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Editor’s Note: Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier has issued a statement to the press announcing an investigation by his office into former District Attorney Robert Masters, based on alleged conduct detailed in an article published yesterday by BeaverCountian.com. Lozier’s statement to the media is being published in full below:

Once again we learn of disturbing allegations on the part of public officials whose responsibility it is to protect the public, in this case those who are the youngest and most vulnerable. As District Attorney, my office will review carefully the entire report of the Grand Jury, and vigorously prosecute within the bounds of the law anyone named in the report who may still be brought to justice.

The Investigative Grand Jury Report released yesterday, August 14, 2018, alleges that in 1964, former Beaver County District Attorney Robert Masters “halted all investigations” into sexual abuse by Father Ernest Paone. I have directed that DA Masters’ conduct be investigated by the Beaver County Detective Bureau. My office will also fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s office in regard to any action they may choose to take. Furthermore, Mr. Masters is still practicing law so these allegations raised by the Grand Jury report will be brought before the Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

The public needs to be aware, however, that the allegations against DA Masters arise from events which took place over 50 years ago so there is little possibility of prosecution.

Criminal prosecution of Beaver County Priests named in the Investigative Grand Jury Report are also most likely barred by time. The statutes of limitations for most criminal matters expire in 2 to 5 years. The criminal law does not have an answer for events occurring 30 to 60 years ago.

The District Attorney regrets the actions of former DA Robert Masters to halt or conceal investigations for an improper purpose. My thoughts and prayers go out to any individual or family impacted or harmed by his conduct or the actions of Father Paone or the other priests named in the Grand Jury Report. We cannot allow the improper conduct of individuals so many years ago to divert us from our obligations to act with moral courage when it becomes our turn to make tough decisions.

John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. The Dumb Bastard need only to look at himself an his staff for disturbing conduct , if that’s not enough, look at the Court House personal .

  2. What a dick. This county stinks so bad of corruption right now that you need to wear nose plugs and this inept joke of a DA is going to investigate something thats already been admited to. Holy shit balls. Where in the hell did this guy come from?

    • It’s all about makin us look to the right so that we don’t see all the bullshit to the left. But hey, as long as we get 750 slot machines.

    • The people of Beaver County elected this ambulance chasing dick to be the top law enforcement officer in the County…..maybe they will examine people’s credentials a little better before they step into the voting booth next time.

  3. This should be a real fucking circus. Drag it out for 18 months and then come back and say the investigation was unfounded. Drag it out long enough for that old fuck Masters to die. It shouldn’t take too long. The evidence is right in front of you in writing.

  4. There is nothing that “ALLEDGES” he halted the investigation. Read the fucking letter that HE wrote!

  5. Here’s an idea….go find the victims whos names are redacted and bring them in. That way when you dismiss everything the county will really stink.

  6. Mr. Lozier, I hope you’re sincere about wanting to prosecute sex offenders. This site could very soon become your Three Billboards.

  7. Just another grand stand by piece of shit DA. He is not going to investigate anything just allocate more OT to his band of thieves the BC Detectives. It is already in black and white, what is there to investigate? Plus statue of limitations protect this 87 yr old pedophile lover. How about you finish investigating the DelTondo murder and make an arrest you worthless low life waste of tax payer dollars. Your family must be real F-N proud of you. You cover up murders and this guy covers up abuse of innocent children. Come on Karma.

  8. Forget 1964. By the time we get to the statute of limitations, who is dead, who is incompetent, blah, blah, blah there will be so many caveats there wouldn’t be anything to cover.

    A much better look would be how and why this enabler went from a $16k position to a $116k position during his time at CYS. What was that , inflation? We could ask the commissioners, but Danny is clueless, Second Guessing Sandie never heard of the guy we pay over $110k a year and Tony Amadio has apparently taken on hologram status as he, once again, is “unavailable”.

    All these oversight boards, for the county, the state, for the bar association for lawyers, for the Diocese, maybe we should refer to them as overLOOK boards.

  9. ‘Once again we learn of disturbing allegations on the part of public officials…’. I’m confused, isn’t this the first time Lozier has acknowledged any allegations on the part of public officials? What does he mean by ‘again’? He has some real nerve even saying that.

    ‘I have directed that DA Masters’ conduct be investigated by the Beaver County Detective Bureau.’ I’d rather the County Dicks walked around cleaning up dog shit and cigarette butts off the streets. At the end of the day, you would at least have something to show for the effort unlike what we get out of them now.

