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911 Records Show Fast Response For Man Who Jumped From Bridge – Social Media Rumors Prove To Be False

Rochester Borough police and Medic Rescue responded quickly to a report of a man jumping from the Rochester-Monaca bridge on Sunday morning, despite claims in a series of social media posts about them being slow to arrive on scene.

Police say the man did not survive the fall and are not releasing his name out of respect for the family. In a statement made to their Facebook page Sunday, Rochester police addressed the incident.

“We’ve been advised of the rumors on some of the local Facebook news sites about a jumper on the Rochester / Monaca Bridge this morning. We can confirm some details. There was a male that jumped from the bridge this morning. Medics and police were on scene in about one minute.”

Several social media posts spoke of purported delays in the arrival of emergency services personnel. But emergency call logs obtained by BeaverCountian.com as part of its regular news gathering efforts confirm a rapid response to the incident.

County 911 records show the call came in at 9:19:36 a.m. Sunday morning. Police were dispatched by 9:20:40, acknowledged the call within seconds, and arrived on scene by 09:23:16. Medic Rescue were arriving on scene by the time they were dispatched at 09:21:03. Police remained at the location until 10:16:42 a.m., with Medic Rescue clearing at 10:29:30.

Rochester Borough police are using their Facebook page to encourage those who feel hopeless to reach out for help:

Please, anyone who is thinking of suicide or knows anyone who is thinking of suicide and may be in need of someone to talk to, there are options out there.

Talk to a family member, talk to a friend, talk to your priest or pastor or reverend, talk to a doctor, or police officer, or anyone you trust. Just let them know you aren’t feeling well. Your life is worth more than you think. You may feel like nobody cares if you’re gone, but there is always someone who will feel the pain if you go. People DO care about you. Seek out help, please.

There are local hotlines you can call, so please do!

Beaver County Crisis Help-Line

John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.

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Police and Medics are to be commended for their rapid response and great efforts while operating under tremendous stress and personal risk in the execution of their duties as they endeavor to save lives.


Very sad situation. My condolences to the family and friends of the individual that took his life. Our first responders are first class. Be safe!


This “reconstruction” of what happened is new and is valuable. Here, we see public officials and first responders vindicated by revisiting the time records. Depending upon how closely in time the events can be reviewed, one can imagine that the observer could eventually become a real-time narrator part of the story — “breaking news” — not new, but now it is/will be apparently available to the public, maybe even in real time. No more “historical” day-after or week-after reporting in the print media. It becomes concurrent “breaking news.” Maybe even happening with the events as they occur — everywhere in Beaver County. The accountability of those involved is becoming obvious, good and bad, as the time frame records are reviewed. But let’s take it a step further, and combine this with recent investigation articles. Could the time records, even recorded conversations, be retrieved to walk back events and reconstruct the response to a crime? The crime itself? If so, the public would not have to rely upon the officials’ interpretation or misinterpretation of what happened. Imagine if the 911 and dispatch calls during the PsychoCop traffic stop and K-9 mauling of a man were witnessed by online observers at the time it was happening and after? No stonewalling by Stonewall and others to keep the matter secret and protect the cop. This is just wild guessing, but this kind of “Time Travel” lends much to the imagination.

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