Discovery Network To Do Documentary On Gregory Scott Hopkins Case


The Discovery Network is going to be producing a documentary on the murder of Catherine Walsh and the subsequent conviction of Gregory Scott Hopkins for her death.

Catherine Caltury Walsh of Monaca was found dead in her home by her father back in 1979. After an investigation which lasted for over 32 years, advances in DNA technology led to the arrest of Former Bridgewater Councilman Gregory Hopkins. Hopkins was convicted of third-degree murder for Walsh’s death late last year.

The Beaver Countian was the first news outlet to provide details about the extensive investigation which lead to Hopkins’ arrest.

Producers of “On The Case With Paula Zahn” will be traveling to Beaver County next week to begin filming for the hour long documentary. The show will air on the Investigation Discovery television network at a date still to be determined.

This marks the second time the Investigation Discovery channel has profiled a homicide that occurred in Beaver County. Back in 2012 the station produced a documentary on the murder of Elizabeth Grosskopf from Freedom.



  1. Thanks for the heads-up. I sat through the entire trial — a very interesting and informative event. I have much respect for all the people involved in that very difficult, complex investigation, prosecution and defense. It was a final decision that required a knowledge of the whole process, because at no time was it a “slam-dunk” proving of reasonable doubt or guilt. I have no doubt that everyone learned from the experience, and I would guess that it would serve as a good example of how to investigate, prosecute and defend a decades-old cold case. 

    • SpeakTheTruthToo

      I never heard the outcome. Was he found guilty? If so, has he been sentenced yet?

      • ya he did it and should have received death pentality the only reason he got what he got was because her father and mother are dead. no one left to fight for the dead .hes a lying ,cheating , killer . he lived his life just fine but I wonder if he killed anyone else once a killer always a killer . oh and don’t forget he killed his unborn child.

  2. So glad Janet can finally rest! As well as her parents!

  3. Do you think he really did it from the evidence I’ve seen it really didn’t prove it to me but I can see how he would be the number one suspect

  4. Yes I do! It’s just a shame that it took so long for the technology that helped solve this case.

  5. I think it’s a shame they are doing a show on this. This tortured families for 3 decades, and 6 months after they all receive peace from the matter, it’s shoved in their faces again. Not fair to any of the families involved.

  6. I think he did it to but they just didn’t prove it to me with out some doubt

  7. This doc will be interesting…. I feel for all those involved. The person involved has to live with themselves….. how can they do it ?

  8. His ex wife was in bed with him while it went on , the jury thought he was a liar because he admitted to cheating prior, what’s strange they didn’t test for other suspects DNA, and from reports there was rumor of alot of potential players in the bedroom

    When they interviewed the ex husband his story was he was getting blow job at a minors house and she spit in napkin they never retrieved that

    How about the guy that git shit down at the bar and Perkins and asked for a ride? His check book turned up half a block from apartment they never interviewed or took his DNA

    How about a few others that where suspects? Rumor has it at the minimum 5 to 7 could of been suspects with DNA left behind in that apartment


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