Court Hearings For Six Defendants In The Blue Steel Beating Case Postponed


Preliminary hearings for six men charged in connection with a Thanksgiving day beating outside of the Blue Steel bar in Monaca have been postponed until next year.

Tevin Lee Tisdale, 21 of New Brighton, Lajon Savage Henderson, 24 of Beaver Falls, Craig Rawl Jr., 21 of New Brighton, Michael Dee Stevenson, 22 of Beaver Falls, Larance Armoni Lowe, 22 of Aliquippa, and Marlo Dame Cleckley Jr., 21 of Beaver Falls, were all charged will felony Aggravated Assault and other charges for their alleged role in an attack on 32 year old Patrick Castellano of Industry.

Preliminary hearings scheduled for today and tomorrow for the men have been postponed until February 12th to allow prosecutors time to condense the cases and the public defender’s office time to organize representation for those who could not afford private attorneys.

A cellphone video provided to the Beaver Countian by a witness of the assault shows Patrick Castellano being drop kicked in the head, and a second video taken moments later shows the man laying unconscious and bloody while a group of people continue to violently attack him. Castellano was transported by ambulance to the hospital where he was admitted. The man was later released from the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

Monaca Police and State Troopers, along with State and Beaver County Parole Officers, conducted a spot check of the Blue Steel over the weekend. Agents shut down the bar after discovering their health license was expired. The license will have to be reissued by Monaca Borough before the establishment can reopen.


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