    And by the way, Mr. Lozier, it’s too late to save your reputation. You can stop grandstanding. It’s funny how your tone changes when the target is in CYS (under the Commissioners) rather than the Sheriff, Treasurer, Courts, etc. You think we don’t notice? We do.

    • Disgruntled: So true. This case is already over. Just a great excuse to throw more OT at his Super Dick’s. I bet even THEY will be able to solved this case. Might take them a year or so.

  10. One corrupt incompetent SOB Investigating another corrupt incompetent SOB. Eventually you can both hold hands while burning in hell.

  11. Masters needs to lose his attorney licenses imediately. How many times as District Attorney did he withhold information and not prosecute someone out of favoritism because they belonged to his religion and to save the church embarrassment. Meanwhile if it would have been a pastor from some other denomonation he wod have went after them for good public relations for himself.

    • Well, Masters is over 80 now. I hardly thinking stripping him of his law practice is going to ruin his career at this point.

    • Heck, the good people of the Valley voted a baby snatcher sitting on a judge’s bench in the county. Masters letting a pervert off the hook is not that out of the norm here.

      • And the Beaver County Judge that ordered the termination of the parental rights that enable her to take the child……ex parte

  12. How can one forget his (in)famous investigation of the Treasurer’s Office. The current happenings in Beaver County is like a never ending Twilight Zone episode. The Times website has mentioned there will be a special evening Commissioner’s meeting to discuss the county’s finances on 23 August at 6pm.

    • All concerned taxpayer should show up with pitch forks and tar and feathers. I’m betting no row officers show up. Hiding in their office because they don’t have the balls to face the taxpaying public that they f-ck everyday.

  13. The man is 87 years old and what he did, if anything, is well beyond the statute of limitations. Even if charges filed, incompetence not withstanding, anything over 30 days could be construed as a life sentence! DA Bobby Blaster would serve the county better if he organized is crack team of Barney Fife wannabe’s to crack down on the use of loaded bingo balls at the Geriatric Center! No one handles balls better than they do!

    • People who were victimized by Paone when and after Masters covered up his abuse deserve every penny that Masters may have. I want Zubik to condemn what this man did. Let’s hear it.

      • Forget Pubik. He’s not worried about CYS, he’s much more involved in CYA these days. LOL

  14. Masters is a member of Sts. Peter and Paul, Beaver. And where was Monsignor Schultz, named in the AG report, a pastor? Why, Sts. Peter and Paul also. Shultz was heavily involved in politics in his day, too. Luckily, he’s dead. Wonder where Bernie Rabik attends?
    Anybody remember the saga of Michael Jackson, our former prothonotary?
    The courthouse has been FUBAR for decades.
    Lozier, if you want to make a name for yourself, find Deltondo’s killers, and assign your detectives to investigate all the fraudulent non profits in this county.

    • Found an old Times article – the Michael Jackson story was that he got a woman a courthouse job in exchange for marrying his Peruvian lover. He had 5 terms as prothonotary. Ruined a fine career.
      Do the people in the courthouse live in La La land, believing nobody will ever find out what is going on in that place?

  15. This can only be viewed as an re-election ploy. He he already telling us there is little chance of a successful prosecution. How about concentrating all your manpower on the Aliquippa murder case and stop worrying about the action/ inaction of an 87 year old man 50+ years ago. He will suffer his own agony in the hereafter. Please folks understand that this guy is constantly running for re-election for a position he is not competent to hold. By the way, is Benyo running?

  16. Oh come on Dave, victims are either dead or statute of limitations has passed. I know your mouth is watering because the grand jury did all the work and handed it over to you on a silver platter, but let’s not grandstand. Let the bar association disbar Masters, although he’s way beyond years of practicing law. Find out why CYS is so inept and then spend your time looking over the Warren Commission’s report on JFK if old cases are all you’re capable of

  17. Oh It’s time Mungo to consult the polished, shiny , ambiguously placed tinfoil hat atop your semi genius sized cranium and do tell the kookie truth! Do you plebs not see how this is so glaring in it’s example how the powers that be place their chosen candidates into specifically placed positions to …..”do the right thing when called upon”…..and like another said…maybe protect a particular person or paticulary tax free entity….i.e lady of Fatima…St Titus…..Mary of whoever from wherever….Obesity Jabba the Hut…..CON…..Ok sorry to interupt this conversation all ya alls was having…….No big deal cuz Alcoa called and wants their tin hat back….So Mungo now has to get up, call a jitney and take it back! And at this hour. Way to go Mr Loseier ….again like Deputy McGruff liked to say…..Let’s take a bite out of crime. Go get em tiger.

