Never A Cold Case: Catherine Walsh’s Murder’s in-depth coverage of the 1979 murder of Catherine Walsh, and the 2012 arrest of Bridgewater Councilman Gregory Scott Hopkins.

The Investigation:

On The Day Catherine Walsh’s Body Was Discovered

The Initial Interviews – Gregory Hopkins Establishes An Alibi

Bridgewater Police Secretly Obtained DNA From Councilman Hopkins

In Background:

District Attorney’s Press Conference Announcing The Arrest Of Hopkins

Gregory Scott Hopkins’ First Wife Described A Troubled Marriage

The Legal Proceedings:

Gregory Hopkins Denied Bond After Hearing With Judge Mancinni

Public Initially Kicked Out Of Hopkins Preliminary Hearing

Judge Precludes Famed Pathologist Cyril Wecht From Hopkins Trial

Judge Allows Man Charged With Homicide To Attend Wedding And Reception

Superior Court Overturns Local Judge – Allows Pathologist’s Testimony


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