Owners A Mystery As Troubled Blue Steel Bar In Monaca Changes Name And Goes Country


The troubled Monaca bar that was the scene of a brutal Thanksgiving day beating has reopened its doors with a new name and focus, although who is actually running the establishment seems to be a mystery.

The Blue Steel Bar was shut down on December 7th after a spot check conducted by the Pennsylvania State Police’s Bureau of Liquor Control Enforcement division discovered their health license had expired.

But the bar reopened over the weekend, now calling itself the “Whiskey Rhythm Bar & Grill.” The bar has given up on hip-hop, which many attributed to the problematic crowds the business attracted, for country music.

“We’re not messing around,” Tracy Tharp, the bar’s operations manager, told the Beaver Countian. “We’re going country and southern rock and we’re going to have live country bands [...] We have already legally changed our name, it’s just a matter of getting a new sign now.”

Tharp insisted changes in the bar’s name and theme had nothing to do with recent events. “This was going to happen anyway, because someone new is leasing the building [...] The same people own the building, they lease it out.” Tharp declined to name the people who actually own the building, but said a man by the name of Kenny Evans would now be leasing the facility from them and running the bar.

When reached by phone, Kenny Evans identified himself as the “entertainment manager” for the bar and confirmed it had reopened with a country theme. When asked if he was now leasing the building and running the newly dubbed “Whiskey Rhythm Bar & Grill,” Evans stopped talking. “I actually have no comment about the bar and would appreciate it if I were not contacted [...] Don’t put my name in your article.”

County tax records show the building at 1198 Pennsylvania Avenue in Monaca is currently owned by Daniel McKendry and William Gongloff, neither of whom could be reached for comment.

The status of ownership for the bar’s liquor license also remains unclear, with no observable public notices hung on the establishment which would indicate any sort of legal transfer was taking place. Records maintained by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board show the license at the establishment’s address is still listed as belonging to “Blue Steel Valley Inc.,” the group behind the Blue Steel. Kenny Evans is not identified as an officer of that corporation.

Regardless of the type of music the bar plays, and who is now actually running it, Tracy Tharp said there may still be occasional problems. “People are people, and when they get drunk sometimes you can’t prevent it.”

The Blue Steel was under heavy criticism by some residents of Monaca over recent months due to a series of incidents that originated in and around the club, including a recent beating that was captured on a cellphone video. Monaca Police charged 6 men with felony Aggravated Assault earlier this month in connection with the attack.

Following the assault, District Attorney Anthony Berosh announced that his office would be looking into the bar, and weighing their options on how to proceed against the establishment. Berosh noted the Blue Steel’s liquor license is up for renewal in 2014.

Note: Updated 5:20pm to correct the spelling of Tracy Tharp’s name.


  • Kenny Evans

    didn’t he try to catch that very place on fire, few years ago

    this is crazy he got caught on video, I was fireman with him he got terrible for another one to

  • Changing the name and music of a bar, doesn’t change its environment or patrons. This bar has had several names and owners for many years, yet remained a nuisance. Nothing has changed the fact that violence will prevail there as long as it remains a bar.

    • DID YOU HEAR???
      John Taffer from the TV program Bar Rescue came to Monaca Pennsylvania:
      He first did video surveillance and came in and cussed out ownership, bar management, bartenders, and security team. Went into the kitchen and found it disgusting and told them to clean this piece of $hit of a kitchen up. Fired, then Hired a new kitchen manager/cook. Then had a stress test of about 150 people and they failed. So he shut the place down for 3 days and then relaunched it…

      SO… he changed the name from Blue Steel to Whiskey Rythm Bar & Grill, remodeled the place, developed and named new whiskey liquor drinks (using old granddad- no hennessy or crown royal) after the town they are in and improved the food being served making sure to tailor make the menu to the crowd they want to attract (ie: no chicken, rib, or BBQ items on menu.) He had a new opening and it was all good (crowd changed, no hip hop, just rednecks, no Afr Amer in site). New owners then hugged John Taffer and thanked him – and drink and food business has gone up and police calls have gone down. I am surprised JP & the Times didn’t cover this story! (sarcasm)

  • @ code red

    bingo baby, this kid is running young girls and acting like promoter

    he did what you said like 3 times that is known

    what’s worse he was caught numerous times peeping in Windows on a women and get little girl, once he was on roof they caught him on foot chase. Good parents but is gone Looney as hell, he got major rap sheet..

