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A series of racially charged Facebook posts attributed to an official for the Beaver County Republican Committee refer to African American athletes as “baboons,” suggest they should go back to Africa, and urge “white people” to “stop paying their salaries.” was provided with a screenshot which appears to show a woman named Carla Belich Fueller posting from her Facebook account about protests being conducted by NFL players. It is unclear exactly when the posts were made.

The posts began, “Tired of these over paid ignorant blacks telling me what I should believe in. I will tell you what I believe in and that is our Flag and National Anthem and America period end of story. You don’t like it here go to Africa see how you like it there. We are all Americans not African American not Hispanic American. WE ARE ALL AMERICAN.”

Records maintained by the Beaver County Bureau of Elections show Carla Fueller’s legal name was changed in 2015 to Carla Maloney. Republican Beaver County Commissioner Dan Camp confirmed that photographs on the Facebook profile are those of Maloney, that Maloney’s name was once Fueller, and that she currently serves as the Republican Committee Secretary.

Her Facebook account appeared to have been renamed after the posts were made, with Facebook redirecting unrelated posts she was tagged in. Her account appears to have been taken down entirely after began calling people for its reporting.

Photo via Facebook

She followed up with a second post suggesting violence may soon erupt, “What we have in this country right now is reverse racism. I am so sick of the name calling, rioting, shooting, and looting. I don’t know when but there will be another civil war in this country soon (sic) than later.”

Several other individuals participated in the same discussion thread, including one who posted icons of the American flag. When another individual replied “GO STEELERS,” she responded again.

“Steelers are now just as bad as the rest of the over paid baboons. You respect your flag, country and our national atnthem (sic). How many men and women have lost limbs or died to protect this country and you baboons want respect. If you want respect you need to earn it and so far you haven’t. Stop watching, or going to a game and paying for over priced food, water and tickets. Lets see how the baboons get paid when white people stop paying their salaries.”

Republican Committee Chairman Chip Kozher said he was unaware of the posts before having them read to him by, but now intends to investigate the situation and have a discussion with his Executive Committee.

“I will address this with her in the proper manner. Obviously that banter is not how I believe and is not how I think the Republican Party as a whole believes. I need to hear her side of the story and investigate it myself. Our Executive Committee would then take whatever action appropriate.”

Kozher added that he believes “has a reputation of being a pot stirrer” and he takes what it reports “with a grain of salt.”

One of the people who posted in the thread before Maloney made her remarks was fellow Republican Carla Yacoviello, former party Chairman, who contributed an innocuous comment about her husband not watching football. Yacoviello said she was disgusted with the posts by Maloney which followed hers.

“I do remember those posts well,” said Yacoviello, who told they were made several months ago. “At the time that happened, I called Chip Kohser and handed it all over to him. I was really upset about it at the time, because I have black grandchildren. There is no way that I would condone that.”

Yacoviello said she quit attending meetings of the party because of Maloney’s continued involvement.

“I stopped going to the Republican Committee meetings because of this … I just know I called Chip and that’s all I could do.”

The protests by NFL athletes were started in 2016 by then-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who took a knee during the national anthem to raise awareness about what he described as racial inequalities and police violence against minorities. Other players have since followed Kaepernick’s lead, with some kneeling during the anthem and others standing but raising fists in a show of solidarity.

President Donald Trump is a vocal critic of the protests and has called for a boycott of the NFL.

Posts elsewhere on Facebook show the same Carla Belich Fueller account promoting events of the Beaver County Republican Committee, including one from yesterday urging people to sign up for the party’s upcoming 2nd Annual Sporting Clay Shoot & Steak Dinner. Posts dating back to September 2017 show her promoting a Politics 101 training seminar for Republicans.

Photos found on Facebook show her to be an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump, and include photos that appear to have been taken with Trump and with his son Eric. Posts on the Republican Committee of Beaver County’s Facebook page last month promoted her appearance on CNN’s “The Van Jones Show.” A teaser clip from the station features her talking about the midterm elections, “the blue wave is going to hit the red wall.”

photo via Facebook left a message for Carla Maloney on the Facebook account which the posts were attributed to, but received no response. The Beaver Countian later reached Maloney at a number provided by Republican Committee Chairman Chip Kozher. Maloney answered the phone and confirmed her identity, but after identified itself she exclaimed “OH!” before abruptly hanging up the phone. called back a second time, but the call went immediately to voicemail. A third call made over an hour later also went to voicemail.

