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The Secretary of the Beaver County Republican Committee has resigned her official positions with the party following an investigative report published Wednesday by that exposed a series of racially charged posts she had made on Facebook.

Carla Maloney acknowledges being the author of the posts in a resignation letter she submitted today to Republican Party Chairman Chip Kohser.

Maloney’s posts referred to African American NFL athletes as “baboons,” suggested they should go back to Africa, and urged “white people” to “stop paying their salaries.”

Kohser denied knowing about the posts when interviewed by on Wednesday and said he takes its reporting “with a grain of salt.”

But published an interview with the Republican party’s prior Chairman, Carla Yacoviello, who revealed she had notified Kohser about Maloney’s posts at the time they were made last year. Kohser then admitted to the Beaver County Times he had in fact been aware of them.

The Republican Committee issued a short statement today condemning Maloney’s remarks. “The views expressed in her posts are abhorrent and have no place in reasonable public discourse. We denounce these comments in the strongest terms possible.”

In her resignation letter, Maloney blames the posts becoming public on an “ongoing family dispute,” but says she comes from a “diverse family that represents modern America.”

Carla Maloney’s resignation letter in full:

I apologize for my distasteful, inappropriate, and insensitive social media posts.

Those that know me know that I come from a diverse family that represents modern America.

I know my posts and comments were disrespectful to not only the people that I love, but families across the country.

While it does not change the fact that the words were mine, and mine alone, the fact that these posts were made public were the result of an ongoing family dispute.

Second, and that being said, I am eager to make this situation right with the Beaver County Republican Committee and the public at large.

As such, I hereby resign from both being Secretary of the Beaver County Republican Committee and being an elected member.

My resignation is effective immediately upon receipt of this letter.

In conclusion, I know I am a better person than this and, as I step away from these public positions, I will work to show everyone who I truly am.

From the bottom of my heart, I again apologize for my remarks, my poor taste, and the problems they have caused. I also apologize to everyone offended by my posts.


Carla Maloney

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. Pretty sure she already showed everyone who she truly is. Sometimes it’s the things you try to hide that really define you.

  2. Now we need the resignation of the president. He knew this was said and did nothing until it was reported on. If he really thought it was not right he would have asked for her resignation when he was told about it.

  3. “the fact that these posts were made public were the result of an ongoing family dispute.”

    In other words, someone in my family thinks I’m a piece of shit, and now everyone knows that I am in fact a piece of shit.

  4. So the blame falls on her family? (Why is it always someone else’s fault?)
    Better to apologize and commit to working on conquering the hateful, hurtful feelings.

    • O that’s Democratics that blame everyone else! So, just because ONE republican blamed someone for her behavior, that is rarely heard of from a republican.

      Yes she was wrong for saying that public, being in politics you need a brain when opening mouth. I noticed yesterday’s comments, numerous people agreed with her. That’s why anyone in the public eye needs to watch what comes out of their mouth. But on the other had, it’s freedom of speech.

  5. Well in the above picture they both look like phonies! Neither one looks like they enjoy being so close to the other. Mungo has zero respect for anyone who backpedals from what they say and truly mean by giving a disingenuous, half hearted apology. If you mean it, and say it out loud….well then stand by it. That in Mungo’s opinion is more deserving of respect than hauling ass off on an apology tour to beg forgiveness. First amendment people……Love it or leave it. That said though people should spend a little more time thinking about what they say and post BEFORE they say it.

  6. If Chip Kohser knew a year ago when they were published and did nothing, he’s just as guilt as agreeing along with what she posted by doing nothing. Now that he’s been backed into a corner and HAS to come clean, now all of a sudden Maloney’s remarks are “The views expressed in her posts are abhorrent and have no place in reasonable public discourse. We denounce these comments in the strongest terms possible.”
    If you really felt that way, why wasn’t this statement made a YEAR ago when it was FIRST brought to your attention!?

  7. all these goddy two shoes democrats are going to ? jesus is coming soon most are in devils boot camp remember you stand alone.

    • Well, Mike, if you mean Hell, Damnation, Purgatory, Hades or just a very bad place, please say it, ‘cause that question mark is creeping me out.

  8. Can I have her job? How much does it pay? Wait, I have to delete my Facebook first! Lol

    And, working with either party in Beaver County is a bad idea. Beaver County politics is all “fake” and they all only do it so they can get into the criminal circle, and figure out a way to become rich. It’s all a joke.

  9. Carla, Please don’t blame your family feud for your ignorant Posts. Your combated behavior has always been an issue. I’ve seen your posts many times on many social media sites. You love to argue. I hope you learn something from this, as the old saying goes “if you have nothing good to say say nothing.” It is never okay to be hurtful. I wish you well Carla maybe you should get some therapy to deal with your anger issues. And I would stay away from social media… you do not represent me or my party. I love all people, even you.

  10. She spoke the truth. And she had to resign.
    So, when is DE-WON going to resign for being a racist POS?
    When is Jeremiah Wright going to resign for being a racist POS?
    When is Jesse Jackson going to resign for being a racist POS?
    When is Louis Farrakhan going to resign for being a racist POS?
    BTW all you righteous haters out there, Trump IS NOT a racist, no matter how many times you hear it on MSM. Period.

  11. Sorry, saying your family is diverse and expecting a pass is like saying you can’t be racist because some of your best friends are black. Why not say, I apologize for my RACIST posts because that is what they are.

  12. I’m with juju. Sometimes this is what free speech looks like. It may Not be your opinion but it was here. There was no crime being committed here. We are in bad times if a name is offensive to someone. Grow the he’ll up. Such more important things in life than this cram. Would I say it, probably not. That being said. Her comment had 0 affect on anyone.

  13. An ‘apology’ does nor take away blatant racism. I ask any relevant leaders in Beaver County and the greater Pittsburgh area to demonstrate leadership and demonstrate diversity.



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