Revealed: Man Who Recorded Sheriff Has Been Cooperating With State Authorities For Weeks


A man who recorded Sheriff George David in the lobby of his office last month has been cooperating with state authorities for weeks, the Beaver Countian can now report.

The video was secretly recorded in the Sheriff’s Office back on July 29th, and may show Sheriff George David violating a state statute involving concealed carry permit fees that he was warned about just days before by the Pennsylvania Department Of The Auditor General.

The man released the video to officials with the Pennsylvania State Police one day after it was recorded, and before the Beaver Countian published its investigative report based on the tape back on July 30th. The source of the video tells the Beaver Countian he was informed the recording was reviewed by officials from the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office, who concluded it did not violate the state’s wiretap laws.

The Beaver Countian’s confidential source continues to ask that his name be kept from publication, saying he fears possible retaliation from Sheriff David or his cronies.

Courthouse sources say Stephanie Guidice, a clerk in the department, had been falsely accused of being the Beaver Countian’s confidential source of the tape by officials in the Sheriff’s Office. Guidice has a grievance pending against Sheriff George David through her union alleging David ordered her to violate state statutes related to the issuance of concealed carry permits by his office. Guidice retained attorney Gerald Benyo earlier this week to represent her interests.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh had ordered county detectives to uncover the confidential source of an article published by the Beaver Countian about the tape, after Sheriff George David and Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich urged his office to criminally prosecute those responsible for the recording. Sainovich alleged that the tape, which depicts the uniformed Sheriff in the lobby of his public office speaking to a fellow elected official in a manner easily overheard by others, was a violation of the Pennsylvania Wiretap Act.

Local law enforcement sources say Berosh was unaware state officials were in possession of the recording, that they held discussions with the source of the tape, or that a determination had already been made that the tape was lawfully recorded. Those sources also say there have been tensions between District Attorney Berosh, state officials, and even county detectives, over his failure to charge Sheriff’s Deputy John Joe Fratangeli following an investigation into an Affidavit of Probable Cause used to justify criminal charges against Larry A. Hicks back in January.

The man who recorded the tape said he deleted his only copy of the video after providing it to authorities and the Beaver Countian. The confidential source tells the Beaver Countian he will decline to speak to local law enforcement personnel if approached, but will continue to cooperate fully with state officials.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  • BOOM BITCHES!! I hope Stephanie Guidice sues for every little thing she can get….
    I’m not usually a fan of Atty. Benyo, but I think he owes George David a HUGE thank you for the money he’ll be making cause of his stupid ass…..

    • If she does and she wins, you along with all the other Beaver County taxpayers will foot the bill. As I said in earlier posts, all these actions by BC elected officials seem to be nothing but a Lawyers Full Employment Act. It can only be two ways; either they are corrupt and stupid or corrupt and very smart. But the taxpayers will foot the bill.

      • I hope she wins and wins big! It’s about time the honest people who stand up for what is right be rewarded. Who knows it might be contagious. Pass it forward. It will be the best money our tax dollars will ever be invested in. She shouldn’t have to file a law suit, her actions deserve a bonus for her civic duty. Too bad their isn’t a politician in Beaver County worthy of presenting it.

      • then taxpayers can file a lawsuit against GEORGIE and make him pay it all back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:

    • Don’t forget that this woman is and has been down there for 17 years. She’s not a Saint. There are things she knows and aint telling… Lay down with dogs…




    PISSING INTO THE WIND only get you wet and frustrated

    ahh you get the point…..

    BLACKS LAW DICTIONARY second shelf to he right!

  • Now what do the ASSHOLES in the sheriff’s office and the D.A.’s office think of this. The State Police don’t trust the sheriff or the D.A. Now how does that feel Berosh ? You should be prosecuted for not filing the criminal charge against Fratangeli. Do you think this is just going to fade away ? I don’t think so. It’s your JOB. You have lost a lot of respect for hiding the wrong doings of the sheriff’s dept. Maybe one day the State Police (THE REAL POLICE) will pay you an unannounced visit like you did to Stephanie. What a piece of shit you turned out to be !

    • This is insanity…the state knows they can’t trust anyone at the Beaver County level, so they just gave them enough rope, and let them hang themselves. That says so much when the state that you live in and the county you are employed by don’t even trust you….they need to clean house, and I mean ALL of them!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……If I was Sainovich, David and Alstadt I would just resign and walk away. No matter what they try to do to this girl it back fires in there faces. They need to realize that she is there trying to make a living and has no interest in anything else. I am sickened by what they have done to her and all Beaver County residents should be. They have even had other office employees try setting her up . GUIDICE FOR SHERIFF!!!!!

  • Nicki: Maybe someday you will change your mind and become a Benyo fan. Its not a bad club to be a member of. Thanks. lol

    • Doubtful, considering that you’ve repped too many ppl that I’m not huge fans of, and we’ll just leave it at that.

      • Fair position Nicki. I respect ur opinion. U do make some good points on this site. Whether u agree or disagree with anything involving my clients keep the dialog and discussion going as it is good for the County and anything that makes anyone think a little is always positive.

      • And also, why on earth would I want to be a member of someons fan club when they can’t even take the millisecond and actually spell my name correctly?
        Once, I can understand.
        Twice is just pure, unadulterated laziness, considering that IT IS LITERALLY RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE…
        If you can’t be bothered to pay attention to a small detail like that, I’d be worried about all the other details you wouldn’t pay attention to…

  • tony you should put your head in sand you could not try someone for j walking. what a disapointment you are. go stephanie stick one in berosh ass an break it off.

