48 HOURS crew preparing for an interview / photo by John Paul

CBS is dedicating its entire season finale of “48 HOURS” to Rachael DelTondo’s May 13, 2018 murder in Aliquippa. It will broadcast the national primetime report about her death at 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 18.

BeaverCountian.com’s John Paul has been working closely for the past year with a group of talented CBS News journalists out of New York City, including nine-time national Emmy Award-winning reporter Erin Moriarty.

Filming finished at the end of April and all involved are now preparing to share what’s been uncovered. You will have an opportunity to hear directly from many of the people surrounding the case, including individuals who have never spoken out publicly before this broadcast.

CBS and BeaverCountian.com examined accusations of public corruption in Aliquippa and its police department. We explored controversies in DelTondo’s personal life, including her breakup with fiancé Frank Catroppa and her association with a young man named Sheldon Jeter Jr.

Our year’s worth of work has been distilled into an hour of television that will answer several key questions and go a long way toward untangling truth from a web of rumor, gossip, and lies.

Although DelTondo’s life was brought to a violent end, her story continues.

Photos taken by BeaverCountian.com’s John Paul during the past year of production:

Lisa and Joe DelTondo being interviewed by Erin Moriarty / photo by John Paul
Michael Santicola, attorney for Sheldon Jeter Jr. / photo by John Paul
Lisa DelTondo being interviewed for 48 HOURS / photo by John Paul
48 HOURS field producer Stephanie Slifer / photo by John Paul
Jennifer Glovan being interviewed by Erin Moriarty / photo by John Paul
Assistant Aliquippa Police Chief Joseph Perciavalle (currently on administrative suspension) being interviewed by Erin Moriarty / photo by John Paul
48 HOURS crew during interview of Joseph Perciavalle / photo by John Paul
Lisa DelTondo being interviewed by Erin Moriarty / photo by John Paul
Aliquippa Councilman Matthew Mottes being interviewed by Erin Moriarty / photo by John Paul
Lisa DelTondo visiting her daughter’s grave / photo by John Paul

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I wonder if they will point out that the “investigation” was botched from the very start, actually within minutes involving cop Watkins and others — a comedy of errors by the worst people that could have been involved on a case, and including people who likely are the very ones that caused it, in a cesspool of historic crime and corruption. It seems to have been a hit man’s dream. How could one be caught in such a catastrophic environment? Or, if finding the perp is a simple matter, he/she could hide in plain sight and let incompetence and corruption allow his/her complete freedom to do the same again.


All of my same questions i wonder about. Also puzzling to me is the 3rd brother she also had a current relationship with. Didnt hear much from or about him. Was he not heartbroken? If they were currently dating why isnt he jumping up and down for answers ?


The interviews will be telling. From name brands to expert psychics to a semi-literate cop speaking in wise guy broken English and Ebonics to a phony don’t know shit from Shinola ambulance chasing DA. It will be good theater, and the viewers will be given an inkling of why things have been so screwed up, and why perhaps, the whole thing could have happened in the first place in a small, corrupt, not-so-sleepy Western PA town.


The phony don’t know shit from shinola ambulance chasing DA would have never been elected except that people were so hell-bent on change that they voted Republican…..no matter who was on the ballot.


In that case, it isn’t a matter of which political party is elected. It’s a matter of voters trying desperately to find a candidate who is qualified AND is not tied to the ever present corruption that continues to be found on every ballot. You have to ask yourself why won’t ‘noncorrupt’, competent candidates run. It’s a matter of looking deeper into the shit hole of Beaver County politics for the answer. At least The Beaver Countian is trying to do that.