Monaca Police Arrest Two New Suspects In Blue Steel Beating Case

Individuals circle victim of attack to protect him from further assault

Individuals circle victim of attack to protect him from further assault

Monaca Police arrested two additional suspects today in connection with a Thanksgiving day beating outside of the Blue Steel club in Monaca that was caught on tape.

Court records show that Tevin Lee Tisdale, 21 of New Brighton, and Lajon Savage Henderson, 24 of Beaver Falls, were charged today with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, and disorderly conduct, for their alleged role in an attack on 32 year old Patrick Castellano of Industry.

Craig Rawl Jr., 21 of New Brighton, Michael Dee Stevenson, 22 of Beaver Falls, Larance Armoni Lowe, 22 of Aliquippa, and Marlo Dame Cleckley Jr., 21 of Beaver Falls, were previously charged in the attack and arrested by Monaca Police over the past three days.

The six defendants who have now been arrested are believed to be all of the suspects who will be charged by authorities as a result of the incident.

Preliminary hearings for the defendants are currently scheduled over two days, on December 9th and 10th, although those dates may change.

Beaver County District Attorney Anthony Berosh has told the Beaver Countian that his office intends to take action against the Blue Steel, which many residents of Monaca claim is a nuisance to their community.

A cellphone video provided to the Beaver Countian by a witness of the assault shows Patrick Castellano being drop kicked in the head, and a second video taken moments later shows the man laying unconscious and bloody while a group of people continue to violently attack him. Castellano was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he was admitted. The man was released Friday morning and is expected to make a full recovery.


  • One you do not all the cleckleys so please don’t make judgment I’m sure your not perfect no one is !!’ You don’t know the whole story none of you where their he went after them first name calling and tried to hit one no two wrongs don’t make a right but your no better then them bad mouthing and talking like your high all mighty

  • ^^ don’t let people pull you down to their level, Brittany. People who actually know the name knows that not everyone with the name is the same. It is a big family. Every family has good and not so good people. Just so happens Cleckleys have a wayyyyy bigger family than most of Beaver County put together.

    • SILENCE PASHUTA SILENCE!!! You are from Beaver Falls. So we know what you are. Sticking up for the GUILTY is what you people do best in good ole’ BF…a friendly town where you can walk the streets at night with no worries. (yeah right!)

  • Cleckly shot and killed a girl a young mother over a cigeratte,… yeah I’m not perfect but I’m not a murderer nor did me and five of my friends almost beat someone to death outside of a bar in a drunken rage

  • Im simple minded but you probably didn’t think about those 2 little kids who sat down to thanksgiving dinner this year with no mother cause some 12 year old punk shot and killed there mother?

  • problem with Beaver county is, subsidized housing,… the goverment buying all the foreclosed houses,…the jobless with 4 kids on welfare and Obama care moves in, then they hang out at the bronze eagle at night…simple as that

    • There are many families in Beaver County who rely on subsidized housing, and they’re not all criminals. I don’t really think that it’s a fair assessment to just equate subsidized housing with the jobless, and the criminal element. You should place blame where it belongs, with the people who do stupid criminal bullshit.

  • Wow one the Cleckley boy is not the one that killed the girl over a cig in beaver falls not in new Brighton he was there he did not pull the trigger but he sits at the thanksgiving table with no mother or a father !!! So please know your facts before you make statements !!! & your Obama rant and everything else is just stupid did you read that before you hit post

  • Miss Brittany no one needs to know the whole story. The fact is 6 little bitches who can’t fight had to jump one dude. If those 6 bitches had ANY brains only one of them would of manned up and fought that dude one on one like a man. About 95% of all the thugs, gangster around here can’t fight AT all, they either try shooting you, stabbing you or get a crowd of homies to jump you… You sound just as educated as the 6 low life’s who did this saying he shouldn’t have been running his mouth and acting high an mighty..

  • Don’t even trip britt. He don’t know shit. If he did he’d know the “Cleckleys” did not shoot that woman. They only know what they wanna know. N only sit behind a computer screen n say what they wanna say. They don’t know that alot of our family are successful doctors lawyers nurses engineer business owner ect. Even the ones that aren’t, still aren’t bad ppl. Like she said our fam is bigger then most and ppl make bad choices here n there.

    • SILENCE AYAHNA SILENCE!!! Besides the one that was PRESENT at the baby’s mother’s murder, are you also related to the BF coach named LOS that got taken down by the Federal Government for drug trafficking (he was the family successful street pharmacist) and is doing like 8 years in Federal Prison and took a plea bargain? Just wondering if he was a successful relative too of yours? Passing/spreading/dealing drugs to the kids in your own hometown of good ole’ BF. I know when I grew up, my old man made it clear that if I tainted the name of our family in any way, he’d kick my ass and disown me. I hope you are that way too Ayahna with raising your childrens. Good Luck and as usual…
      YOU’RE WELCOME!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • I tell ya what ive been critical of monaca police before but they really handled this one! good job guys and thanks for bringin back the faith! :kiss:

    • OH BRITTANY, You’re one of THEM??? (Please read my reply to AYAHNA above). I hope you raise your childrens with a better sense of values than you’ve shown on here. Please take a drug test so we know that our welfare money is going to good use and not to a druggie mama. Your replies on here make me think that of you. Again…
      YOUR WELCOME!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • And Johnny , it was only one kid that lost her mother.. And to get technical todavia did not shoot her. It was a valazquez. So no, it wasn’t a cleckley who killed Kayla .. Yes he was involved, but did he pull the trigger? No! So I think you need to get your facts straight!