  18. Seriously??? You’ve directed the Beaver County Detectives to investigate something that happened 50 years ago? Is this the best excuse that you can come up with to let them with a few hundred more hours of overtime?

    If you want to investigate elected county officials for breaking the law or conspiring to break it, you don’t need to look back 50 years…you only need to look in the mirror and down the hall.

    I try not to resort to name calling in life; but in your case I’m going to make an exception. In my opinon, you are a complete and total dick..

    • In this case, no investigating is necessary. Every bit of work has been done, all he has to do is read the Grand Jury report and the letter Masters himself wrote, explaining that he did indeed let a pedo go. What in the world does this fool think he’s doing??!! This is so ridiculous that it is beyond embarrassing. He just had to get himself some attention to try to look important. Lozier, just go back to sleep as usual, nothing to see here.

    • Agreed. Find a better way to spend OUR money by solving some homicide investigations rather than something that you already admitted wont be prosecuted.. This is all smoke and mirrors used to distract the sheeple.

  19. After a good nights rest, I think I know what this is. This is a mercy investigation the same as Connie Javens. Lozier rushes in to investigate a fellow county official to quickly save them from any prosecution or further investigation. This is a courtesy only extended to Family and Friends Inc. All because Lozier want them to like him. In this case he wants Masters to like him.

  20. On September 15, 2017, Masters testified before the Grand Jury. Masters was confronted
    with his letter which the Grand Jury obtained from Diocesan files. When asked by the attorney
    for the Commonwealth why he would defer to the Bishop on a criminal matter, Master replied, “Probably respect for the Bishop. I really have no proper answer.” Masters also admitted he was desirous of support from the Diocese for his political career.

    • Now when interviewed by KDKA News Masters says nothing happened in Beaver County so he had no jurisdiction. On September 15, 2017 he never said anything like that. However if he knew that it happened in another county, doesn’t he have a legal and moral obligation to notify that other county?
      Masters you are a real low life bum in my opinion. If I went to St Peter and Paul, I would stop going there and stop donating money to them as long as you where involved with that church.

  21. Isn’t this a bitch? The corrupt investigating the corrupt…………………………..At least the statute of limitations won’t run out for the Rachel Delgado murder. Hopefully it won’t take 54 years for that to be solved though……………..

  22. And just what will an investigation accomplish after 50 years? Other than waisted time and money? The statue of limitations has run on any criminal activity. Disbarment is moot the guy is 90 years old. The DA is a buffoon. Investigate why the sheriffs office is paying deputies, mediocre deputies at that over $96,000.00 per year to deliver mail and lick their balls all day.

    • He is trying to save the old fuck from Josh Shapiro grabbing him up. I hope they lock Masters up and Big Bubba gets hold of him.

  23. I do believe that the Grand Jury has done all the investigating that needs to be done. Beaver County Detectives dont need to get involved at this point. All that would happen there is more Keystone Cops running around bumping heads racking up overtime and spending tax payer dollars. Lozier is a ham for the camera. Quit Grandstanding and do your damn job. Oh forgot you have no clue what that is. Voters please look at the credentials of a person. Not whether they show up in church or at community functions. Lozier is not qualified to be in the position you put him in. Benyo on the other hand has years of experience and knows the law like the back of his hand. Just recently Lozier ran like a chicken when Benyo sanctioned him. There was no way Lozier could of stood up against Benyo and he knew it. Benyo would have slaughter him in Court so Lozier took the easy way out to avoid the embarrassment .

  24. Masters said ” Juveniles and the priest were CARRYING ON outside of Beaver County.” In my opinion Masters makes it sound as if the Juveniles were complicit in their own abuse by an adult, by A PRIEST. THIS MAN SHOULD BE PUNISHED. No matter where this abuse happened, he was knowledgeable at the time it was happening, and DID NOTHING !
    It has been said many times, Lozier is operating in the lane of least resistance, nothing will happen. The laws must change when it comes to the statutes of limitation. Guys like Masters , who continues to feel he did nothing wrong …. prison.
    A Question : working for CYS, would Masters have been a mandated reporter in matters like this?

