State Senator Elder Vogel at Crows Run announcement / via Vogel's Office
State Senator Elder Vogel at Crows Run announcement / via Vogel's Office
State Senator Elder Vogel at Crows Run announcement / via Vogel’s Office

After nearly 55 years of talk, the long hoped for “Crows Run Project” is about to become a reality according to State Senator Elder Vogel (R-New Sewickley).

Senator Vogel’s office announced an $81 million project by PennDOT today to complete the final leg of a road between Cranberry and Route 65. The project will realign portions of Freedom Crider Road and Crows Run Road in New Sewickley Township and Conway Borough and involve the relocation of portions of Crows Run Creek.

The announcement apparently caught local officials by surprise, including the Beaver County Commissioners. Sources inside of the Democratic Party tell the Beaver Countian that local officials were told about the project in a late night phone call from officials with Senator Vogel’s Office, tipping them to show up at a press conference scheduled for this morning.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that Democratic State Representative Rob Matzie wasn’t even invited to the press event. Republican Commissioner Dennis Nichols wasn’t at the official announcement either.

The state is expected to begin acquiring properties needed for the project through eminent domain beginning this year. Construction is scheduled to start in 2016 with a completion date for the project slated for 2020.


  1. That’s because if the democrats knew it was a 81 million dollar budget they would have scammed most of the money!

  2. Cause that’s what we need. I’m curious as to what construction company will get the job, will they be local or from out of state? How will they be related to the government official?

  3. I just heard on the news it will take up to 5 years to complete! As much as this has been a long awaited project to happen, the traffic situation will be a total nightmare during the construction phase! 

  4. Here’s the thing; Having it approved and the funding in place, and getting it done are two entirely separate things.  Some may remember that Congressman Kolter had secured funding for a new Aliquippa- Ambridge bridge and that project died on the vine.  The key concern with this project is that the easements/right of ways are not in place, and I recall that there was an issue with property in that area regarding the Crows Run Expressway (another project that’s died on the vine).  If significant disputes/lawsuits arise over the value paid for these public takings the cost of this project will exceed its budget and likely will never get built.  Let’s wait until the right of ways are secured before we start planning our new route to Cranberry township.  Five years is a long way off.

  5. A two lane road at 40 mile an hour? Whoa. Be still my heart. Spanik says Cranberry people will be coming to Beaver County now. What for? All the dollar stores? There’s nothing here. It’ll just make it somewhat easier for all of us to still go to Cranberry. Beaver County is dying.

  6. Typical.  Beaver County Commissioners with their heads up their arses.  It’s only appropriate that they SHOULDN’T be invited to the press conference.  What have they done, really, to grow Beaver County over the past 30 years?  If they’re going to sit on their hands and do nothing, then people who WILL do something are going to go over their heads.  And it’s certainly about freaking time.

  7. I’am surprised the Commissioners know where New Sewickley is. Without h20 and sewage, this does nothing for the New Sewickley area.

  8. They have been talking about connecting Beaver county to I-79 since ive been alive . Its a good thing . They will probably make it a toll road . One of the plans was to replace the Ambridge Bridge and that road would go to Cranberry and 79. It would make it much easier for people working in Cranberry .



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