    • What should it matter if it was one kid or 5 kids? NO CHILD should have lost their mother over something as fucking stupid as she did.
      It doesn’t matter WHO pulled the trigger, THEY ARE ALL GUILTY. Guilt by association. They were also in hiding, being helped by friends and family, who should ALSO be charged for hindering and harboring.

  • Regardless of this fight, all of them are high school graduates. Who worked their asses off in high school. We’re they in the wrong for jumping this man , yes! But for you to downgrade a last name is cruel!

  • At Josh I agree it did not take 6 people to beat his ass like you so put it but did you know he assaulted one of them in the bar and called them out of their name NIGGERS and the fact that he stayed around after the bar was shutting down to cause more trouble???? No everyone sees the reaction but not the cause. People are free to speak their minds but before you do make sure you get the facts… I’ve held my tongue for so long and all anyone sees is black young men from beaver falls defending themselves to a white man so now everyone wants to pull out the race card and call them thugs and animals and pieces of shit… So what do you call those who ganged up on us blacks years ago hanging us setting us on fire wrongfully discriminating us oh they get called the “good ole boys” but we’re supposed to suck it up and get over it, how when this stuff reoccurs time after time….

    • Just as an aside, would someone tell me why it is ok for black people to call each other nigga? Why perpetuate such an indignity?

  • my girlfriendand was on way from the Italian club and seen the ending as people where running was in that area and heard from numerous sources that concur with the stories on here that someone did come forward right after incident but police one male and one female screamed for them to leave area even when they said they had video. I’m glad the chief got few others to look at it and make arrest.

    From a few of my girlfriend’s I heard the police where not playing they had a few diving around turning up stuff in different towns and had a dog out, glad to see when stuff happens our police rise up make arrest and keep this stuff away from monaca

  • I’m so sick of everyone using the last name or their race.. What if they were 4 white males? Would anyone be saying anything then ! We are not in the racism time anymore. They’re beyond thugs, Michael , larance, and Marlo were definitely not thugs in high school & till this day they’re not thugs !

  • Shauntae I’ve been wanting to say tht about the past this whole time but I was trying not to go there. Blacks used to get jumped everyday just for being outside after dark!! (For nothing) but it was no big deal! I don’t condone wht they did at all. But no one knows the actual story and in glad you put it out there!

    • AYAHNA AYAHNA AYAHNA. SILENCE PLEASE! That was like 60 years ago in the late 50′s. 60 years ago. So 6 against 1 is like “revenge from 60 years ago”… come on gyrl friend! That makes it right? Don’t make martyr’s out of these 6 “choir boys”. I gots a few words for Shauntae in a minute in another post about “defending themselves 6 on 1″…but for you Ayahna…

      Call it like it is. The white idiot should be charged with using ethnic slurs, ethnic intimidation, and put on probation and fined… and the 6 black thugs should get assault charges, instigating a riot, probation and fined, and also made to pay the doctor bills of the white idiot. Since there are so many SUCCESSFUL members of your family Ayahna, money should be in abundance to pay for these things. Once again Ayahna….
      YOU’RE WELCOME!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      • Usually, I don’t agree with a whole lot of what you post, but this comment above, I do agree with MOST. The only thing that I would like to dispute would be your quote “and the 6 black thugs should get assault charges, instigating a riot, probation and fined, and also made to pay the doctor bills of the white idiot.”
        I’m sorry, but they do NOT deserve PROBATION for the assault charges and instigating a riot.
        I’m truly hoping that is was just a typo error, but if not, then I think they deserve a bit more punishment than just probation.

  • What about every kid getting jumped? Or anyone else? Why this is recognized is because it’s the beaver county councilmans son ! What about the kids who get bullied in school?

  • Ayahna I didn’t want to go their either but you have to call it how it is I’m so sick of this everytime around but we as a people have to do better… We have to chalk it up and walk away better to walk away than to go through all the unnecessary troubles

    • WE AS A PEOPLE…is that BLACK PEOPLE or ALL PEOPLE? I hope ALL PEOPLE is what you mean. Shauntae, I don’t believe you are a “for real” nice person to all colors of people. I believe you are for supporting your heritage and not for what is right no matter the color of the person. I say that because of you bringing up things that happened 60 to 1,000 years ago (really 1860′s) That stuff (hangings & beatings of blacks) are a thing of the past. So I guess you still hold it against whitey? I guess I should hold a grudge against southern whitey for the civil war of raping northern women and the killing of northern men. I should hate all southern whitey. I guess that sounds about right in your mind. While your at it, lets go back in time to the American Indians. They all should hate whitey too. Whitey took all their land. Whitey killed all their buffalo. Whitey killed Indians and probably raped their women. Maybe I should hate Indians now because they scalped whitey and raped white women? How many years ago???

      I am sure you get my point, but probably won’t admit that you are not a big fan of whitey. Just a few of us are “ok”. Get my point to this entire posting??

      YOU’RE WELCOME!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • Man who is yall to call these dudes punks and pussies..I’m cool with every single one and I know for a fact they wouldn’t of did that shit unless they was provoked and had no other choice they just aint gonna beat a dudes ass for no reason he should of kept his damn mouth shut and he wouldn’t of got that ass beat. So don’t try and slander there names when you don’t know what really happen because none of them are bad people they just had to do what they had to do.

