Beaver County Courthouse / photo by John Paul

Several Beaver County detectives and sheriff’s deputies were among the highest paid employees in county government again last year, a payroll analysis by has revealed.

The findings for 2017 are similar to those for 2016 that were published by the Beaver Countian last year. formatted and analyzed county payroll records obtained from the county. The figures analyzed are not annual base salaries for the employees’ positions, but instead show actual gross earnings paid by the county to each employee for 2017, including overtime compensation and other payments. Employees who started working in their positions after the first of last year may show wages below their annual salaries. Payments for some employees’ wages may include monies paid from sources other than the county’s General Fund, such as from state subsidies, forfeiture funds, and grants.

The wage figures do not include the cost of any fringe benefits, such as healthcare, provided to the employees.

The county’s top earning employee in 2017 was District Attorney David Lozier who made $176,299.96. The salary for the county district attorney is mandated by state law based on salaries earned by Common Pleas Judges, who are employees of the state. Following Lozier was former Financial Administrator Ricardo Luckow at $120,002.95.

County Detective Robert Chamberlain ($117,357.72) was the third highest paid county employee. Commissioners are currently considering whether to eliminate or reduce the Detectives Bureau and have Pennsylvania State Police handle major investigations in the county as part of a cost-savings measure proposed by outside analysts. Four of the top 10 highest paid employees in 2017 were county detectives.

Steven Montani was the highest paid sheriff’s deputy at $95,130.43, making him number 9 on the top 10 list.

A searchable database of all county employees is being made available by below:

1CommissionersAMADIO, ANTHONY H69,403.33
2CommissionersCALTURY, ANTHONY48,001.01
3CommissionersCAMP, DANIEL III69,403.33
4CommissionersCook, Cynthia L32,364.81
5CommissionersEGLEY, SANDIE72,430.55
6CommissionersLong, Nicole M30,093.05
7CommissionersLUCKOW, RICARDO120,002.95
8CommissionersRICHARDS, JULIE L27,502.98
9CommissionersSTEWART, KARIN L18,355.42
10ControllerCALHOON, WILLIAM M64,262.30
John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. why is Linda David still receiving a paycheck when she resigned in 2012 and died in a year ago????

  2. Well how bout the detectives step it up and try earning some of it and actually solve the Deltondo case. Over paid and worthless

      • FLY HIGH #12 have to agree. Had she been a male teacher caught with a female student, he would have been vilified and people would have been lined up at his home with pitch forks in hand. Because she was a stunningly beautiful woman, she received a pass. It’s pretty clear that she continued to have a relationship with this kid and then moved on to his brother. It’s a shame that a young life was lost however her complete lack of moral behavior combined with the people she associated with, more than likely contributed to her untimely demise. Placing her on a pedestal and believing that her case is the most important unsolved homicide in the county is a disservice to other homicide victims.

      • He was black, a combat veteran and none cares about solving his murder. That’s bullshit. No life or murder is more important than another. If we had decent PSP coverage then the crimes may get solved. Instead, we3 have Stonewall and his band of Super Dick’s f-cking everything up but stealing taxpayers dollars hand over fist. Corrupt and useless piece’s of shit.

  3. Beaver County Defectives!! What a joke and a waste of taxpayer money!! They couldn’t solve a crossword puzzle!!👎🙄

  4. 15 pages of employees making %0K or more! Are you f-cking kidding me? the commissioners better squeeze those assholes good for no pay raise and pay more for benefits and track the OT. The employees think it is supplemental income just like free shit. Only the taxpayers suffer the burden.

    • The homeless mentally ill crackheads that are on the streets come cheap. Dirty is not a strong enough word for the Beave County Sheriffs Dept. And there cuz in Aliquippa.

  5. I glanced briefly at the list and noticed that there are a number of names of people who have retired or no longer work for the County. That’s where the catch 22 is at. Contrary to popular belief, there are some offices within the County government that are under staffed, thus creating the need for overtime to get the work done. Most of them are not offices within the Court House. What else isn’t listed or mentioned is that some of the County offices are funded by the State, and not the County, thus negating the argument of how much they cost the County in wages.

