A multi-year financial management plan for Beaver County, funded by a state grant and produced by independent analysts, has been completed.

As BeaverCountian.com previously reported, the report shows the county is in the middle of a financial crisis that must be addressed to avoid insolvency. The analysis stands in sharp contrast to public statements previously made by Commissioners Tony Amadio and Dan Camp, who have attempted to cast doubts about the county’s dire financial position.

The report will be presented to the board of commissioners at a scheduled work session on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in the commissioners’ conference room of the courthouse. The meeting will be open to the public.

BeaverCountian.com has obtained a final copy of the 131 page report and is making it available now for its readers to download in full:

Click Here To Download the Multi-Year Financial Management Plan

A previously published synopsis of a draft of the report compiled by BeaverCountian.com can be read here:

In-Depth: Analysts Make Recommendations To Mitigate County Government’s Dire Financial Situation

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


    • Yes. That is part of what is going to happen, right after they close down parks and the ice arena and any other family/kid oriented venues. Then Beaver County can go higher up in the drug riddled list – those making money off of illegal drug sales will profit. HEY, but all is fantastico in good old Beaver County. Top it off with a casino to drag down people with problems and a taxpayer funded “convention center”, a.k.a, meeting arena/office for those mentioned above to congregate – I mean they need somewhere to plot…

      • the upkeep of some areas of the parks could be handled by those same Beaver County Jail inmates that are currently mowing lawns for free.

  1. The financial problems that push Beaver County’s budget out of balance did not begin during the last two years. Tony Amadio was sworn in Jan. 2008. Ten years fooling the public, this has to end.

  2. Get rid of the 400 plus employees that are not needed. Reduce the over inflated salary or wages of the one that are left by 40%. Cut out all the venders that are juiced in and serve no purpose, force the others to take concessions. Shop review all contracts and insurance policies, you know they are getting juice. Shop around for better coverage at a reduced cost. Last but not least, keep those fucking Sheriffs cars parked in the lot.

    • And stop granting these multi-million dollar companies tax abatements despite how many of your friends and relatives they hired.

    • I read enough of that report to realize that it is a slanted report and was a big waste of tax money in my opinion. They will not sell the ice arena although it operates at a deficit, that is a place where they hide their friends and family sucking on the county’s tit. Just like the airport, office of the aging, children services, etc. Hiring a county administrator will be another big waste of big money and benefits. I wonder what relatives will be fighting to get juiced in to that cushy job.

  3. It’s sad but nothing changes, that is why we moved to another state, we had a small business for 30 years, born and raised in Beaver County, raised our kids here and now we all live out of the area,
    Limited jobs, Pa and BC are not small business and tax friendly and the corruption in the government is absurd. I take great relief in knowing that they will not get anymore tax money from us.

  4. If something drastic is not done Beaver County will have nothing but section eight housing projects and New Beaver County Sheriffs cars. Aliquippa Ambridge Beaver Falls downtown Monaca that’s disappeared falling like dominoes. Its called financial responsibility. Not financial frigging idiocy.The money you steal from the people will one day help fuel the flames in hell. where one day you will all burn.

  5. Any unknown or underdog that runs in the next election and stands on the platform of reduced spending and slashing county jobs will surely win.

  6. 131 pages. Two hours to read most of it. Probably the first 2 or last 2 pages read by Conehead and Sleeper, if that. It’s an excellent report, but it ALL comes down to the two incompetent, bonehead, self-serving Commissioners. There’s not a chance in hell that either one can understand or implement ANY of the recommendations, especially with out-of-control nepotism and corruption ruling the offices. There is NO flexibility for change and none desired.

    So, the report will die on the shelf.

    Taxes will increase, and the county will go into bankruptcy. Add to that the end-around deficit spending and dealing for a casino and resort, and it is complete. The yearly payment-in-lieu-of-taxes Shell plant? Grossly overestimated in terms of economic effect, grossly underestimated in terms of potential revenue.

    The report does not mention having another election to get rid of the current Clown Duo Commissioner talent, but it should. That’s the ONLY thing that would help.