  • Lol Britt don’t even take it there with her/them. Ull be here all night. Ur defending urself and our last name and friends and family to people who never liked us from the beginning. Even before this dumb shit. They looking for shit to hate us for. Feed off this shit!

  • I know the Cleckleys very well and off top I know they just not gan handle what they got to handle just bc. Their is reason as to why they did what they did. Aint no pussy, bytch or anything of that sort in the Cleckleys @all. 100.

  • He deserved to get
    Knocked da fu out but no one deserves being stomped after
    Being out cold. They didnt do what they ha to do and that is only reason why any of them are in trouble. If one dude beat his ass and even explained situation there would have been 0 charges. So bleek leak I don’t agree with u but his mouth did get him knocked out deservedly.

  • I know It’s pointless i can argue till I am blue in the face but I know my cousin and mike and the others and the person they are ! So that’s all that matters no thugs no nothing ! It just grinds my gears lol

    • BULLSPIT BLEEK LEAK!!! It would be NATIONAL NEWS if it were 6 whites on 1 black. The NAACP, Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Local NAACP chapter Time Stevens would all be on the news talking about this. So don’t act so freaking dumb when you make a comment like that. (Who’s act’en?)

      Whitey always takes the rap when they beat on black dudes. If it were a white cop beating black dude, then that makes it worse for whitey on National/Regional News. Whitey can’t win no how when beating black dudes. Better for whitey to just name call and run away! LOL!!!!! (last line was sarcasm- LOL) It’s best we just all get along there Leak!!! It makes the world a better place when whitey treats black dudes with respect and when black dudes do the same back. Not fake phony respect – real true respect. Better place. Don’t ya think so?

      YOU’RE WELCOME!!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • Brittany dont feed into it nomore their is allways going to be them certain amout of people that are going to down the Cleckleys name just because they dont like them. The only thing that matters is what happened and if the boy disrespected a Cleckleys then he allready knew what he was gettin into before he said/did anything.

    • OH, I see Kera. You & Alicia are on the same page… must have both graduated in the lower 10% of your class at Blackhawk. Cool! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • Beaver falls actually requires the most credits to graduate then in school in the beaver county district !! Just a fun fact and Kera Ann Costello that made me giggle lololol

  • LOL at everyoneeee commenting negativity on this story. Obviously the man didnt deserve to be stomped out but when you headbutt someone and call them a nigger, your asking for it. Why do people feel the need to voice their opinion on things that have nothing to do with them. If you feel a certain way about this situation, keep it to yourselves. All of this back and forth bickering is senseless. If you REALLY care about this type of issue…go be an active member in your community and raise awareness about violence and go teach the people how to show love and live in harmony. Posting a hateful comment is so senseless, it blows my mind that people take time out of their day to give energy to something that wont even matter in a month. Much love to everyone on here who is trying to be level headed and realistic about the situation. All the people who are posting hateful comments on here need to go re evaluate their lives. Go read a book or something.

  • Hopefully not bleek leek but our society tends to still be racially divided for no good reason. But i just wish they didnt so they didnt have to face charges for a belligerent asshole that does not feel the same as all whites do. In my eyes there is only one piece of shit and the 6 huge mistakes that honestly I wish wasnt caught on camera. That racist asshole deserves 0 sympathy but the 6 who made a mistake I feel bad for.

  • Brittany LeAnn oh trust me, i get annoyed too and i completley understand why everyone feels some type of way but its just funny that people can sit behind their computer and spew hate but they werent even there nor do they know the whole story. I do not believe this man should have been kicked when he was knocked out but… he headbutted someone, called them a nigger, got kicked out…and then WAITED outside and took his shirt off. Alcohol is the common factor in most bar incidents so we need to look at the core of the issue, which is our government corruption and the blindness most people have towards the truth, but instead, in typical beaver county fashion…everyone just gossips and talks shit as if they are so much better then everyone else. The people involved will have to deal with the consequences and thats all that matters…all of this hate that people are showing just gives insight to how narrow minded and ignorant they are. “Juding someone doesnt define them…it defines you”

    If you have nothing constructive or enlightening to say…take a nap

  • Chad R Carpenter lol you have to say that. The purest form of ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about yet refuse to investigate…it is no “conspiracy” …but you can keep sitting behind the safety of your computer screen talking shit. Your so fuckin cool bro!

    • His name is published dumb ass. He’s not hiding. I am tired of you Bradley not letting people have their right to EXPRESS THEIR OPINIONS of how they feel on this issue and let others interact to those opinions. I am sorry that you feel you are a computer thread judge/jury on here. You’re so freaking cool you DH. Go hug a tree or go to the airport and hand out flowers with the Harry Krishna’s. You’re such a dusche bag!!!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • Chad dude chill out your makeing youself look as dumb as everybody else that wan run off at the mouth and talk shyt about something that has nothing to do with them. Its annoying.

  • Every man that was arrested I know or went to school with since grade school, they are not just going to do something just to do it. I dont know the man who got the shyt beat out of him. But it pretty much seems like his actions got him what he got. End of story. If he had any common sense at all he would have took his drunk ass on somewhere.

  • Oh yeah, now the bro’s and ho’s be out on their Obama phones and Obama Internets to defend these pieces of shit. You know why there are so many of these family members? Because they breed like rabbits. The only reason they have degrees and jobs is affirmative action. They didn’t earn anything. As for the guy calling them niggers… I would bet they call each other nigger every other sentence.

