Former State Representative Mike Veon / official portrait via Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Former state Rep. Mike Veon took part in a private May meeting in Ohioville that included the discussion of a potential casino development in Beaver County.

But according to court records, Veon allegedly ignored a June subpoena to be deposed as a witness in an unrelated federal civil lawsuit alleging fraud in a gaming company acquisition in 2007.

The two cases have a few similarities: they’re the only two casino-related projects that have been proposed for Beaver County; they were both proposed for the adjacent Big Beaver/South Beaver Township area; they both involved direct competition with Lawrence County; and Veon’s name has come up in connection with both.

The current potential development is being scrutinized for beginning with meetings also attended by Louis DeNaples, a former casino magnate with alleged mob ties and a state ban on being involved in any gaming venture.

The prior venture, according to court filings, had a spectacularly bad ending.

Merit Management Group, the defendant in the federal civil case, has asked the U.S. District Court in Pittsburgh to hold Veon in contempt and to compel him to give a deposition. Merit subpoenaed Veon in response to fact-finding testimony by the plaintiff alleging that politics played no role in the case.

Merit’s motion reads in part: “(Veon) may be in a position to testify as to the political motivations involved in the issuance of gaming licensing. To better understand the political climate, (the defendants) issued a subpoena to Mr. Veon asking that he appear and produce any documents in his control or custody related to (Valley View’s owners).”

An attorney representing Merit did not return a call seeking more information about Veon’s involvement. Veon also did not return a message seeking comment about his subpoena and his involvement with both proposed casino developments.

Veon, formerly of Beaver Falls, served 22 years in the Legislature before losing re-election in 2006. He was found guilty in 2010 and sentenced to six to 14 years in prison for using taxpayer resources for political campaigns as part of the scandal known as “Bonusgate.”

In 2012, he was sentenced to another one to four years for misusing state grants to the nonprofit Beaver Initiative for Growth (BIG), which he co-founded.

Veon was paroled in 2015 after serving five years in prison. His conviction on conflict-of-interest charges in the BIG case was later overturned by the state Supreme Court.

Veon now works as a lobbyist and government relations consultant. He’s said he now lives in Pittsburgh.

Beaver County’s first gaming foray

The federal case involves the two parties that were in competition in the mid-2000s for the state’s last harness-racing track license.

They were Indiana-owned Centaur Inc., which wanted to open Valley View Downs track in South Beaver Township, and Bedford Downs (of which Merit was a 30 percent equity partner), which wanted to open a Lawrence County track.

Veon was openly in support of the Beaver County venture.

Both wanted to operate “racinos,” a combination horse track and casino, which required first a harness-racing track license, and after its approval, a separate gaming license. The original filing notes that without the gaming license, Valley View Downs wouldn’t have been viable. The majority of its revenue would have come from slot machines.

When the state denied both initial applications in 2005, Valley View Downs purchased Bedford Downs for $55 million, of which about $16 million went to Merit. Valley View also agreed to put the racino on the Lawrence County site, which it agreed to purchase for $20 million.

The venture was intended to eliminate the competition, and make Valley View Downs more likely to get the licenses, according to the motion.

The lawsuit, filed by Centaur trustee FTI Consulting Inc., alleges Bedford Downs had no streams of revenue and limited assets, such as a website and a logo; it was just intended to get them to “bow out.”

The state then granted Valley View Downs the harness-racing license in 2007, but the Gaming Control Board denied it the needed gaming license in 2008. In 2009, Valley View Downs filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

The civil suit claims Valley View vastly overpaid for Bedford Downs.

“Valley View Downs essentially paid $55 million dollars for a valueless company,” the suit alleges. “The sole purpose of the transaction was to remove Bedford Downs from the competition for a license that only represented a single step in the long and risky process of opening and operating a racino in Pennsylvania.”

Specifically, it alleges that Valley View Downs was insolvent at the time of the sale and that the transfer of the $16 million to Merit was fraudulent and should be made void.

