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CBS is dedicating its entire season finale of “48 HOURS” to Rachael DelTondo’s May 13, 2018 murder in Aliquippa. It will broadcast the national primetime report about her death at 10 p.m. on Saturday, May 18.’s John Paul has been working closely for the past year to investigate the case with a group of talented CBS News journalists out of New York City, including nine-time national Emmy Award-winning reporter Erin Moriarty.

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Seems like Ms Moriarty is headed in the right direction-questioning the absolutely unprofessional if not(it is) criminal negligence on the part of the Aliquippa PD & DA David Lozier’s office. As well as the rush, to set the narrative regarding Rachael’s character, which I’m sorry anyone that knew her knew was complete fiction. Watching FCs answers and body language at least in the clip also shows he may have been unfairly treated by many including me. What’s unforgivable is how our local authorities have behaved and in all likely cost Rachael and he family the justice all of us should expect simply as Americans. My gram always said fish rots from the head down. More of this corruption is all we have to look forward to under the current state of our country from the top all the way down to quip PD doorstep


**Spoiler Alert**

Catroppa did it


A cowardly killer walked right up to Rachael and shot her 10 times, point-blank. He did not happen to be there by chance. He made an explicit effort to go after her. It was premeditated. The worst crime.

Nothing I’ve heard, or read in comments from thoughtless lawyers, policemen, or any of the moralizing critics on this site, has shown just cause for such a brutal act. Because there is none. Anything Rachael knew was surely known by any number of people. Those secrets are emerging and eventually someone will have the ability to sort them out.

This act of violence has put Aliquippa and Beaver County on the map. All of us. When a murder victim is villified and not vindicated, it shows our character, or lack of it. Our redemption depends upon solving this murder and finding justice for Rachael and her family and friends. Until then we all have something to fear because that murderer is still among us.


Too many pertinent details were omitted.


And her “friend” Jenn is fake as fake can be🙄