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Beaver County Courthouse Features A Menorah For The First Time

The Beaver County Courthouse is featuring a Menorah on its front lawn for the first time this year. The Menorah joins a Christmas tree which was installed by county government in front of the courthouse steps.

While the Christmas tree was erected at taxpayers’ expense, the Menorah comes courtesy of a private donation by William Braslawsce.

Braslawsce is an attorney who serves as an assistant public defender for the county.

The Menorah became a subject of controversy this week after an unnamed citizen saw its placement in front of the courthouse and approached officials asking if they could build a Nativity scene to accompany the Christmas tree.

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John Paul
John Paul
John Paul is an award-winning investigative journalist and founder of BeaverCountian.com. He reports full time for the site with a focus on public watchdog journalism.

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