    • We live in a time when the credentials of a high school education or years as a junior high school history teacher just don’t cut it. Even the Treasurer came on board, back when only an abacus was needed. Please, resign Conehead, retire Sleeper. Let us elect some professionals to do the jobs. Ricardo Luckow — are you listening?

      • I didn’t think the treasurer was young enough to have used an abacus. I just always assumed she used a stone tablet and chisel and had to do the hard math that goes along with dog licenses the long way.

    • Raven I fully agree, yet when you take a jab at the Royal Dutch Shell plant, let’s not forget, Sandie was all for this venture. I think she is the best but, spread it evenly.
      6 B I L L I O N Dollar Plant, and we are as taxpayers are looking at our taxes going up, and up …and

      • I agree, mileage. That’s true, she’s part of it just by being a Com. But, 6 BILLION DOLLARS! According to the Treasurer’s abacus, that’s a thousand millions time six. And Beaver County’s share is $100,000 a year with no taxes. Shell spends more than that on advertising or country clubs, and close to that for every barge delivery on the Ohio River. 1/1000 percent. We have been sold out, hook, line, sinker. And one reason for locating here was because of the rubes in the courthouse. Easier than taking candy from a baby.

  7. Mr. Luckow presented this gloomy picture months ago and like the messenger bearing bad news was fired. I eagerly await the “spin” the two commissioners will give to justify another tax increase take your pick 1) under performing investments, 2) tax revenues not sufficient to cover expenses, 3) unexpected expenses.

  8. Well, there are many, common sense recommendations in the report. Simply, can’t let biggest expense-wages, benefits, increase at a rate greater than revenue. The opportunity to prevent that are the CBO’s referred too. Don’t stiff the employees (the good ones), but get rid of the bad-there are over 700?. Re-negotiate with Shell-or ask for assistance to develop the tax base as a result of them being here. They can do that! Lastly, for now, Connie needs to get the collection rate up-to at least the standard of our neighboring counties. I would be interested in seeing the list of delinquent tax payers. Is it the same large delinquents? Or spread around with little fishes. I think the three heads should implement every recommendation as soon as possible. Get going-or get the hell out!

  9. Maybe if the county is so broke they should get rid of all of the retired employees that came back for “1,000” hours making more than the other employees. That would be one way to cut the deficit.

  10. Why is this shocking? This county has NEVER had a decent plan to attract business, take advantage of our proximity to Pittsburgh, the airport, the turnpike, etc. We just eat the stuff that falls off the truck as they pass through. We have no state or federal representation worth a shit from this area for generations now. We have NEVER looked to consolidate schools, municipalities, etc. to save money and streamline services. How many of our FIFTEEN districts will graduate less than 100 or even 50 kids this year, like we are some backwoods region deep in the Poconos instead of next door to the second city in the state? How many municipalities, school districts, etc. will have unopposed elections because they are so small and fragmented you only have one person (if even that) to run for a position? That’s not about politics, it’s about social dysfunction and fragmented population. We aren’t too big to fail, we are too small to succeed.

    Our economic drivers are the Heritage Valley system, the school districts, county government and the Wal-Marts scattered every 10 miles or so. For all the talk about the cracker plant, have you heard of any auxiliary companies announcing that they are coming to the county? Or are we gonna wait until it’s built and running and play the “they know where to find us” attitude, because you can be sure that the neighboring areas are talking and preparing ALREADY to capitalize on that plant while BC goes back and forth on if we are “broke” or “really, really broke!”

    Once the mills left and the outside investors disappeared, BC fell and it hasn’t gotten back up. I’m old enough to remember the business incubators, the various industrial parks, the ramp off 55 into Ambridge, the building of Route 60, the renaming of 60 to I-376, the Greater Pitt expansion… and where are these things now? Just can’t put this stuff in and wait for it to generate prosperity on their own. Now we have ANOTHER plan. Yeah, okay. hahaha

  11. Seems like we can combine Prothonotary and Clerk of Courts as well as HR, payroll and purchasing. Take 3 employees in the Commissioners office and make one a CFO and 2 deputy’s. There is no need for each commissioner to have their own secretary. That’s a start….

