Girlfriend Of Judge Knafelc’s Son Gets A County Job Too

Beaver County Courthouse / Beaver Countian stock photo

Beaver County Courthouse / Beaver Countian stock photo

A girlfriend of Beaver County Judge Harry Knafelc’s son has been hired by the county. The new addition to county payroll comes at around the same time that Judge Knafelc’s son also landed a job in the local courts.

Simone Temple has been hired as an Assistant Public Defender in the Beaver County Public Defender’s Office. Courthouse sources tell the Beaver Countian that Temple is the girlfriend of Edward Knafelc, who is Judge Knafelc’s son.

As the Beaver Countian first reported last week, Edward Knafelc was just hired by President Judge John McBride to work as his law clerk.




  2. Alysia Renee Smith

    Only in beaver county!

  3. As always it’s who you know! Not your qualifications….apparently BK mc Donald’s or Sheetz wasn’t good enough

  4. DO NOT vote for ANY incumbent in this f”d up county……. not a single one

  5. So will Ms. Temple be allowed to defend cases before Judge Knafelc since she’s his son’s girlfriend?  Will she be allowed to defend cases before Judge McBride since her boyfriend works as his law clerk?
    This hire is an ethics quagmire and shows just how bad the county courts have become.

  6. Nepotism is alive and well in Beaver County, as well as the rest of the United States! It’s been going on for years!

  7. Yes its definitely not just in beaver county it goes on everywhere all the way up to the top

  8. Not to say that makes it fair

  9. In the legal profession it’s difficult for an individual to not be connected to some one in the courthouse.

  10. Who cares really she has law degree,I don’t think the list to get in to public defenders office is very long. That being said just seems little reaching good update by beavercountian on this story as always appreciate the reporting, but for the petty court sources ect. Really going to have to get DNA test and pap smear test to see who may be connected through love triangle. If that’s the case going to be some real ass sweating going on

    • Concerned Citizen

      As a taxpayer I care.  Was this job advertised?  Were applications taken?  Were interviews done of all applicants to determine which was best qualified?  It seems the answer to those questions is no.

      • Right and wrong mean nothing to a democrap. Morality isn’t even a consideration anymore. Our Constitution is a target and out laws are just a suggestion.

  11. Guess you don’t require weapons to take over the courthouse.

  12. It’s all in who you know, and who you blow…..

  13. More corruption what else is new

  14. Hello fellow Patriots!

    This is just another example of our elected officials trampling over our constitution. God bless the top notch reporting of the Beaver Countian and the patriot spirit in the commenters here for helping to unearth this injustice! We must not give in to these liberal power grabs and instead must continue to rely on the blessed work of our Courthouse sources to provide us with this valuable informal the liberal scum would rather us never find out. I’ve heard the rumors that these Courthouse sources are merely busy bodies providing fodder to gossip rags but fear no patriots – these accusations show how that our liberal foes are scrambling to grab on to strawmen and will resort to ad hominem attacks when confronted with patriotism and truth. As always god bless!

  15. Wow!! Why would you want to be obligated to someone for your job. It all comes with a price one day, I’m sure! Your not capable of getting it the way incorruptible people do……sad!

  16. I’m so glad I moved out of CROOKED BEAVER COUNTY yrs.ago!

  17. It’s not what you know it’s who you know in that corrupt courthouse. Keeping it all in the family, and their friends too. Believeable. :(

  18. Believe in the Shield!

  19. they are turning my beloved Beaver County into Hooterville. damn shame and nobody wants to vote these people out. judges are appointed I know. but its obvious is the county commissioners must go. the sheriff never should have been hired in the first place. its just messed up.

  20. I’m pretty sure none of these positions were posted. As usual for the county big wigs let’s put our family in positions that they are not even qualified for. Sam Rosatone will be getting a new position position soon. They need to create the biggest Ass Kisser position wonder who would apply….

  21. I don’t get what the big deal is. Guess people don’t have much to talk about in BC.

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