  • Jay Fisher Sadly, there were actually 10 guys against the 1. My roommate’s sister’s boyfriend was one of the guys in the video. He was pulling someone off the guy. Unfortunately though, police have only found 6 of them so far. It is seriously sick and messed up what people do.

  • @Cheryl it may be wrong what happened but im shure he allready knew he was getting what was comeing for him maybe not like that but he knew so… stop trying to feed your info into something you know nothing about or people who you dont even know.

  • When six hoodlems beat one guy there CRIMINALS……I don’t care what name they were called, people get called names every day a lot worse than that, Quit looking for excuses for THUGS CAUSE THATS WHAT THEY ARE….They need a couple years in the slammer to teach them a lesson. BOO HOO Momy they called me a name…

  • ^^ Terrance who gives a damn.. focus on your own lyfe tho… how would you know how Beaver County School are tho bc you in Da burg.. and I pretty much swore you hear more bout schools in the burgh then beaver county tho so hush hush

  • Chad waas you their.. stop stalking peoples pages… bc I know who the kids are 1 so it dont matter if I was or not.. you on the other hand only know what you hear beat it bug.

  • It is always amazing how people are constantly making idiots of themselves. Like you seriously need 6 people to beat up on another man ? Don’t you feel stupid for defending theses morons ? Oh that is right, you are only as smart as you were taught . Maybe the person who taught you should take the next beating by a group.

  • But yes it does actually matter if you were there because you yourself seem to be preaching just that point. It would be pretty hypocritical *The practice of professing beliefs, feelings, or virtues that one does not hold or possess; falseness.* of you to have such an opinion if you were not there to witness all that transpired.

  • No locals from monaca patron this bar. The crowd at this place are the arm pit of beaver county. Pushers users abusers. Plus we all know what kind of love connections are made in this dump. This same crowd have closed numerous bars in beaver county lets face it its not the bar it’s the scumbags that hang in them

    • That was the funniest and truthfulest post I ever read. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • Talkin a lot of shit Hopkins. Bet you dollars to doughnuts you won’t go into falls talkin that hooblah. He said the n word? The kids lucky he’s not dead. Period

  • And I’m not saying he’s right. But if he’s saying the n word. He coulda been shot. Not beat up. And that’s the truth

  • “Sticks and stone may break my bones, but names will never hurt me!” Guess that is something the black community will NEVER learn! Four most racist people in the country? Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Michele Obama. No wonder they never learn with that group of people being their role models.

  • Wat a bunch of bad asses beating a guy that’s already down. Sounds like those pussies need to be charged to the full extent. Obviously they don’t know how to act once they get some beer muscles!! Real tough guys. I hope to see those cowards behind bars.

  • Provoked or not its just a matter of being mature and responsible . You know when you go to these places you can expect drubken comments but that sure as fuck does not justify what happened. These kids should try going to school or doing something with their lives rather than being thugs at low rent clubs….I hope everyone will learn from this. Maybe try to better themselves and just not use alcohol. Nothing good ever comes out of it. As proven above. Alcohol is a horrible substance. And to think people will get more time for having pot on them than attempted murder…. This worlds fucked!

  • No matter if It’s black or white bar. If u start running ur mouth with racial slur’s, drunk or not, u know what’s going to happen period. Not saying it’s right but i understand. That’s how it goes on both sides. Don’t say it ur chance’s r alot less of being on the ground being stomped. The end

    • If I am a white guy and a black guy called me a cracker…I’d laugh! Black community needs to come up with a name that gets whitey fired up like the N word does to blacks. Think about it. Then it’d be even! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • Patrick Ryan Castellano has quite a colorful criminal record from here to Florida. This is a fact. Do not judge but if you feel the need to, please, by all means,Judge everyone that is involved.

  • To use the word nigger as blame for all this, is wrong. How many times was the word nigger heard in the music that was played that night? If the victim was black and called those guys nigger, would they still have beaten him like that? Obviously they were offended because one white guy said it out loud. So then one black male should have defended his friend’s honor rather than jump him and continue to beat him while unconscious. I hate racism, but it exists on both spectrums. I don’t know either party involved. My opinion is that no matter the color of the skin, to beat on someone that has no capacity to fight back is wrong. point blank. I’d be just as disgusted if a group of white men beat on a black man like that. The story says he hit one guy inside the club then used racial slurs. So what he should have had coming was a one on one fight. OR….these guys could’ve said that someone of ignorance wasn’t worth their time, because they are better than that, and went about their way.

  • Kera Ann Costello
    December 3, 2013
    ^^ To bad I graduated from Blackhawk not Beaver Falls. :)

    This comment is priceless.

  • Travis how bout you try and stop running you mouth especially about people you kno nothing about how about that! These “kids” as you call them all graduated highschool… and they all furthered the education.. but it takes dumb ass people like you to bring out the worst in them. So before you run your mouth know what your talking about!.And dont say they need to “try and better themselves” by not useing alcohol… bc fyi it was the racist ass punk who also was useing alcohol and look what happened not bc they are “pussies” or “punks” but becaiuse he decied to start his bs in the bar then wanted to wait outside and call people ingnorant names like “Ni****” so if you can say that thats ok then som,ething is deff. wrong with you in general. Sorry but aint no African American these days ganlet a white recist mother fucker call them out they name period. He had no ryte to do so. What was his justification to even come out of his mouth like he did? He dont have one he just wanted to pop off at the muth sorry but these days poping off at the mouth no longer calls for a “let make up a be friends deal” you gettin that ass whooped ryte on spot! PERIOD.