    • Lozier is operates in the lane of least resistance when the accused is part of government or law enforcement. When it is a citizen he wants to be a bulldozer.

      • If Benyo doesn’t announce his candidacy soon we’ll just start it for him as a write in candidate. Seriously, think about what our ‘official options’ are so far…. More of the current Barney Fife wannabe or Edward “Ted,” the junior judge with no criminal trial experience. That’s like trying to pick whether you’d prefer to have gonorrhea or syphilis. I don’t want either and the county is currently suffering under “itchy balls” Lozier.

        We want Benyo….. Gerry, for God’s sake, save us or we’re just going to draft you.

      • Watch what you wish for. So far there are no candidates worth anything, including your pick

    • Don’t think being a mandated reporter gets any clearer. WELCOME though to BCCYS. Home of collecting checks and doing as little as possible. BCCYS is just one of the many county entities that needs a COMPLETE overhaul. USELESS…

  25. it is obvious to all the intelligent writers on this site that Stonewall is REALLY a f-cking Loser. Instead of working on current cases which he and his Super Dicks will never solve he pulls a publicity stunt right out of his idiot handbook. Nothing can be done about these pedophiles since most of the old sick bastards are dead or dying. It’s obvious this is a political ploy to try and salvage something of a disastrous political career. He couldn’t charge the Queen with all the evidence available and made up some lame ass excuse why he chose not to prosecute. This is the perfect reason why we DO NOT need 8 Super Dicks running around that can’t solve a crossword puzzle. Obviously they have given up on the numerous unsolved murders in this county for low hanging fruit that the case has already been prepared for them. I’m willing to bet that they’d still find a way to f-ck it up. If they have enough time to investigate this then they are obviously not doing too much else. Time to drain that swamp in the DA’s clown circus of Super Dicks. Next, why not investigate all the malfeasance emanating from the Midget’s Office. Investigate CYS and exactly what the hell they’re employed to do. Nice place to stash Family & Friends. Inc. with nice fat salaries. More government fraud, waste and abuse. We need an all new team at the county out house to take a meat cleaver to the county government. Too many lazy and corrupt people stealing from the taxpayers. The time to downsize is NOW!! Taxpayer revolution to come!

    • This sounds to me like another fracture forming in the local Republican party. Lozier looking to dredge up dirt on a guy in CYS (under Commissioner’s unit) who also happens to be a political donor to Dan Camp. Masters is also tight with Askar, another Dan Camp ally. Watch your back, Danny, it seems to me that Lozier may be taking a whack at you politically. Not that I feel bad for you, because I don’t.

  26. Yes, the office of the PA Attorney General has already taken care of this. Please don’t let the Beaver Boneheads Office make a mess of it, seeing as how they excused these heinous acts for 50 years. There is no lack of unsolved crimes that they can stop ignoring and get around to solving. Get busy and chase after the murderers, drug dealers, and bank robbers that are cruising this county.

  27. I just read Masters’ OUTRAGEOUS statements accusing the children of “carrying on” with the priests! Is he out of his mind? Someone please tell him that the children are the VICTIMS here!
    And, he says that whatever happened in another county is not his concern. INSANE! 🤯

  28. We have 21 UNSOLVED murders in Beaver County! TWENTY ONE!!!
    And this dumb fuck puts his dicks on a case that is ALREADY SOLVED?!
    How much more FUBAR can this fucking retard get….You Sir, are a FUCKING ASSHOLE!

  29. I’m never surprised. Loser, why don’t you deal with the corruption that surrounds you Monday thru Friday in the courthouse. Plenty of people working there should be investigated. Youre a real joke.

  30. If I remember didn’t someone accuse the Bishop of abuse a couple years ago and lozier said it was BS without an investigation?

  31. Obviously, the strategy is for those in power to ignore criminal acts until they are forgotten by the general public. Bury them in the confusion and clutter of other issues. These revelations show that, although it might take fifty years, someone eventually digs up what was buried.
    Officer Naim’s brutal murder was “redirected” despite his own predictions about the danger he knew he faced. Rachel DelTondo spoke about her suspicions and fears. And now we learn that these victims of sexual abuse also spoke up, but were ignored or stifled.
    We must become better listeners. It has been said that we have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen twice as much as we speak.



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