She did not return two detailed messages seeking comment about the NFL posts attributed to her.

photo via Facebook

Republican Beaver County Commissioner Sandie Egley said she was disappointed but not surprised to learn of the posts attributed to an official in her local party.

“I haven’t participated in the Beaver County Republican Party for some time now because of the shenanigans that have been going on. Her remarks are offensive to anyone who reads them. One person does not speak for all Republicans, certainly not for me. I hope the Executive Committee takes firm action and removes her.”

Republican County Commissioner Dan Camp said he will bring up the matter at the next Republican Committee meeting. “I obviously do not believe someone who makes comments like that should be an official in our party.”

Camp spoke to at length about the ongoing protests by NFL players.

“I personally believe people should stand for our National Anthem,” said Camp. “But I also believe strongly in our First Amendment’s guarantee that we all have freedom of speech — that is one of the great things about our country. The NFL players have the right to protest.”

Camp said he intends to exercise his own right to stand up for what he believes. “The slurs she used to refer to these athletes are repulsive. I was raised to treat everyone equally. I will not affiliate myself with someone who has these beliefs.”

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • @Jane… i totally agree with you. Disgusting… sickening… and unbelievable! And to think these people most likely reproduced.

      I had the opportunity to attend an elementary school function not that long ago at a beaver county school. I was disgusted by the racist chatter that came from the kids. As they say… teaching starts at home which is truly sad in this day and age.

    • And what did Uncle Wah Wah tell you long ago about life in Beaver County? ANYBODY???? If you think the Democrat/Republicans are more advanced in their thinking and behavior than the Republicans/Democrats, you are fooling yourself.


      yeah, well

      “Overpaid Baboons” – Racially Charged Posts About NFL Players Attributed To County Republican Party Official

      Same crap, just a different set of asses…

  1. I find it funny how speaking the TRUTH is now BAD!
    White is black.
    Up is down.
    Left is right.
    Right is left.
    Good is bad.
    Bad is good.
    Capitalism is bad.
    Socialism is good.
    Police are bad.
    Criminals are good.
    Etc., etc., etc….
    Sorry, but she is dead right!. Period.

    • dead right on what asshole, your so.e stupid to realize white people do alot of shit too but get away with alot lot at the mass murder non of them were killed they handcuff those guys real nicely shot up a church,school’s, gaming function, job site not to mention do your history mass murder has a record for you so what do you mean

    • You & all who think like you are asses. Get use too it we’re here to stay in this backwards racist murdeous so called USA

  2. Oh boy Mungo is getting popcorn ready for the ensuing comments! This thread is about to get real. All joking aside the President said just today that there is a very good likelihood that violence will erupt around the nation depending on the outcome of the midterm elections. He is probably not too far off the mark considering violence surrounding these antifa goons and all the MAGA hat incidents that have already occured! Let’s hope the ignorant masses do NOT fall for this division shit = violence, because that is exactly what they want to see happen. One thing American forces…military, police etc are very very good at and that is stomping out any real resistance……co intel pro…..don’t be suckered into it. Remember Problem….Reaction….Solution. Mungo speaks true when he tells you that the TPTB have already got the solution part well planned out, just suprise them with a peaceful reaction and watch their solution dissolve if the shit hits the fan. But all that seems like common sense, and that is something that is rarely seen in today’s society..Like that one dude said…..”can’t we all just get along?” Or that other dude with the wife who couldn’t sing for shit said “let’s give peace a chance”…… Ok carry on fine commenters.

  3. So according to Carla Yacoviello, she alerted Chip Kosher as soon as she saw the post. But according to Chip, he didn’t know anything about it until JP brought it to his attention.

    Republicans lying? Get the hell outta here!

  4. this is the USA where we have the right to fill how we want to this lady is in here rights ………………………..