  • And Travis are you a millionair do you have gwap ($$$) in the bank if not.. then dont talk bout them being thugs at a low rent clubs… cuz im shure ya ass goes to low rent clubs as well. So look at ya own damn lyfe before you try and judge somebody elses.

    • I’m sorry, we speak English here, not ebonics. You should try again. The more you talk, the dumber you are making you and all your “kinfolk” look…

      • In the 30 or 40 years before the Internet, people could leave secondary school and not be required to write much, perhaps a few personal letters at most. Now, many leave high school and find themselves incomprehensible in web site publications and discussions.

        Trying to use spoken language, written into sentences, doesn’t work. It’s even worse when dialects other than the generally used ones, like Standard English — a common frame of reference — are substituted. What is the use of writing, if you are not going to be understood?

        In schools, the worst error teachers make is the “correcting” of papers, usually in red pen, doing the analysis of the writing for the student, and giving him the answers. It would be far more helpful to just circle the errors and return the paper for revision. The papers, like some of these comments, should not even be accepted, just returned or ignored until some semblance of intelligibility is attained through revision. This isn’t just a personal view; it is a matter of whether some people should even attempt to write, until they have some grasp of the language.

        Use the spell check and grammar check on this site. At least some of the errors can be caught before someone else has to look at them. It’s self-defeating to defiantly stick to one’s own form of expression when no one can understand what in the heck you are trying to say. Use the smartphones to key in comments, but at least proofread what you have written before posting it.

  • And sorry to say but Im pretty shure any and everybody can say that it dont go for both sides…. bc I see unlike whites people…. black people have allways been at the bottom… and they are tire of you raicst assholes sladering them or lableing them as all the same. These kids were not thugs at all. They just was at the wrong place at the wrong time and decided to handle they own the way the felt the need to.

  • Racism is only an issue because people make it an issue! If everyone would just forget about race, color, ethnicity, homosexuality, etc then it would not be a problem. In this situation both sides were wrong. In basic training they told us there is no room for raceism in the military. If someone is pinned down in a fire fight you do everything you can to help that person no matter what because the roles could easily flip. However, there are ignorant people of every race and it is disgusting. People both white and black need to quit using the n word period! It doesn’t matter if you say nigga or nigger both are absolutely wrong period. You dont hear homosexuals referring to other homosexuals as homo, faggot or whatever its ridiculous. And for the owner to say that they will now play country music to draw in a white crowed. Well that is racist and part of the problem I would personally love to smash them in the face with a hammer because it wouldn’t be worth wasting a bullet on them considering the price of ammunition. And if anyone would like to discuss this more feel free to message me directly because im not going to follow this all day considering most of the people commenting on this are part of the problem.

  • @Josh the reason it happen is because it had to do with the fact he called the boys The N word so dont talk bout “racism being a issue bc people make it a issue” it is a issue and its not ok @ all.. Nomatter what color or ethnicity you are it is not ok. Nomatter who it was. If you know that what you said was wrong you shuldnt have said it in the first place. Did the guy think that he was not gan get his ass whooped. He was in a bar with mostly Black guys that had white freind that want racist @all. And he though it was ok that he call them the N word..on no occasion is that justifiable @all. Idc!

    • There isn’t ONE occasion, I don’t give two shits who you are, or what color your fucking skin is, that makes it ok to fucking stomp someone half to death.

      Quit trying to rationalize it. They were wrong for doing what they did, and he was wrong for supposedly saying what he said.

      It would have looked better for those piece of shit thug life wannabe’s to just be the bigger men, AND WALKED THE FUCK AWAY. But no, cause they think they run Falls, they’re untouchable, so they decided that they were gonna handle it the way they wanted to. Now, they need to pay the price for their stupid and fucked up actions. End of story.

  • MOst of the so called people you so called are saying are “part of the problem” happen to be close with all the boys. And know them as person…and know that they wouldnt just do it for no reason. Theirs more to the story..then what the paper or what some dumb ass fb/county page says.

  • Ciera speak fucking english. They got called niggers and proved that they are by beating an unconscious person

  • Idk what the hell you are talking about kera but you should read my post over again. I said in no way is raceism acceptable in any way from anyone. And what I meant by people who are the problem are people who wear confederate flag bull shit, use the n word in any way no matter what race you are or any other racial slurs, people that use words such as gay, faggot, homo, etc. Like I said both sides were wrong that guy shouldnt of said it but it doesn’t take ten people to beat his ass into unconsciousness then continue to beat him…think about it the situation certain white people see this and get negative feelings about black people. Black people hear what he said and feel negatively about white people. Its all bullshit is what im saying. THERE IS NO ROOM FOR RACEISM. there are no slaves in America any more and havent been for centuries. Yes its unfortunate that there was but it was in the past learn from there mistakes and take into consideration what great people such as MLK, Harriet T, etc spoke and fought for im sure if they knew what happened that night they would roll over in their graves

  • Wow! Really sad to see that a great many of the posts on here wouldn’t pass a 4th grade English class. Are any of you at all embarrassed with your writing? You should be. It’s the English language and if you want to make a point using it in writing then write full words and at least attempt to use some proper punctuation and grammar. Otherwise don’t expect to get much respect because you don’t deserve it.