  12. This was a footnote on page 42 of the report:

    The Controller did not respond to our requests for meetings during the Financial Condition Assessment or
    Departmental Review.

    Why didn’t the Controller participate in this study?

    • Why, because he is part of the problem! He has been pointing fingers at everyone but himself. I have been posting the same statement over and over. “What the hell has Rossi been doing, he is the Controller for cryin out loud”. We will never get answers because this crap runs long and deep.

      • Controller over his head. Need a clean sweep in that outhouse this upcoming election. Vote them ALL out! He is the watchdog for the taxpayers and the dog slept while the Ridge deal went down and we got burned. How about the lost 17 million through a bad investment that will be written off? We got it again. Go back to tossing pizza or whatever you do Rossi, the game is way past your suspect abilities. Let professionals clean this up.

  13. We need someone to go in and make wholesale changes in all aspects of county Government. Our county needs to be run like a business, not like a tax payer funded endless piggy bank. Do we have too many judges? Then get rid of some. Too many office workers? See ya. And “F-you” to anyone who says raise taxes. They need to cut operating expenses and raise usery fees. Thousands of dollars in county real estate taxes are taken from me each year, and what do I get from it? Nothing. Make those who require county services pay their own way. Want to file a case, be prepared to pay exorbitant filing fees. Got a DUI, quadrupple the court administration fees….etc.
    Eleminate entire departments. County public works. Bye. Thats what local municipal crews are for.
    Get rid of county funded Pensions. If private sector companies are sending pensions to the way side as a cost cutting measure, public sector groups need to follow suit.

    I’m obviously no attorney, but is there a way to sue our county government for misappropriation of funds, in a higher court? If so, us tax payers need to band together and file a class action suit against these pieces of sh!t.

    • Unfortunately the county can’t get rid of judges or magistrates, which we have too many of. The county commissioners can’t even get rid of a row officer. In reality a Commissioner only has authority over departments, not elected officials. That’s why the sheriff and district attorney can do what they want.

  14. @Sarah Huckabee Sanders and lost dollars

    This is great ROSSI should run for commissioner, this state paid study .by outside firm voted on by current board, validated what he been saying 3 years.

    Amado always said when outside forensic accounts and audits where done they got slanted numbers from him.

    They questioned standards and poors report which did the county financial outlook for commissioners and bond. Why because it wasn’t good and what rossi and luckow said. Fire the foreign guy but they can’t fire the other guy, lol

    Stroke of genius not to be involved, risky though cause that could have been compromised but I guess PFM couldn’t be bought.

    Lol fools in denial playing with tax dollars and minions crying.

    Seems like the Republicans that are elected getting back in bed looking for strength in numbers. They fought each other from jump then blamed Democrats.

    The Coroner will be only when that gets back in. Take it to the bank.

  15. Oh controller in government is per code different than private sector

    It’s after the fact, like auditor general.
    Commissioners run, control and create

    They need to home rule all the fucking spots out. But I’m glad Rossi did and has called stuff out prior or county would be in tragedy beyond. They wouldn’t be able to get chlorine for economy pool. There would be massive layoff. Hey Rossi shut up let them go under. Then county would have 200 employees tops

    • We the people: Power corrupts. Conehead has no scruples and Sleeper is avoiding the courthouse to prevent being grilled about his large part in this financial scandal over the last decade. Front and center asshole deep in the financial shell game to balance the past budgets. Call him out on it!