  • JP, maybe those douchbags will finally start showing you some respect. “Blogger” my ass, your reporting on these out of control officials had been outstanding. I hope they all end up in prison. Crying Myron should be forced to return any and ALL taxpayer money he has received. He is obviously working against our best interests.

  • George David’s trial is supposed to come up in a couple of weeks. Guaranteed that it will be continued. It would just be another case of corruption within the court system.


  • Dumb said to Dumber …we looked at the tape that day and it’s Stephanie and we want charges against her for violating the wire tape law…Georgie and Myron don’t you feel DUMB? Ya even sent the detectives to her house to question her…HA HA HA HA She got your sorry asses didn’t she? More waste of tax payers dollars. SO DUMB AND DUMBER..WHO’S THE SMARTEST OF THEM ALL????????????

  • David is so obsessed with screwing Stephanie he just continues to make a bigger ass out of himself than he really is. And again, Berosh, how STUPID are you ? Stupid is as Stupid does. (Forest Gump).

  • @AVI Why don’t you do something constructive instead of acting like a dumbass. You are either a troll, or a complete dumbass. It is so obvious that the Sheriff is out to screw the county and the detectives are there to contain his mess and cover it all up when he is finished. And it is only a matter of time before these lying scumbag nitwit assholes get what they deserve. It’s like watching a really poor puppet show to be honest, but just wait someone’s pants will get pulled down and it is not going to be the videographer’s!

  • What a tool bag Berosh is.

    Trying to run an end game to help out his buddy George?

    I see the other shoe dropped.

    All that energy wasted in sending out the goon squad.

    I see that you failed to prosecute a Police Officer that lied.

    I wonder, what does a DA think when the PSP knows things that they don’t share with you? I might think that when you are out of the loop like that it’s only because the big boys (you know the guys that have balls and can prosecute real criminals) are just opening up the noose.

    I guarantee you this shit will be a TV movie.

  • Is it just a coincidence that 1 week after the Sheriff received a letter about charging the full price for permits he is recorded giving a discount?

    I wonder….

    Does the sheriff remain free on bond if he is charged with another crime?

    Can the AG charge John Joe?

    I wonder how deep this will go.

    • I had posed that question regarding the bond earlier on another Georgie article.
      He has already had his bond revoked at least once, due to violating the terms of it. They held a modification hearing, reinstated his bond, and told him the special conditions of it.
      With that being said, this is what I know from personal experience:
      When you are on bond, you CANNOT be arrested, charged or implicated for any crimes, because it is an immediate revocation of bond. Depending on the nature of the new charges, the judge can decide on reinstatement of bond, or revocation of bond, for which, you get to go sit in the BCJ until your trial. That condition (not getting charged, etc etc) is STANDARD for any bond, but you can have special conditions set by the judge that could allow you a little less restrictions on the bond itself, or a little more restrictions.
      Either or, average everyday ppl like you and I would have our bonds revoked (this is hypothetical, obviously), and be in jail until our trials. But he’s a sheriff, so they will make every damned consession in the book and then some for him….

    • He’s not new, he’s another one just like Avi. Says anything and everything just to stir up shit.

  • If you are a resident of aliquippa, you have either been a victim of Sherrif david and his cronies, have seem the corruption with your own eyes or know someone who has. It’s about time his regime ends and he goes to JAIL. He is the definition of “abuse of power”. His officers largely need to go with him, although some of them do take the oath seriously.

    • I never met him, i hear horrible things. But i was in ambridge the other day to see a friend, and this “thuggish” white girl trys to rob me, she grabbed money n my fone that was in my hand… i stood my ground n didnt let my stuff go n she took off towards 14th. I find out it was either David’s daughter or grand daughter…. :lol:

  • Consider that George David, like Richard Nixon, has no legacy — an old man living a wasted, even harmful, life and desperatelly clinging to the security of the present to avoid the emptiness of a compromised, uncertain future. Even if he prevails to slay the last sacrificial lamb in the courthouse, he will go down with a reputation that will live in infamy. To be hated after he dies — is there any worse punishment for a human being? What will future generations of his family do to erase the memory and embarrassment? That is something to ponder.

  • Don’t be surprised if Georgie becomes the next Chief of Police in Alighetto! He will be back in one form or another. Alighetto has not heard the last of “cuz, cuz”.

  • hope the sheriff gets what he deserves I had a problem once and was told to go to him. It was a matter he should have taken time to address but he blew me off and basically told me to leave his office. For those that like him sorry he is a rude ass

  • hope the sheriff gets what he deserves I had a problem once and was told to go to him. It was a matter he should have taken time to address but he blew me off and basically told me to leave his office. For those that like him sorry he is a rude ass

  • You push and push now you went to far it is time for you guys sweat bricks it looks like someone is gone for a early retirement and guess who is paying I hope it is the the ass that caused it right sherrif. :coffee:


  • You know just saying a guy like benyo handling this isn’t crazy, this guy got balls and consults from what I hear with the right people that keep him straight and when that happens he is really impressive, and really had quietly became the underground king in defense work he mold some civil and ect. he can make a move up ladder in the circle of the clique considering he does his in front of juries not ok judge winks district attorney office roll over he wins cases with the people whether I agree with clients it’s the process and he’s good

    • While I will agree with your statement that the client should have due process, my point was, that I wouldn’t trust a lawyer, defense or otherwise, any further than I could throw them. And, while I will also agree that he has a large client base, I’ve had enough personal relationships with enough of his clients to know that he has two sides, his public persona and his private one.
      And that will be the last of that…

  • Don’t you people know all the beaver county court house people are butt buddies lawyers judges all local police. Land of the free. Hahahaha not.