  • Got to love that fine public school education these days! Talk about dumbing down America. WOW! No wonder Nobama won not once, but TWICE! BTW, Michele Nobama is one of the most RACIST people on the planet. And why is it OK for blacks to use the N word as a term of endearment, and that’s OK? And believe me, NOBODY wants to hear your n word cuss filled music at the gas station when you are getting gas, you morons! :omg:

  • I’d like to state something that may have been said earlier that I missed in the post board. In the United States we have the right to free speech. That’s in the bill of rights. In fact a wise man once said “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend the death their right to say it.” We don’t have the right to attack or assault each other and in fact there are many laws that specifically define that behavior as illegal. I don’t condone racism in any form for a minute. However, as many people have pointed out it is illegal to assault or kill someone based on them calling them a name. With that said the N word is disgusting and I personally have never used it in my life. I’d like to knockout any non African American insensitive enough to the history of this country who would dare use it. The fact that black people use the word in any context isn’t for me to judge in my opinion since I am a white man. If I did assault a person for using the word I understand that I am accountable for my actions as an adult and if found guilty I would have to pay the price. That seems to be the situation here. Unless the drunk racist threw the first punch in which case I would assume the individual that initially reacted could argue self-defense. Stomping an unconscious human being after that is not right and most certainly will righfully result in legal discipline. I have some sympathy here for the young men involved as the white guy is a 32 year old man who should have had more sense and these were younger men more immature who attacked him. However, they’re all over 18 and as such they are adults. They should understand accountability for their actions. Unfortunately they reacted in a rage and even though I can understand the emotions involved it doesn’t justify it and it certainly doesn’t make it legal to beat a man like this. Hopefully they learn a lesson from all of this.

  • @this Ban Boat bitch.. hoe? Naww boo come correct. Ive happily been in a realationship for going on a lil over 1year now with the same man Ihave been friends with 4 4years now.

  • FYI-Defending the Cleckley’s is like the Jews defending Adolf Hitler.
    @wait…what?-You must live a pretty sheltered life. NEVER used the N word in your whole life? OooooKaaay. And you can keep your health insurance too. And your doctor. And the Cleckley’s are all fine outstanding citizens and pillars of their communities.

  • @kera sticks and stones may break my bones but words never hurt!! Fact is if u be disrespected you and five of your boys kicking someone while they are in conscience don’t be earning any respect in my book. The problem is music everybody these days just thinks they are hardcore gangsters….. 6 on 1?…… Yeah time to grow up kiddies. No body likes facing consequences. And isn’t this what face book is for to talk. Shit? Everyone’s entitled to an opinion and if I have some article about 6 men’s completely irrational thinking and listen to peopl justify it, I too am entitled to comment. It’s funny how if the role was reversed being called cra**ers or ho*keys somehow some people think that’s ok… Because it happens but we aren’t reading that article. 6 people beating someone’s ass over that and beating them on the ground while they are unconscious . That’s as low and as dirty as it gets sorry. Those types of actions aren’t carried out by most people reason and reality seem to persevere. Sometimes as adults we need to think before we act. Anyone thinking doesn’t kick a helpless man in the face…. Sorry this isn’t mixed martial arts. And if it were its never 6 on 1.

  • Kera to be “real” you seem ignorant and half illiterate. You are not even worth my time and I have no idea why im wasting my breath on you because obviously you either dont know how to read or comprehend the english language. I am in no way racist I have plenty of friends in just about every ethnicity and race, friends with different religious outlooks and ones that dont have any, friends that are are straight and friends that like the same sex. What I said was very clear and idk what is up with you trying to get the last word in but congratulations you are making yourself look like a hot bag of smashed asshole. Go somewhere and repeatedly smash your face off of something, play in traffic, or choke yourself.

  • Naw hoe, you’re a hoe who associates with thugs and scum. It don’t matter if you grew up with these boys. If you think they’re good people its because they’re on your level and you cant swallow being a pos. Get to stepping hoe.

  • @kera ann Costello

    You sure got alot of free time to comment so much on this bill shit, but I love your comparison to being a slave to the government, you never got a benefit from the government?

    discount lunch? subsidized utilities? housing? food? healthcare? police service? school education? drink water? my point your comment is so FUCKED to be blunt, people whine about government and as bizarre as it is on federal levels I will agree and nobody likes taxes but do we ever look at what we have or get the ones that bitch usually pay less and get way more.

    curious though with your avatar picture
    how much did it cost to get photo with the yard ape. what the fuck a gorilla with Alabama or braves hat on that’s priceless


  • ,@josh and @ban YOU don’t KNOW,THESE PEOPLE SO STFU

  • So Everyone Thinks Its Cool That This Guy Was In The Bar Saying Ni!!@Comr? I Think Not He Was Warned! I Was There Were You? So Stop Before You Talk… Yes It Went To Far It Really Did But He Should Have Been Thrown Out From The Beginning And Wasn’t. And The Police Where Were They This Time? One The Biggest Drinking Night OF The Year They Want To Be MIA . They Are Always Out Sitting On The Side Street Early! And As For Some Of You Fools Talking About The cleckey’s Bet You Won’t Say It Directly To Them. Not All Cleckelys Are Like That. There Are Very Successful Cleckeys Out ThEre. So Hush!

    • Christ on a cracker, reading that mess, gave me a headache.