    • For some reason I couldn’t edit my above post, so before I catch hell from all the keyboard tough guys, to be more clear, yes the article mentions there are some salaries that are funded from outside sources other than the County General Fund, such as “state subsidies, forfeiture funds, and grants”, but its not made clear which offices or employees fall under that designation.

  6. Thanks for posting these salaries for Heritage Valley Beaver, John Paul. Most seem to be in line with beginning physicians earnings and ER personnel expenses. A couple are reasonable for surgeons, although a little high. But, they are worth it. Perhaps the County should think about raising its own employee pay, since they too save lives and ease suffering. That way, they won’t have to rely upon nepotism and favoritism to combine salaries to make ends meet. Some might not be tempted to gamble in West Virginia, or run up overtime, which is demeaning. Yep, it’s a good start.

  7. It must make the residents of Beaver County feel good to know that the Sheriffs Dept. and its deputies are so well paid to do there jobs. Someone should find a way to get them a few more sheriffs cars. Protect and serve….

    • Thought all they did was deliver papers and escort prisoners from jail to courthouse. Should put a courtroom in the jail!

  8. Thankfully, we elected a Republican in as head Sheriff because that Democrat he replaced was sucking this county dry with department costs, eh Republicans?

    • @The Ro… actually not cool at all! Chesnut is not a bright crayon. He sucked in Adult Probation and somehow moved to Domestic Relations. He sucks at that too! That department needs a good house cleaning. There are a few good people in that department but the rest need to go.

  9. The Sheriffs department basically works for for the courts which is M-F daylight hours. They are not police officers, make no arrests and don’t have to investigate anything and they made 80 plus and this is before bennifits that cost another 15k each!! Look at the names, David’s old buddies who are now Guys buddies. We have cops out there who dont even come close to these wages and bennies. Guy said he was going to put a stop to this, said he was going to stop the friends and family, stop political hires etc etc. Bredemeier was a part time deputy, campaigns for him and gets full time, everyone ready…….boom gets promoted to Sgt and boom boom her husband get hired also!!! How much money has he cost us with law suits and poor management skills? Promotes his buddies, doesn’t come to work and wastes our tax payer money. Kress can’t get in fast enough!!

    • That’s if Kress can stay off Facebook liking and running after every young woman in this county . I want to believe in him , but afraid it might go to his head for some reason and we’ll see a scandal down the road .

      • @Justmy2cents.. how about some specifics since this is the first some of us are hearing this.

  10. PA State Troopers Graduation after July 1, 2017 – Starting Salary is $59,567.

    Nationally, according to, uniformed patrol officers earn a median annual salary of $52,587 nationally.

    Average FBI Special Agent yearly pay in Pennsylvania is approximately $120,531, which is 45% above the national average.Jun 20, 2018.

    As of 2012, the Secret Service pay grade for the GL-7 pay grade range was between $38,511 and $48,708, while the GL-9 pay grade range was between $42,948 and $55,413.

    • Pennsylvania ranks ninth for starting teacher salaries, and about the same for an overall salary average of $63,521.

      The median annual School Superintendent salary in Pittsburgh, PA is $153,639, as of June 29, 2018, with a range usually between $125,499–$185,385.

      The median annual Physician – Family Practice salary in Pittsburgh, PA is $194,524, as of June 29, 2018, with a range usually between $171,331–$223,241.

      The average salary for a Professor is $119,275 in Pittsburgh, PA. Associate Professor$93K. Instructor$60K.

    • Question.. local police national make a average of $52,587. Locally don’t our officers make between $8.00-$12.00 a hour?

      • Not at all. Center and Economy are some of the highest paid. Most over $80K. Brighton Twp, Hopewell and New Sewickley are paid well also. Chiefs in those towns are over 80K. You had Ambridge Chief making over 100K. These are give or take a few. Most of this is right to know so it’s easy to get.