  5. It seems that the BC Republican Party needs a good high colonic. This women needs to go, and if Kozher knew about this, he should go too.
    As for most of the above commenters, it appears we have enough bigots to start a BC KKK chapter. 😠

  6. Jaacee
    Viva la raza….la familia….brown pride….celebrated!
    National black history month….black pride…celebrated!
    No nazi’s…no hate of other cultures….strongly religious!….White pride…..rayciss?!?……WTH?
    Like a brother said….”don’t believe the hype”!

  7. So they went ahead and hit the button. Chip, did you really just double down on racism? Holy fuck, you guys are lost without Jim Christiana there to pull the strings, aren’t you?


  8. This comes as no surprise, neither do the white hooded creatures coming out in the comments. It’s funny how she has the right to express herself but black athletes exercising their first amendment rights, peacefully, do not. I’ve watched these same people talking, eating, laughing, wearing hats through the national anthem and it wasn’t until someone stepped his bone spurs in it that it became a problem. Keep “stirring the pot” JP.

  9. Chip needs to “hear her side of the story”. Duh Chip, her ‘side’ is loud and clear. What ‘side’ do you think you’ll hear? That comment itself tells me much about you and your true thoughts.

  10. This woman is poison, not just for the Republican party, but for the civilized people of this county. The Republicans have to show her the door, just as the Democrats have to show Veon and his cronies the door, if they intend to move on and get some viable candidates elected.
    Pass the popcorn, Mungo Jerry, I’m with you.

    • Really, Raven? Because this ignorant person made some especially ignorant comments, we’re in the age of evil? I enjoy most of your posts because they are usually very thoughtful, but this kind of broad brush stroking on both sides of the political spectrum is getting really old.

      • Sorry, Disgruntled, but I mean Evil. I’ll use the definition that comes up first — “profoundly immoral and malevolent.” Her statements are intentional, repeated and directed” toward specific people. It is time to call the malignant behavior what it is, locally and nationally. What saves these malcontents is that they spout shit with no worry about accountability. Mouthy bitches with too much free time abound in small towns, yet we tolerate them. No more. Maybe upping the vocabulary ante will get the attention that other negative words have stopped emoting peoples feelings about.

      • So, I’m not a moron. I know what evil is and I’ve seen my share. I don’t need a wiki definition, and I have to say that I don’t think this rises to the level. Ignorance? Clearly. Bigotry? The very definition. But Evil? An opinion different from your own? Sorry. Your ravenous hatred of Trump and anyone that supports him is more closely aligned with this woman’s beliefs than you may care to acknowledge.

  11. Simply unbelievable that there are people in high positions in their respective organizations or jobs that first of all believe in this crap,secondly call themselves Proud Americans and third are stupid enough to publish them in a well known forum.I supposed I could have condensed this diatribe with one word,”STUPID.”

  12. I believe a civil war is possible due to hatred between liberals and conservatives, not because of race.
    However, the media creates racial problems by sensationalizing incidents- I am not saying racism doesn’t exist, it probably always will. But most people are decent and treat each other with respect.

  13. i feel a little better seeing that cheetahs comment is almost split 50-50 (more like 60-40) but was expecting it to be about 89-3

    Capitalism is bad – no its not, but when the current president gives the corps a huge tax break and says its for the people and everyone believes him well….
    Socialism is good – in certain cases yes it is. Universal Health Care is very doable and while obama care had its issues, erasing it from history will have repercussion a lot of people who hated it will come to find out it is going to hurt them
    Police are bad – no they arent, but there are certainly ones out there that do not do any favors to the ones who are genuinely good. for every jim naim there are probably 3 Jeffrey Wijnen-Riems
    Criminals are good – i dont think anyone believes this but there is a due process that all citizens are afforded and when good and bad cops do not adhere to these guidelines it tends to lead to people thinking that what else may they have done to “catch” the bad guy

    everything that this woman has said can be debunked with some simple searches but the crybaby in chief has convinced everyone that unless it is favorable news about him then it is nothing but lies and shouldnt be trusted.

  14. This same woman just 2 days ago was acting like a fool at a fair in support of Keith Rothfus. Not that he has a chance of beating Lamb anyway.

