Sheriff’s Deputy Wrecks New County Car While Patrolling Aliquippa In Early Morning Hours

Sheriff George David (beaver countian file photo)

Sheriff George David (Beaver Countian file photo)

A Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy has wrecked one of six new 2014 Ford Interceptors the county recently bought for the department.

According to an incident report filed by Aliquippa Sgt. Don Lane, Beaver County Sheriff’s Deputy Ronald Costanza struck a utility pole at around 4:30am on November 26th on Sheffield Road in Aliquippa. Deputy Costanza was not injured in the incident, but there was extensive damage done as a result of the collision into a utility pole.

“On 11/26/2013 at 0433 hours I investigated a report of an accident involving a vehicle into a pole – pole down on Sheffield Road,” wrote Sgt. Lane in his report. “I arrived on scene and found Unit One resting on the roadway facing west on Sheffield Road at 23rd street.”

“Poll #155 has been sheared at the base and was lying on the ground with all attached utility wires, cables, and the transformer lying on the ground also,” continued Sgt. Lane. “The transformer was leaking a green colored fluid onto the roadway and it was draining into the nearby sewers. I spoke with the operator of Unit One [...] He stated that he was driving Unit One and hit ice and lost control of the vehicle and hit the utility pole.”

Aliquippa Fire Department and Duquesne Light arrived on scene for cleanup and to place a new pole and reattach wiring. Power was lost to nearby areas as a result of the wreck.

Sources inside of the Beaver County Sheriff’s Office tell the Beaver Countian that Costanza was patrolling the City at the time of the accident.

Deputy Costanza is one of several part-time deputies that Sheriff David has been scheduling in excess of 40 hours per week in violation of collective bargaining agreements and county policies. Departmental directives obtained by the Beaver Countian appear to confirm what many confidential sources in the department have been saying for months, that Sheriff David is continuing to order his Deputies to patrol properties owned by private corporations, including slag mines located in Aliquippa owned by local real-estate tycoon Charles “Chuckie” Betters. David also regularly schedules several of his deputies, including Deputy Costanza, to patrol the streets of Aliquippa at night.

Beaver County Commissioners have been trying for over a year to stop Sheriff David from ordering the patrols, which are outside the scope of his mandated responsibilities under provisions of the Pennsylvania County Code.

As a result of a lawsuit filed against Sheriff George David by the Beaver County Commissioners last year, Senior Erie County Judge John Bozza issued a preliminary injunction on February 7th prohibiting the Sheriff’s Office from performing private security work. Under the Pennsylvania County Code, any Sheriff or Deputy who performs private security services for outside organizations is guilty of a misdemeanor. Sheriff George David pleaded his Fifth Amendment Rights against self incrimination to avoid testifying at a hearing held on the matter back in January.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  • There appears to be a vendetta v. Sheriff David on this site. Enough is enough. Sheriff David is a good man and Beaver County is lucky to have him.

    • It only APPEARS that way because the Mighty George David keeps putting his proverbial gun to his foot. With all the mess that has been stirred up over the last few months, a wiser man would have gone into hiding for a bit to maybe let things cool down. But not George. While at first it appeared to be the captain going down with his ship, it seems everyone in the office has had enough of his shenanigans and is just throwing him overboard. Just keep adding more fodder to the cannon that’s pointed at you, George. While there MAY have been the opportunity to find some side tunnel out of your hole you’re in, it seems you keep plugging your escapes up with dynamite. I, for one, am anxious to see this lousy excuse for a sheriff fall.

    • This is a vendetta against George, Ron, and anyone else who somebody on here does not like. Get the fat rat that has cheated and stolen for years, no wait my old buddies said “its ok to steal” you can get double the pay and no other officers can not . Someone wants to burn cops, get the fat rat in white, ask around others will tell you what he has gotten away with. I think someone is afriad of him, or really likes him alot. Come what he has done is the same as another officer was arrested for. JP don’t be afraid of the rat

  • Ok, I called this bullshit AWHILE ago.
    How many more times is he going to be allowed to violate his bond? He’s going against a DIRECT ORDER to stop with the patrolling, to stop the scheduling of part timers for full time work.

    So, who’s footing the bill for the BRAND NEW CRUISER, Duquesne Light’s services, and the towing and shit, not to mention the fact that the deputy now has medical bills that must be addressed. (or he should, like mandatory drug screen, etc after an accident on the job.)


    • Really? You either haven’t been paying attention, or you just don’t care. Do yourself a favor, and get acquainted with the bullshit that he has been pulling for some time.

  • LOL it’s too the point of almost surreal like it’s fabricated…..

    nobody could just violate bond one after another and get away without it being revoked.

