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Ambridge Tensions Mount As Video Of White Students Singing Racial Slurs Goes Viral

Ambridge Area students are worried a viral video recorded last weekend and shared online is intensifying racial tensions in the district.

Former and current students, all of whom are white, are shown having a party Saturday in woods and singing a satirical song called “I Don’t Like ‘N-words’” by black Pittsburgh rapper London Yellow. The video was first posted to the social media app Snapchat over the weekend. No one has identified the person who took it.

“So pull up your pants, all n-words can dance, so dance monkey dance,” some of the group can be heard singing, with others laughing along.

Isaac Ciarrochi, 20, of Ambridge, said he was one of those at the party, and that no ill intent was meant. He said he and friends are now getting death threats.

“Somebody played the song, that actually a black man wrote. It’s a comedy song, and we were singing along because it was funny,” Ciarrochi said.

But some black district students are seeing the video as a threat, and proof of wide-spread racial animus in the district. One caption added to the video as it was shared by others online dubbed the gathering a “clan meeting.” Another caption read, “You gotta love white people sometimes.”

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John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is an award-winning investigative journalist and founder of BeaverCountian.com. He reports full time for the site with a focus on public watchdog journalism.

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