  15. Everything that comes into your mind does not have to come out of your mouth, and most certainly doesn’t need posted on social media, especially if you want to be involved in politics. In the spirit of “do as I say and not what I do”, she’s always been a little crazy…but a nice person all things considered.

    • Nice? Can’t buy that. ‘Nice’ people do not do what she does. Nah, not a nice person. Perhaps she was pleasant enough and friendly to you but inside, she is NOT nice.

  16. Carla Maloney was part of a “panel” discussion on the Van Jones Show, July 14, 2018, Episode 12, at Fred’s Divot Bar in Ambridge. David Urban rides along in the van as Van’s guest as they tour the town. The group of intelligentsia repeat the Republican mantras about immigration, etc., as they provide their expert opinions.

    I am going to forward this article to Van Jones, and ask for a response, so that he can see some of the action he missed from the chosen panel members. David Urban gives Van a Terrible Towel on the way in. Will he keep it, knowing that “Overpaid Baboons” are cheered on by it? Hopefully, the Steeler fans in the bar were cleared out before the taping.

    You can watch the first part here:


  17. Typical trash! This person doesn’t represent the majority of beaver county.she doesn’t even deserve to have her picture in this article.

  18. I can understand that there are racists and I believe your statement is blatantly racist but the saddest part is that you at this time have 43 supports. Racism is not dead, in fact it is alive and well/sick in Beaver County. I am a democrat but I would be very surprised if she maintains her position in the Republican Party in Beaver County or as an alternative she could run for president next time around.

  19. The overpaid baboons are in the Beaver County Courthouse. Dan Camp is one of many.
    We want the county employee roster cut by 40% down to 600 employees.
    The ones that are left take drastic wage concessions for the general good of the people.
    Stop wasteful spending of public funds.
    End all non-bid contracts and bid rigging to benefit your friends, family and yourself.
    Leave Sheriffs cars and Public Works trucks parked when the day is done.
    Finally and most important rollback high property taxes that all these things have caused.



    • I normally don’t respond to these types of rants, but your’s intrigued me for a few different points. If you could expand on them maybe I could better grasp your argument, and not be lumped into the “WE Want” category without being better informed.
      1. If you could maybe, I don’t know, come up with an actual number of county employees, (shouldn’t be too hard, JP printed their names and salaries a few articles back) and tell me which ones aren’t needed, that would be awesome. Why? Because you going off on a tangent about how the county staff should be cut by 40% is bold, but who do you want to fire and why? Explain to me how all those on your keep or cut list are and aren’t doing their jobs and deserve to either get fired or kept. Give me a reason, and I don’t mean because they take a cruiser home, or the traditional line of the Treasures office being over staffed, or they didn’t treat you like royalty when you walked in, I mean prove to me that an assessor in the office of aging isn’t doing their job, or that the department of protective services aren’t following through on their cases.
      2. If you could expand a little bit of your theory of these 600 or so of your star employees taking a drastic pay cut, that too would be awesome. I mean, how much are we talking about, 1% or 90%? Does this include the fair share nonunion employees, or just the dreaded union employees? Are there any union employees left at all? Maybe, use the example on how you and your fellow employees through the years used to do this. I mean, you always gave up your salary for the company right?

    • This offensive behavior is over the top, John Q. The irony is that among supporters, she will be raised in ranking to five stars. Racism, lying, slogans, and more — just the cost of doing business to overlook, ignore and get what they want. Another irony — it’s unattainable, because they have been suckered into a fictional reality that doesn’t, never will and never could exist.

      • social media is the 1984 of 2018. what anyone says on their PRIVATE account is their business, like it or not. anyone has the right to say anything they want. was she on a County computer spouting her thoughts? or her own PC ? the point is, there is no FN privacy at all, and anyone who voices their opinions on ANY social media oughta know that it will be their downfall, especially if they are politically involved. let’s have a look at some NFL players facebooks, black or white. bet you’d be surprised.

  20. I don’t believe all Trump voters are racist, but this woman is. The Republican Party is unfortunately becoming a haven for racists, though,like the Catholic Church was for pedophiles. They need to purge these people quickly or face long-term, dire consequences.

