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A handgun belonging to Frank Catroppa has been seized by state investigators as part of a criminal probe being conducted by the Pennsylvania Statewide Investigating Grand Jury. Catroppa is the ex-fiancé of Rachael DelTondo, who was murdered at the bottom of her parent’s driveway in Aliquippa on Mother’s Day of this year.

DelTondo’s murder remains unsolved, but Catroppa’s attorney said his client had nothing to do with her death and the handgun recently seized by state investigators is unrelated to her homicide.

“I can confirm that a gun was originally seized from (Frank Catroppa) by Aliquippa police back in 2014 in connection with an unrelated investigation,” attorney Stephen Colafella told “He turned it over that night and it remained in their custody until just recently.”

The alleged incident in 2014 did not involve DelTondo.

Colafella also confirmed information received by from two independent sources that state investigators have now taken custody of Catroppa’s gun from Aliquippa’s evidence room.

“My understanding is the gun was recently seized by state investigators who are not involved in the DelTondo investigation,” said Colafella, who declined further comment about the ongoing probe.

Two sources have independently confirmed to the Beaver Countian that Frank Catroppa’s brother, Joseph “Jojo” Catroppa, and mother Yvonne Catroppa, have been subpoenaed to testify during secretive grand jury proceedings being held this week in Pittsburgh.

Jojo is currently awaiting trial on three unrelated cases in Beaver County Common Pleas Court for felony charges of narcotics distribution.

Yvonne had been an employee of the Beaver County Prothonotary’s Office since early 2000, but abruptly retired as the Beaver Countian began asking questions about an alleged incident involving her sons, Frank and Jojo. Employees of the Prothonotary’s Office told at the time that Yvonne had anticipated the imminent publication of an article involving her family and did not want to be employed at the courthouse when the allegations came to light. Yvonne had engaged in several heated discussions with the Beaver Countian prior to leaving her position.

The alleged incident in 2014 was investigated by Aliquippa police and county detectives. No one was ever charged with a crime and the Beaver Countian decided at the time against publishing information about the allegations.

Current investigations into Frank Catroppa appear not to be limited to work being done by the Statewide Investigating Grand Jury. Two sources with firsthand information about the matter say a company belonging to Frank Catroppa was audited by the IRS back in June, which is believed to be part of a larger investigation into his dealings.

The ongoing investigation by the Beaver County Detective Bureau into Rachael DelTondo’s murder has centered around Sheldon Jeter Jr., a then 17-year-old young man who in 2016 was discovered with the then 32-year-old DelTondo by Aliquippa police in a parked car late at night. DelTondo’s mother, Lisa, has told that Jeter had been obsessed with her daughter.

Sheldon’s attorney, Michael Santicola, insists his client had nothing to do with DelTondo’s murder and has no idea who did. Santicola told he finds recent developments involving Catroppa interesting, and asserts that DelTondo told Jeter she was going to be called to testify as a witness before a grand jury.

“I can confirm that my client has maintained all along that Rachael was afraid and she was afraid of some people in her life,” said Santicola. “She didn’t identify who those people were, but it is clear it involved Aliquippa. She told my client she had been getting death threats and he told her to contact police. He told her, ‘I will protect you if I can,’ being the naive 18 or 19 year old boy he was at the time. Rachael’s fears seem to have been confirmed.” has learned from multiple sources that other witnesses subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury in recent weeks have included current and former Aliquippa police officers and deputies in the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Gonna be reeeeaaalll interesting when the ballistics match between that gun and the casings found at the murder scene….

      • There is no way Jeter did it. That’s what they wanted everyone to believe, but that story didn’t fly,or he’d be arrested already and the case would be over. This is much bigger than Jeter

      • They were the pawns in this, but the people/Pd that were involved with the murder, weren’t smart enough to make it look like a real murder instead of a planned hit! All the pieces to this are right in front of our faces, some don’t want to believe it, but I do believe it will come to light for some soon! By the looks of things, some really shady shit was going down, involving drug money, a police department, fake/front companies to funnel said drug money.. its gonna blow up soon!! There’s only one reason she was killed and it wasn’t over someone she was sleeping with, but what information she had by default, by being franks fiancé. I hope justice prevails and these wanna be “good fellas” are running backwards through a corn 🌽 field everyday when they shower in the state pen!!

  2. So the Quip PD didn’t return the gun which means that they have been investigating the prior incident for over four years. What kind of investigation takes that long in Aliquippa? Most of their “investigations” are over in less than a day depending on whether they’re planning to arrest then frame you or just look the other way because of a bribe or a really good connection.

    This one must be a real doozy.

  3. So Jo Jo Catroppa is supposed to testify before the grand jury. Will be interesting to see if he gives up his own brother. All a bunch of cowards no way out and they will turn on each other in a heart beat.

    • Eric your either a jail guard who is in ties with these dirty ass cops areound here or the clown that got fired from thiel cause you can’t control your drinking! Calm your ass down! Stay in your lane!!

    • Eric Eric Eric… if you think this, you are one stupid person!! May your “imported from Italy” tattoo never fade 🙏

    • Eric, if they’re lies, prove it!!! Show us the correct timeline. Show us facts that contradict JP’s . You’re more than likely as corrupt as the others surrounding this case.

