Sheriff David Hires Judge’s Nephew As Newest Deputy


Beaver County Judge Richard Mancini can add yet another family member to his growing list of relatives employed inside of the courthouse.

Sheriff George David has hired Bryan Netherland, Judge Mancini’s nephew, as a Sheriff’s Deputy. Netherland, a graduate of Blackhawk High School, has no prior law enforcement experience.

Treasurer Connie Javens hired Cebran Netherland, Bryan’s brother, back in February to fill a newly created position of Hotel Tax Collector.

Judge Mancini’s sister-in-law, Kelly Wolf, works as a full-time tipstaff in his courtroom. Wolf is the mother of Bryan and Cebran Netherland.



  1. ANOTHER case of nepotism!

  2. Fuck that clown treasurer and elderly security guard called a sheriff with bi polar disorder….. but hey if Coach Mancini is getting some people hired by those that think that will get feather in the cap so be it,in the end Rick is stand up judge that won’t get compromised. And he’s Italian football coach even better.

    • The biggest problem in Beaver County is that there are too many people like you with very mixed up priorites that see nothing wrong with any of this. 

  3. I don’t know any one in this post. But if the man is qualified for the position, why is it any of our business. It’s sounds more like slander than news, to me.

  4. first mcbride hiring knafel’s son now this! our judges are a bunch of whores!


  6. Beaver County government is like a family owned business!

  7. More nepotism at its best amazing

  8. just seems too ironic …..don’t ya think

  9. I have applied to the sheriff’s office twice . I was a state constable for 6 years . They said I couldn’t get hire because I was not act 120 certified . And they have hired several people not act 120 certified since then . I’m done with beaver county politics

    • @Donald Chapman: Some people don’t realize that governmental nepotism hugely affects the man-in- the-street, or in your case, a legitimate person seeking a job. Doors close, and some of the most qualified people have to go packing. So, the system is downgraded, not improved. It’s not just favoritism, it’s destructive in many cases. Unfortunately, it’s also universal. Publicizing it helps, though, as these people are scrutinized, and they remain under the public eye, fodder for future starring roles in the articles of the Beaver Countian. One redeeming factor is that they are being placed in the jobs by people who are not even qualified to be in theirs, and there is a possibility that they will self-destruct because of it. All things considered, you might be better off not working in a dysfunctional work environment. Aim higher.

    • You DO NOT have to be Act 120 Certified to be a Deputy Sheriff in Beaver County. You just were not part of their clique. They hire ass clowns that lie, let firearms go thru security, and pay for their promotions! You would have been to honest for that group of bottom feeding corrupt mall guards anyway. Good Luck in your future endeavors. .

  10. So he can be under house arrest but still dole out patronage jobs?

    • @mikulin: After his trial, he could be in an out-of-county jail or even state prison. That will probably cramp his style more than a little. He won’t be doing any hiring from there. Of course, he won’t be Sheriff, either, because jail time effectively removes him from office, the only legal loophole that has the judge’s hands tied, and the main reason for the house arrest option. After my observing of the recent hearing, it is looking like a real possibility that the guy will do time. 

  11. That’s why no one can get a Decent job around here

  12. Well at least we know he is working while on house arrest.

  13. I would like someone to clear up a seeming inconsistency. The Sheriff’s property is listed in courhouse records as being at 3412 Green Garden Road, Aliquippa (Hopewell), PA 15001. An online property search shows that it is only .37 acre large. And, the plot of the property shows no room for 67 acres, at least not contiguously. If he is confined to his house and 67 acres, where are they? Have they been misrepresented? Is he going someplace else to get onto those 67 acres? If so, that is not house arrest. If he lives elsewhere, maybe that would clear this up. This is public information, and it not snooping to try and solve the contradiction.

    • He owns the undeveloped parcel 65-193-0321.000 which is 10 acres that partially abuts the 3412 address.

      Also owns parcel 75-193-0143.000 which is 35 acres.

      Owns a few smaller plots as well.

      • If I recall correctly from the hearing, the Sheriff’s property was represented to the judge and court by him and his lawyer as being his house and “its 67 acres”. I assumed at the hearing that the house sat on that acreage, and I am assuming that the judge and prosecution did too. That does not seem to be the case. If he has access to land not directly contiguous to his house, that, in my opinion, is not house arrest. He should be confined to his house and its .37 acre. It makes a very big difference, literally, as he has considerable freedom to wander off the house’s immediate property, when that is clearly not the usual intent of court imposed house arrest. He is also wearing an ankle bracelet, and he is monitored by GPS. That would make for some interesting programming of the device. Maybe this is a Martha Stewart style ankle bracelet, and he has the liberties she had. Regardless, he is not in jail, and is on house arrest instead. At least, it should seem like it. Thanks very much for the links and information. 

  14. Congratulations to Sheriff George David and his lawyer for winning the 2014 Pinocchio Award and to the judge who earns the Mister Geppetto Award for being the unwitting carpenter of a house arrest that is not. 

  15. it not who u know its who u are

  16. Under normal circumstances, there might be some RICO or corrupt practices investigation in this county if all the reporting on this site is to be believed. But perhaps the state AG views these issues like she does the corrupt politicians in Philly who she refuses to prosecute. Does anyone think the voters in Beaver County will find the common thread in the next election? The democrat party has ruled the county for decades. Would a change, any change be in order? Or will you vote as always and complain about Republicans?

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