    Or harass a worker numerous times yet to be sued and documented numerous times of intimidation

    Or order deputies to arrest a man falsify reports upon the directive of the sheriff and nobody gets charged the district ATTORNEY at nearly year anniversary yet to charge hell almost like it protected him that enables him to do more

    deputies drive cars drunk on duty and get promoted other told to stay home and collect full pay for six months

    TOLD PEOPLE NO COMP TIME, DEPUTY TESTIFIED NO COMP TIME IN DEPARTMENT , THEN county pays twenty deputies hundreds of comp hours, charges?

    sheriff ask to have uniform to be bidded, his guy didn’t get it after thousands dollars in advertising was spent he just went with who he wanted anyways, repercussion nothing hell they fired the purchasing director instead.

    it’s all a dream he doesn’t have DEPUTIES patrol his buddies slag dump that would be wasteful spending of tax dollars, wait he put directive up ahhhh that must be phony,?

    His budget I read on this site went from 2mil to 4 million a year almost like he got rewarded, now finally they take few hundred grand from it, ouch that pinch hurts?

    now a part-time deputy wreck one of the new cruisers at 430am? what was a part-time guy driving one anyways and what was he patrolling at 430am, just took a prisoner? on way to transport? let me guess headed to jail parking lot? economy park? BETTERS get your stories straight lol

  • It’s only a vehicle, accidents happen…and unfortunately it was one of the new vehicles…Thank goodness Deputy Costanza is OK…@NikkiP…I totally agree with you regarding him violating his bond and defying a DIRECT ORDER to stop patrolling and scheduling part-timers for full time work… but keep in mind, these Deputies are doing what they are being told to do by their boss, George David! We can’t paint everyone who works under him with the same brush… Along with Chief Alstadt and Secretaries who must endure his wrath, there are some good, hard working Deputies that have a job to do and families to support……And as a taxpayer, I can understand your concern as to who will be footing the bill for all of the damage incurred, as well as either replacing or repairing the cruiser…as I’m sure you know, they are covered by the County’s insurance, and I know that comes out of taxpayers pockets as well, but you can’t crucify Deputy Costanza for this accident!…. Look, the real problem at hand is what needs to be done to eliminate the problem, and we all know what that problem is….. George David!!! Enough said!!! :thumbsup:

    • I’ve not blamed the deputies, I’ve said they’re stuck the middle, and I feel badly for them, I do. I know there are good people in the SO. This is fallout from the tyranny of George David.

  • Doesn’t aliquippa have police? In pa the sherifs department is not police there glorified security guards so they should transport prisoners and let the police patrol

  • Hit ice and lost control! Great story! It was 4:30 am. He fell asleep behind the wheel. He hit the pole with so much force because he was speeding that it knocked it down. Wish someone had witnessed the accident.

    • Wait, what about dash cams? I’m not sure how they work, but shouldn’t an officers vehicle have one?

      • Yeah, real police have them. I don’t know about a Sheriff Deputy’s car.

  • @ YIKES I agree with you, absolutely right…..The Sheriff is putting those deputies in harms way. why is the county signing these pay checks? It’s called CONTEMPT , Get the Judge back down here and file contempt charges against him, or better yet let the sheriff pay for all the damages out of his own pocket. He was told not to do it and he still is. Come on comissioners quit wasting our tax money……SICK OF IT……

  • What’s next constables patrolling they would arrest them for impersonating a police officer but they don’t do that to the sherifs department why not

  • I believe the point is that this trooper should not have even been in this area unless called upon by local police as it is in direct violation of the Judges order, and as the article states against PA State code.

  • shit does happen feel bad for Ronnie the slice of his soul to georgie for a job is Tiresome one and comes with a price of doing stuff ethically wrong, LIKE PATROLLING THINGS A JUDGE SAID NOT TO THAT IT WAS IN VIOLATION OF THE LAW.


  • Police report list details such as noticing “green colored fluid” and “Poll #155″. Fire Department and Duquense Light called to clean up and repair. Umm…was any ice on the road? Was road crew called to salt said road? Just wondering, sounds like that would be just as important to put in a report too.