“Valley View Downs’ fatigue with the application process and its apparent over-eagerness to win the harness-racing license resulted in it making an objectively unsound business decision,” the suit alleges.

As part of the bankruptcy proceeding in 2010, Valley View’s rights to the harness-racing license and the Lawrence County land were sold to the highest bidder, American Harness Tracks, for $5.6 million, a small fraction of what it had invested.

The racino dream went on under various investors until the Gaming Control Board ended their casino application process in 2016.

The new game

Mount Airy Casino & Resort won a competitive bid for a mini-casino license from the state in February of this year.

The company bid $21.1 million to open a facility that is permitted to operate up to 750 slot machines, and after paying an additional fee of $2.5 million, run up to 30 table games.

Beaver County is within a 15-mile radius the casino is considering for locations. The radius also includes portions of Butler, Mercer and Lawrence counties. Beaver County commissioners announced in April that Mount Airy was considering land in Big Beaver.

In the Ohioville meeting in May, those in attendance included Veon, Pat Nardelli of Castlebrook Development, former county solicitor Joseph Askar, and former casino magnate DeNaples. County commissioners Dan Camp and Tony Amadio signed nondisclosure agreements with Mount Airy prior to the gathering at Seven Oaks Country Club. Commissioner Sandie Egley refused to sign an NDA and didn’t attend.

Like Veon, DeNaples has his share of notoriety. A wealthy Scranton-area businessman, DeNaples was granted one of the state’s first casino licenses in 2006 and founded Mount Airy.

But after a 2008 grand jury indictment on four perjury charges for allegedly lying about mob ties when he was granted the license, DeNaples agreed to turn over legal control of Mount Airy to a trust headed by his daughter in exchange for the dismissal of the charges.

The state also issued him a ban from having any business dealings with gaming, or from profiting directly or indirectly from it.

Mount Airy officials have been meeting with officials in all four counties. This month, it requested a two-month extension on its deadline to identify its chosen site to the state gaming board.

It is now expected to name the site in October.’s John Paul contributed to this report.

Lori Boone
Lori Boone (DeLauter) has more than 20 years of experience in investigative and community journalism. She’s won more than a dozen regional, state and national journalism awards.


  1. The bottom line and end result of this is to collect ” the skim ” and distribute it to all the co-operators or co-conspirators. Veon has been a fucking criminal ever since he started in politics. No two ways about it, and I remember the people that supported him back in the 1980’s talked about him like he was the second coming of Christ. He is nothing more than a flimflam man with a bag of tricks.

    • Can you imagine a $40 million convention center in Big Beaver? That would be the biggest waste of money in Beaver County history.

      • Gee, thanks “Icanread”. Now you’ve challenged our local elected officials to prove you wrong! I can picture it now; Connie says hold my martini, Amadao says NO! Hold my scotch and Camp yells wait, me 1st, hold my sasparilla… All while padding their own pockets just a little more…

      • Seriously! It’s in the middle of f’n nowhere!! How is this gonna benefit the county when all money goes to the state anyway! Just a way for cam and amidego to get their hands on some illegal money! If I were them, I’d step away before they get sent to the slammer for 14 years

  2. Veon was and still is nothing but a corrupt SOB who should still be in jail. Not sure how people ever thought he was a “good guy”. Stole from taxpayers for own profit and aided and abetted fleecing of the taxpayers through the BIG scandal. He and BOTH Lavalle’s should have done lengthy jail time and pay back all they stole. Why do the sheeple of Beaver County think it is okay for one person to steal from the taxpayers, direct the proceeds to Family & Friends Inc. and do it for PERSONAL GAIN? Maybe he helped you but that was someone else’s money. That cocky F-cker struts around in his expensive suits like he is a model citizen. Meanwhile he is nothing but a two bit corrupt, thieving, lying piece of shit not worthy of walking this earth. Epitome of a political hack, similar to the ones at the court house circus.