  21. Just a big dumbass! Probably couldn’t describe capitalism if bit her in the ass. Doesn’t she know what facebook is? Doesn’t in anyway represent what I believe in. Dumbass!

  22. Isn’t she Duke Belich’s daughter?? If so, she’s following in her Daddy’s footsteps of being a real piece of work!! Just sayin’!

  23. Just a thought Daewon your the mayor of Aliquippa. And a leader in the black community what are your thoughts about this womans racist hate filled comments?

  24. Why is this news worthy? She’s a little racist nobody in the Republican party. I am sure that the Democrats have their share of them as well. Who really cares what she has to say

    • Here’s why this is newsworthy: Did you ever hear the phrase “all politics is local”? It’s true, what happens in local level politics will eventually get reflected at the national level.

      So here we have a “little racist nobody” small time political party official spouting off like an idiot on social media. She’s a racist, low-quality person, without a doubt. I don’t want to see her point view, her beliefs, her agenda have an influence in politics, at any level.

      There are low-quality people all around us, that doesn’t mean we should accept it. Everyone should strive to be better. We can’t accept that being an asshole is OK.

      • “There are low-quality people all around us, that doesn’t mean we should accept it.”

        Let’s try something. Take out ‘low-quality’ from your quote and substitute in ANY other adjective and tell us why it’s better or worse. The answer is…it’s not. You’re expressing the same intolerance as the woman being shamed in this article, which makes you just as much of an asshole. I CAN accept that because I choose to live peacefully. We all make our own choices. Don’t tell me what I can and can’t accept.

      • I don’t have a right to tell you what you should or should not accept. If you’re ok with this woman’s rantings good for you! I replied to the original question why this was newsworthy.

        Your other point makes no sense… We don’t live in a vacuum. In the eyes of the government, everyone is supposed to be treated equally. All men are created equal and all that… you can get pedantic and argue the point that historically, blah, blah, blah… but that’s the way it’s supposed to be. That’s what I believe in, it’s right there in the constitution. I try to live my life that way, like I imagine most people do. Do unto others and all that… you should try it, you’ll be better off for it.

        Back to this woman… when you represent a political party in this country, and you believe some people should not be treated equally, and some people are lower than you – like this woman clearly believes – you’re going against the constitution. You should be shamed. I won’t tolerate her views, and neither should you!

        And let me just say this – this woman is a coward too. You watch, after Saturday she’ll issue some statement about how she didn’t mean to be racist, she’s not a bad person, she’s so sorry. Lies! She’s too much of a coward to say how she really feels.

  25. I’m not sure what is more racist. A few crude comments that happen to be a person’s true vile thoughts, OR a Political party (democrats) that uses race to garner votes and politicians who make fortunes off of a race, while pretending to be “helping” them.
    For all the supposed help the Liberals are giving to blacks, we still have huge crime, poverty and racial divide. Perhaps it is not working?

  26. Is this quote by the same Chip Kohser who owns Fellowship Foods? I believe it is, but is spelled incorrectly in the article.

  27. He has to hear her side? It’s in black and white print. Exactly what side of “baboon” needs explained?

  28. Something tells me she also wants to speak to the manager every time she has a subpar meal at Cracker Barrel.

  29. Poor Carla Maloney; she’s so dumb she doesn’t even realize that she’s dumb. Hopefully she hasn’t procreated.

  30. Is she one of those Beaver Countians that sit in the local bars , backyard picnics, CHURCHES, work, etc. and rant about the “spooks” and the “coons” in Aliquippa, Beaver Falls, Midland, Rochester, Ambridge, New Brighton, etc. “ruining” OUR Beaver County while their daughters and nieces are out banging some black boy that they hope will take them to prom and their sons and nephews are walking around wif dere pants halfway down their ass waving a fan of 5 $1 bills, pretending that they are playas in a rap video?

    Because we all know 1 … 10 … 50 of those social observers , don’t we? LOL

  31. Damn Uncle Wee Wee……you sound as bad as her! Mungo will bet a crisp $5 bill that you would not stand in line at Aliquippa Aldi’s and spout off those hateful, ignorant words out loud for others to hear…….. “Can’t we all just get along?”. SMH!



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