Beaver County Commissioners Tony Amadio (left), Dan Camp, and Sandie Egley, along with Chief Solicitor Garen Fedeles / photo by John Paul

The Beaver County Board of Commissioners ended the formal portion of their worksession today without divulging or discussing the names of individuals being considered for a contract to serve as attorney for Children and Youth Services. challenged the Board for its lack of transparency, eventually leading Commissioners to disclose the names publicly and then engage in a discussion which shed light on the issues involved and divisions between Commissioners.

As published yesterday, among the names under consideration is that of former county solicitor Joseph Askar, who has been a repeated subject of controversy within the Board. The county had not officially released any of the names of those who applied for the contract, with the list becoming public only as the result of investigative reporting this week by

The voices heard on the recording begin with the Beaver Countian’s John Paul asking a question of the Board during a public comments portion of the meeting, followed by Commissioner Dan Camp, Commissioner Sandie Egley and then Solicitor Garen Fedeles. County CYS Director Dayna Revay is the second woman’s voice on the recording. Also heard is county resident Carl Hughes, who offered his own perspective of several issues before the Board.

As is his common practice, Commissioner Tony Amadio remained largely silent and did not substantively contribute to the public discussion.

Listen To The Discussion Unfold (approximately 12:35):

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. What are the qualifications and criteria for this role? Is there a formal job description? if so, those who apply need to meet those criteria or BC needs to have integrity in the process, as is common practice in corporate America, and dig deep for qualified individuals to have an equal shot at an interview.

    • Integrity and lack of controversy should be in the job description. This is a very important job and shouldn’t be given on patronage and connections. Bring in new blood.

    • Seriously – Amadio with a Steeler shirt on and what does Camp have on!!! So unprofessional – as they both are.

    • At least Chrome Dome had socks on. Slip on shoes, but i can’t expect him to know how to “bunny ears” his shoes at this point. All that important county stuff he does.

    • Seriously?? This isn’t Beverley Hills, Mount Lebanon, or Fox Chapel.
      It’s Podunk town. We’re lucky they’re not wearing overalls!

  2. They didn’t want to give out the names because they didn’t want to have to explain how the fuck they are even considering Askar.

  3. First, it is obvious who should NOT be given this contract. Second, and unfortunately, it is obvious who is the only one actually being considered by some members. It is a sham that they even pretend to consider other applicants.

    Calling for transparency is the right thing to do. It shows us that some at the table have nothing to hide and some, by their silence, do have something to hide. (Being silent says a lot.) It is their job to speak at the meeting. Those who have nothing to contribute should not be at the table. They should not be elected.

    Calling for an end to nepotism and cronyism is also the right thing to do. (And brave as well.) Ending nepotism would likely empty the courthouse, wouldn’t it?

    I noticed an absence of enthusiasm. Does anyone really care about finding the best person for the job? Ms. Egley seemed to be carrying the load and was able to answer questions. She showed genuine concern for the importance of the job, and had good reason to oppose one candidate. If Mr. Camp has his mind set on Mr. Askar, he should have been able to articulate his reasons enthusiastically. (He obviously was curbing his enthusiasm at that meeting.)

    The commissioners are about to award an important contract. Let’s hear some discussion about what qualities the job demands and which candidates they believe have those qualities. Then hire the best person for the job. (You know, if I attended the meeting and said that, they would fall from their chairs laughing.)

    I can’t wait to see the outcome of this issue.

  4. Ms. Revay was forced to explain how Askar’s name was on the short list when Camp couldn’t. Fedeles is still useless but worse. Bravo, Ms. Egley and Mr. Hughes, and of course, JP.

  5. They dress like the board of directors for Bubba’s Roadside BBQ, except for Fedeles. My guess is his mother lays out his clothes for him the night before. No ties, no dress shirts, Camp has boat shoes, Egley has sneakers. J.A.Banks have shirts on sale 3 for $100, check it out online while you sit there doing nothing. Revay gets paid WAY TOO MUCH MONEY. Camp will have no trouble getting work impersonating a hot dog for Oscar Meyer. Awarding a contract to Asker is simply replacing one person with a shady history with the county for another. Put the fucking position up for advertisement and take applications, then select the best qualified. You worthless crooked fucks are an enemy of the people. Save your money at election time. I’m sure all of you spent the last 2 years making crooked deals for your next gig. None of you have no pride. You should at least have enough sense to hang a curtain over the front of the table and protect yourself by 50%.

