Friday, April 16, 2021
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Friday, April 16, 2021
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Lake Folks to the ‘Mupeers’: Don’t Bring Your Pandemic Germs Here!

Editor’s Note: This article is part of’s ongoing series, “The Beaver County Coronavirus Chronicles,” the county’s historical experience of the pandemic. Click here to see more of the series.


It appears locals have been opening campsites and summer homes in popular areas such as Pymatuning Lake much earlier than usual, most likely because they’re off work.

And although welcoming of their business during typical months, social media boards in those areas have been humming with warnings for us “Mupeers.”

Yes, they call us “Mupeers.”

Evidently, those of us from the county and the Pittsburghese region who flock north to Erie and surrounding popular summertime haunts often say, “Mupeer for the weekend,” or “Mupeer for the week.”

This is a bit of what they’re saying about us Mupeers:

I hope all of the people coming out of the cities can observe the social distancing while here. Not carry more virus into our small communities

My god watch the news

Stay in the city we will have nothing open until the 30 of April please keep your distance

So..the whole idea of staying home is so you don’t contaminate…or touch anything that has been contaminated in your wonderings. I miss camping too and in theory it would seem ok..but why even put anyone or your family at risk…this really sucks..but the longer we put off what needs to be done the longer it’s going to linger…just my 2 cents.


Pymatuning State Park, the state’s largest, has been a local favorite since being built during the Great Depression. All state park facilities are closed until April 30.

That means all park buildings, including park offices, restrooms, campgrounds, cabins, marinas, shoreline mooring, boat racks, all reservable facilities, and all forms of accommodations are closed. All events and public educational programs are canceled.

The public can still access trails, lakes, rivers, non-marina docks, forests, roads, and parking areas for passive and dispersed recreation, such as hiking. Anyone with reservations in this time period will be contacted, and full refunds will be made.

So, the “Upairs” are worried we’re going to overwhelm their small hospitals, and that could be a valid point.

Listen up, Mupeers!


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Lori Boone
Lori Boone
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