    two people going to take over bar with no money in pocket, experience drinking in bar and tending till they get fired…

  • Even tho Monaca merged with Center it still doesn’t take away & will always show the stupidity just keeps flowing thru that Monaca Water system! Monaca people are dumb and always show how uneducated they TRUELY are! Your sitting on a gold mine yet continue to blow it! Oh wait that’s just the powder blowin up their noses, not the smarts of a wanna be promoter!!! Kenny Evans just burn it down already!!! It’s the only way it’s going to make money with You & Tracy attempting to run that hole!!!!

  • Less bars! Bring back the Monaca Pool! Of course, the brothers would find a way to ruin that too.

  • Cats out of the bag…. Although you sound like an un educated retard,, you are on to something.. Monaca is sitting on a gold mine and we keep blowing it. We have a lot of potential to be an amazing town, and since the merger this town has improved leaps and bounds from a real estate, and management standpoint. With all the development around the mall Monaca could be on the verge of greatness. Our property values along with everything is improving, and then there are these few little hiccups that set back this towns good name and character.

    I don’t know who is writing these articles, but as you can see they write them with malicious intent. Intentionally throwing some people under the bus and excluding additional information. Now mind you, the people who are being thrown under the bus deserve it, and are not who I would (as a Monaca citizen) see owning businesses next to my house. Everybody knows that the owner of any property is public knowledge, attainable at the court house. The building is owned my Ken Majors, who is a good man and a very respected business man in our town, and all over this area. Nobody can blame him for the problems other people are having with there businesses.

    The problem is with poor management. If enterprise car rental rented u a car and you wrecked it is it there fault or yours. Hopefully this new place has better management than the last place. As long as Kenny does not try and over steep his boundaries and blow it up into a huge thing Monaca will be fine. If he thinks that he he is going to pack that place with 1000 people every weekend and not have any problems he needs to rethink his options because Monaca is a small town and we are small minded people. It won’t be long till we close you down again.

    Also, where is Kenny Evens going to find the money to purchase a business like that.. I mean,,, leasing the building aside, purchasing that business must be very very expensive.. Also, why doesn’t the reporter on this article inform us,,,, what is the loophole,, how does that building still have a liqueur license…

    • author

      “The building is owned my Ken Majors, who is a good man and a very respected business man in our town, and all over this area.”

      County tax records show that “Majors Limited Partnership” sold the property in 2011 to Daniel McKendry and William Gongloff, as stated in my article.

      Thanks for being a reader of the Beaver Countian.

  • Monaca is a proud town with a great tradition. The last thing we need is Pennsylvania Ave. turning into the next Franklin Ave. with a new crowd of people who do not take care of their property and lower the property values for the hard working people in Monaca. I’m confident the old timers of Monaca will not allow that to happen!

  • Wake up, it is like Franklin Ave!!! Who the fuck goes “shopping or dining” in downtown Monaca. Thankfully Center exists and, fortunately for Monaca, is towing them along.

  • Amen Jackyl & CatsOuttaBag! Thank you JP. Case made Monacaman, Pennsylvania Ave. already IS… Franklin Ave.! Center has been towing you guys along for years now! Your right if it wasn’t for the mall what would you have??? Oh yeah the Mall Isn’t in your jurisdiction! Monaca is nothing more then an inbred, infested, raggedy ass shit stain of a town, with a bunch of circle jerkers namely (Frank & Norm @ the SOI, & Gun Slinger Ron Hogue & The Great Dog Whisper Greg Nicols) trying to run it! Best thing to do is let Kenny Evans stalk some more little girls, burn down your town & put Tracy Tharp as Mayor! That town & half the people in it are a joke, all the more reason to stay up on the hill where the classy people are!!! lol

  • Monacaman, if you are so educated how do you figure that??? Management wise? I’m missing what was managed! The Mall, Lowes, Walmart all of it, Is in Center! It was the Schools merger that gave you a better tax base, which ultimately is because of the real estate improvement because of the newly formed Central Valley School District! So your wonderful council (Management) that supposedly made all these great management decisions, actually did nothing! Let’s be honest too… The schools merger was more on Center’s behalf because they made a smart and wise decision to accept Monaca instead of Aliquippa School District into our doors! That’s what I call a great management decision! Monaca is a waste and you should just move out while your property values are up!!!!

