given herself to god, she more than likely wouldn’t voice what she believed would be a just punishment for this scum. Her religion doesn’t permit violence or retribution, so asking her what he would want done would be moot point. Her religion teaches to turn the other cheek, and to not hold hatred in your heart, even against those who do wrong and commit evil against you. Sadly.

      • Nikki P,

        I would like her to be asked but I agree with you that her religion would make it impossible express what kind of justice she would truely want served.

      • In this type of case, yes. If it was your grandmother, daughter, wife, niece or any female family member that is close to you. Rapist are walking the streets everyday and jail isn’t the deterant that it use to be. Just see these cases from the same person:

        My point is we need a better deterant other than jail.

        Do you have a better idea?

      • Why don’t you sideline your passive aggressiveness for a moment and tell us what exactly YOU are an advocate of. You have point to make? Let’s hear it.

      • A better idea? Let the law take its course, and keep a spotlight on it to make sure it does.

        But for you to inflict torture on someone who has harmed your love ones will only add to your suffering, and thus add to your family’s as well.

        First, torture is against the law, and advocating it is calling for a suspension of the law that protect us all. But more important, it diminishes the humanity of the torturers themselves. We’ve seen this in many cases of PTSD of Soldiers returning from situations where, for one reason or another, they found themselves on the delivering end of torture or other war crimes. You really don’t want to go there, for your own sake, as well as that of your loved ones wo have to live with you afterwards.

      • Carl, this is my personal opinion…

        Those who cause pain, suffering, torture or death to an innocent human being, well, they’ve forfeited their rights to being treated like a human, or with any compassion what so ever.
        Obviously this man decided not to abide by the laws of society, so why should those same laws apply to him?

    • So you’re an advocate of lynching? Which crime is worse? Do you want to live in a society where people are lynched because other people are enraged?

  8. I posed a number of pointed questions here today. My reason has nothing to do with sympathy for the rapist, who should and will be brought to justice. And I put the onus on him, not his circumstances (unless he is proved insane, which is another matter entirely). My purpose was to hold a mirror up to show how far we have drifted from core American values, as expressed in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The society and values being presented here have a name. It’s fascism. If you really hold to then, then call yourself by your true name, and admit you are not a patriot or one who holds to a democrat (Small D) rule of law, and that any time, as in induction into the service, you swore to defend the Constitution, you were lying or, at best, had your fingers crossed.

    • You have posed not ONE pointed question here today. You took the same question, changed up a word or two, and used it over and over. Also, your questions were NOT designed to make the reader pause and think, but to elicit feelings of anger and retribution, and that was all.
      You ATTEMPTED (and failed miserably, I might add) to pick fights with anyone and everyone possible. Have you been taking lessons from the Dennis McKee school of assholery? It certainly seems so.
      Like I’ve stated previously, the ONLY way that you could even begin to grasp the severity of the situation at hand, would be if something like this happened to you or someone you loved, which is something that I would NEVER wish upon anyone, with maybe the exception of Hitler.
      When you have something intelligent or valid to say, please, by all means, say it. Until then, stop wasting everyone’s time with the same stupid question, over and over.

  9. @ Carl Davidson..People are entitled to there own opinions, please quit asking people what they believe in , It’s none of your business if you want to be a psychiatrist go council the scum bag RAPIST AND NUN BEATER. People are outraged about this , and that means PEOPLE CARE. Who in the hell do you think you are? Please don’t respond I don’t care what you have to say, I HOPE YOU AND SCUM BAG RAPIST both burn in hell…Yes and don’t ask I am an advocate for every thing I’ve said and what everyone else had to say about the RAPIST.

  10. I hope Carl Davidson loses his internet access!! The great fucking philosopher is evidently ignored at home

  11. Fascism? Is that what you really read into these comments? These are people whose human sensibilities and senses of morality have been sorely affronted by a heinous act almost unparalleled in this county, with the exception of talking a life. Some are emotional, hypothetical, profane, histrionic and/or righteously indignant, by who in his right mind would dream of deeming them indicators of active totalitarianism? Wake up. Are you really serious? A woman and a community have been hurt, and there is not a damn thing wrong with wanting to make things right and redressing a wrong. This is not a discussion about fomenting a rebellion against a democratic government, it is a localized reaction involving community values held dear to many people. Get your head out if the clouds, join the common man, as you profess, quit the national political scene for a moment and cease the inflammatory rhetoric. It is one thing to be principled, but it is quite another to just stir things up for self-glorification.

    • I share their anger. That’s hardly the point here. What I don’t share are the values carried with it. Read the Bishop’s comments today.

  12. My mock appeal to the “judge”, earlier, was only an implied reference to the excessive use of contrived “excuses” to justify criminal behavior and avoid punishment of defendants by defense attorneys. Witness the ridiculous use of “affluenza” recently, and you will get my drift. But fascism? Come on, now.

  13. The first thing that we should all think about is the victim. I hope and pray that a woman who has devoted her life to God has a speedy recovery. I cried when I first heard this story. I, too, had the first thought of vengeance but then I realized that was not making this poor woman of God heal any quicker. I think all of us, especially those of us who grew up in this once great town, need to take a long look in the mirror and ask ourselves, “What has happened to us?”

  14. Carl Davidson, “The Question Man”: How about a few declarative sentences of helpful wisdom? Questions, especially those that beg for their answers, make for a convenient rhetorical argument, but they do little more than insult the reader. Hypotheticals piled on top of them then create the illusion of substance. To come here ‘In medias re’ and nay-say legitimate responses by people is disingenuous, and you should know that. Step out of character for a moment, and inform people about the “right” way to respond here. Try for something more original than “Sit down, shut up, and let the infallible workings of this democratic society make things right for you.”

    • Raven, Mr. Davidson is so far from your level (he’s beneath you) that you shouldn’t even waste your time addressing him. I do appreciate your thoughts as always though.

    • I can understand, and certainly share, the anger in their responses. And their right to assert them. But that hardly makes calling for a lynching ‘legitimate,’ does it? When I hear that, I consider it that anyone with core American and democratic values has a duty to stand up and speak out against it, even if, for the moment, it’s unpopular. I’m willing to go against the tide and take my lumps. Always have. I’m sure the Bishop’s statement today isn’t very popular here either, but I’m glad he made his point. Those with ears, will hear it.

      • You have an agenda sir and it’s a pathetic and selfish one. The only point you’re trying to make is that you’re intelligent or know something that no one else here does. Well let me tell you I see right through it. I never said anything about lynching anyone or any type of retribution against the accused whatsoever. He’ll get his due process whether you demand it or not. You’ve wasted everyone’s time here today. Congratulations.



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