  16. Start with ice arena, SOLD! If it is necessary let them pay as they go, no subsidies. if they can afford all the hockey gear they can afford to pay for ice time. If it so prosperous one of our local fat cat developers can run it. Betters, Nardelli, Denaples or better yet the esteemed convict Mike “Sticky Fingers” Veon. He’ll scam someone into paying for it. Next, say bye bye to the wannabe dicks of the DA’s office. Study says average 50 cases per dick. Not a good return on our investment for piss poor results. I’m betting they NEVER solve the Deltondo murder because they lack the ability and have botched it from the start with their corrupt pals from MonacaQuippa. What about the boy left behind after the weed murder? Why pay for a duplication of services that we already pay the state for? ESU cowboys got to go too. Join the SEALS if you wanna play badass. Again, no decent return for our wasted taxpayers. They are strictly political hires to give Stonewall Loser some mystical clout. He is a joke throughout the county and half of western PA. Let us not forget the Sheriff’s taxi drivers and FedEx delivery boys n gals. 1/3 of the cars in this study are used by Sheriff’s political stooges for personal use. This after he promised in his campaigning that he would leave the cars at courthouse on the weekends. DO NOT let them claim mileage as they’ll lie on their daily logs and steal even more money while running their personal errands at taxpayers expense. THE TIME FOR HOME RULE IS YESTERDAY. The three biggest expenses to the taxpayers are the DA’s Loser’s office, The Midget’s office and the albatross of the county jail. And the Queen complaining she needs more staff. She needs competent workers not DJ’s and whatever loser needs a patronage job. You hired them, you deal with it you dumbass. If the above named offices stuck to their posted job descriptions half the budget waste could be eliminated. All these hacks want to do is build empires of Friends and Family, Inc. I don’t think any of the useless county workers give two shits about a budget and especially the TAXPAYERS of this county. Bend over for another huge tax hike. No more LERF”S too. Let your political pals pay their fair share like everyone else. They won’t move away because they got a courthouse full of suckers that they can hoodwink. Consolidate, consolidate and cross train them lazy bastards instead of adding more personnel. Majority of the expenses are salaries and health care costs. Contracts up, get them to pay comparable to what the real world pays for their fair share. To our esteemed commissioners, now is the time to draw the line on spending and hiring. No more tax hikes to save jobs. You represent the TAXPAYING PUBLIC, not the unions and the political class. Do your jobs for a change.

    • remember that little revolution way back in 1776? something to do with Taxation without Representation….maybe if ALL the taxpaying citizens paid this years taxes, MINUS THAT 17% raise…connie would go crazy trying to file all those delinquint notices…the time’s notices would be 1000 pages instead of the 17 pages, mostly consisting of Unis’ back taxes…

    • Ya my question is where was he?? Public meeting to talk about finances of Beaver County… Finances that he claimed were OK, but obviously are not!
      I was at that meeting as a concerned citizen and taxpayer of Beaver County.

      • And gotta wonder if he’ll be at public meeting at 6pm on August 23rd to discuss finance?

      • He’s hiding from his constituents because they may question his truthfulness about our county finances. He is at the root of the last ten years debacle. Like the rest of the court house clowns he runs for cover when he should be out front leading. Cowardly bastard.

  17. 70+ years of democrats controlling every aspect of county finances and this is where we stand. Don’t even give me that shit trying to blame this mess on Commissioner Egley, who has said from the day she RAN FOR THE OFFICE that county finances were in the toilet. Amadio has worked his little ass off trying to hide the fact that he and Spanik and their ilk hid this dire situation from the taxpayers for over 20 years.

    If the truth hurts you, tough shit. This is criminal to lay this mess at the feet of the citizens of this county, who’s only crime was that they actually trusted the people THEY ELECTED to serve them.

    Beaver County needs an enema, and it starts with staff, property assets, and BENEFITS.

    • Really, it’s all the Democrats fault? STILL? What party is Danny Camp, Tony Guy, Dave Gabauer, Jimmy Chrissyanna, Jim Marshall, Elder Vogel, Aaron Bernstine, Keith Rof-fuss, Pat Toomey along with the now Ste. Sandie Egley… ??? Hmmmmm?

      Are you seeing progress, leadership and reform? Care to point out where?

      Same crap, from a different set of asses. But I’m glad that you identified the “real problem”.

  18. At the commissioners meeting at the end of July where this report was presented and public or able to attend… It was stated that the report would be placed on the beaver County website for residents to read. Has anyone seen it posted yet? I’m not seeing it anywhere. Thx



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