County Detectives Show Up Unannounced At The Home Of Sheriff’s Office Clerk


Two Beaver County Detectives showed up unannounced at the home of a Sheriff’s Office Clerk yesterday evening, where they questioned her about a video that was the subject of a recent investigative report by the Beaver Countian.

Sources tell the Beaver Countian that Detective Captain Anthony McClure and Assistant Chief County Detective Andrew Gall arrived unscheduled at the home of Stephanie Guidice at about 6pm last night, questioning her for approximately 40 minutes about a video that was secretly recorded in the Sheriff’s Office on July 29th. The Sheriff’s Office had previously accused Stephanie Guidice of being the Beaver Countian’s confidential source of the tape, according to courthouse sources.

Sheriff’s Solicitor Myron Sainovich is asking to have the source of the tape criminally prosecuted for alleged violations of the Pennsylvania Wiretap Act.

Detective Captain Anthony McClure had previously met privately with Myron Sainovich and Sheriff David in his office about the tape — County Detectives subsequently opened up a criminal investigation into the matter at the urging of Sainovich.

The video may show Sheriff George David violating a state statute involving concealed carry permit fees that he was warned about just days before by the Pennsylvania Department Of The Auditor General.

Stephanie Guidice has told county detectives that she is not the Beaver Countian’s source of the recording, and today retained attorney Gerald Benyo to represent her interests.

Guidice currently has a grievance pending against Sheriff George David through her union, alleging David ordered her to violate state statutes related to the issuance of concealed carry permits by his office. She has filed two prior grievances against Sheriff David alleging a hostile work environment, both of which were approved by the county’s Human Resources Department.

Stephanie Guidice has been a clerk in the Sheriff’s Office for the past 17 years without a single disciplinary write-up being placed in her personnel file.

Note: In the interest of full disclosure, this reporter is a named victim in criminal charges filed against Sheriff George David by the Pennsylvania State Police.


  • Berosh just lost the vote of every woman in beaver county. We need to find a DA who doen’t think Myron Sainovich’s dick taste like honey. :yell:

  • Let’s see, JJ files a false police report and criminal charges, and he’s not arrested. Someone video tapes the King and there’s an investigation open up. Really!

  • Um, to be fair… I don’t believe county detectives need to schedule an appointment to question someone who is under investigation. Also, what everyone seems to be missing here is that IF George has a legitimate, legal point about the possible violation of the wiretap act, Tony HAS to investigate it. First of all, that’s his JOB and second; If he doesn’t, the case against George could be compromised… it’ll look like the DA failed to investigate because he just is out to get the sherrif. Then a judge would end up throwing out the video evidence AND possibly the case against George. Tony’s job has been made infinitely harder by the emergence of this video and the subsequent reporting of it. I’m not saying JP should not have reported it… he’s doing HIS job too but if the whistleblower had gone to the DA’s office and told them what he or she knew, the detectives could have gotten a warrant and collected the same evidence legally. Jus’ sayin…

    • I wouldn’t care if they needed an appointment or not to question me, they ONLY words they would have heard come from my mouth at my front door would be “Talk to my attorney and come back when you have a warrant, I have nothing further to say to you.”
      It’s a witch hunt, but they’re hunting the WRONG witch. They NEED to be investigating the corruption coming from the sheriff and his office, NOT the people who are trying to stop it!

      • Only guilty people ask for lawyers. If you didn’t commit the crime then there is nothing to worry about. And as far as I know the SO is still under investigation and is innocent until proven guilty as much as that pisses people off. I read the comments from all these online Internet investigators who read these articles and nit pick every move made with regards to the Sheriff and his office. And without knowing the process assume that EVERY act or EVERY desicion made in favor of the sheriff is a tyrannous plot to conceal a regime. And I don’t know whether it is or not. I do know that there is a Wire Tap Law in place and if this law was broken then the parties involved are just as wrong. You can not take it upon yourself to beat the shit out of a suspected child molester. While you may be dubbed a local hero, you will be prosecuted. Look at Edward Snowden, and without starting a debate that I have no interest in participating, most people can’t comprehend what he did for this country. A country he may never be able to return to. And though he believed it was in the best interest of the country to be privied to this info, he is suspect to many crimes. Again I don’t know if there was a crime committed with regards to this video, that will be determined in a court of law. But if you knowingly commit a crime for the greater good you better be willing to face the fire.

      • “Only guilty people ask for lawyers.” Every once in awhile I see people express this thought and it never is not moronic.
        “Talk to my attorney and come back when you have a warrant, I have nothing further to say to you.” This is the best advice in the world when detectives come to your door to question you regardless the circumstance.

  • The saga continues with this crew of jokers. Sounds like they all just need swept out so we can start clean here. It’s just a new crazy story like this every week with these people.

  • Maybe these Detectives would be better serve if they showed up unannounced at George David’s brothers house and asked him about book making.

  • All im saying is I cant wait to go to the GUIDICE county court house when David is convicted ,,,,

  • She shouldn’t have said a word to these guys without her lawyer present. She of all people should have known better. She knows what kind of people she is dealing with. Hope she sues all their asses off!

    • She won’t sue their asses, she will sue the citizens of Beaver County asses. When government employees get sued for their actions, the taxpayers foot the bill. In San Diego, Filner just agreed to resign and the deal he struck with the council was that San Diego would pay all his legal expenses and pay all punitive damages awarded by any lawsuit against him. Sweet deal. I bet he even got to keep his pension.