  • Hmmm… have you seen the Central Valley PA State Assessment scores and where that ranks the school district in the state? I do not believe Monaca nor Center has much to brag about right now. So much for coming to CV for a qualilty education. Not to mention all the drug addicts that come from Center but they do a great job of hiding it out there. If you ask me and many others, Center Twp. is filled with people who say the right things at church on Sunday and spend the rest of their week contradicting their actions in church. Everything in Center Twp. is about “image” and public perception but you fail to recognize that even that little white spec on chicken shit, is still chicken shit. You can’t dress up pigs. Monaca is not the only town with a questionable bar, your precious Center Twp. has one right by the broadhead car wash, if you don’t believe me, try it. Go in there on a friday night, it’s filled with brothers and questionable activity because of the crowd it attracts.

  • The education went to shit because they had to bring the Monaca teachers on board and the students who had received Monaca educations up until the merger were far behind on their skills. Ask any decent teacher and they’ll tell you that. Not that Central Valley hasn’t hired subpar teachers, because they have, based on nepotism and politics. Far too many Center grads hired on and they are boarder line dumb. And Center us far from perfect, but it’s downfalls mostly occur because people from all over the tristate area actually go there because of what it has to offer, unlike Monaca’s inbred bars Cogos.

    • Mr. Jackyl,

      In response to your comment: If we are to believe your line of thinking, you must be a Monaca graduate because your grammar is atrocious and your spelling leaves much to be desired…..Wait, should I just call you Mr. Inbred?! Or should it be JACKASS?! It really amazes me how many people go on here to rant and rave or put someone down, ANONYMOUSLY. Maybe you are the one who is “boarder line dumb”. (for the record, that would be “borderline…” and “dumb” isn’t correct either. Get out a dictionary, please.) if you do not realize that 1/3 to 1/2 of the people who live in the Almighty Center Township are from Monaca! I’ve been in Beaver County for 20 years and know that to be true, so please, get off of your high horse and try to have an intelligent conversation without putting down people that you don’t even know.

  • Your welcome jp. I dig the beavercountian I think it’s necessary to have a site that airs dirty laundry and calls people out. Keep up the good wrk..

    I can’t argue with anybody. Monaca is no center, but we are no aliquippa either. I have seen many improvements in this town. The truth is center has it’s problem bars also. How about brewskis I do t think I have been in there once and not saw coke dust on the back of the toilet. Did t they just shut that place down.. Is that center or Monaca??. Also center,, all your kids are on heroine. How many little kids died last year ??? Monaca never had that problem till after the merger. Which rapper said it.. mo money mo problems..

    We got a little off track here but I think these are all valid points..

    Like I said Monaca is a good little town. One bad business has brought all this heat on us. It’s not the kids from Monaca or center that are causing the problems here. It was some black kids from beaver falls and a white kid from freedom that got his ass kicked.. And the blue steel owners were from West Virginia. The point is that the venue is too big for this town!!!! Keep it small and classy.. A big bar or club that packs 1000 people a night is too big for a small town. I would say the same thing if it was in beaver or center..

  • Spring Run, Stephen Phillips -Monaca
    Morado dwellings-BF
    Economy Village-Ambridge
    And all those communities have low rent housing in surplus. So guess what, Monaca is like Quip and the such

    • many good peoples in monaca still today. only few bad young punk make trouble. peoples get scared and run away then bad peoples take over street. if good peoples not be afraid bad peoples not comming in.

  • First off in the talks of the merger, monaca had zero debt and a better computer curriculum center people where so worried about the name colors and who the head football coach was gonna be. As whiskey rhythm the bar will be successful mark my words the people mentioned in this article are doing it right so far. Plus they have a litte outside help from behind the scenes from people Whatcha want to make this bar one that the town respects

  • @ No BS, actually I am Monaca educated!!! Me and tbird67 both are as you can tell by our grammar:) You must have been one of our tenured, learned educators. We had a whopping class of 49 people !!! go Indians!!!

  • Amazing how there’s still so much friction between Monaca and Center until it’s a Central Valley football game… then we’re all one. Amazing. I have lived in both towns and simply stating that the priorities out here are messed up and then we wonder why our children’s perspectives are off base. If we are NOT Aliquippa, then quit instilling into the minds of these kids that sports is all we have out here.