      If what you are taking from all of the comments above, that everyone thinks it was cool that he was throwing racial slurs, I am so very, very sorry about your reading comprehension skills. I truly am. Maybe, you should spend more time reading, and less time at the bar.
      Also, you mentioned “where were the cops on the biggest drinking night of the year?” Well, to answer that, you should stop to think about the fact that they are NOT paid to babysit a bunch of drunken monkeys, running around, and acting like fools. Also, I’m sure that Monaca has more than one drinking establishment, and the PD is only so big. They also have a duty to the all the other citizens of the town, not just the idiots hanging at a fucking dive bar.

      Every family has their black sheep. But when one family has so many black sheep that the white sheep are an endangered species, it’s time to step back, and take a good, hard look at the world around them. And I’m sure the “race card” will be thrown at me, and I don’t give a shit, because NOTHING I just said, was meant to be taken as racial. So, if you can’t see past that, you shouldn’t be here.

  • Did the kid in question deserve to be beaten. Yes. Did he deserve 6 or more guys beating him? No. Did he hang around after being thrown out. Yes. Did alcohol impair his judgement that he grew his beer muscles and thought he could take on the whole Bar? More than likely. Should he have used the N word? Sure, if he was looking for the results that did happen sure, use it.

    For everyone saying they aren’t racial and dont take this as being racial I have news for you, when you refer to young african americans as monkeys you are being racial about it. You can say your comments shouldnt be taken that way but you said it and they are being taken that way.

    And i do agree with most everyone. If you are going to actively participate in an ongoing conversation where you want to be taken seriously and as an adult try to pretend you are not texting your BFF at 1:30 in the morning.

    • That’s funny, because nowhere did I state that drunken monkeys= African Americans. That’s sad, when the people automatically ASSUME shit that wasn’t said.

      • you called them and i quote

        Well, to answer that, you should stop to think about the fact that they are NOT paid to babysit a bunch of drunken monkeys, running around, and acting like fools.

        you could have called them hooligans, fools, kids, boys, young men and a ton of other words. but you were talking about this particular event which the accused players are african american. like i said, deny it all you want but your comment has very much a racial tone to it.

      • Were not both parties intoxicated? Yeah, thought so.

        Also, I declined to use the words “hooligans, fools, kids, boys, young men” because when you act like a wild animal, guess what, you no longer get to be called any other name, but an animal.

        Oh, you thought I was just talking about the little gang banger wannabe’s, right?
        Again, with the assumptions. I WAS SPEAKING ABOUT BOTH PARTIES.
        Neither party acted like a human, they acted like rabid fucking animals, and as such, shall be called that.

    • There was no back peddling. You’re obviously new here, so let me break it down for you.

      If I want to call a spade, a spade, I DO.
      I mean EXACTLY what I say, and say what I mean. Strangely, there seems to be others on here who understood what I was saying too.
      If I’m wrong, I state I am wrong. Guess what….don’t be expecting to hear it anytime soon.
      If there is anything you’re reading as racial, it’s because you obviously can’t comprehend simple English.

  • Bitch, I don’t need to know these thugs to know they’re POS. That white boy probably did deserve to get lit up but 1 on 1. Not knocked the fuck out and then have a bunch of niggas run in and start stomping on him. They give the rest of us a bad name.

  • Yall all are doing nothing but talking shyt. @Ban I staright inboxed your dumb ass but you gotta hopp back on here and talk shyt ctfu get a life sucker. @traivis yes maybe it was uncalled for for the 6 to jump the 1person but Im shure they had a very god reason to And im shure the stroy hads more to it then what they are sayin in the damn paper and on here. Dont none yall know the boys to sit their and justify them as thugs and shyt bc they are deff not that. The way it took place yes it may have been wrong but shyt happens.. IM shure tho that the guy will never call nobody out they name again tho. Especially somebody he dont know!

  • @Josh…. illeterate naw.. I can read and write very fine thank you…. if im not worth ya time and your wasiting your breat then why you keep saying shyt back? EXACTLY! Stop trying to justify these boys as thugs that goes fro any damn body on here that want to keep lableing them as so. DID you go to school with them, did you grow up with them do you know them @all, or know a damn thing about them> FCK NO YOU DONT! your just ty=ryinh to jump on everybody else wagon. IM pretty shure its 50/50 about the whole things but was it ryte for him to say any damn thing like he did hell no so he was allready setting himself up when he did… and ok so maybe white people get called honkeys or crackers wtfe who cares.. theirs a difference betwwen geting called a honkey/cracker compared to being black and geting called the lowest thing on the book the “N” word. And fck yes them boys took thatshyt to heart bc they never disrespected anybody and didnt deserve to be disrespect like they was. BUt again untill any of you, or any other motherfuckers on here can say they personally know the boys in my eyes you dont have any damn ryte to lable them or say a damn thing about them. I know one thing tho I can garantee that boy will think again before he calls anybody out of their name. Im done talking PERIOD.

  • Im not talking shit in anyway you and alisa are obviously ignorant in every fucking aspect and obviously you dont know me because I know a couple of them involved personally. Exp craig raw. My cousin dated his dad. I graduated with his brother ridge and im sure Jackie and his grandmother would not agree or be happy with him for doing what he did. So once again you can go fuck yourself after you go back and read my previous posts because im not racist in any way mby I need to dumb it down and quit useing proper English for your illiterate brains to comperhend. Thanks again and feel free to message me directly instead of talking shit that doesnt make any sense at all just to try to get the last word in because you are making yourself look like an ass.

