Rochester School’s Special Counsel Seeks Public Comment

Rochester School District’s appointed Special Counsel John Havey is seeking information from the public about the school district and its Superintendent Carolyn Wilkovich.

Havey has distributed a form requesting “information and/or opinions regarding the actions, conduct and performance of Carolyn Wilkovich and/or any other person with administrative responsibilities involving the students, parents, employees, building and grounds or any other related matter affecting the Rochester Area School District.”

Members of the public are being encouraged to fill out the form and email it to John Havey, who will consider and investigate its contents. All returned surveys will remain confidential.

“Sometimes the public may hesitate to speak openly or clearly about anything that may have concerned them” said Havey. “This provides them with an opportunity to have those concerns be heard by an independent party, in a confidential manner. That goes for taxpayers regarding things like concerns about building projects, parents regarding the treatment of their children or the school’s general curriculum; anything that may arise to the point of being substantial, that they feel is preventing their children or relatives from receiving an efficient and thorough education.”

John Havey is asking the form be returned to him no later than April 3rd. It can be filled out and emailed as an attachment questions may be copied directly into an email, or it may be delivered by hand to the school.

To fill out the form on your computer for submission via email
Right click on the link below, and choose “Save As” or “Save Link As”

To print out the form, click on the link directly

Download The Survey Here [clear /]


  • Did rochester do a good check on its INVESTIGATIVE ATTORNEY??

    PLEASE BEFORE YOU GO FURTHER and spend more of the TAXPAYERS money in this struggling school district please due your due-diligence..

    Obviouslly you didnt when hiring the school SOLICITOR, or you would have seen that MYRON might have been involved with firing and giving advice to WESTERN BEAVER, not once but twice resulting in ENRICO ANTONINI being fired which he won appeals both times for very large sums of money.. no im not a fan of wilkovichs at all…

    BUT i caution you myron is special counsel to the PFA authority for years a a bond lawyer where he has a long history with her for that her husband has served for a number of years as a board member..

    Also he has been fired and re-hired numerous times in aliquippa for having intrest with parties that where suing the very same enity he is to represent, its all public.

    Sometimes when he invites you to seven oaks for the dinner and some holiday parties it comes with a lot of baggage!

    Now he got you JOHN HAVEY … hmmmm could her attorneys cross examine him would that be a first.. Mr.havey could he be the same one that hasnt pracrice law for a long time cause he was in PRISON?? and since being released just got a job as a public defender in beaver county?? Before MYRON was caught with hand in the cookie jar?? Not saying john havey is a bad guy but if your going to go down a path and have the tax payers on the hook wouldnt you want a clean slate!!