  • In 2015 we will have the chance to make things right in Beaver County. We will need the voters not only on here but also the friends and families of everyone. It will be in our hands to make a difference. Talking the talk is one thing; walking the walk to the voting booth to get things changed is another. There will be a few running for sheriff and you will have to make the right choice of whom you think will move Beaver County forward. I’m sure the usual people will run some with ties to Sheriff David or the sheriff office and a couple others who have tried to run before but have had their own issues. There will be the ones that are just pawns thrown in to try and muddy the waters or water down the playing field. We will have to sift through the usual suspects but there will be hope coming. We will just have to hold out for a little while longer. :smile:

  • I am confused here, if he was in Rochester, Beaver, Ambridge, Beaver Falls, or New Birghton he is still “on patrol” is it not a county wide service the sheriff’s department does ? Or does everyone want the sheriffs department just sitting on station doing nothing ? So please tell me what the difference is where this accident occurred ? At least the deputy is ok. And the insurance will cover any damages i think

  • When did aliquippa not become a part of aliquippa. Enough is enough how is this news. The sheriff may have flawls but nobody should question his ability to fight crime. The sheriff loves being a cop he should just resign from sheriff and come back home and be the chief. He would be perfect for the job. The city needs him he would have the respect of all those officers in aliquippa. The city would b a safer place. Come home George.

    • Yep. Great guy to help Aliquippa. The guy who said “I’ll beat that [BCT Reporter] worse than I used to beat the niggers in Aliquippa.” (Grand Jury Presentment Against George David, Page 7). That’s the guy you want representing you? Personally, I’d prefer someone who knows and respects his job, the people he’s supposed to represent, and the United States Constitution that he swore to uphold and defend. Anything less is a travesty.

  • The number one thing is that the deputy is ok. The car can be fixed along with the property damage. What comes into play is the amount of money that is allotted to the Sheriff department’s budget. The sheriff has many duties that he needs to make sure are done to the upmost degree. There is only so much money going around and he has a large budget compared to the surrounding counties to get them done. You cannot run an efficient department if you fail to realize that you have boundaries not only on your duties but also on your budget. All of Beaver County contributes to his budget and I think most agree that we pay enough in taxes and do not wish to constantly pay more for violations of rules, regulations, budgets, and duties. All of those areas that you named have full time police departments which are primary jurisdictions in their area. We also have the State Police that patrol Beaver County. The Sheriff’s main duties do not include patrolling all over Beaver County. They have a lot of duties to account for with a few areas that they are primary for patrolling. If they continue to perform duties that are outside their scope of duties it will ultimately cost the tax payers more and more money. Safety is always a concern and should be at the top of the list for the residents but the guidelines for the sheriff department are mandated.

  • Long time reader, fourth time poster…
    So lets begin by saying that we should all be thankful that the deputy is OK and this ACCIDENT didnt end much worse. His family still got to see him walk through the front door at the end of his shift.
    Now, these deputies have the authority to patrol every inch of Beaver County. This would not have been a story had the accident happened in some other community. But because it is Aliquippa and because it is a part-time deputy, lets take advantage of the situation to bash the Sheriff a little bit more. What if it was a full time deputy and the accident happened in Beaver? Nothing would be said other than it had to be George Davids fault somehow. It is well known that part-time deputies are used to fill the midnight shift because no one else wants it. So lets be glad that there is someone there. Additionally, it is well known that Aliquippa could always use a little extra law enforcement presence and I am sure the officers there are glad to see the help. I am quite certain that he didnt spend an entire 8 hour shift there. And maybe,just maybe.. by him being there ,it made a difference.

    And since it was brought up…when will the fat rat start making headlines for his entire career of corruption? Just sayin…..

    • Everyone is aware there is a jail in Aliquippa? Maybe just maybe he was on his way to or from there? Not everything is a conspiracy people!!

  • I am glad the deputy is OK, the poor guy was just following orders. The real problem is Georgie. He is the worst example of a law enforcement there is, a real disgrace to the badge. Lady Quip, you drank a gallon of Kool-Ade, the guy has always been an idiot. How would you like it if Georgie beat you up for no reason or called you a nigger, or frightened your kid over a petty incident? The guy can’t even speak English, using his word “berupt” instead of abrupt. This guy just opens his mouth and anyone can tell his IQ is below 70. The big thing is HE IS BREAKING THE LAW. When will the powers that be put him in his place (jail)? He sits in his office, talking to his friends, plotting the downfall of his “enemies” and is becoming more delusional by the minute. Who will he wave his gun (one of many) at next? Which body part is in jeopardy? Stop him before he goes off again.

  • @ food for thought

    your starving for knowledge, he pretty much did his whole shift, and it was direct orders ffrom sheriff to patrol betters property also, which will all fall under the violation of court order.