      • The boss is the problem and needs a lesson and lot to loose hope she helps him out and the county never seems to help her she keeps takeing a beating and hammers back without the county help they should of moved her before this kept going on they sit back and enjoy life.

  • She wants to bust the sheriff so she shows the tape to J.P. & Not the D.A.? Then she denies any knowledge…


    I hope she gets charged with lying during a police investigation.

    • She better not get charged with lying, John Joe Fratangeli didn’t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Even though right now, we know that it’s not her (see article about the state authorities), I am relatively certain that IF she had done it, THE LAST PERSON SHE WOULD HAVE GONE TO WAS THE DA, YOU HALFWIT!
      You don’t work at the courthouse and put up with his shit as long as she has, and NOT know who his “friends” are. She more than likely knew that Barosh and David were good friends, and if she did take him the tape, it would NEVER see the light of day, unless it was to file trumped up charges against her.
      Whomever turned in the tape, made a wise decision by NOT trying to stay at county level, but taking the tape to people who actually CAN and WILL do something about it.

  • @AVI , you dumb fuck she didn’t tape anyone have you not followed along, lol you silly fucker I forgot you wouldn’t know how to investigate..

    give me a21 I will fill you in, holler I got this dag my the fucking collar ttime to neuter

  • Call David’s brother for the odds on who gets convicted first.

    There is no way a Police Officer in uniform on duty can have any expectation of privacy in public.

    It’s just not going to happen.

    But it should be a good show.

    It seems like there is more to the story here…..

    I wonder what it is?

  • Benyo making a name for himself off the stupid ass back of George David. His law career thanks you Sheriff.

  • @AVI
    You obviously are one of Sheriff David’s asshole cronies! There is no way that you could be stupid enough to believe the shit you are saying. This asshole deserves everything he has coming and more. It’s time to clean house and shed the dead weight. We need someone that can be proud of our county,and that will take pride in performing their duties free of corruption and favoritism.

    • No, he’s just a shit stirrer….he enjoys saying the most inflammatory statements he can, then he sits back, and gets off on all of the negativity and hate directed at him. He needs drama, so thats what he does. Sad existence, really…..

  • Had a chance to get rid of him in the last two elections, but nooooo we’re Beaver County and have to vote for the Democrat. All the time, every time.

    • Well, on the positive side, Nobama lost Beaver County BOTH times he ran for president. So, there is some hope for this backward county!

    • That’s the real puzzle. Electing the same political controllers decade after decade and then complaining about it. Go figure.

      • That is the text book version of INSANITY! Keep doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result. Here’s your sign! :dizzy:

  • May be the detectives should be investigating the sheriff for charging all his friends $1 FOR GUN PERMITS,i WONDER HOW MUCH THE TOTAL IS OVER THE YEARS he has been there, I bet a pretty penny, so investigate that I would like to know since I am a tax payer….It’s our money but nobody cares. Maybe every one should quit paying taxes until all the money is payed back. I DON’T GIVE A SHIT who taped him, they DID NOT break any laws, it happens every day oh yea and tell STEALING STEALOVICH TO PAY HIS MONEY BACK TO THE TAX PAYERS TOO.

  • Now it’s the goon squad! Keep your mouth SHUT. Get an attorney. Make them work for it with the required papers. It’s too late in the ‘game’ to just give in. This is bad stuff. Every private citizen needs to worry about these tactics, innocent or not.

  • Will Georgie David ever stop? Will the taxpayers of Beaver County ever get a fair deal and an honest sheriff? Will the real whistle blower come forward? Stay tuned to the Beaver Countian because all other news sources are tainted. Seriously, this has gone on too long, get Georgie out of there and back to the woods so he can catch a bear with a belt.

  • Until the people of Beaver County quit depending on political hacks and cronies for jobs, nothing will change. it’s even more inbred than that shithole Allegheny County. There is no accountability in that Sheriff’s office and they’ll all go down with him. no wonder the Naim investigation was half assed. Covered up the corruption going on in Aliquippa and Beaver County for way toooooo long. Someone needs to get the FBI in on this. Stephanie is no saint but this is harassment with a capital “H”. Se the shit out of them. The wiretap issue is relevant. It IS ILLEGAL in PA to record anyone without their consent or a warrant for wiretap. Keep up the good work JP but watch your step. They surely be watchin fo yo ass! GOOD RIDDANCE TO THAT ASSHOLE PROSE TOO! He was about as annoying as David.

  • @So True: Surely, in the context of these activities, not only guilty people need lawyers. The innocent need as much or more protection as the guilty. These officials running amok hurt people who are collateral damage.

    • From the harassing Rochester Speed Trap, to the ridiculous cluster of four Bridgewater stoplight traffic cams, to Brady’s Run’s 25 MPH Speed Deputy lurking in the woods, to Ohio River Boulevard “DUI” traffic stops, to New York stop-and-frisk, to airport pat downs, to the NSA email searches, to cookies on your home computer and a corrupt sheriff hiding in the courthouse, there are only two good reasons for their existence — to f— with you and lift your money from your wallet.

      Who needs helicopters, Rugtop, when we have these brave people on the front lines protecting us?