    P.S. Idk if you noticed but no one is agreeing with you or likeing any of your comments.

  • JOSH ctfu were ignorant bc we know the boys ummm ok.. and Im shure nobodys family would be haoppy with them doing something like that but things happen… n idc if I know you or not personally i dont give 2fcks. But if you know them them why you going against them for? If you know them then you also know that they are not bad kids @alll… and you would also know how they really are and not what the damn paper,news or anyboy else is makeing them out to be.

  • I dont need to have people likeing my comments and personlay I could give 2hells if anybody does or not. Bc unlike you I dont feed off of fb popularity with ya wack ass.. Bc fyi People inbox me what they have to say about the situation that way dumb ass cock suckers like you cant read into it.

  • They are nothing but cowards!!! Like I said before I hope the trash rots in jail. Police are doing what they do best and taking out the trash!!!!! Yours truly” honey boo boo”

  • Some drunken asshole said a word that’s in half of every rap song out there and that justifies supposively “adults”, grown men to beat someone like savages? Tell the truth it was a gang initiation. That’s the only thing I can think of? Maybe I’m not thug or don’t respect myself enough for not getting a gang of my friends to beat a drunk asshole up in a bar and after the jobs done I’m gonna kick him while he’s down, bloody, on there verge of alcohol poisoning, and kick him in the face…. I forgot its 2013…. That’s what a REAL man does! What a coward I must be. Living my life with no self respect for this long. ” hold him down while I kick a defenseless human being I. The face!!! Because he used a word that only rappers can use…” A meaning less word lol

  • Nikki P.: Good comment about the Ebonics. I refuse to try interpreting some of these comments. Actually, it borders upon illiteracy, and it is part of the problem of understanding the events. In the courtroom, the defendants would be wise to attempt Standard English.

  • Travis dude shut up! Idt iIm wrong @all. bc I know the kids. & I know that they wouldnt do somthing unless they needed. & by his actiions drunk or not idgaf he knew wtf he was saying he knew he was gan get that ass beat 4saying it period.

    • Kera, get this through your simple fucking head, you moron: neither action is OK. Neither the racial taunts or the beating are acceptable in civilized society. But one does not equal or justify the other. Physical harm is not on the same level as name calling. Even you brick heads saying it should have only been one on one are dumber than rocks.
      It seems that most of you opt for the law of the jungle.
      In a CIVILIZED society, the black kids would have called the police to report a hate crime, and sued the guy for mental anguish… :lol:

  • Kera Ann Costello don’t argue you with them let them say whatever they want ; no matter what you say to them just ignore their comments , you can’t argue with the simple minded

  • Simple minded? Simple minded would be after 5 of my so called friends proudly kicked a gut unconscious then being the simple minded jack ass to go join right in , not being able to think because the disability of being simple minded told him monkey see monkey do, and through out any logical thinkin and reason told him not to stop and think about being the bigger person…aka adult….so somebody who can’t think for ones self, due to being simple minded, makes themselves believe friendships makes everything right. No matter to what extent…. Sad.denial is always the first step…. Just accept the facts

  • Ha! Idk if you’ll see this kera since you bitched out and blocked me apparently. But youre one dumb cunt. This goes for the rest of you garbage people too.

    I dont matter if you know these boy, and thats what they are. Boys. They ran in and stomped on a dude after he was already knocked the fuck out. You say they wont do shit unless they need to but in what assbackwards universe do you live in where its a necessity to stomp a dude whos already out. I’m disgusted to be associated with the likes if you ghetto fucks.

    As for calling ones niggers, I honestly couldn’t care, with it being said on a daily basis to and around me by other friends an family its ludicris to flip flop on your feelings when someone with a diff skin color says it. It probably was said with intend to offend and this dude probably did deserved to get knocked out but that don’t warrant kicking him while hes down. Doing so makes yo a trashy nigger. It makes what that word is supose to mean when used with malice true in your case. So all you doing is beating a man for telling the truth.

    Simple minded is having blind allegiance to criminals.

  • Seems like Kera needs to be arrested AGAIN for disorderly conduct-unreasonable noise! You are as dumb as a box of rocks! You low life welfare white trash! Bet your mommy is proud of you! :crap:

  • (STANDING OVATION) This was the BEST conversation piece on this blog EVER! John Paul should keep this up forever! (ENCORE) How about it? :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  • The funniest thing is, and I can’t believe that I’m the only who thinks this way, cause I know I’m not, but, WORDS ONLY HAVE THE POWER THAT YOU GIVE THEM.

    That’s it. That’s all there is to it. You could sit there and call me every derogatory name your tiny ass brains could come up with, and guess what? I’D FUCKING LAUGH AT YOU.

    Words are just words. It’s fucking idiots like half of you posters above that give them power. It’s perfectly fine for a white rapper to use the word nigger in a song, or in an interview or what not, but the COMMON WHITE MAN can’t say it. Double standard much?
    Grow up, build a bridge, and get the fuck over it already. Damn!

  • For one thing these are straight up punks to have to jump on one guy , race doesnt matter , When someon6e goes down and cant get up and three other guys decide to take turns on the one..means they are straight up bitches ! and deserve maximum sentences for trying to KILL this guy ! Why wasnt they charged with attempted homicide ? Too much paperwork ?