  11. How is it that full-time attorneys are paid less than detectives and administrative positions? Lawyers have a doctorate degree and pass the bar exam. Equivalent to a physician.

    • @Citizen… i would think the attorneys are most likely on salary.

      What i see in that list are a shit load of over paid dead weight county employees who make way more than they should… and they don’t pay their bills!

    • It’s alarming just how much people make in the courthouse and county that DO NOT have a college degree. Many barely graduating high school. Only in BC where who you know is more important than WHAT you know. Wake up people, this is not how it should be run and it’s not in other areas. There are too many positions overall and inflated salaries are killing you slowly.

  12. Not counting the people who got $9000 for the early retirement. I see a bunch of people who retired on this list and are still collecting a paycheck. Unless it’s cheaper and they’re working for less, this is unacceptable. You retired for a reason, move on.

    • Marlin… some of them continued to work after retirement at more than double what they were being paid before retirement.

  13. Look at all the familiar names and Friends and Family Inc. on this list. it looks like a family tree for the local political hack families and losers that cannot get a job on their own. How many related to Judge Mancini? THIS is what’s wrong with Beaver County government. Like I stated over 15 pages of useless f-cks making over 50,000 per year. Government unions will be the demise of this county and the country. They are public servants but in reality the taxpayers serve the corrupt, fat ass overpaid government in Beaver County. Like a dead whale county government is a bloated carcass rotting in our own backyard. THE STENCH EMANATING FROM THAT COURT HOUSE WON’T WASH OFF. The employees of this county (can’t call them workers) don’t give a shit about the taxpaying public. Too f-cking busy stuffing their pockets with our loot. Obviously there is a problem with a supervisor that cannot or will not control OT. It’s a subsidy for piss poor performance, aka the DA’s Super Dicks. When they gonna solve anything besides snooping on someone’s phone for revenge? As for the Midget everyone from Alighetto knows he is a stone ass lying loser who thinks the county is his piggybank for Friends and Family wannabe cops. And the jail? You all have read the story on the county’s finances. I urge all to show up if there is a meeting to question these stooges we call commissioners and their row office flunkies. It’s your chance to be heard. If you can’t make a meeting at night to save your homes and property from more tax hikes shame on you. This is your big chance.

  14. Actually I think one of loziers liaison officers is the highest paid people in the courthouse, his earnings aren’t recorded by the county, or state.. just think about who the mentioned in the past as loziers liaison officer

  15. Contrary to what you may believe @justmytwocent kress is the most stand up guy I’ve ever met. He will do good in this county and for the people. I don’t think it’s fair to say your going to have some scandal down the road just because your assuming based off no facts hes “chasing women”????and I don’t care where you work, your going to have people hired that are friends and family of the people that already work there. It’s how this world is in every workplace. Start with the railroad as an example, than the power plant, now the cracker plant. With the few that just happend to apply. Recommendations go a long way you get from your good workers. I know I’m not gonna reccomend and put my name out there for some slouch.

  16. I first must start with i am retired from the Beaver County Jail. I know it looks like people are overpaid there, but let me give the public some facts. Much of the salaries are overtime pay. The reason is easy to explain. People call off, so the call off list must be used. Some people choose to not work overtime, others will. There is a cap for full time employees, so part time employees are placed on the schedule to fill the empty spots. Then there is vacation, more slots are filled with part timers. So the county “hires” more part time employees, who must be trained. During the training period those new hires will be weeded down due to not liking the job or they are unsuitable for hire. So if you hire ten people for the training program, and three don’t like the job and another three are unsuitable, there are only four spots filled instead of ten. I will not go into detail why some don’t complete the training, believe me the hiring process is much better than I was hired. I was handed a set of keys, told what each key was for,told my duties and went to work. Also, anyone working in the correctional setting can become burned out at a faster rate than many other jobs. Is there nepotism? Yes. Are there political hires? Yes. But most officers who stay are usually good officers, the unsuitable are weeded out.



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