  6. Transparency. Yeah, okay.

    Which hang-er on lawyer in Beaver has their turn on the carousel this time around?

    That old enabler would STILL be there collecting dust (along with a fat paycheck) if the AG report hadn’t come out. All of a sudden, EVERYBODY became aware! Don’t expect much from any “new” hire.

  7. In a way, they are transparent, because you can see right through them. And, thanks to this forum, they know it. Way to go!

  8. I see it’s Amateur Hour once again in Beaver County. JP, thank you for being our watch dog especially since once Sandie is gone, there will be no one left. Askar should have been tarred and feathered over his most recent shenanigans and they are considering him for a high paying job!!!!!!!

  9. From a risk standpoint, this is an incredibly careless move. What happens if Askar ends up being disbarred because of one or more of his sleazy deals from his past? Doesn’t that raise the possibility of EVERYTHING he ever touches in this role having to be re-examined just like what is happening with Masters now? This position requires a licensed attorney and if he would be disbarred for things he did before he was in that role, I feel like there are grounds for revisiting a lot of territory. These are people’s lives we’re talking about here, and one of the most important functions the county oversees is CYS. They’re playing a game of chicken with children’s lives. Incredibly irresponsible, even for these two.

  10. Everyone is playing their part perfectly, but it’s a hypocritical performance because we all know how this show will end, and who, unsurprisingly, will be selected. Besides the two puppet commissioners, we also have two supporting actors…Revay and Fedeles in this farce.

  11. Seriously, two of the commissioners are laughable. These guys are getting paid GOOD money by us to run the county in a fair, decent and transparent way.
    One can barely explain anything, nor compose much of a sentence when asked for any details. The other just has next to nothing to say.
    WTF are they getting paid to do, just hire friends of theirs, and make deals they think will benefit them and their friends and family?

    Maybe time a couple dozen citizens attend these meeting and start really asking questions. They are either clueless or intentionally keeping secrets.
    Either way, they work FOR us, not the other way around.

    • More people like Mr. Carl Hughes need to attend the commissioners meetings, thank You. There is not a person on staff at the Beaver County Times, that can or would ask the questions presented by John Paul, Beaver Countian.

      • It’s not the Beaver County Times any more. Just THE TIMES, whatever that means. I noticed the decline when they dropped the political reporting of J D Prose and continued to avoid politics. Look at how they reported the casino deal, omitting the names of the key players. Talk about “fake news.” You actually get a better social commentary from the comics page.

    • TWO of the commissioners are laughable??? I guess you can’t count to three?

      Egley just sits there with the “I didn’t know about this” on a loop. She won’t be missed.

  12. Mr. Creosote has been grooming understudy Conehead for the big leagues for a long time now. Deal with that, and you might understand how to deal with the rest, and perhaps find a way to do something about it.

  13. Is there anything at all that can be done to have these meetings in the evening so those of us who are working during the day can attend? The only way I find out anything is if JP reports it. Being a teacher supervisor, the one meeting I was able to go to was in the summer during the day and the one evening public one they had about budget.
    I wonder if a petition can be started and how many names we would need to move these meetings to evenings. I did voice that concern at the daytime meeting I attended in July. I honestly think two of the three of the commissioners do not want the public there. … because then things are called into question more and accountability is asked for.
    We don’t know what’s being planned if we’re not there on the front end of things to raise object we don’t know what’s being planned if we’re not there on the front end of things to raise objections and ask for transparency. Things get done and then we are left with the mess.
    I personally am also concerned when Sandy moves on as there will be no One of the commissioners questioning decisions and asking for some accountability for us, the 170,000+ employers of these bozos! Thoroughly disgusted!!!

  14. So, State Rep. Jim Christiana is elected chairman of Beaver County GOP committee. You never should have left the naughty children home alone to screw things up, Jim. That’s O.K., polish off that new law degree, help the Two Amigos in the Com office know what’s legal or not, give Sandy some support, and get the house in order before that run for State Senator. You might even talk to Mr. Creosote, and show him how law is supposed to be practiced.

    • You don’t have a lot of time to work, James. With Trump’s inner circle of felons flipping like flapjacks at the Pancake House, losing the House majority, and almost inevitable impeachment or invoking the 25th Amendment, you have until the midterms to try and make things right. When President Pence visits Beaver County, we don’t want him to be embarrassed.



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