  3. Casinos the gaming industry in general run by Italians Jews Irish what ever nationality is a business. Run properly it can benefit the surrounding community. But not with these idiots in Beaver County. Mt. Airy made a big mistake openly getting involved with these BC morons. And Veon a convicted felon involved in the negotiations. This is not a winning hand for the people of Beaver County.

  4. I don’t know if this is a big issue or not. Did you see the news story last week about the family that was involved in one of the Lawrence County casino bid attempts? They were arrested for supplying hundreds of illegal gaming machines to bars, clubs, etc. for many years. A multi-million business. All illegal and yet they were involved in a casino bid. They were directly involved in the crime, not a parole violation. Maybe BC needs Veon involved just to try and keep pace with the others. LOL

    And the sad fact to me , STILL, is that Lawrence County, with their history of failed and legally questionable bids, is right there in the running with Beaver County to get this latest license. How many chances do they get? Like it or not, want it or not, it speaks volumes about our inability to outdo even tainted competition for investments in our county.

    That is the real story here, “Beaver County: ALWAYS the last, ALWAYS the least. “

  5. I’m glad to see that Mike Veon, “The Peoples’ Champ” is back in the game. You can bet your bottom dollar that if he had not been in the slammer, St Joe Lead (Horsehead Zinc) would have never left town. Mike woulda made things happen.

    • What would he have made happen? Redirect tax payer dollars into their pockets as an incentive to stay in town?

      How exactly has the county as a whole been harmed by them leaving and Shell moving in?

      There are probably some gang members in prison who were king makers in their respective neighborhoods prior to their sentencing. Maybe we should release them too so that they can “make things happen?” Oh, that’s right… you don’t personally benefit from their “business” so they should probably just stay in jail. But, because you did personally benefit from Veon’s business so he’s your ‘champ.’

      I hear that Pied Piper is coming to town with his flute…you better put your comfortable shoes on because he’s going to take you on a long walk before he leads you over a cliff.

      • What would Mike have done? He would have inspired business and government to work FOR THE PEOPLE as only he knows how. Not only would Horsehead still be running, but we would not be lamenting the loss of the Midway Bar & Grill, or the Beer Distributor that was down there. And the Kobuta Hotel would be rocking it big time. All those trees would not have been torn out. He would have promoted that diversified economy instead of the one horse town that we’ve got now with all our eggs in the Cracker barrel.

        Looking forward to seeing Mike fight for the people by getting that casino built. Can’t wait to see him chomping a well-earned cigar when they cut the ribbon on opening day.

      • @Beaver Cleaver – your ignorance is simply astounding….or you’re none other than Veon himself.

        I don’t think the majority of the county “laments” the loss of the Midland Bar & Grill or the beer distributor. But, if you’re that bummed out about having to go a bit further for your alcohol maybe your buddy Veon could “inspire you as only he knows how” to seek some help with that a little alcohol problem of yours.

      • @Accordingtome, I could only hope to be as inspirational and politically successful as Iron Mike. No matter how many times people… or ‘the machine’… try to take him down, he has always worked tirelessly to make the Valley a better place for all, and asked for nothing in return except maybe to vote for him. And he’s certainly not in it for the glory because it looks like he is working behind the scenes in this deal. Low profile.

        When Chi Chi’s reopened and needed support, who was there? You guessed it, our man Mike. Lending his support to help a local business and its workers. When downtown Beaver Falls needed a boost, he facilitated getting that new building set up there, completely changing the downtown dynamic. But what was his thanks for championing for the people? Horsehead? I remember him being instrumental in helping them to thrive, but once he was out of the scene we see where things went. The Man tried to take him down, but we see here that he’s gonna keep coming at us, making his contribution.

        Let’s get this casino built, vote this guy back into office and restore the legislature TO THE PEOPLE!