    But the nice thing he is okay, sadly it’s over 5k in vehicle damage and depending on man hours of Duquesne light property damage could exceed 25k hmmmmm.

    heard a nasty rumor that county is self insured???? If so they broke the law poisoning what they have no jurisdiction to do and on the heels of court order by a judge to cease, who just happens to be the one that hold sheriff fate in his hands, not smart also if county is self insured ouch to the taxpayers got that boooobooooo.

    other note to solve the riddle if fat rat in aliquippa with the white shirt, in lighten me with some mental fodder cause I would live to dive into that mess that the county had turned blind eye on, and PLEASE not the double dip time stuff that’s internal shit he said she said give something that makes six o’clock news and I can put on my chicken eating smile for the perp walk

  • shit forgot…..

    those new cars have gps enabled in them continually for theft purposes to ping, but the one nice feature for first six months it records turn by turn, oh snap goes the theory…. regulators mount up someone going to be eating chicken jumbo at the jail but won’t be in a chief security uniform it be county clothes who be his bitch call up Wilcox and get a pick me up script shit he done hit by the DEA. the roof is on fire we don’t need no water let the mf burn

  • Yeah, let’s look more at that fat, white shirt rat and his past, even present. Double dipping court is the least of his skeletons. All the cover ups for the old politician, thieving, brutality…

  • Sounds like another witch hunt article aimed at Georgie. He wasn’t the guy who wrecked the vehicle, yet his picture is at the top of the article. Amazing.

  • It took me a minute to figure who the fat rat was! That is one person I would love to see incarcerated! He has bee.n keeping a low profile since his “accident”

  • why is this bum still walking the streets.he should be in jail.anybody else would be in jail.worse crook of them all a elected one


    maybe I should rephrase that when it’s decision to be final going to take place for the official promotion of Donnie Couch to be chief?

  • Couch will clean up that city if he got to be chief.

    and would start with that police department, he won’t take any of that shit going on, and put the hammer down on those that are lazy or shady, no manipulation of schedules or turning blind eye on drug dealers driving by them

  • As chief really ? Go stay in Monaca, wait they did not want you there. You are not wanted here !

  • I have something I have yet to see addressed.
    A few of you have said “You know, he could have been transporting a prisoner.”
    Ok, lets think about that for a second. When did the SO’s get the ability to arrest and charge people? Oh, that’s right, THEY CAN’T. (See the Hicks case)
    If someone is arrested and transported to the jail, it’s by the town that is arresting and charging them. They are then booked in to the jail. The SO’s don’t do that.
    The only time they transport prisoners is for court dates, and transfers between counties.
    So….which court is holding session at 4:30 in the morning?

  • a 1991 decision by the Pennsylvania Superior Court, a 2–1 majority of the Court held that deputy sheriffs had no law-enforcement powers. That decision was reversed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in a 1994 decision by Justice John P. Flaherty, which held that sheriffs do indeed have the power to enforce motor-vehicle laws for violations committed in their presence In his majority opinion, Justice Flaherty spent a great deal of time exploring the historical roots of the office of Sheriff and concluded that the powers developed as a matter of common law:

    Though it may be unnecessary to cite additional authority, Blackstone confirms the common law power of the sheriff to make arrests without warrant for felonies and for breaches of the peace committed in his presence. Blackstone, Commentaries on the Common Law, Vol. IV, at 289. Indeed, such powers are so widely known and so universally recognized that it is hardly necessary to cite authority for the proposition. To make the point, how few children would question that the infamous Sheriff of Nottingham had at least the authority to arrest Robin Hood.

    Sheriffs and their Deputies in Pennsylvania can therefore make arrests for felonies and breaches of the peace committed in their presence

    • Exactly. So, who was the person who got arrested by this Deputy, and what crime did they commit RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM, which would lead the deputy to be able to arrest and charge them?

    • And you can keep your health insurance. Period. And you can keep your doctor. Period. Deputy Sheriffs are nothing more than armed mall guards. So, if it is the opinion of someone that the David family NEVER broke any law, you would believe that too. :lol:

  • @ nikki

    I usually agree with must of your comments but this one I have to correct

    sheriff transports prisoners in the regular, if someonehas a bench warrant ect and that town gets him on a traffic stop ect. they detain until sheriff department transports to jail

    • And I completely forgot about the bench warrant things, which is odd, considering I was married to someone who was regularly wanted on bench warrants. I’ve had the sheriff’s bust down my door, but they were always accompanied by the towns police officers too.
      But, yes, I stand corrected. Thank you.

  • oooh sorry couldn’t resist that is why and how some have came to the notion of glorified TAXI SERVICE

    Only a few are straight up brothers that can roll, hang and hunt…… and I dont man deer and pheasant.. whooooaaa

    others serve a paper, watch a hearing, wand some ass and get half off and free meals.

  • The story points out that a County Deputy slid on ice and hit a pole hard enough to shear the pole. We are informed that it was a new vehicle but the report doesn’t mention injuries or condition of the deputy. Hmmmmmm