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Ambridge Chief: Preliminary Investigation Shows Officer Who Tased Teen Acted Appropriately

An Ambridge police officer who tased a teenager following Friday night’s high school football game acted in accordance with policy, a preliminary investigation by the department’s chief has determined.

Ambridge Interim Police Chief Mark Romutis told BeaverCountian.com his review of the incident has found no wrongdoing by officers.

“We received numerous calls after the (football) game, with reports of disorderly juveniles about three or four blocks down Duss Avenue,” Romutis explained.

“There supposedly was some kind of fight. Four officers went down and tried to disperse the crowd. (The officers) were trying to get the story when someone said ‘gun,’ and one young man takes off running from the group … He had a jacket or something wrapped around his right hand.”

Romutis said an African American officer attempted to grab on to the 14-year-old black male subject.

“He broke free from (the officer), who yelled for the other officers to stop him,” Romutis continued.

“Thinking he had a gun, the officers started pursuit of him.”

Romutis said an officer deployed his taser out of concern for other juveniles in the area, causing the teenager to collapse onto the street.

No gun was discovered.

“A preliminary investigation shows everything does seem to be within policy,” Romutis said.

In a post to social media over the weekend, the boy’s mother alleged her son suffered “a broken jaw, missing teeth, and stitches,” as a result of hitting the pavement. She went on to question whether her son’s race may have been a factor during the incident.

A family member of the teen told BeaverCountian.com they would be making no further public statements until after they have retained an attorney.

Romutis is asking anyone who has video of the incident to contact the Ambridge Borough Police Department.

Ambridge police do not currently have body cameras, although Romutis said he and his officers are in favor of them and have been working to secure the necessary funding.

Romutis said a final decision has not yet been made as to whether charges will be filed against the teen.

“The officer who did this is sick over it,” Romutis concluded.

“He told me, ‘I have kids too. I didn’t want that to happen.'”

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John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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“She went on to question whether her son’s race may have been a factor during the incident.” Umm, no. What played a factor is the fact that he chose to disregard direct instructions from a police officer who was attempting to apprehend him and instead chose to break free of the officer and attempted to flee. If you don’t agree with the instructions that the officer gives you then there is an appropriate time and venue to resolve your differences of opinion.

“The boy’s mother alleged her son suffered a broken jaw, missing teeth and stitches.” Good, maybe the next time he’ll think twice about breaking free from the grips of a police officer and trying to run away.

Granted, the Ambridge PD has their share of issues but that doesn’t mean citizens (of any race) can just opt to ignore them during a time of chaos when public safety is at risk. Obviously this kid can’t appropriately deal with the responsibility of attending a high school football game without parental supervision. So my question to mom is “where the hell were you and why weren’t you watching your kid?” Maybe CYS ought to be having a chat with mom in order to better understand whether or not her parenting skills are sufficient to be raising what is obviously a troubled 14 year old.


Well said, Accordingtome. Maybe it’s hard for momma to accept that her Baby Boy is just another wannabe street punk who should have been at home with a babysitter. Nope, for some of us way back when, this would have meant a well-placed kick in the ass from the old man and no more street time for a year. But, of course, that assumes an old man stuck around and manned up to having a kid.


Amen! Unfortunately, this probably will not be his last encounter with law enforcement.


Obama built that! (racism and disrespect to LEO’s)


Maybe, after two or more new Presidents, you will grow out of your childish Obama obsession. “Obama built that” — one of your more idiotic fixations that doesn’t even make sense. Stay on the Trump gaslighting bandwagon — nobody cares about reason or facts on that drunken, looney joyride, and you can keep the birth certificate question alive for posterity.

Alan Surowiec
Alan Surowiec

Wonder if it was one of the punks that started a brawl in the middle of Merchant, or the punk that damaged trees in Streetscape area, or the punk that busted out windows on Merchant Street or the punk that smashed the cement urn in front of FranzeeS. MAYBE THESE “PUNKS” PARENTS NEED TO QUIT BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE…..INSTEADING OF FINDING AN ATTORNEY!!!


In a small town, the punks are usually the same multitalented brats that screw things up, from ballgame fights to Halloween eggings to spitballs in class. No names have been given, but the bets are on for these kids being frequent fliers and no surprises to the community and school.

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