  • 1- – monaca is a great town with mountain of amazing people that came from it.

    2- it has its battles like any river mill town does but by far it is one of the better ones along the Ohio river

    3- police department is a solid unit with great chief and officers that protect the community every department had weak links add it does to but overall one of the better ones compare to drug arrest and vehicle seizures which I think last two vehicles came from ahh yeah center residents dealing to others at local bats from out of town

    4- the old gaurd years back had issues with monaca cause monaca broke away and didn’t want center township in its district, mistake yes or it would of ran everything

    5- majority of new homes being built in recent years are monaca residents that built and moved, it’s fact check out assessment and look who owns them, before that it was ALIQUIPPA that wanted it off city and built and bought.

    6 – center has being low income housing TAXES TRAILER PARK, please ever drive around silvencrest behind lowes it’s deliverance country. but every town has it

    7- central valley is a great district because of kids in it and football really did bring it together, people want to move in and be apart of the district so please the due hard centercenter and more center needs to give it a rest. in time monaca and aliquippa will run township is half way there now

    8- please on drug bars go ti the dip in Becker plaza you know beside the BINGO HALL was that ever checked out, the bat has had shootings, drugs you name it, the corner of brodhead and center Grange burger stand turned bar mute fucking cocaine in there than the Carter projects in the Brooklyn ohh how about that vfw sure isn’t alot of vets in there, how about the doctor that got all of center and monaca kids hooked onxycotin because they got referrals from the laundered dirt ball drug dealer loan shark bookie who’s brother is?

    9- you getting point

  • Striker, Monca had zero debt, because the district wouldn’t improve a damn thing. A better computer curriculum? Dude, people don’t use Commadore 64′s anymore! But don’t worry, the underwhelming teachers that are married to Center council and school board members will help your kids….ha!

  • The last thing I will say is yes the athletic programs have brought the community together, with great coaches who care about the kids, and yes Monaca has had to arrest plenty of “clean cut Center boys” for various reasons, so let’s get off the “holier than thou Center Twp. mentality.” There’s a reason Gateway Rehab is placed in Center Twp. God doesn’t make mistakes. What I’m saying is if we didn’t create a “sports first” culture with these kids, WE WOULDN’T HAVE GROWN MEN IN THEIR 30′S, 40′S, AND 50′S HANGING OUT IN THESE BARS YOU MENTIONED STILL TALKING ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL. I WAS ONE AT ONE OF THOSE AT ONE TIME. CALL ME CRAZY, BUT I WOULD WISH BETTER FOR MY KIDS AND ANYONE ELSE’S KIDS. IF YOU LIVE IN CENTRAL VALLEY, YOU CAN SCREW UP EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE AFTER THE AGE OF 18 BUT ALL PEOPLE WILL SAY IS:

  • Seriously ? are you all serious ? Is this the first time you have ever been in a bar ? Drugs are in every bar everywhere , wait let me re- phrase that drugs are everywhere ! You can buy heroine in middle school for Christ sakes . That is what it came to because of plea bargains and scared people and corrupt police or police that just dont care ! Drugs just arent taken serious in beaver county even tho its the reason this county went straight down hill like a rocket sliding on ice !

    • a tv show ? are you serious ? The owners cousin will have the license in his name by next month and be reopened. again !
      and another thing.. Center twp being better than monaca ? People saying they are educated ? This is shit hole beaver county people , I dont care what part of it you live in you are in beaver county and not any better than anyone else . DONT act like you are better than someone else because you live in another town IN BEAVER COUNTY , and so what if you went to college , I did , has nothing to do with you having common sense ! This is ONLY beaver county , the place that is 20 years behind the rest of the world. There isnt anything to brag about no matter what town you live in here. Its pretty made up now of people who couldnt make it anywhere else or who have never even tried . NI can BET ANYTHING NONE of you make $150,000.00 a year or more but your talking like you are better than everyone else..lmao middle shool shit . Man6 up and get rid of the drugs in this area and we may have a place to talk about , other than that beaver county is beaver county no matter what town your in . and to be fair , im from brighton twp.

  • The things I love most in life… Bars, Drugs, Politics, & Football! I’ll never leave Beaver County! lol