      • He never had to ask for anything in return because he would usually just help himself and take whatever it was that he wanted…..usually through a five finger discount or a political kickback from some crony.

        If downtown Beaver Falls is a highlight on the resume of his tenure, other than the prostitutes and drug dealers hanging out on 6th and 8th Avenues now instead of 7th the “dynamic” is still just as static as it’s always been. Chi Chi’s? Seriously??? That was quite a bang up job…so much so that they reopened just in time to close permanently.

        And btw…. The “man” didn’t take him down. He took himself down by greed combined with feelings of invincibility.

  6. This convicted ex politician should never be allowed any inside connections to any political doings. he should still be in jail they go to easy on these convicts.

  7. The increase in comments that think a convention center in the middle of a cow pasture and casino in an abandoned rock quarry show the “value” that Veon brings to the transaction…..he brings the paid trolls online to leave their supportive comments.

    Those who say “yeah, he was corrupt but he did do a lot for Beaver County” are the people who see nothing wrong with someone stealing a million dollars from a bank as long as he gave them $100K of the money. If they somehow benefit they are willing to ignore the details of the illegal transaction that occurred in order to make that happen. The sad part is that they don’t realize that it was their money in the first place that was stolen and he simply returned pennies on the dollar to them in order to give the appearance of being a modern day Robin Hood.

    He’s on parole; so why isn’t his probation officer digging into the details of how he spends his day and how he’s earning a living? Somehow I think attending secretive meetings with these particular participants might be something that could potentially be a parole violation. Justice would be a judge putting him back in jail for violating the terms of parole….and this time a real jail and not the summer camp environment of a low risk offender prison.

  8. WOW all of crooked crew conspiring, Nardelli trying to sell property to make millions and make them use him to build it, Askar just trying get hands on something, Tony watching the birds go by waiting for phone call how to vote, Camp glad to feel relevant and looking to get some cash to pay his taxes in Rochester. Look into his newly built house interesting benefits bestowed.

    Askar under more investigations than Carter had liver pills.

    This will be a federal investigation now that they met with Louie

  9. Perfect! A former elected criminal is now “secretly” meeting with individuals working out deals on casinos. What could possibly go wrong? A “lobbyist” to boot! I am quite confident that they will work towards a solution that will be in the best interests of the citizens. Our current elected officials (criminals?) best be wary not to make a “deal with the devil!” I would suggest recusing yourself or holding the meetings in a public forum for your own protection.

  10. True Blue Cleaver: Your pitiful obsession with a convicted felon and thief is disgusting. You obviously have no scruples but just a boot licker for corrupt politicians. Instead of your self serving interests think of all the poor taxpayers who foot the bill for these thieving bastards. It’s not about you, it’s about the taxpaying public. They go without entertainment and sometimes food yet you glorify the very bastards who put them in these situations. What kind of a despicable piece of shit are you? Bet you’re in the front row every week in church too. I hope God metes out justice to you for your idolatry. You will be judged by your deeds and the company you keep. I hope you burn in hell.

    • @Equalizer13, actually I sit towards the back of the church, lets me glad hand more people on the way out. You see, I’m a people person, kinda like Mike, but of course not nearly as good at it as he is.

      Your vitriol aimed at Mike indicates that you apparently are not happy with your life, and that’s too bad. But maybe it is just as well that you’re not a fan of Mike. He does not need negativity like yours near him, bringing him down. He’s got too much work to do and from the gist of this article it sounds like he’s out there getting it done. Doesn’t need a wet blanket trying to slow down the progress he wants to bring to the area such as the casino (assuming the article is correct and he’s on that project).

      Next election cycle I hope that other supporters of Mike can band together and get him to run for office. We could start a grassroots Committee to Re Elect Mike (CREEM) to get things rolling.

      • True blue beaver cleaver…..your brain is scrambled. I’ll bet you could see some good in Jeffrey Dahlmer.



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