  4. so if i am reading this right the gun has been in the APD possession all this time
    it was then taken by investigators for ballistics (i assume) for some crime (more than likely DelTondos murder)

    is it reasonable to follow IF the ballistics match the casings found at the crime scene the gun was indeed used to commit the murder and only a person with access to the evidence room could have obtained the gun to use it.

    if anything i would think frank may almost hope it is so that it clears his name

  5. Ladies and Gentlmen guess who the officer was who took Frank Catroppa’s 9mm when the gun was confiscated back in 2014. You guessed it KENNY WATKINS. Catroppa NEVER received the gun back!

    • and how do you know this? snooping around in the old police files? and i am sure a millionaire would easily buy another gun to peplace the one held for four [ ! ] years..

    • And your forgetting the fact a current deputy Justin I pee on myself Rapko was in the car! Georgie took care of him by calling Aliquippa and nothing more was said or done and where’s the state police in all this weird one of the K9 for the sheriffs sons a state boy now ones a quip cop weird!!!

      • @eddiepgh… because his ex fiancé was just murdered about 2 months before this was posted on social media and he is, wether ya wanna believe it or not, a person of interest.. a states witness in his case was murdered.. you don’t think they are looking into that!? His gun was seized by the state, not local detectives! Old stonewall loser can’t do anything about that!! I honestly feel that something was going on and the people he thought had his back, were trying to frame him and save their asses.. time will tell!

      • so he’s not allowed to carry on with his life when someone he knows was murdered? how long is the grieving process before youre allowed to date or have a social life?

        from my understanding they were broken up for a while and both moved on. it is not like the broke up the day before mothers day and this was posted the day after

      • @eddie… would you feel the same if Jeter was wearing that shirt 2 months after she was murdered??? Did you not read racheals comments before her death about him and his goons following and harassing her, obviously he didn’t move on!! Also, she was a witness in his state/organized crime unit case.. are you people this fucking blind!?!?!???

      • @eddie.. everyone’s Lil gig is up in BC!! Are you one that is gonna lose money from this? You work for coke to coke enterprises?

      • @eddiepgh It’s not about him dating again, it’s about the SHIRT! THE SHIRT, Eddie!

      • @nothingsurprisesme.. that’s all I was pointing out. His cronies like to try to water down and take points away from people’s comments with BS! I think it’s funny they all think it has something to do with the local BC detectives investigation

      • to be honest i didnt even read the shirt, i assumed people thought it was tasteless cause he posted a pic of him and his girlfriend

        it may be a poor choice in shirt wear but id hardly classify it as disgusting

        and for the record i have nothing much to do with anyone associated with this story or others. i know them on site but i wouldnt classify them as even moderate aquaintences but go ahead and assume everyone is some shill for the other counter point

    • @Do Tell .. Believe me you DON’T have a clue what your talking about !!! They’r engagement was was broken up over 3 years ago .. He had a girlfriend and she had a differant boyfriend, I knew them BOTH so keep telling your fake stories and as far as her little friend Scatter who said he was going to protect her , His brother who was Rachael’s boyfriend said SCATTER came to his house and said he was going to F HER UP !! In my Opinion you need to go to law enforcement and have your Fake stories checked out… Everyone has opinions but your OBCESSED !!REALLY !!

      • @pallow.. all I’m doing is pointing out and referring to news articles that have been given to the public.. did you not read she was being threatened? If you know them both so much and know so much about the murder maybe you should talk to the police and clear things up for everyone!? Obsessed, no. Disgusted and fed up, yes. And my “fake” stories have already been well documented on almost every news outlet locally and nationally, except BC times.

    • Did you not read the article? Catroppa did not have the gun. They are insinuating it possibly could have been taken from the police station.

      • @quip grad… no shit!!?? Really!??? He’s got bigger issues to worry about with the state grand jury and the organized crime team grilling him this week!!

      • @quip grad, you couldn’t even remember your password and had to make a quip grad 2… 🤦‍♂️

      • @DoTell. I can almost visualize you jumping up and down in your chair at this juicy gossip, waiting with bated breath for the next bit. Apparently you know Frank Catroppa personally and love every bit of negative news about him.

      • @wind.. you’re wrong again. I don’t personally know him, but anyone from the area knows about him and his shitty family! My feelings on this remain the same from the beginning.. some of your comments are flip flopping back and forth.. if you don’t think he had anything to do with this hit in some way, you’re blind!!

      • @wind.. I’m gonna copy and paste this here for you so you know what organized crime is….

        Organized crime is a category of transnational, national, or local groupings of highly centralized enterprises run by criminals who intend to engage in illegal activity, most commonly for money and profit. Some criminal organization groups, are politically motivated.

  6. If Rachel was so afraid for her life and receiving death threats, why didn’t she receive entry into the Witness Protection Program , be relocated outside of Beaver County or did her current bf mean more to her than her life…one will never know the answer.

    • I wonder the same thing. If she was in fact a states wittiness, she should have been relocated, but she could have refused the option. I think her killing is gonna be a bigger part of this state/organized crime investigation, than her actual murder, simply because the county has nothing to do with this investigation! Everything leads back to 2 certain families, APD and the BC courthouse. And I’m sure the organized crime team knows about it all!! They use wire taps and rats! I’m sure someone facing some time they can’t hamdle will spill the beans

  7. So about 4 yrs ago there was an incident at a gas station where the son of a very connected person in Center was shot. The article was in the paper for a hot minute and then magically disappeared. NOTHING was ever heard of this incident again. I wonder if this gun is connected to that shooting.



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