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The county and its insurance carrier have negotiated an agreement with a former deputy who filed a federal lawsuit alleging he was fired as an act of political retaliation, according to two sources familiar with the settlement talks.

Curtis Larrick, who had been a Deputy with the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office since 1992, was fired by the newly elected Sheriff Tony Guy when he took office in January of 2016. Larrick subsequently filed a lawsuit against Guy and the county, alleging he was wrongfully terminated by Guy because he supported his opponent, Democrat Wayne Kress, during the election. Guy denied the allegation, and insisted he fired Larrick because he is an untrustworthy individual who has a reputation of being untruthful.

Investigators with the Pennsylvania State Police had urged Guy to keep Larrick on staff and instead terminate several deputies who had been accused of harassing him, advice that Guy decided against. Larrick had previously assisted state police with their investigations into then-Sheriff George David, with his testimony in open court leading to David being placed on house arrest.

Larrick’s federal case against Guy and the county generated hundreds of pages of discovery materials which found their way into the public record, including handwritten notes by Guy and extensive deposition transcripts.

Tony Guy and county officials filed motions attempting to have the lawsuit thrown out of court, but U.S. Magistrate Judge Cynthia Reed Eddy issued a lengthy 26-page opinion in March ordering the case would proceed to trial.

Attorneys for the county, its insurance carrier, and Larrick then entered into settlement discussions and an agreement was reached last week. Beaver County and Tony Guy admitted no wrongdoing as part of the agreement and Larrick will not be re-hired to his position. The settlement contract is to include a confidentiality clause covering the negotiated terms.

The settlement is expected to be formally ratified in the coming days.

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John Paul
John Paul is the founder of the Beaver Countian. He reports full-time for the site, specializing in investigative journalism with an emphasis on public corruption.


  1. $85,000. He lost his job! That was probably one year of wages! If it was me I would have held out for more. So the sheriff’s office cost the taxpayers the most in wages, and now this lawsuit. Everyone needs to share this on Facebook with all their BC friends because the BC times will twist it to make the officer look like the bad guy! #TonyGuy must go! I am a republican but will #voteKress

    • Based on actual work, that’s 10 years wages!!!

      Take it out of the department budget. The head guy broke it, so fix it.

  2. Well, Tony. I guess that having Beaver County’s favorite Sheriff consigliere giving you the phony dirt on the Deputies didn’t work after all. Pity.

  3. That 85 K should come out of Tony Guys pocket. Show some class Sheriff step up and pay the 85K your selfe….

  4. When the money starts pouring in from the new casino and the county weed outlet, the county will have plenty of money to pay off everyone … don’t worry, trust them! We don’t always … ok never … know what they are up to … but they are really good deal makers. They got Veon out early 🙂 and he’s back working with them on some really good money making deals.

  5. Unfortunately – No matter who we elect, they seem to turn out to all be corrupt, play favorites and fire the ones that are actually doing the right thing. No wonder our county is so far in debt with the people in charge still having their head buried in the sand. A settlement on the deputies part just indicates that he is tired of the BS and Sheriff Guy seems to have unlimited funds through the county. Don’t you think that the deputies that the State Police indicated that should be let go – should actually be let go.

  6. Is there any good news coming out of Beaver County besides the over hyped cracker plant. An unsolved murder, ex-con associating with our two commissioners pushing a plan that will invite more criminal associations, huge debt/income problems. Perhaps reading the always cheerful Times which is 90% Scott Tady’s entertainment coverage will help, but who wants to read about doddering old has-beens making another appearance, I’ll work on my crossword puzzles.

    • Done by design, Mr. Owl. Unfortunately, the readers of the BCT are the majority of voters. They are shielded from the truth due to their lack of technological ability to look elsewhere, like the BC. Until this changes, there will be no changes.

  7. Untruthful tony guy says….you are the biggest liar and cheat there is! Just ask your wife and the state police tony guy. You are going down. Kiss the sheriffs office good bye! You are no good. I hope you and your family feel it!!!!



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